Grinder by Marie James


An MM Contemporary RomanceSenior year, two hockey championships under his skates, and parents who didn’t freak out when he swung the proverbial closet door open and stepped out... Damon Grant’s life couldn’t get any better. At least that’s what he thought. When Jonah Kingston showed up at the barn as the new hockey coach, Damon couldn’t believe his luck. What was it about the dark-haired, bright-eyed, former hockey star that made him wa...

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Release DateJul 16th, 2018
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Sports, Hockey, Sports and Games, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Reviews Grinder

  • Xavier Neal
    Great read enjoy M/M Romance, Hot Scene, Hockey Novels, Drama, and an HEA.Side Note: This was my first Marie James novel, so I didn't know what to expect. The synop grabbed me and the mood I was in pushed me. When I say this book snatched me by the throat and refused to let go, I effing mean it! From start to finish there was drama, sexual tension, and so much manly shit spewing off the pages it was just incredible. I blew off being a re...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    In Grinder, Marie James brought us a student/teacher (or in this case coach) romance full of tension, attitude, alpha men, and two hearts that will have to deal with their trust issues and other emotional baggage to find their way together.Damon Grant and and Jonah Kingston are brought together and instantly butt heads on the ice. Damon is the star player on the hockey team Jonah just signed on to coach. Damon is full of attitude and challenges J...
  • Happily Ever Chapter
    > > Judging a Book by it's Cover < < Another torso being bared for the cover. There is nothing in the colors to really stand out Title font is large and legible but a fairly subdued color was selected.When requesting this book, it was based on a teaser of a synopsis and a small snippet excerpt.> > Looking Deeper < < POV ~> Alternating first-personI was under the impression that this was a college player and coach, but I was incorrect. Had I known...
  • AussieMum
    I almost DNF this a few chapters in. Damon is a seriously cocky bastard but he's also pretty messed up. (view spoiler)[In his free time he helps with the hazing at a local fraternity and is taped getting a bj by a pledge in front of a crowd of people, and then says he'll be back the next week to have sex with another pledge in front of everyone. (hide spoiler)] Let it be noted that I read a lot of messed up stuff but for some reason I am not down...
  • Shannon
    Marie James can write some seriously hot MM stories. This wasn't your average love story, and I love that nothing with Marie James ever is. She delivers some seriously steamy, off the charts, smoking hot books, and Grinder was no exception.When we first meet Jonah and Damon, they quickly seem to rub each other the wrong way and have an arch enemy thing going on. It quickly becomes more complex and complicated and the line between hate and need/lo...
  • Carrie Waltenbaugh
    HOT HOT HOT!!!! This is a must grab and read right now. Marie James had a knack for capturing a the the steamiest romance stories and bring them to life. Grinder holds you at every point not knowing who is the biggest a-hole Jonah or Damon. With both out to make the other gone, who will win, the coach or player? Get ready for the fireworks because they are fixing to explode with Jonah and Damon's story.
  • JoAnna G
    I love reading Marie James, this book is no different. I love reading about hockey in my favorite genre. It is written well and the pace is good. I know most may not agree with this review based on some of the things that happened in this book. They may frown upon it. I know I did at times. I had to keep going. I was enthralled and had to find out if it would get better. My emotion were tested. I had some serious loathing in this book. I did not ...
  • Jessica Lezama a
    This book has everything, literally, everything I love and enjoy in a book. Damon and Jonah just became my favorite couple, these two are everything I love in a MM couple. Jonah is still young but after his career comes to an abrupt end and starts coaching 18 years old “kids” he feels he is getting bored and old. Damon is that “jerk” we all hate in high school, being openly gay in a “macho” sport doesn’t stop him for being a leader ...
  • Terri Handschumacher
    Jonah Kingston, a man that has issues and problems that he's not really wanting to face. Damon Grant has is own problems that he just doesn't want to face and keeps buying them. He's burried his issues down so much that he keeps people at arm's length. Similar to Damon Jonah not facing his problems, even when truths are reveled makes him a man with a very big chip on his shoulder. When these two came together there was an attraction that they bot...
  • Lisa
    Another win by the fabulous Marie James!Grinder has everything you could want, Enemies-to-lovers, taboo love, and sports! I couldn't get enough! Oh it it is all kinds of hot! This will have you fanning yourself and worried the pages of your ereader might catch fire. And you will love every second of it!
  • michelle Shelly
    Seriously hot!Hockey is my new favorite sport! Naw not really but geez Grinder is hot. One insanely sexy coach and one very buff hockey player both with their demons come together for this taboo read. Jonah and Damon are both so loveable that you will immediately fall into their story and not ever want to leave. I absolutely love m/m books and the ones that actually have a story are my favorite. This is one of those. The story is great and the wr...
  • Beverly Southern Babes Book Blog
    Holy geez where to start with this one. Once again Marie James has just out done herself this time. Coach/ player relationship are always good but this one took the top. Jonah has had a rough time. He’s had to take a new job as a hockey coach. He’s not really thrilled about it but he doesn’t have much of a choice. Damon the hockey teams leader. He’s arrogant, cocky, knows he’s best. Oh and he’s out and proud. He doesn’t care who kno...
  • Rebecca Austin
    Damon Grant is the captain of his hockey team at Chicago Prep Hockey Academy and is ready for a new year. He is happy that his parents supported him "coming out of the closet" and is ready for another championship year, after two previous championships. Jonah Kingston is 25 and the new coach at Chicago Prep after the last one is fired. He is ready to put his foot down and not get taken advantage of by these rich boys who have a habit of getting w...
  • Cheryl O'Harney (The Book Whisperer)
    Title: GrinderAuthor: Marie JamesGenre: M/M Contemporary Sports Romance Rating: 5/5I received an arc of this book in return for an honest review.Hot sexy men on ice have me fanning myself at the best of times, so when you add in the fact that the men in question are hot for each other well that takes it to a whole new level. It’s a case of enemies to lovers and clashes ensure when Jonah the new hot, young hockey coach comes on a little bit too ...
  • Samantha I Love HEA Romance Book Blog
    LOVE!! I absolutely love this book! Grinder is a Forbidden M/M romance, full of steam, sexiness and angst! There’s enough sexual tension between the two main characters you could cut it with a knife! I love this level of angst. I love being able to feel everything they are going through. Marie James’ writing is brilliant and sucked me right in. Damon is on the high school hockey team. He is also team captain. He has a huge ego but through the...
  • MJ's Book Blog and Reviews
    Review by: Jennifer(5 stars)When former hockey player Jonah is hired as the new head coach at a prep school, this was not his dream; his actions cost him his dream and now he has to make the best of it. This is Damon's senior year, but he is already a year older than everyone else, making him almost nineteen instead of almost eighteen, like everyone else. For Damon pro hockey is not his dream but it is his parents dream, but for the time being he...
  • Sarah Dale
    wow its certainly got hot enough to melt the Ice!! Maries James has written a simply brilliant Hot AF MM romance. I highly recommend this one even if MM is not a genre you normally read as you will love this one.Marie has given us two characters that you love instantly but probably shouldn't in ex-hockey player now High School Coach Jonah Kingston and team Captain Damon Grant. They both have huge chips on their shoulders and egos that clash initi...
  • Cali Gals
    I have to admit I haven’t read a lot of M/M though this isn’t due to any big moral objection. I just haven’t found many that call to me. In my attempt to broaden my reading experiences I decided to try this book. It is well written and definitely has the cocky characters that is often included in sports romance book which is a genre I LOVE. In the beginning the author really tries to set the stage and my only critique is I wanted to get to ...
  • Diane
    Grinder is a super hot and steamy story. It checks off a lot of boxes. Are you into MM romance? Check! Coach/student? Check! Non-stop BJs? Check! Hot enough to melt an e-reader? Check! Plus added in some angst to keep the heart racing. Damon Grant an openly gay high school hockey player. He is a leader on his team and very sure of himself. Damon comes off as a super cocky jerk on the outside but he really has feelings that run deep. Coach Jonah K...
  • Elysian Fields
    Pure MM Hokey Perfection! I have not devoured a book so fast in a really long time! I loved everything about this book. The entire book is HOT and so well written. I loved the play on an older/younger romance and the fact that is was a hokey story, well, fantastic! Damon and Jonah are just so made for each other. I loved their individual growth throughout the story and the ending was amazing. I loved the villian aspect, I thought it added just wh...
  • Cherie
    This book turned out to more than I thought it would be. Student/teacher books are my least favourite and I struggled with the concept at first. I found my impressions of the characters were off and I had trouble reconciling my vision with the actual characters and they seemed to change dramatically from the start to the finish of the book. Grants cockiness was almost too much at first and I nearly shelved the book. Jonah seemed older than he act...
  • Gwen Shafer
    This book has it all and more. A great M/M story line. I don't normally read these types of books. But this one was enjoyable from beginning to end. Great story line with two characters who have great chemistry. I enjoyed reading about this two getting together and figuring out what was between them. A very enjoyable book from beginning to end. Marie did an amazing job with this one. Hoping for more from these two. Highly recommend.
  • Ashley Carr, LSoR
    M/M is one of my favorite genres. I absolutely loved this book, not only because of the genre but it is very well written with likable characters. Jonah and Damon steam up the pages. Jonah is a new up and coming hockey coach that takes his star player, Damon to task. That doesn’t sit well with Damon and he hatches a plan to get Jonah fired, but it backfires in a major way are their true feelings are exposed. Will they separate themselves from t...
  • Nancy
    A well written enemies to lovers story. Jonah the new young hockey coach comes on strong and tries to tell Damon the hot shot star player what to do. The clashes ensue. Damon wants Jonah gone, Jonah wants Damon off the team. Both have major family issues that they need to deal with. Damon hatches a plan to put Johan in a compromising position to get him fired but it back fires and their feelings come out. This book is pantie melting hot!
  • Renee Leigh
    Love it!I was rereading the Cerberus series when this was released and was reluctant to stop just to start on something knew. So glad I did! Love Damon and Jonah so much and really hope to see them again in more stories. If you like M/M romance you really need to read this book. With that extra touch of forbidden it'll keep you glued to the pages until the last word. Now to get over my book hangover so I can finish my re-read
  • Sassy Southern
    I loved this book. It is a M/M book. Marie James really knows how to take a plot and run with it. Jonah and Damon really light up the pages. Damon takes a broken hockey coach and puts him back together again through humor and being a jerk. I loved that it wasn't all flowers and candy but showed the brokenness of 2 people that needed to find love.This is a must read if you like M/M books. - By Kristina
  • Shelly
    Typical Marie James, always having to leave me wanting more of her characters! Seriously, I NEED MORE! I was a little unsure of the age of Damon in this one but it didn't deter me from reading because I love a good hockey romance! Grinder of course did not disappoint and I am hoping James continues this story with the next chapter in Damon and Jonah's lives!
  • Florence
    Grinder I devoured this book, Jonah & Damon's story ticked off all the right boxes, I didn't read the blurb so the ending was surprisingly sweeter than expected. Lots of feels here, I think you'll enjoy their story very much.
  • Karen Edwards
    I have to say I wasn't expecting this book to be so good! I came across this book and gave it a try because I totally love me a great sports romance. The fact that this one is kind of a forbidden one between coach/player just did it for me. The chemistry between Damon and Jonah was fantastic. Damon's plan to do what he must to get rid of Jonah soon backfires when he finds himself falling for him. Some secrets come to light for Jonah, rocking his ...
  • Crystal
    Grinder is a great M/M student/coach love story. Jonah is the new hockey coach, and Damon is the team captain who pushes all of Jonah's buttons. Their chemistry is off the charts. The only thing they have in common is the family drama. Great story!