The Standard of Truth (Saints, #1) by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Standard of Truth (Saints, #1)

In 1820, a young farm boy in search of truth has a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ. Three years later, an angel guides him to an ancient record buried in a hill near his home. With God’s help, he translates the record and organizes the Savior’s church in the latter days. Soon others join him, accepting the invitation to become Saints through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. But opposition and violence follow those who defy old traditi...

Details The Standard of Truth (Saints, #1)

TitleThe Standard of Truth (Saints, #1)
Release DateSep 4th, 2018
PublisherThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
GenreNonfiction, History, Religion, Christianity, Lds, Historical, Church

Reviews The Standard of Truth (Saints, #1)

  • Michael
    I have several friends who have left the Church after learning about aspects of the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, or the history of the Church that disturbed them. This book feels like an attempt to address those issues, and to be up front about them so that people aren’t blindsided by them later, or given the impression that the Church is trying to hide something.Being a narrative history it was a quick and easy read, and I can see why it ...
  • Cory Howell
    Reading as someone who is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I found this book to be a very detailed account of the early years of the Latter-day Saints movement. As an official Church publication, I suppose one could make the argument that the book is biased in favor of the traditional narrative, but I don't think that really impacts negatively on the book's value as a historical work. There's a lot of fascinating h...
  • Brad Hart
    I just finished reading volume 1 of the church's new book "Saints." I know Mormon history has been a hot topic for many Latter-day Saints, so naturally this book has appeal. Let me first start off with...THE GOOD:-This book is, in my opinion, the very best general audience history that the church has ever published. It is far better than earlier works like "Our Heritage," "Marvelous Work and a Wonder," etc. -The book is incredibly reader friendly...
  • Chad
    I am shamelessly proud of my Church and the great strides they have made in the publishing of Saints: The Standard of Truth. This is fantastic history and beautiful prose. I have always been an avid reader, my early encounters with Church history weren't positive: I remember reading excerpts from Our Heritage in Sunday School and finding it absolutely dry. Perhaps I have matured since then, and I do feel more invested in my Church and its history...
  • Magila
    4.5I will admit to being very excited about this book when I first heard about it from an editor around a year ago. The editor is a very well-known and respected Latter-day Saint fiction author. When she described the scope and effort going into this book (series), I thought, awesome.Saints should be read by every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like Jesus the Christ. Given the dense previous records of church history a...
  • Devan Jensen
    Review of Saints: The Story of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Latter Days, Volume 1: The Standard of Truth, 1815–1846. Salt Lake City: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2018. 699 pp., $5.75 print, $1.99 digital.Short version: The book is very readable, with stories and accurate dialogue to share deep emotions felt during intense times of crisis. The book includes valuable female perspectives (both old and young). It is intimat...
  • Matthew
    The most refreshing thing about the book "Saints" is that it does not hide the fact that the men and women of the early church were flawed individuals. Even though they had been called to some of the Lord's most important work, their human frailties and weaknesses came out over and over again. But this didn't stop them or the work. The repentant and humble were still allowed to be instruments in the hands of the Lord. And their struggle, is OUR s...
  • Derek Pando
    Most engaging LDS church history book I've read, does not skirt the more controversial parts of the history, while being still faith building.
  • Samcwright
    Over the last decade, hundreds of new books have been written that shed new light on polygamy, the priesthood ban, the nature of translation and revelation, the participation of women, the development of the priesthood, and many other topics in the development of The Church of Jesus Christ. While not an in-depth analysis on any one of those topics (since that’s not the intent of the book), Saints does an incredible job of honestly presenting an...
  • Cary
    I usually give books with a cliffhanger one less star... so there you have it! Ha ha ... I understand there are to be 4 volumes. I happened to get an advanced copy of volume 1 in pdf form. I really enjoyed this narrative history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There was lots of material that I had never heard before and I hadn’t considered myself completely ignorant of Church history. The narrative was well done and had me f...
  • Erik
    I found this to be a very interesting and informative read. I listened to the audio of the book available for free through the Gospel Library app. I am a lifelong active member of the church who has studied church history, so I was familiar with the overall history, and very familiar with many of the incidents covered. However, there was still information that was new to me, and added details to familiar stories.I enjoy reading history that is wr...
  • Katie Robinson
    "Saints" was a great foundational history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love how it was written in an easy to read/listen to narrative form. My favorite aspect was learning more about everyone involved, the "regular" individuals included. They weren't perfect, but they went about their daily lives trying to do right. They overcame significant challenges and accomplished many great things along the way.
  • Carol
    This is the first of four books written to discuss the history of the Church. This first book was so very well done. My husband and I both are reading and/or listening to it and we are enjoying it so very much, and are having really good discussions with this first book. In 1820, a young Farm Boy in search of truth had a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ . Three years later, an angel guides him to an ancient record buried in a hill near h...
  • Lisa
    It is an easy read. I love this book because I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love reading about our history and the testimonies of those who gave so much more than I ever had to keep their testimonies. I felt that it touched on some of the issues many people condemn the church for or Joseph Smith. I think they did a great job of discussing and pointing out the truths without being disrespectful or causi...
  • Lisa
    Many stories in this book of church history were familiar to me, and I give credit for that to Gerald Lund’s The Work and the Glory series (which is a favorite series of mine and which I’ve been rereading again this year). There were many other stories I hadn’t heard before, though, so this first volume was an interesting look into church history. The first Saints experienced innumerable trials and hardships. I wonder if I would’ve been a...
  • Talmage
    A must read for all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I understand that it's not a comprehensive or unbiased history (but seriously what book on this subject is?), but it was so good to read a church history book that was both easy to read and informative about the good, the bad and the misunderstood. This book deserves a longer review that's all.
  • Michael Davenport
    An easy enjoyable read, that makes me feel hopeful.
  • Trevor
    One of the tactics that critics have used recently to try to destroy faith is to describe a lesser known event in church history in a way that is intended to shock the reader. By sensationalizing and removing it from its context, and often even misrepresenting what actually happened, the victim is left feeling betrayed by the Church, thinking they have been lied to or that the Church has been hiding or whitewashing its history. Sadly, much of thi...
  • Meleece
    I’ve read other church history books and taken church history classes but I learned so many intriguing details of how Mormonism began. And it was a captivating read, which is really incredible considering all the primary sources they had to slog through, but it was a page turner. I’ll admit some information was cringe-worthy, but I’m left in greater awe for what these people went through and for their faith. They really were SAINTS.
  • Danielle
    What a wonderful complete history of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in narrative form. I couldn't put it down. It put so many church history events into perspective for me. My heart was touched and my faith strengthened as I felt the spirit of this book. I am so grateful for the early saints who sacrificed so much. I would highly recommend this book.
  • Julia
    I enjoyed volume one of the church's new history narrative, Saints, that came out this week. I had already read the first 7 chapters in beta and was excited to read the rest. It was very readable and I think it will help inform members about church history. This book really puts things in a easy-to-read format. Since it's written in chronological order it really helps give perspective to the people and events of the restoration. While it does att...
  • Dan Call
    Full disclosure: I am a practicing and fully dedicated member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I fully acknowledge the bias through which my reading of this text is filtered (and may consequently be scrutinized by others). With that out of the way, this text is a well crafted history of the church, as I have been hoping to see for some time. It melds scholarship with discipleship in a way which I have craved for decades. Th...
  • Adam
    What a wonderfully executed and readable history of a complex and vast process of restoring a religion, with all the spiritual, temporal, cultural, and personal differences that influenced the events. There were many times when I said, "I wish they would say more about X" or "Is that all they're going to cover of Y" but each time it was easy to see that they had to make choices on what to include and where to comment, otherwise they would have ma...
  • Kara
    What a special book! Though many of the stories from church history were familiar to me thanks especially to The Work and the Glory series, many more were not and experiencing them in the way this book is written made them so powerful and rich. It was truly faith-promoting to read of all that the early Saints experienced and to know that being faithful and staying true does not mean you are perfect; they were human and made mistakes and being rem...
  • Mike Day
    This is a well written account of the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints written for a general audience. I loved how the stories of so many women and children were also included in the narrative. This was a history that was easy to read. I appreciated the stories told about Amanda Barnes Smith during her harrowing experience at Haun's Mill in October 1838. The account helped to show a balanced history, portraying some of t...
  • Jessica
    Just finished Saints. And holy moly. That was a rough journey (they really were required to give everything).Anyone else read it?I'm extremely grateful to the early saints for their sacrifice and eagerness to follow God's will without quite understanding everything. Such an example for me.Saints was inspiring. Helpful. And wonderful to have a full account of those early church days.I listened to it a chapter here and there on the Gospel Library a...
  • John Shaw
    An official history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Saints tells the story of the Mormon Church and its beginnings in New York, Ohio, Missouri, and Nauvoo - ending with the Murder of Joseph Smith and the continuation of building the Temple in Nauvoo.This is the first official history that was eventually approved in the last 100 years (excepting the Story of the Latter-day Saints Leonard/Allen which ended up being scrapped as '...
  • Chrisanne
    4.5 StarsI must admit I was underwhelmed at the beginning. The pacing was done well ("started with a bang" as someone somewhere said) but the language was simple. Definitely not the type of historical style that is or has been popular lately and, I must admit, I was unprepared for that. The writers aimed for simplicity and clarity. I still wish it had been the beautiful prose I love (hence the -.5 stars) BUT, and I'm not sure when this redirectio...
  • Devin
    This eBook and Audio book are both free on the LDS Tools app!! While I learned almost nothing new, there was information I had only learned in Susan Easton Black's Church History class at BYU; I am grateful that now every person has the opportunity to hear the same accounts and know the true history! The book basically combined everything I have learned about church history, as well as every account from Our Heritage: A brief history of the churc...