Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #1) by Leia Stone

Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #1)

Brielle Atwater isn't sure of much, but she knows a few things: 1. Having black wings is not normal. 2. Selling her soul to the demons was a mistake. 3. Lincoln Grey is the biggest asshole she's ever met … but not falling in love with him might prove impossible. When angels fell from the sky to war with the demons that ravaged Earth, their combined powers infected humanity. Now, the humans are assigned one of two fates, being either demon gift...

Details Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #1)

TitleFallen Academy (Fallen Academy #1)
Release DateAug 17th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Angels, Romance, New Adult, Demons, Young Adult

Reviews Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #1)

  • E Varady
    InconsistentThe one word that comes to mind for this book is inconsistent. I liked the first 35%-40%, and then it went downhill. It felt like the author was engaged in the story early in and didn't really care anymore as the book progressed.**SPOILERS**So Bri is actually fun and kinda cool at the beginning of the book. She finds out about her unique powers, finds a cute guy but doesn't let her list control her, and actually kicks butt. After this...
  • Kelly Clare
    I was up until 1am devouring Leia Stone's new paranormal urban fantasy, Fallen Academy: Year One!It. Is. The. Tits.There are books that you really enjoy, and then there are books you rave about. This was a 'rave about' story.Year One is for you if you like an enemies to lovers romance, a sassy woman with heart (and a switchblade), a tight friendship, donuts, and a high-stakes world that includes warring angels and demons, and humans who accidenta...
  • Ashley
    We all know that everything Leia writes is amazing, but this completely blew it outta the water! I thought it would be a typical YA PNR. There would be a hot love interest, some angst, and a spunky best friend. It has all of those things, but it’s so much more. Leia makes it totally unique and completely her own. I don’t know how she comes up with all of these kickass books, but keep em coming!
  • Renee Clout
    Such a fantastic and well written Angel vs Demon YA story. The characters are wonderful and you’ll quickly love all of them (excluding one at least). You can’t help but love and cheer for Brielle on her Year One journey at the Fallen Academy, and hope that she makes the target to get through the Gauntlet. I did loved the twist as to what the Gauntlet actually involved. Can’t wait for what adventures are planned in Year Two... If you haven...
  • Rhea_Sways
    LOLOLOLOLOLOLFuck no....I rather be hanged than to be reading this bullshit.It is just all garbage, good old stinking pile of garbage put on a piece of paper. I could not force myself to be reading this shit. I do not want to describe it nor talk about it.I wish I did not have to worry about it Will...
  • anjuli
    I'd say this was a fun read overall. I had no expectations except for being entertained and I was for a bit. I liked the concept of this book demons, angels, fallen (angelic) and tainted (demonic) academy and some battle. I would say it kept me reading. However, it wasn't a spectacular read for me. I found the character building mediocre and the whole events just meh. The set up is post apocalyptic which I do enjoy and the world building is quite...
  • maria ✧
    1,5what a mess
  • Amy
    This was interesting. I didn’t fall in love with the story or characters, but I definitely enjoyed reading it.
  • Book Addict
    What a kick-ass start to this exciting new series! As soon as I started reading my attention was grabbed and I was fully invested in Brielle and what she has to go through! She is a great FMC, feisty, independent, loyal, powerful and vulnerable and you spend the whole book just hoping away her issues. Then we meet Lincoln...he is intense, grumpy, sexy, protective and powerful. These two together are a great combination I just wish at times Lincol...
  • Kelly Fountain
    An intriguing and fascinating view into the classic angel vs. demon genre tweaked perfectly by Leia Stone. Brielle believes she’s destined to be a slave forever. Forever miserable, forever chained. The future looks bleak until the day she receives her powers. Unique, different and changed, Brielle now has something to look forward to, to fight for. Overnight her life has altered and each day brings new faces, new friends and danger. When two si...
  • Chad Christofferson
    Overwhelmed with happinessThis is her best written work and best storyline. I love that the series is broken into school years and I want to attend this school. If you like vampire academy and the covenant series, this is a must read. The main characters Lincoln and Bri are fabulous because they are themselves and are not afraid to display it. The side characters add life and are enjoyable to get to know. The only down side of this book is the le...
  • Carrie
    An amazing start to a new series!! Brielle is our new heroine in this new series, the story takes place sometime after a great War between angels and demons. The war has affected humanity in a supernatural way and has gifted most of humanity with either good or evil powers. When Brielle was one of the few that received a greater gift, or a curse once you read this book you can decide for yourself. She must go to the fallen Academy to have her pow...
  • Aimee
    Oh-so good!I absolutely loved this book. I love this world Leia Stone has created and the characters that inhabit it. I am totally cheering for Bri and have found a favourite character in her best mate Shae. Filled with humour, I actually laughed out loud several times whilst reading this. It has everything I want in a book: Fantastic story-telling, an intricate and complex yet believable world, 3-dimensional characters who don't fit in a neat, s...
  • Jessica Middleton
    Wow!! I am amazed. (Well not really bc we all know that anything Leia write is gonna be amazing) but seriously this book is LIT! You laugh and cry and you have love hate relationships *cough* Lincoln *cough* Brielle is an outcast among her peers but does she let that bring her down?? Hell no. She keeps her head up and keeps trying to be the best she can be, with her awesome crew of course. I cant wait until book 2 is out!
  • Cindy
    RecommendedWow. This is a great urban fantasy, a little more mature than YA I think since there are some sexual encounters and violence. However, it isn't too detailed. Brielle is an awesome character especially being a good person living in a city controlled by demons. It seems that there are angels and demons and then human hybrids of each. That part is a bit confusing at times since hybrids don't know what they are until 18 so they may be part...
  • Brittani
    I devoured this book! Leia Stone just continues to keep ‘em coming series after series. I love the concept of this one, One part Harry Potter, one part Vampire Academy, one part Supernatural, and one part x men. I also loved the darkness in this book as well. Seeing Brielle’s world in Demon City was heartbreaking and painful. The connection she had with Shae and not wanting to give up on each other was beautiful. This book is filled with acti...
  • Michelle
    Leia Stone has done it again!!! This book is seriously freaking fantastic! Set in Los Angeles (one no longer like we know it) you have an epic battle of good vs. evil and the best cast of characters ever!!!! Brielle will steal your heart and you will do want to be a part of her team! Shea is the most epic BFF ever. Lincoln will grow on you and everyone else is just a good. Tons of excitement, suspense as to wtf is going on and really just a epic ...
  • C.J.
    Great book with a brilliant plot. The characters and world-building were very well done and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.
  • Tracy D.
    Good times at Fallen AcademyI admire witty, humorous, bad-ass female leads who also have a strong love of coffee. This has a slow-burn romance with a hint of enemies-to-lovers trope. Some good action sequences, and good use of magic. Enjoying the story so far, and will definitely pick up the next in series.
  • Brandy
    I had to take stars off for the crazy timeline 'wtf is going on?' and inconsistencies in what was stated as facts in the world vs what was actually shown as facts in this world. First, the author stated that Celestials are very rare, that the last one was 5 yrs ago - Lincoln. Then we get to the Academy to discover there are at least 4 Celestials around the same ages, plus Bri - not so rare then. We've got school starting and apparently about 2 we...
  • Chellee
    You would think a novel, with a large amount of people rating it five stars, wouldn't be so god-awfully bad, but it is. It's so bad that calling it mediocre is such an overstatement, so much so that it's suspicious how many readers supposedly like this book enough to give it a soaring rating. While I didn't mind the premise including the special, you're-the-one-from-the-prohpecy protagonist, I did mind the corny writing, the horrible pacing, and ...
  • Treena
    I love books like this! Stories that have an element of school/training + action scenes + romance + powers/abilities are totally my jam! I can't wait for book 2 to be out!
  • Steven Smithen
    Leia Stone's Best One Yet!The war between Heaven and Hell comes to Earth or more particular Los Angeles and the results of the battles between Angels and Hell's minions has consequences on us poor mortals. Those consequences result in humans developing gifts from both factions which are neither good nor evil. In Fallen Academy Leia has developed a world where Hogwarts meets Professor X's School for Mutants. The one catch is that there are two of ...
  • Noor Swift
    I had spent 7 hours listening to the audio-book, the narrative kinda of annoyed me . the plot was great , the world building was on point , it had so much potential but for me I felt it was wasted on the character because I finished the book and still have no care whatsoever for happens to them , the love story was mehh mage: in the beginning it showed as slow burn romance which I wanted but unfortunately I ended up not caring about them. the cha...
  • Debbie Turk
    Fierce & Spellbinding!! 4.5 Stars 🌟(Read using Kindle Unlimited)I completely lost myself in this tale! I loved the concept, characters & story!!😎✨Bri is strong willed to the point of it being almost unhealthy. I loved her snark, especially with Lincoln 💙 Her friendships & family bonds are beautiful strengths but also weaknesses.I can't wait for more Fallen Academy!🙏🔥✨ 4.5 Stars 🌟Debbie, 1970, UK
  • Laura
    This book just did not work well for me. This is the second of Leia Stone's books that I did not like. I found the characters annoying and the constant swearing kind of put me off. Also, Leia's style of writing does not really zing me. However, her ideas for books are great and I still have hope for the Skyborn books (they sound really cool).
  • Tina J
    2 pages in and I was hooked. Loved it. I didn’t get on with her last series, Skyborne. This series however is great. I thought I’d had enough of this genre but this book has reminded me why I loved this author. I’m looking forward to the next book.
  • Christine
    I can’t connect. The relationships feel shallow.Not sure if worth my audible credit at this point, so I am returning the audio. Credits are not cheap. Relationships feel forced. It is not working for me right now.
  • Prerana
    3.75 stars!!! Review to come.
  • Nereid
    Enjoyable start to the series I liked this book and it was easy to read and had plenty of action and adventure. It had all the elements of this type of genre, snarky best friend, fearless and loyal heroine who may or may not be part of a prophecy and the hunky boy who captures her heart. The characters are fun to read about and they were well developed and of course there is always the bitch we love to hate, the so called popular girl who has alm...