My Thoughts Exactly by Lily Allen

My Thoughts Exactly

*THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER*'Unflinching, unputdownable' Guardian'Witty, dark, devastating' Caitlin MoranSo, this is me. Lily Allen.I am a woman.I am a mother.I was a wife.I drink.I have taken drugs.I have loved and been let down.I am a success and a failure.I am a songwriter.I am a singer.I am all these things and more.When women share their stories, loudly and clearly and honestly, things begin to change - for the better.This is my ...

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TitleMy Thoughts Exactly
Release DateSep 20th, 2018
PublisherBlink Publishing
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Audiobook, Music, Feminism

Reviews My Thoughts Exactly

  • Vanessa
    As far as celebrity memoirs go you really get your moneys worth here. I believe if your going to write a tell all memoir you might as well tell the truth and nothing but the truth and this is what Lily Allen does. Her life is a series of big fuck ups and she owns them all, she is a straight shooter and doesn’t mess about with anything that tries to sell a pretty picture. You get real. There is much to feel sad for Lily and she wears all her vul...
  • Monica
    Not my usual read. Thought this was going to be more of a gossipy celebrity memoir but Lily Allen tells a very personal story. Especially enjoyed hearing about how she wrote her first song and she has some worthwhile things to say about the way women are treated in our society, not just the music industry. I didn't exactly warm to Lily but I've enjoyed her music over the years and I applaud her refusal to shut the fuck up and be the good little w...
  • Carly Findlay
    I read Lily Allen’s book My Thoughts Exactly after work today. A quick read but not an easy one. It’s about fame, excess, breakups and breakdowns. Love and mothering. Making mistakes and owning mistakes. Addiction and sobriety. Bad sex and good sex. Anger and mental illness. Body image. Abuse. Her truth. I really liked (and empathized with) Lily’s insight into trolling and stalking, and the expectation to be a good girl yet online abusers c...
  • Kelly Deriemaeker
    Ergens tussen een vier en een vijf, omdat ik zo onder de indruk ben van de verfrissende eerlijkheid en kwetsbaarheid waarmee Lily Allen dit boek schreef. Zo graag gelezen, erg door geraakt en geïnspireerd.
  • Sarah
    Honest, unflappable and brilliant. One of the most incredible audiobooks I’ve ever listened to, Lily’s story has helped me through a very hard time. This is something I’ll definitely come back to time and time again, I can’t recommend this enough.
  • Keith
    Deeply Honest, and fascinating. Always liked her, but like her more now.
  • Kristy
    Unlike a lot of celebrities (or the rest of us, really), Lily Allen is completely honest and open about her failures and shortcomings. In her memoir, she sets straight a lot of the misconceptions about her, while owning up to the times when she acted like a complete twat too. Allen has gone through some tough experiences, learned from them and come out the other side a fierce and intelligent woman.
  • Pip
    3.5 out of 5
  • Tina
    Interning bookLiked that she was so frank about everything. Nosey part of me would have liked names and more details of the benders as a lot of it is about her feelings. However I have a new found respect for her. Sounds like she did not have it easy as her parents were not your average parents. Worth reading
  • Melissa
    10 out of 10 for honesty.
  • Donncha Lane
    SuperLoved it. Lots of insight & fun. Lots of storytelling. Felt like I understood more about life after reading. Thank you
  • Lauren
    I would have finished this book last night if I didn't need to go sleep as I couldn't put it down. I haven't listened to her music in a long time but I liked it when I was a teenager so I picked this up to read more about her. I was surprised by her life and how much she's gone through. I found it honest, raw and thought provoking. A very good read and as I don't tend to read any news anyway it was all new to me as I haven't read anything written...
  • Fiona
    It takes guts to say what you think, to tell the story unashamedly from your own perspective and to be as willing to share the incredibly painful stuff as to settle scores and defend yourself.I've always liked Lily Allen and this book has just increased my admiration for her. She's not perfect, she's trying to figure out what what life is meant to be and how you balance roles and expectations of others but also your own. Sometimes she's a dick be...
  • Annette
    This book was so much better than I thought it was going to be. Basically, the book is in sections instead of the usual "I was born on this date at this time and I went to school here". So there is a section on fathers, one on mothers, several on career and so on. I couldn't put this book down. Lilly writes with a raw honesty and doesn't hold back. It is clear that a lot of what has happened to Lilly has stemmed from two things, one, her childhoo...
  • Marie-Louise
    I loved Lily Allen since ‘Smile’ was released when I was in high school and I love her now all these years later.This book is a brutally honest account of how Lily has struggled to deal with the realities of fame and stardom. She is funny, truthful and brilliant. I loved this book and couldn’t put it down.
  • Giorgi Shakarashvili
    მეორე ალბომს,sheezus-ს 2014 წლიდან ვუსმენ,დანარჩენი მუსიკის აღმოჩენა წელს გადავწყვიტე,როცა ახალი,ჩემთვის წლის ერთ-ერთი საყვარელი ალბომი გამოუშვა.წლევანდელ ალბომში,no shame-ში ძალი...
  • Sarah-Jane Patterson
    One of the most relatable autobiographies i have ever listened to. I related to a lot of what Lily said as a woman and on a personal level. She is brutally honest and accepts she is not perfect. I have always liked her music so its nice to know about the person and the inspiration.
  • Sia
    An honest, frank and well-written quasi-memoir that is sticking in my mind and has become tonight’s dinner conversation. Stories are skimmed over, people are mentioned but not elaborated upon and in some ways it reads like a stream-of-consciousness. I especially liked that chapters were in themes. The whole book was very clever. It’s very much Lily Allen’s own truth - and I wanted to hear more.
  • Philippa Leah
    I liked her, then thought she was a tosser and totally contradictory, then she broke my heart, then I was shouting ‘good for you’ from the rooftops. Searingly honest, constantly contradictory (to the point it was properly pissing me off ) but utterly compelling.
  • Bronwyn Tasker
    Lily’s honesty and relatable prose made this such an enjoyable, heartwarming and also heartbreaking read, but left me with such optimism when it comes to challenges in life that we all go through. Thanks Lily!
  • Julia Tutt
    This was brilliant, even more so as an audiobook. If you've enjoyed Lily Allen's early musical work and also her outspoken twitter of late, you will thoroughly enjoy this memoir.
  • Emma McCormack
    Beautiful and raw in equal measure. Couldn’t put this down and I’d encourage anyone to pick it up and devour it in a few days.
  • Kat Goodger
    So honest and very interesting. Definitely worth a read/listen.
  • Mrs N J Farley
    Honest!Love this book. We are all in the same boat called life, but some of us have the extra misfortune of having to make our mistakes in the public eye. Looking forward to reading the next instalment xx
  • Niklas Pivic
    In spite of the weird words where Allen states that she did not enjoy a privileged upbringing—she did—the rest of this book is thoroughly enjoyable.It’s the degree I’m interested in: the things in my life that changed events, upended things, upset the cart. Sometimes, these were external events I had no control over: my son, George, was born three months prematurely, but had already died inside me; I was stalked for seven years and felt m...
  • Javier Fernández
    Great and seemingly honest insight into Lily Allen's life from a 1st person perspective. She definitely has a way with words. Love her even more after this.
  • Annmarie Millar
    I've always like Lily Allen's music and liked her style. I saw her on Jonathan Ross and liked her interview that much it spurred me on to pick up her book. I'm glad I did. Open and honest and it just made me want to give her a BIG hug!!
  • Seymour Glass
    I was a fan of Lily when her first album came out, but I stopped following her (and pop) shortly after that because I'm a Pretentious Knobhead. This was compounded by the fact that I used to know the guy who played keys in some of her early recording sessions and he said it took ages because she couldn't figure out what the notes were. A singer who couldn't sing? Please. I was firmly dedicated to Amy Winehouse and the papers like to pit them agai...
  • Jared Woods
    First and foremost, how perfect is the title for this autobiography? So clever! Although that being said, for many critics who wage war against the English musician (and there are plenty), Lily’s thoughts exactly won’t be high on their Christmas wishlist this year. However, if you are one of those antagonists who fight for the opposition, then do not fear! For I have even more good news for you! These 340+ pages of Lily’s reflections dart f...
  • Liz Wilson
    I don’t really read autobiographies, which is my caveat before you start reading this review. I honestly have no idea if Lily Allen’s represents a departure from the norm or not, so forgive me if anything I say below is inaccurate or just plain obvious. I was already a Lily Allen fan, enjoying her music and respecting her as an artist and person. I have also seen her at gigs on a number of occasions, which lent a new dimension when reading to...