Join the Club (Four Kings Security, #3) by Charlie Cochet

Join the Club (Four Kings Security, #3)

Eduardo “Lucky” Morales is a fighter, from his childhood days in Cuba to his time as a Special Forces Green Beret. Scarred by the wars of his past, Lucky has learned nothing lasts forever. Guarding his heart is second nature, and getting emotionally involved is not an option. As co-owner of Four Kings Security, Lucky works hard alongside his former brothers-in-arms and fellow Kings, but he also plays hard. Flirting with sexy Texas cowboy and ...

Details Join the Club (Four Kings Security, #3)

TitleJoin the Club (Four Kings Security, #3)
Release DateNov 19th, 2018
PublisherCharlie Cochet
GenreRomance, M M Romance, War, Military Fiction, Contemporary, Lgbt

Reviews Join the Club (Four Kings Security, #3)

  • Wendy
    I have been dying to read this book ever since I met Lucky and Mason in "Love in Spades". The sneak peek we got in "Be Still my Heart" only made my impatience worse... I had a feeling their book was gonna be explosive, especially in the sexy way, and I  love it when I am right !!!I was a bit worried that things would be awkward...with Mason being Ace's ex and all, but there was absolutely no need. It was pretty obvious that Mason and Lucky wer...
  • Susan
    When I started this I was quite confused. I know I read the second book, but some details about Lucky, Mason and some Oscar were a little murky. Unfortunately things were not recapped in this book. I figured out what was going on near the end I think. While it wasn’t super important for the story, it did result in me being a bit confused what the actual problem was between Mason and Lucky.And that’s why I was quite convinced this would not be...
  • Amanda
    We are back with the Kings, the tight knit group of ex-Special Forces. Join the Club is the story of Lucky and Mason, the cowboy Detective, who is also Ace's ex-boyfriend. From previous books, we knew that Lucky and Mason had something going on and their flirting is very obvious to everyone. I forgotten about the drama that cause them to be pissed at each other and at the beginning of this book, they haven't been in contact for 2 months. Suffice ...
  • BWT (Belen)
    I've been really looking forward to Lucky and Mason's story since I read Love in Spades and, though this had a rough beginning, it absolutely pulled through and ended with such a great ending, I ended up really enjoying this. I also loved the epilogue, which is actually the teaser for the next book, Diamond in the Rough, which will center around King, and it looks like it's going to be really, really good.Dual POV, lots of action and hot and sexy...
  • Sanaa ☆ Sanaa's Book Blog ☆
    4.5 stars. Usually Charlie Cochet is a hit or a miss for me in terms of this series. And I'm so happy I ended up liking this one. It might actually be my favorite so far. This book is about Mason and Lucky and it's everything you would expect it to be and more. I also absolutely love the rest of the Kings and how they act as a family. Everything just reminds me of how I would love to have a family like that and it's such a joy to read that. I'm s...
  • haletostilinski
    I absolutely adored this. I loved this just as much, if not more, than the first book. Lucky and Mason were freaking amazing together, their chemistry was off the charts and I loved every bit of their scenes together. I loved this book. This picks up about two months after Lucky and Mason have that fight that we don't get to be privy too in Red and Laz's book outside Bibi's cafe. We do learn a little of what it was about and exactly why they were...
  • Cadiva
    Yet more delicious action and adventure with the KingsThis book sets off running, picking up the story at the point Red's ended in book two and it may be a tad confusing if you've not read that one.Once things get into it though what we get is a powerfully strong narrative in which two men who are perfect for each other spend an awful lot of time fighting against the inevitable tide of attraction.The side order of suspense didn't work quite as we...
  • Volha
    I enjoyed this book way more than the previous ones in the series even though the dialogue and some intimate scenes were slightly flowery at times. I was curious about Mason from the beginning, and here we finally get the full story and what exactly shaped him to become the man he is now - honest, brave and honorable. Lucky also surprised me - I kind of considered him slightly conceited and a little shallow but after getting to know him I saw wha...
  • Chris
    Lucky and Mason - this was an ongoing love / avoidance story and really was one that focused around mutual desire for each other but fear from the past. It was clear that both men were fascinated with each other and their mutual desire was evident. After a mistake at work, Mason was put on leave. To keep him going he looked to King for some temporary work which resulted in him being placed as Luckys partner. Working closely forced their hand to b...
  • I~❤️~Books
    ✮4.5 Stars✮ 💗
  • Alex
    I love Charlie Cochet and her characters are always very lovable, funny and sweet.This one is not an exception.I liked it. It was not my favorite but I really liked it.I'm anticipating King's story really bad though!!! Give me, give me...
  • David Alexander
    ~5 Stars
  • Viz
    The MC have similar personality and clash with each other. I loved how the relationship develops in the story. It was an OK book. I did not like the way the cop describes about his and how he compares it to the Kings security. (Its just very unfair). Being a cop is just as imp as the personal security and wished it was given bit more importance than mentioned. Love Ace and his antics. Looking forward for King's HEA.
  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    Ok, ok. Hello! Is this a new thing? Please let it be a new thing. This book opened on my Kindle AT THE COVER!!! I don’t know about you or your idiosyncrasies, but one of mine, I have to flip back, why do I have to flip back, and start the book from the cover. This book freaking opened up right on the cover! Woot!Unfortunately, that was probably my favorite part of the book. I liked the book, I did, it just had some problems.First and foremost, ...
  • Santy
    I finished this book almost a week ago but I still remember enjoying it.I liked the progress of their relationship and was pleasantly surprised there wasn’t much drama. Lucky and Mason had great chemistry which translated to great banter and great sexy times.Nothing “major” went on in this book; it was just our MCs working on some normal cases and while falling in love. The other couples made some showings in this, with Ace being his usual ...
  • UltraMeital
    4.5 StarsGetting back with the kings! I was so excited about this book, and frankly after finishing and getting the little snippet of the next one, I'm even MORE excited (AND it's releasing next month). This series is a mix of romance, suspense and A LOT of family/brotherhood shenanigans. What more can anyone ask? We've already met both Mason and Lucky so it was all about seeing how these two can stop being stupid suborn bastards and start ACTING...
  • Nicole
    From the series so far this was the best one. Probably because I liked the characters and really wanted to know their story.Lucky is one of the Kings and owns part of it like the others. He's come a long way and he's scared of losing everything he's worked hard for to achieve.Mason is a cop and two months before he got promoted to Major Crimes. Something he always wanted. When one day, because of his forgetfulness, he's suspended. Without work an...
  • Mari Cardenas ~ Bayou Book Junkie
    5 Stars!Join the Club is book 3 in the Four Kings Security by Charlie Cochet and I strongly suggest you read the series in order because there are a lot of recurring characters and sort of an ongoing plotline. Plus, it's a really good series and trust me, you don't want to miss a minute of it.We met Lucky and Mason in the previous installments and so far, they're my favorite couple. Not only did they have scorching chemistry, but they were really...
  • Nic
    InterestingAnother good one in the series. Two commitment phone thinking of being together what could possibly go wrong. Also it seems someone is out to hurt them. The main characters were good but I really like this group of men and their little family. Looking forward to King's story next.
  • Susan
    My favourite book of the series so far. These two were great fun.
  • Angela
    I really enjoy the authors stories and this one was no exception. Lucky and Mason were a lot better couple then I expected and I liked them a lot more than I thought I would. Looking forward to reading the next book King has been a character I've wanted to learn about forever.
  • LauraSt
    Another amazing book!Oh my GOD!Lucky and Mason were even better than I could’ve imagine! I just loved them! They are absolutely perfect for one another! The scenes were just flawless and the plot was steady and yes some drama but nothing out of this world that would make you get to cut off from the romance, in fact, it just enhanced their connection for me. Can’t freaking wait for King!
  • Dana
    Reviewed for Rainbow Gold Reviews. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. I am a big fan of this author so reading this book was a no brainer. I have read and/or listened to the first two books of this series for my own pleasure but am happy to review this third book. For those who aren’t familiar with this series, yet, I want to give a quick rundown of what the series is about. Four Kings Security is an agency created by a group...
  • Diane Dannenfeldt
    Scorching hot. These two were were beyond hot together. So Mason gets suspended because he tested positive during a random drug test, he forgets to tell him about a prescription cough medicine with codeine. He then goes to King and asks him for a temp job while IA is doing their investigation. So of course, King says yes and partners him with Lucky. Let’s just say, Lucky isn’t happy that King does this, or is he :). On their first assignment,...
  • Natosha Wilson
    Wow, Charlie Cochet just keeps writing better and better books with each new book that comes out. She always seems to amaze me how she can write a new series and make it just as good as “Thirds” series, which by the way is my absolute favorite series of all times. Once I started the Four King’s Security series I only hoped I would enjoy it but as it turns out, I love it. Each book in this series leaves me wanting the next book to hurry up a...
  • Elzi Schmelzi
    Burn. Burn. Burn.Okay so before I start let me get one thing out: I. LOVE. THIS. SERIES! And with every upcoming book I really can't wait to know what's going to happen next :) But yeah before I start to go all fangirl here let's get started, shall we?After Ace and Red got lucky it's time for someone who has that word in his alias: Eduardo Morales, also known as Lucky. He met the detective Mason Cooper loooong before the first book when he still ...
  • Emma Burbidge
    Lucky in Love?I love the Four Kings Security series by Charlie Cochet, and this third book is just as exciting as the first two. I'm also highly anticipating the fourth one, Diamond in the Rough (King's book) after reading the epilogue of this book.Here we join detective Mason Cooper while he and his would-be sweetheart, Eduardo "Lucky" Morales (aka the King of Clubs), while their nascent relationship is currently on the rocks. The upheaval in Ma...
  • Annie Elm
    The Four Kings Security is the perfect combination of friendship and brotherhood, started by men who's trained to be the danger you don't see coming, your best bet or your worst enemy.I loved this book just as much as the other two!The friendly ribbing between the Kings and their inner circle is awesome and Ace is hilarious as always. Lucky, who's one of the Kings and a former special forces green beret, is a triple threat. Dangerous with a cuba...
  • K.R. Phoenix
    🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 stars🔥🔥🔥🔥 Heat Level: 4Well that was explosive!I love this series!!!! Lucky is one of my favourite charters and I love his passion and selflessness. Mason and Lucky has been flirting and tip-toeing around get other for a while (as mentioned in the previous book, Be Still My Heart (Red’s Story)). Their story continues here and their chemistry is explosive!!! They bait each other and annoy each other until the tensi...