Retire Early With Real Estate by Chad Carson

Retire Early With Real Estate

Proven real estate strategies to retire early, escape the 9-to-5 work grind, and do more with your life! Are you stuck in the rut of a 9-to-5 job? Would you like to do more with your life than just work to pay the bills? Retire Early With Real Estate provides practical, proven methods to quickly and safely build wealth using the time-tested vehicle of real estate rentals. Experienced real estate investor and early retiree, Chad Carson, shares his...

Details Retire Early With Real Estate

TitleRetire Early With Real Estate
Release DateSep 13th, 2018
PublisherBiggerPockets Publishing
GenreBusiness, Economics, Finance, Nonfiction

Reviews Retire Early With Real Estate

  • Stefan Shirley
    To some, early retirement is a lofty goal however Coach Carson paves the path to show how any hard-working individual can reach financial independence and retire early with the main vehicle being real estate.Reader be forewarned, this is not just a book about real estate investing. Carson quickly begins by asking the reader “what does it mean to live a life that matters?” That is, if you could do anything you want, what would it be? From here...