Dirty Rich One Night Stand (Dirty Rich, #7) by Lisa Renee Jones

Dirty Rich One Night Stand (Dirty Rich, #7)

One and done. It was supposed to be one night. I knew his type. You don't fall in love with a man like Reese Summer, but I did. He swept me off my feet, seduced me, refused to take no for an answer. We became a power couple. The syndicated crime reporter. One of the country's top criminal attorneys. The fantasy became happily ever after until the next big trial of the century. Reese is defending a woman accused of killing her father for billions....

Details Dirty Rich One Night Stand (Dirty Rich, #7)

TitleDirty Rich One Night Stand (Dirty Rich, #7)
Release DateDec 5th, 2018
PublisherJulie Patra Publishing
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary

Reviews Dirty Rich One Night Stand (Dirty Rich, #7)

  • Mindy Lou's Book Review
    I enjoy getting updates on my couples. Cat and Reese's 2nd book didn't disappoint. I was pretty pleased to see that it was more than an extended epilogue. This was a full story with a couple suspenseful storylines. The only difference is that the book starts out with the couple already together and married. The fact that we don't have the angst of the building of the relationship doesn't mean we don't have a captivating story to follow. If you ha...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Reese Summer is back!Again he's the attorney trying to get a NOT GUILTY for his client in this huge case - a heiress who allegedly killed her father.Then there's Cat.She's still writing her crime column and she's in that courtroom with Reese every day.And she also just found out that she's kinda pregnant. But she doesn't want Reese to know - she doesn't want him to worry about her. He needs to concentrate on his job.And then we have a weird stalk...
  • Carvanz
    I loved getting this deeper look into Reese and Cat’s life after two years of marriage. As with all of the books in this series, this is more than just a romance. There is lots of drama for this couple but not necessarily from within. Just as Reese is beginning a new trial that promises lots of trouble, Cat has some unexpected news to share and finds the timing all wrong. Add in the arrival of someone from Reese’s past and suddenly they are s...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewWelcome back to Lisa's world of corporate high flyers, dirty deals and even dirtier men!I have to say, Reese and Cat are my favourite couple in the dirty series.We are again on a big legal case, Reese doesn't like to lose, and Cat is writing her column.I loved seeing our lovelies 2 years down the track, and fell more for Reese than I did before.However, Miss Jones, give our guys a break! More drama, more people tr...
  • April Symes
    This was a fantastic story! Cat and Reese are back 2 years after we saw them in original and their love is still just as strong to one another as well as their connection to each other. Reese is a well known defense attorney and Cat writes for her local newspaper plus she writes true crime novels following real live cases. Cat and Reese's relationship is stronger than ever but it's about to be tested in so many ways.Reese is working on his next...
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms
    *I received a free ARC of Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later. This has in no way influenced my voluntary review, which is honest and unbiased.*4.5 starsI loved getting back together with Cat and Reese again. It was like hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a while, and it was good to see that they were still going strong. Still being 'them'.The romance and hotness were as scorching as ever, as were their strong personalities. I love...
  • Cee Cee Houston
    I loved this second visit to Cat and Reese’s original story, Dirty Rich One Night Stand. It’s aptly named Two Years Later and gives us a peek into how their lives are now after two years together. This is a full length novel, not some extended little epilogue and it's freaking awesome, and a little bit wild, and has some mystery tooSo, Cat and Reese are ecstatically happy, still madly in love and making whoopie wherever and whenever they can....
  • Tammy
    I so love the relationship that Cat and Reese have and how they know right off the bat when something is wrong with each other. I love getting to see more of them two years later and to see how much in love they are. Reese is this awesome attorney and Cat, with her article, always grounds him during his trials. So what happens when something happens to Cat and she can’t tell Reese about it, because he is in the middle of this huge trial. With t...
  • Nerdy Dirty & Flirty
    Oh boy!! This book had me tearing through the pages. Well, that’s not really different from the rest of Jones’ books but this one just felt a little different. She added a different kind of drama for me that had my chest constricting and desperate to find out how it would play out.I loved Cat and Reese’s original book and every appearance they’ve made since. I was so excited to see that Jones was giving them another book. I fell even more...