Jack of Spades (Vegas Underground, #2) by Renee Rose

Jack of Spades (Vegas Underground, #2)

“YOU’RE AT MY MERCY NOW, AMORE.” Sorry, bella. You got dealt the losing hand. Witness to a crime, you’re my prisoner now. I didn’t mean for things to happen this way, But tying you to my bed and making you scream is an unexpected pleasure. A privilege, really. And even if I did trust you, now that I’ve had a taste, I’m not sure I’d let you go... Jack of Spades is a stand-alone romance in the interconnected Vegas Underground serie...

Details Jack of Spades (Vegas Underground, #2)

TitleJack of Spades (Vegas Underground, #2)
Release DateMay 31st, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Erotica, Bdsm, Mystery, Crime

Reviews Jack of Spades (Vegas Underground, #2)

  • Kathy Heare Watts
    YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER SAW THE REAL METhe story is the second in the Vegas Underground series but can easily read well as a stand-alone story. There will be a mention about people and incidences in King of Diamonds but is told in a way that the reader will not be lost. The story is about sweet, all-American girls who fall in love with mafia men. The story will also include more about Nico and Sondra, some of the battles they must face wit...
  • Dee
    Nobody Does It Better!When it comes to erotic heat, dominance and romance; nobody does it better than Renee Rose! With the second installment of the Vegas Underground series, “Jack of Spades”, Ms. Rose highlights another uber hot hero with a highly intelligent and likeable heroine. More than simply an erotic romance, the plot is fortified with just enough drama, suspense and off the chart character chemistry to keep readers completely engaged...
  • Kathy Heare Watts
    YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO EVER SAW THE REAL METhe story is the second in the Vegas Underground series but can easily read well as a stand-alone story. There will be a mention about people and incidences in King of Diamonds but is told in a way that the reader will not be lost. The story is about sweet, all-American girls who fall in love with mafia men. The story will also include more about Nico and Sondra, some of the battles they must face wit...
  • Jessica
    Jack of Spades is the second book in the Vegas Underground series. Picking up right where King of Diamonds ends, Corey is busy working in the Bellissimo when the new Head of Security, Stefano, has a new job for her - dealing for the private parties. But her first night goes completely wrong and Stefano takes her as his captive. Their passion is completely hot and mutual, but neither are committed to each other. The best laid plans always go wrong...
  • Diane G
    This is the second book in the Vegas Underground series featuring Mafia Romance. It is another stand alone story but believe me, you will enjoy reading the first book, as well! Renee Rose is a wonderful author, her characters come to life - the reader can easily connect and relate to them and the story is well developed with meaning and substance.This story features Stefano, Nico Tacone’s younger brother, who is a HOT, Alpha male with lots of k...
  • Rhonda
    In book two of this series, we get Stefano and Corey's story. I think I like this one better than the first book. It's hot, it's steamy and I love it that Corey is a kick a** woman who can take care of herself but when it comes to Stefano, she needs him like she needs air to breathe. Corey works in the casino owned by Stefano's family. He's head of security and wants her from the first minute he sees her. When things go bad in a private game she ...
  • Saskia
    The second book in the Vega Underground series and it features Stefano, who is Nicos younger brother and Corey, who is Sondras cousin.I loved reading about the interaction between Stefano and Corey. There is an instant spark between them, but also mistrust. I loved seeing them dance around each other and getting to know each other. Finding out their hopes and dreams and flowing building more then just lust. The characters were layered and complex...
  • Maria11
    Good readGood read, lots of sex, too much spanking. I am not up for all that, thus no five stars. The mafia part was good. It kinda of wrapped up fast at the end. The dad just didn’t seem scary enough...Stefano was dumb. Good read
  • Kathleen R.
      Some authors you'll remember their books because their stories were interesting. Others, you'll remember after thinking for a few minutes, trying to figure out what the storyline was all about. And then there are some books where you simply go... holy. Shit. Renee Rose is the latter. Every time i pick up her books, i never know what to expect. I mean, i now that i'll be reading a BDSM genre novel, but what will happen to her storyline? A c...
  • Viper Spaulding
    You had me at "the Henry Cavill good looks"!!!Whew! Another spankalicious steamy mafia romance from one of my favorite authors! Corey's cousin is marrying Stefano's brother, so it didn't take long for them to cross paths. Add in the fact that he's the new head of security at his brother's casino where Corey is one of their best dealers, and the stage is set for a truly epic romance!Stefano recruits Corey to deal a private game, one that quickly g...
  • Anne Baker
    Plays Her Like A Virtuoso Oh if only we could give this well deserved mafia romance by the inimitable Renee Rose the well deserved 10 ⭐ it warrants! I thought the first book in the Vegas Underground series was amazing but this one was superb from start to finish. I can’t wait for the 3rd book in the series Ace of Hearts! I just cannot get enough of Ms Rose’s magnificent reads! Fantastic well written storyline that’s gripping that I simply...
  • Jan
    Corey likes her job at Bellissimo and doesn’t plan to screw it up. Nico is the owner and is seeing her cousin Sondra. But when a jerk of a guy tries to cheat at her table, she isn’t having it. Stefano is security for the Bellissimo. He just happens to be sitting at Corey’s table. She thinks he’s a cheat but he is only making sure that she is on the up an up. These to meet with a slap and dirty talking and hot sex along with a spanking or ...
  • Denise
    The beginning of this book was great but lost me a bit after the sexual relationship between the MCs started. The multiple flash-forwards left out the important time of them developing their relationship, and thus it felt as if they went straight from f*ck buddies to "dating", although I use that term loosely. I say that because except for the last 10%, their relationship seemed to just revolve around sex. The dramatic ending with Corey's father ...
  • Jacky
    I don't normally read mob books but this one wasn't too bad. Stefano and Corey had a strong attraction and generated a load of heat. I liked this book better than the first book, King of Diamonds because Corey was kicka$$. Although she succumbed to Stefano's charms, she was strong, tough, and could hold her own. This is a standalone book. You could easily read this and go back to read King of Diamonds. If you prefer to read in sequence, read book...
  • Jill
    This is the second book in the Mafia Romance series and it revolves around Stefano, younger brother of Nico, and Corey, one of the house dealers. He meets Corey when he plays at her table and tries to bribe her to cheat for him, she calls security and he is escorted out. Later she is introduced to Stefano, who is now head of security and he is instantly smitten with her. At a high stakes game, where she is the dealer, one of the players draws a g...
  • Gab
    What happens in Vegas definitely stays in Vegas.Especially when the Bad Boy falling for the sumptuous dealer is the part owner of the Casino she works in.When she is in the wrong place at the wrong time, witnessing a crime being committed and could be a danger to the charming Italian Mafioso, he simply locks her away in his bedroom. And there she stays until, when he finally lets her go, she is not at all sure if she wants to leave.When it seems ...
  • Heart5
    This is definitely a 5+ star kind of book. The high intensity romance is off the charts hot. Throw in family drama with a mix of mob bosses and a crooked FBI agent and it just adds to the ride. The characters are super likeable, the writing original, and I absolutely loved the dialogue. I read alot and find it hard to pick favorites, but Renee Rose is definitely becoming a favorite author for me.
  • Julia Murdock
    OMG!!!! Peeps!!!! King of Diamonds set this series off but Jack Of Spades lit the trail!!!! This hot morsel features Nico Tacone's little brother Stefano. He is hot. A true Mafioso. With a hella lot of kink. He is a bad boy who wasn't in search of a good girl. He meets Corey and all bets are off. He finds her intriguing and it was something about her that made him want to go ALL IN. This story is hot with a super speedy hot storyline. This is the...
  • Vivian Chrisman
    High-stakes game...This is the second book in this series and what a series it has been so far. This book centers around Stefano and Corey. Stefano is the younger brother of Nico from "King of Diamonds". When Stefano and Corey meet, sparks fly and the chemistry is HOT! A high-stakes game ends in gunfire which leads to the two spending lots of time together. Of course there's kink involved...it is written by Ms. Rose after all. I would definitely ...
  • Anna
    I LOVE this series! What’s not to love about a super sexy, alpha man with a hint of danger?! This book builds from the second but could be read standalone. It definitely has the action and danger. It is super sexy. I adore the relationship between Corey and Stefano. There is push and pull that Ms. Renee is so good at and we get to know both characters and their motivations. I cannot wait for the next one! Five sexy stars!!
  • Cali Jewel
    This is a quick yet intensely thrilling and emotional adventure filled with danger, mystery and smoking hot undeniable passion...... Corey and Stefano have a instant and electric connection that kept me reading with out pausing for a moment afraid I might miss any of the exciting action.
  • Lisa Roberts
    This was actioned packed right from the start as Stefano and Corey battle it out captor and prisioner and challenge each other in the most delicious way. Corey is sassy and has hidden talents and can hold her own which I loved and challenged this Tacone in every way. Fantastic writing, great characters and a real page turner with super hot scenes.
  • Farah
    4.5 stars. I really enjoyed this book. It flowed well and kept me interested throughout the entire book. You get fighting, sex, gambling and a mob family. What’s not to like. This is the second installment of Vegas Underground. You don’t need to have read Nico and Sondra to understand what is happening in this book but I did also enjoy their story as well.
  • Ri
    4.5 starsAnother great book from this author. Love how she makes spanking and punishment so sexy.I am pretty sure she can write anything and it would be good. However, her writing mafia makes it even better. This book had the suspense, steam,and characters to make this a great addition to this series of standalone s.
  • Beverly
    I flove this series. It's hot, dangerous, and enthralling. Corey tries to smack, knee, and bite Stephano, and it makes him all the hotter for her. Lol. I liked watching how far Corey and Stephano would go (and to what lengths) for their love. They made fireworks look tame. That's how combustible these two were. Stephano does nothing in halves- he's over the top start to finish. I was quickly immersed in this captivating love story. I can't wait f...
  • Fran Zoch, LSoR
    Oh wow I love this romance that starts out as so much different than you would think, Corey is a witness so she is being protected by Stefano.Love it or leave it this book has it all, suspense, mystery, love, hate, backstabbing
  • Pamela (Dreamer's Book Blog)
    Corey is a dealer at the casino run by Nico of a mafia family. Stefano is Nico's brother and part owner of the casino. He and Corey have instant chemistry. Corey witnesses a murder and ends up Stefano's captive. Quick, dirty, hot sex follows but will real feelings and complications get in the way? I enjoyed this steamy tale.
  • Beyond The Covers Blog
    What do you do when you witness a murder within the Talone crime family? Your cousin is engaged to your boss, Nico, the top dog. Your estranged father is a fed. And the new Head of Security is Nico's brother, delicious Stefano who is holding the head strong Corey prisoner.Jack of Spades is a delicious mafia romance. Well written. Characters are flawless. Light bdsm.
  • Gladys
    A immersive and engaging plot quickly captures and keeps your interest. The characters are well developed and layered. The chemistry between the H/h is intense and sizzling. Add in drama, danger and suspense to the heat and heart and you have an entertaining and enjoyable read. This is my voluntary, honest review.
  • Noelle
    This one started out strong but sure didn't keep the momentum. At least not for me.