A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything by Brittainy C. Cherry

A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything

Bestselling authors Brittainy C. Cherry and Kandi Steiner come together for the first time in an emotional compilation of poetry and prose. Written and collected over the course of more than two years, A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything is an intimate, honest, and raw assemblage of two women’s feelings in a modern world that often quiets any kind of emotion past indifference. Discussing themes of love, worth, loss and hope, A Love...

Details A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything

TitleA Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything
Release DateSep 13th, 2018

Reviews A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything

  • Christy
    Brittainy C. Cherry and Kandi Steiner are two favorites of mine. They both have this gorgeous, poetic, and lyrical writing style. So who better to write a book of poetry than these two? I am not normally a huge reader of poems, but I couldn’t pass this one up. I loved how the poems were about different things. Self acceptance, love and romance, heartbreak, it had it all. It make my heart happy and ache at the same time as only these authors can...
  • Alex ✰ Comets and Comments ✰
    "How beautiful it is to be human. That we can fall asleep drowning in tears and pain but wake to a new sunrise on a new day with a dry face." this made my heart ache and i loved every single second. ______________ Poetry and Prose Modern contemporary poetry happens to be a sweetspot for me. Add in touches of bittersweet understanding of love and life. Then encapsulate the whole anthology with a boost of girl power and you've got yourself a surefi...
  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    Brittainy and Kandi are both one of my favorite authors! So when I first saw this book I was really, really excited to read it. And I have to confess, I'm not a big fan of poems but still I enjoyed this collection very much. Also I'd love to read more from them. I hope in the future they work together again. :) *ARC kindly provided by authors in exchange for an honest review. ❤❤❤ I’d rather drown ina million truthsthan breathe inonedirty...
  • Megan✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦
    "Her insecurities were as loud as day,but his gentle embrace made the noise stay at bay." When I found out two of my favorite authors were collaborating together to produce a book of poetry and prose, I just had to get on that band wagon. Brittainy C. Cherry and Kandi Steiner both have such a beautiful way with words and I just knew each and every prose was going to be deep, powerful, inspirational, meaningful and it really was; some made me cry...
  • Pick a Book
    English / Português4 starsDear authors,Thank you for bringing such a beautiful book to us. While reading I felt everything there was between those letters, there was under every meaningful words. Some got to my heart more than others and this kind of words are the best to hear sometimes, even if we think we don't need it. Although everyone feel different, the intensity of it, in every situation, in the end, at the same time, we actually are not ...
  • Ashley (5171MilesBooks)
    4.5 StarsIndividually, these girls who feel everything give us all the feels with their incredible writing. Together, they are an unstoppable duo of encouragement and girl power! I'm not at all knowledgeable about poetry, but I enjoy reading it from time to time from specific authors. For me, this was exactly the type of poetry I enjoy. It was straightforward and to the point, without making me analyze every stanza for hidden meanings. There were...
  • Kathy West
    I can honestly say I have never read poetry before and had no clue what I was getting into when I started this book. Since this is different than any other book reviews....I'm going to put the titles of some of the favorite poems from this book. Addiction If OnlyAnxiety's ChoiceThe Human Lessons Learned Morning PauseI hope you find some poems that speak to you also.
  • Jemima
    Title: A Love Letter From The Girl Who Feels Everything Author: Brittainy C. Cherry & Kandi Steiner ~AN ARC WAS KINDLY PROVIDED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW~When two your favourite power house contemporary romance authors decide to write something, you know it's going to be magical.A Love Letter From The Girls Who Feels Everything is PERFECT.Considering the fact that we live in a world where everything is in constant motion and time is of the...
  • Carlene Inspired
    GAH. I wrote a pretty little review for this andddd accidently closed my browser window. Of course.Find this review and others at Carlene Inspired.Readers of Brittainy C. Cherry and Kandi Steiner know both have a beautiful, lyrical way with words, taking us on journeys filled with emotion that leave you crying in a heap. A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything is a combination of poetry and prose that touches on love, sadness, loneliness...
  • Na
    This is the very first time I've read a whole book of poetry and prose. I had no idea what to expect and certainly wasn't prepared for the feelings that hit me.(view spoiler)["I laugh freely in the daylight, but in the dark, I am a slave to my anxiety. ..." (hide spoiler)]Two incredibly talented authors came together writing a love letter. To you, to me, to each of us who will read and listen. Showing us that we all feel everything and it's somet...
  • Shabby -BookBistroBlog
    Beautiful work done by Brittainy and Kandi. Love me slowly. Breathe me in. Tell me I’m more than all my worst sins. How to Love the Scars —B They pen their heartache, their pain in prose and poetry with the same potency as their novels. I've been a forever staunch follower of both of them and this book shows a different side of them. Took me decades back to my youthful times when getting a love note was followed by butterflies in the stomach...
  • Kayla Brunson
    “We are the girls who feel everything. And this is our love letter. To you, to them, to us, to the world, to no one at all.” Ya’ll! This was freakin’ beautiful! I don’t read poetry but these were beautiful and spoke to me on so many levels. This book spoke of loneliness, loving yourself, and so many other topics. Some of them really hit home and others are staying with me for a while. There is so much more I can say about it, but hones...
  • Brie
    "It’s our wish that you found a little piece of yourself within these pages, that your heart ached with a beat of understanding. And maybe — just maybe — you left a little piece of yourself within these pages, too." A compliation of poetry and proses, A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything was consequential, significant, and left me feeling appreciative. To find a novel so relatable with it's topics and supporting with it's open...
  • Mimiorphee
    With A LETTER FROM THE GIRLS WHO FEEL EVERYTHING, Brittainy C.  Cherry and Kandi Steiner took me on a path I'm not very familial with: poetry. They explored the feelings of love through sometimes sweet, sometimes bittersweet, always raw letters. I found myself highlighting a lot of them, touched by their profound words and the level of emotions they convey. I loved the idea behind that collection: to be strong and self-assured enough to expre...
  • Raquel Costa
    *** 4 estrelas ***Review to comeARC received in exchange for an honest review.Review in portuguese.
  • Flo Grugel
    Firstly, I want to say that I love Brittainy and Kandi's books so I feel like a horrible person by saying that this book just didn't work for me. I know that this book is a compilation "Poetry and Prose" but I didn't get any of 'the feels' that I know these authors can deliver.I felt like it was a highlighted quote or passage from a kindle on each page.
  •  Charlie ✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    A Love Letter from the Girls Who Feel Everything.This book is beautiful the poems are about love they are about loss... They are heartwarming they are heartbreaking.I really enjoyed reading these poems they touch me I will admit a couple made me shed a tear or two but they are so well written and they could be from/ about anyone of us. Not much else I can really say but if you love these two authors and their poems then you will love this book.I ...
  • Ptiteaurel
    Quand j'ai découvert ce projet sur le groupe de Brittainy C Cherry, je m'y suis intéressée de plus près car même si je ne suis pas fan de poésie , je sais que la plume de Brittainy est une valeur sûre qui sait tirer les plus profondes de mes émotions. Je ne connaissais pas la plume de Kandi Steiner et j'avais donc envie de découvrir ce que contenait ce recueil. Je l'ai lu très très vite car les poèmes ou la prose peut aller de deux li...
  • Becky
    “The mask you wear each day only scars you.”Beautiful stories in short letters tham inspire and encourage us, its quick but deep. I felt all of it. Some of them are stronger than others, and it hurt to read something so real.Arc received in exchange for an honest review. Thank you
  • B.B. Easton
    A Love Letter From the Girls Who Feel Everything showcases the elegant brilliance, delicate vulnerability, and mighty self-worth that all women aspire to embody. I will treasure this gorgeous little paperback, the inspiration it gave me, and all the sticky notes I placed between its pages, forever.
  • Romance_book
    Recensione in italiano--->https://romancebook2016.wordpress.com...What happens when two mind-blowing authors come together and create a collection of unique poems? That we have the opportunity to have in our hands a true masterpiece.I am not a great fan of poetry, but I loved this book intensely, I felt every single feeling that these two authors wanted to convey through their words.Short or long poems, rhyming or not, no matter what these two au...
  • Bia Travesso
    **** 4 STARS ****It's a little weird for me to review a poetry compilation book because you don't have a straight story to tell. But you have different stories on each page and they're all worth of your time. "I'd rather drown in a million truths than breathe in onedirtylie.Drowning - B." If you read any books by them in the past, you probably realized that they have a more lyrical style of writing. And you'll have the same feeling here. There ar...
  • Kim (iScream Books) Markett
    These collections of poems from Brittainy and Kandi you will find a little bit of yourself or something you wish you could say to someone else. It’s a mixture of feelings from renewal to hope, to recognition of oneself to the fantasy’s of others.If you read this in only one day then you really didn’t absorb what they were sharing with us. Each poem deserves a reflection to contemplate and ponder. Even if one doesn’t speak to you now, come...
  • Vanessa (nessreads)
    *I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book*5 "Feed me ALL the words" Stars!!!I've said this many times and I'll say it again, poetry is my love language. I connect to every single poem I read in such a profound level. My soul comes alive. The rawness and vulnerability in which the writer shows in the words they write is beautiful. They pour their hearts out and bleed on those pages and it shows just how real everything they write is. My...
  • Heather C
    A Love Letter From The Girls Who Feel Everything lives up to it's title. The emotion and power behind each and every poem will strike a cord with someone. I love that every type of poetry form was captured in this collection that Cherry and Steiner gave us. The ebbs and flow of each one correlated perfectly with the emotion behind them. This is a simple review because it's a series of poems that you need to experience and feel for yourself. The...
  • suzi
    Dear authors, My heart is completely full.Thank you for this amazing and beautiful book. I haven't read a book of poetry for a long time and now I'm so happy that I read this one. “One of the hardest lessons I have ever learned is that you can be the very best version of you, and still not be enough.”Lessons Learned — K I feel like every page had a piece of myself. “Perhaps it wasn’t a mistake, yet merely a book that needed to end. S...
  • Courtney
    As much as I love reading, poems hasn't ever really been a thing for me. But when I saw that Kandi Steiner was co-writing a book with another author, Brittainy C. Cherry (have not read her - don't be upset!), I at least wanted to give it a go.These poems were beautiful - some touched me more than others. Some spoke to my heart, others spoke to my mind. Some I just loved the poetic flow.Even if you aren't a fan of poems, I have no doubt that at le...
  • Giovanna Conte
    Everybody knows that I love these two authors! I wait their books... and I fell in love of them everytime. Kandi and Brittainy have two different ways of writing. We all know, Kandi is the Queen of Angst. Brittainy... well, when I read her I always have tissues with me. Both manage to trasmit unique emotions. And this books... LOVE IT! Every poem left a trace inside me. My favs are Lonely girl and Scars... These two also tell something about me. ...
  • Lindsey (Linz Readz)
    Raw, beautiful, and emotional!Brittainy and Kandi have completely sold me on poetry and prose. I haven’t read any poetry since high school English class but that is about to change all because of these two amazing women! When reading this book, you will absolutely feel EVERYTHING. My emotions were all over the place. I felt sad, happy, hurt, encouraged, lonely, and loved. This book is beautiful and every woman needs to read this.I can not wait ...