The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People by Irving Wallace

The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People

This encyclopedia looks at the sexual habits, deviations and quirks of nearly 200 famous, notorious or otherwise distinguished people from all walks of life. Each entry describes the subject's fame and achievements, and within this context examines their sexual activities. The entries are preceded by over 50 lists of sexual characteristics in which the subjects of the biographies are listed under such headings as mother-fixated, masochists and sa...

Details The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People

TitleThe Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People
GenreHistory, Biography, Sexuality, Reference, Trivia, Nonfiction

Reviews The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People

  • Joseph DiFrancesco
    Very interesting read. Great deal of research went into this however some of the subjects seemed to be included simply because they had had sex one time or another. I expected more odd revelations in terms of quirks. Still, I was surprised with many of the varied relationships that had developed in terms of open marriages. Good beach book.
  • Meaghan
    This book chronicles the sex lives of a wide variety of people throughout history, organized by occupation: from artists to scientists to politicians to royalty to activists and so on. I wish more non-Western people had been profiled, though. The book is written in a very professional, encyclopedic tone. Each entry has a biographical sketch of the person, a picture of them, information on their sex/love life, a quote from them on that subject, an...
  • Ashley
    Must admit this was a long read. BUT WORTH IT!!!The details, juicey tidbits, the people... All very interesting. (Personally I loved the writers, Royals and Rockers!!) The movie stars section did nothing for me, "more been there seen that"...All in all Terrific read, passed it on to a friend and hope she enjoys it as much as I did!!!!!!
  • Michelle
    This is my favorite book from childhood. I swiped it from my parents shelf and devoured it in two afternoons. It's a great reference book for those who want to know who certain people were, and then, there is the sex. Heh. The less said, the better. If you get easily disgusted and need your smelling salts, don't read this one. If, like me, you have been curious from an early age, then dive right in, or muff dive if you're Virginia Woolf or Colett...
  • Amy
    My REALLY guilty pleasure. Found while helping my sister move, and borrowed it. It's fascinating, and easy to pick up and put down when you need to. It's an older book (1981) so the current rock stars are Joplin and Hendrix, but oh well. It does get tiring to read about the many, many degenerate Victorian writers and artists.
  • Matt Posner
    I have read this book several times over the years. It is constantly interesting, not specifically for the sex content but because it gives detailed biographical portraits of fascinating people. I recommend skipping around the book, reading them in the order that catches your attention, but go back to the stories you skipped -- you will meet some pretty cool people.
  • Jamia
    Absolutely fun and fascinating. My parents have this book at their house and I used to sneak reads of it all of the time growing up. It was amazing to read about the sex lives of everyone from Cassanova to Ghandi in this book.MUCH better than Us Weekly or People Magazine! ")
  • Joy Endreshak
    Don't let the title of this book mislead you. It was really fascinating and not graphic. It is written with a tone that sounds more as a psychology textbook and not as a E! True Hollywood Story.
  • Misti Rainwater-Lites
    love it to pieces, love it so frickin' much I actually mailed a letter to the publishers and asked them to publish a new edition that includes Robert Plant...but I think Robert Plant has to die before they will do that and I am not wishing death on Robert Plant...anyway, for a voyeur like me it is the perfect book to keep at my bedside
  • Jess Scott
    An informative and eye-opening book -- individual chapters are short/concise, but get to the point quickly and without any fuss (I'm totally devouring the chapters on artists and writers). The writing style is incredibly witty too. My attention has not wandered even once throughout perusing the text ;)!
  • Vikki
    These were short biographies of many old, famous people from the 1700s to the present. It was very good. It was just a short bit on the sex lives but Oh, My! People are strange! Really enjoyed this book.
  • Beatrice Miranda
    This was one of my supplementary books when I was making case studies about psychosexual disorders among famous people.
  • Diana Paez
    A very interesting book!
  • LooseLips
    this book is for people who "borrowed" a book and feel bad about never returning it but they live on the other side of the country now. and people who like sex and tabloids. and are nosy.
  • Mirela
    Guilty pleasure!Well written.
  • Lynda
    Funny, often bawdy, and sometimes unbelievable.
  • Jennifer
    More than you wanted to know about most of these people. Figures include authors, composers, actors, and politicians among others. Fascinating and fun.
  • Brooke
    9/5-I found this one while looking for a Jackie Kennedy book. It should be interesting.9/8-I really like this one. It's funny and interesting. I'm just not sure if any of it is even true!
  • Micah
    Extremely enjoyable. great for a plane or beach or any other areas people do light reading. short informative sections on hundreds of celebs.
  • Ruth
    I think that this was the first book that I remember reading the phrase "contemplating his navel"!
  • K.
    Surprisingly prim and tiring (500+ pages)
  • Ietrio
    The title catches the eye. The contents is of poor quality and quite judgemental. Maybe it would have been something out of the ordinary if written in the 40s. Today it's just dull. Another book for recycling.
  • Jennifer
    Great potential butIt gets boring after awhile because there are just too many people written about in this book. If someone isn’t very well known, better to just skip that chapter. And the bottom line is that most of these individuals had the same story. Lots of different lovers. With about 1/3 of the stories omitted this could have been a lot of fun.
  • Carol Waters
    I have owned this book since it came out- what- 40 years ago. It is falling apart, worn out from moving all over America with me. It is too worn out to bother recycling. And I still can't make it any more than nominally interesting. I'm going to dumpster it and move on. Truth is, I just don't care who did or did not do whatever to whomever. I am learning nothing applicable from this struggle to finish what I started. On to newer stuff...