The Truth Pixie (Christmas Series, #3.5) by Matt Haig

The Truth Pixie (Christmas Series, #3.5)

From number one bestselling author Matt Haig comes a hilarious and heartwarming story, brilliantly illustrated throughout by Chris Mould Wherever she is, whatever the day, She only has one kind of thing to say. Just as cats go miaow and cows go moo, The Truth Pixie can only say things that are true.

Details The Truth Pixie (Christmas Series, #3.5)

TitleThe Truth Pixie (Christmas Series, #3.5)
Release DateOct 18th, 2018
PublisherCanongate Books
GenrePoetry, Childrens, Holiday, Christmas, Health, Mental Health

Reviews The Truth Pixie (Christmas Series, #3.5)

  • Hayley Smith
    Read this tonight with all my boys and it’s just beautiful. Made me super emotional, read it to your children, with your children, on your own, lend it to friends and family - it is amazing!
  • Austra
    Nabaga Truth Pixie vārds pasaka par viņu visu - ja viņa atver muti, tad var pateikt tikai tīru patiesību. Tādēļ viņa viena un skumja dzīvo savā namiņā kopā ar mazu peli, kas vienīgā var viņu paciest, jo visus draugus un arī ģimeni viņa ir zaudējusi savas nolāpītās patiesības teikšanas dēļ. Bet tad pienāk diena, kad viņas atklātība tomēr var būt laba, lai arī sāpīga, un palīdzēt kādai mazai meitenei ieraudz...
  • Anna (Ink of Books)
    Leider nur das Hörbuch auf Spotify! ABER es ist so toll! Ich brauche auch das Printbuch!
  • Sandra | Büchernische
    Best book to read at the end of this year, with a tear in my eyes, a heartwarming story and oh so lovely illustrations from Mr. Chris Mould, one of my favourite creative minds. Thanks a lot Matt, you stole my heart again and made me smile ♥
  • Abduraafi Andrian
    There will be people you love,Who can't stay for ever,And there will be things you can't fix,Although you are clever.Sure, life isn't always one big smile,But things turn out fine, when you wait a while.It's tremendous.
  • Anete
    Piemīlīgs gada sākums. Ilustrācijas burvīgas.
  • Cindy
    Ich mag es. Kurz, gereimt, herzerwärmend, kann man prima laut lesen, schön!
  • Inge
    “You will step outside, and see from the park / That the light is brighter / When it’s next to the dark”If there's one book you read this year.. let it be this one. It's tiny and short, but magical and wonderful - a story about light and dark and truth. Well done, Matt Haig!
  • Shelley Wilson
    I’ve read a couple of Matt Haig’s adult books and find his words to be inspiring and motivational. His tweets help those of us struggling with depression to speak out and feel less alone. He is a legend in my eyes.When I saw the excitement on Twitter around his latest release, The Truth Pixie, I had to investigate. Although it’s a children’s book I was instantly drawn in by the idea of teaching youngsters to love themselves – something ...
  • Naty
    Very sweet read!
  • LibraryLass
    Powerful story with delightful illustrations.
  • Rebecca Rouillard
    The Truth Pixie alienates all her friends by telling the absolute truth, however unflattering, but when she meets a girl having a difficult time she is able to offer some helpful, empowering truths for a change. A very sweet story, aimed at young children, about learning to cope with the ups and downs of life.
  • Katy Noyes
    Story-in-verse with a familiar character but a very moving read with intelligible life lessons for young readers.4.5 stars.If you and your children have read any of Haig's Father Christmas series, you'll remember the Truth Pixie, a creature who is cursed to only tell the truth. Here she has her own story, and we see her story. Struggling to make connections in her home town because of her inability to stop saying hurtful (if true) things, she end...
  • Jami
    Such a beautiful book. I know it’s meant for children but I read it aloud to myself and actually shed a few tears. There are lessons to be learned for both the young and not-so-young in this book.
  • Kate
    Totally overrated! A sweet enough book with a couple of poignant lines, but I didn’t think the rhyming was very good and the storyline wasn’t that magical. I have liked Matt Haig’s adult books and I feel this one will be selling purely because of the popularity of those. A tenner for a very small book too!
  • Remy Sharp
    Good to read aloud to the kids (took about 15-20 minutes), and a beautiful message in the story (whereby the adult reading…me…might have caught a frog in their throat!).The truth pixie lives a life of loneliness because she always tells the truth, and that truth can get her in to trouble. She decides to leave home and during her adventure meets a girl who is sad because she's going to be moving home away from friends and everything she knows....
  • Dhanada Mishra
    I read a children's book after a long long time just because it was written by my favorite author Matt Haig. It was a delightful read with a wonderful message. A must read for every child and adult alike.
  • Jojobooks Higgins
    I put this book up there with the best of Dahl and Dr. Seuss.Such a warm and comforting book for children.It’s like “Reasons To Stay Alive” but for kids!And my kids loved the artwork too.Buy this book!
  • Elwen
    The Truth Pixie is already one of my favorite characters in the series, but now I love her even more. Her story is such a sweet little gem. It's all in rhymes and with lots of illustrations; you can enjoy it easily in one sitting. And you will close it with a big smile in your face :-)
  • Anniek
    I'd seen a lot of raving reviews about this, and I wanted to pick it because it was said to be sad but comforting. The story itself didn't do much for me, as it's definitely more suitable for very young readers, and because of that, I enjoyed the second half of the book a lot more, but it has a very uplifting message and I really did love it.
  • Laura Barton
    Books don’t always have to be large, complex works of literature in order to make an impact. The Truth Pixie’s depth and breadth is in its simplicity and the message shared can resonate with people of all ages.
  • Sarah
    Absolutely beautiful book. It should be read by adults and children. Lovely illustrations and such a heartwarming story.
  • Dipali
    I wish I had this growing up. I'm definitely going to be gifting this to my little cousins. This is as heartwarming and poignant as I imagined it would be.
  • Chris Callaghan
    A lovely Christmassy tale with an important message told with delightful fun.And the illustrations are glorious!
  • Shauna jones
    I just had to buy this book. It left me all teary and proud.It’s really well written and if I do ever eventually have kids, it will be a story I read to them regularly 💖
  • Sara
    Beautiful book read with my girls, funny, sad, happy, important message you’ll never know happy unless you know sad 🖤
  • Lost In Lit
    What a beautifully written book! So much to talk about with my class and they absolutely loved it. They loved playing guess the next word with the rhymes and discussing all of the characters feelings. I had to stop myself from crying in front of a class of 28 children but oh my goodness. One of them said to me at the end ‘I never thought about how you have to sometimes be sad to get what being happy is’ and I loved that they showed they under...
  • Juwi
    Perfect book for bedtime reading! A great story for everyone! We all need that little reminder that things do get better and better days are coming...
  • Sy Chonato
    Thr truth is important for growing up. ButThe only thing that doesn't convince me is that:The truth Pixie told earlier is mean. Like you're ugly & stupid. But the truth she told Aada is more like Buddha truth: Nothing is permanent. More like emo song truth.Pixie might learn to speak better quality of truth along the way to Helsinki where people can take the truth. But it's children book. I shouldn't be too critical. I should have this in my child...
  • Scott Evans (MrEPrimary)
    ‘Utterly wondrous… a story for everyone. Matt is a mastermind. The Truth Pixie is the perfect present – not just for Christmas – but for all year round. My book of the year!’ The Truth Pixie is something else. I hope that the something else is conveyed in my following words…The Truth Pixie is the kind of story that will make you think over and over about its naturally moving qualities because you can’t help but be captivated by its ...