Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Evidence of the Affair

The repercussions of an illicit affair unfold in this short story by bestselling author Taylor Jenkins Reid.Dear stranger…A desperate young woman in Southern California sits down to write a letter to a man she’s never met—a choice that will forever change both their lives.My heart goes out to you, David. Even though I do not know you…The correspondence between Carrie Allsop and David Mayer reveals, piece by piece, the painful details of a...

Details Evidence of the Affair

TitleEvidence of the Affair
Release DateSep 20th, 2018
PublisherAmazon Original Stories
GenreShort Stories, Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Adult

Reviews Evidence of the Affair

  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    10/10 do recommend reading this in the tub with a glass of wine and Fleetwood Mac playing softly in the background. SO DAMN GOOD.
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    This was so good. No long review needed, just do yourself a favor and grab a copy. It'll be a worthy 30 minutes of your time, and it's currently free on Kindle Unlimited!
  • Larry H
    Dear Mr. David Mayer,My name is Carrie Allsop. Please accept my apologies for contacting you out of the blue. I am writing to ask a quite humbling favor. I recently found some love letters in my husband's briefcase that I believe to be from your wife, Janet...With those words, this potent short story by Taylor Jenkins Reid begins. It's December 1976, and Carrie Allsop has taken every last ounce of courage to write the man whose wife she believes ...
  • Angela M
    I read one book at a time and routinely read at the gym on the treadmill and bike, but the book I’m reading is a hard copy and I can’t hold it as comfortably as my kindle. I had downloaded this short story/novella for free from Amazon thanks to my Goodreads friend Melisa so my dilemma was solved . I read this and can get back to my book . About this story - wow! I always enjoy epistolary novels and I wasn’t sure how this would work as a sho...
  • Emily May
    This is a great idea, but it's a little more basic than I was hoping for from the author of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. It's an epistolary novella, featuring letters exchanged between a man and a woman who have discovered their spouses are having an affair together. It is compelling enough to keep me wondering how it would end, but it's unfortunate that everything went pretty much exactly how I expected. No surprises here.I was also a lit...
  • Julie
    Evidence of the Affair by Taylor Jenkins Reid is a 2018 Amazon Original Stories publication. Beginning in 1976, a written correspondence commences between the wife and husband whose spouses are having an affair with one another. The epistolary story evolves from here to also include the letters exchanged by their spouses, revealing their thoughts and feelings as they continue with their marriages as though nothing was going on. This a very short ...
  • Elyse Walters
    Totally......*totally* engaging!!!!!!!....”Then I moved on to Daisy Jones and Carole King”.
  • Melisa
    A great epistolary short story by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Free on Kindle Unlimited or with Amazon Prime!
  • Matt
    I stumbled upon this piece by Taylor Jenkins Reid completely by accident—thank you Goodreads and the daily digest—as I noticed a number of my fellow readers were offering their praise. A fan of short stories and having come off a horrid few days of bad reading, I thought I would take a look, and am pleased I did. In a story that took under an hour to read, I was pulled into a collection of letters between Carrie Allsop and David Mayer. Carrie...
  • Riley
    taylor jenkins reid is the only author who can fuck me up in under 50 pages
  • Theresa Alan
    This is good for a short story. When a woman, Carrie, discovers letters from a married woman named Janet to Carrie’s husband, Ken, Carrie writes Janet’s husband, David. David and Carrie find strength in one another as they try to figure out whether to confront their spouses or try to fix their respective marriages. The whole story is told via letters from the spouses that are being cheated on, as well as the letters their spouses have kept fr...
  • Dri ✰
    ★ 3 STARS ★ ▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬⋆▬ Esse livro é bem curtinho, por isso a leitura foi bem rápida. A história é toda contada através de cartas, o que eu gostei e me agradou. Porém, justamente por ser uma história curta eu acho que em alguns pontos ficou repetitivo.O final me supreendeu, não esperava que seria daquela maneira... mas eu gostei e me deixou satisfeita.
  • sue
    50 pages that’s all. But packed with a fabulous story. In letters. Great!
  • may ❀
    i love getting shook and having to reread the entire chapter just to make sure i understood //that// correctlyy'all, practice some self-love and read this right nowbuddy read with jia & emily4.5 stars!
  • Karla
    4 starsWow! This short read was so good! I’m sitting here thinking about the ending and I don’t know, did I want more? yes! But another part of me was strangely happy with it, actually the more I think about it the more I realize it makes sense for the MC. I also liked the concept of the letters there were so many emotions shared. I found myself analyzing their situation and even though I wanted things to go differently I understood why it wa...
  • Gabby
    This was only 50 pages but it was so cute and there was so much story and I loved it! Taylor Jenkins Reid is my favorite. 💕 I love how this book was told in letters. It worked so well for a short story format, and for how short this book was I felt so emotionally invested in the story and I couldn’t wait to see how it would all turn out! I loved the ending so so so much. I will read anything by Taylor Jenkins Reid, I adore her writing so muc...
  • Nina
    This was such a good book even though it’s extremely short. But it was so cute and a little heartbreaking and I just loved how it was entirely written in letters! instagram || my blog || twitter
  • Tan Markovic
    Thank you to everyone on here that has been posting about this today otherwise I probably wouldn't have found it!Super short read, read on Kindle Unlimited.Taylor Jenkins Reid could probably write anything and I'd be gripped.Absolutely love her writing.READ IT.
  • amy
    i literally read this right after getting out of the shower while doing a face mask and eating grapes and let me tell you, it truly was a cathartic experiencethis short story proves, most importantly, a theory i've had for a long time now: don't trust men who don't appreciate david bowie. (generally 'don't trust men' but bitch i been knew.)it's truly so inspiring how much taylor jenkin reid just despises most male human beings, i relate to that s...
  • Jennifer
    "I am not alone at the party. You are at this miserable party with me. And it brings a smile to my face to be standing next to you." Evidence of the Affair is a story told through a series of letters between two strangers who are linked by betrayal and heartbreak. I love reading books with this format and Taylor Jenkins Reid's execution was flawless as we watch the emotional relationship between these two strangers evolve. A quick reading exper...
  • destiny ♎ [howling libraries]
    What a beautiful, sad little story. How do you hold it inside and not let it show on your face?You asked how I hide it all. I don't know. I guess I find it pretty easy to look like nothing is happening when everything has changed.I know you only as handwriting on a page, and yet you might be my closest friend.I am not alone at the party. You are at this miserable party with me. And it brings a smile to my face to be standing next to you. Conte...
  • Stacey
    This is currently free with Amazon Prime. Evidence of the Affair is a very quick read told in an exchange of letters format. I couldn't look away! Who doesn't want to see a cheating spouse exposed?? The ending was surprising and satisfying. Taylor Jenkins Reid is new to me and I can't believe I haven't read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Well, it's on the way to me now!
  • Malia
    This was a cute little novella, which told the story of two people who found out their spouses were having an affair with each other, creating a friendship between them. It was a short book, but nicely written and ultimately satisfying. It was pretty predictable and a little cuter than my usual fare, but all in all, a nice break from all the crime fiction I've been reading;-)Find more reviews and bookish fun at http://www.princessandpen.com
  • Karima chermiti
    Trigger warning : (view spoiler)[Infidelity, infertility (hide spoiler)]I discovered Taylor Jenkins Reid by reading her successful novel, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and right away I feel in love with the story, with the author’s writing and her ability to bring emotions out of me I thought nonexistent. So I knew that I’ll be reading her others books as well cause I needed more and I couldn’t get enough. It took me a long time to deci...
  • Diane S ☔
    3.5 review soon.
  • Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen)
    4 Stars ”It was just easier to consider the possibility that he’d changed his entire personality overnight than it was to believe he would cheat.” I loved this brief, but honest look at four people sadly disillusioned by their marriages in the mid 70s. Carrie’s husband is having an affair with Janet, Ken’s wife, but rather than confronting them, she writes a letter to Ken. Their resulting correspondence felt vulnerable and real. All fo...
  • Fareya
    When the queen writes, you read, no questions asked! Taylor Jenkins Reid has the ability to simply make you feel and experience all of the raw emotions her characters are going through, and she does that in mere fifty pages. Seriously though, read this! It's well worth the hour.
  • Toni
    When sour turns so sweet! Taylor Jenkins Reid has done it again, this time with a short story you can finish in an hour or so. This is perfect reading for the month of October, 2018, especially, for both men and women. (Considering the latest political topic.) What starts out as your worst imagined situation turns into a delightful, and best situational ending. That may not sound romantic but we're dealing with life here people, real life, not th...