The Hubley Case by J. Lee

The Hubley Case

American businessman Peter Hubley lays sprawled across the floor of a Brazilian airport, cappuccino dripping down what remains of his forehead. Within an hour, his killers are dead and their bodies stolen. When an organized crime syndicate claims responsibility for the savage murder of the seemingly innocuous Hubley, questions are raised and the case is assigned to Special Agent Nikki Benton. For Benton, a straight-laced FBI veteran, the Hubley c...

Details The Hubley Case

TitleThe Hubley Case
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherMoonshine Cove

Reviews The Hubley Case

  • Linda Zagon
    Lindas Book Obsession Review of "The Hubley Case" by J. Lee  J. Lee, Debut Author of "The Hubley Case" has written a captivating, intense, riveting, suspenseful,  mystery and thriller.   An American businessman, Peter Hubley is killed publicly in a Brazilian airport. The two killers suddenly go into spasm, and collapse, and the ambulance taking the killers away disappears. This certainly is perplexing, and suddenly becomes an international inc...
  • Donna Hines
    An unusual case is thrust upon FBI special agent Nikki Benton when Peter Hubley our american businessman is killed at a Brazilian airport.Those claiming responsibility are members of an organized crime syndicate. This case for Benton is a chance to step up and out of the watchful eye of her misogynistic boss.Nothing could be further than the truth as the pieces of this wild puzzle do not measure up.All leads point to one man Ben Siebert an ex mar...
  • Todd Anderson
    J. Lee's debut novel starts off with a literal bang---Peter Hubley brutally murdered in Brazil. From there, the action picks up considerably. As a debut novel, I found this to be particularly well written and a quick-read. The 270 pages of the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) flew by and I found myself unable to put it down!Lee weaves a tale of murder and international intrigue. I found myself gasping when twists would come--and come, they do! Do yours...
  • Marguerite
    Thanks J. Lee for giving me the chance to read this before its release! I really liked this book. I was hooked right from the first chapter. It was well written and kept me guessing about just who was involved up to the last chapter. I would definitely recommend this if you like murdrer mysteries with lots of twists.
  • Maxwell Lopez
    J. Lee throws you right into the action on the very first page of this book, and it's a non-stop roller coaster of well executed twists and turns the whole way through! Thriller is not usually my go to genre, but I may have to start reading more if I can find books like The Hubley Case. The character development is really what left me wanting more, I hope he's got more of agent Benton and Ben Siebert on the horizon!
  • Kathryn Notestine
    Not much of a mystery, crime fiction kinda gal, but mention two of my favorite cities--Chicago and Sao Paulo--and I will have to pick up the book! The Hubley Case did not disappoint, there was so much action and twists in the plot that I had a hard time putting it down! Interesting characters and vivid description made me feel like I was a part of the action, trying to solve the mystery of Peter Hubley's murder with Nikki Benton and Ben Siebert. ...
  • T Olsen
    If this is the first novel from this author, it's a good start. It's well written with a good story and OK plot. The things I didn't like were some improbable actions, a few factual mistakes and some "dead meat" (2 pages about why a journalist wanted to be a journalist seems unnecessary). But all in all a good read!
  • JKS Communications
    THE HUBLEY CASE is a compelling and exciting first novel for author J. Lee. Readers will love the complex characters, investigators Nikki Benton and Ben Siebert, as they search for Peter Hubley's murderer. Anyone in the market for an exhilarating new thriller needs to definitely read THE HUBLEY CASE.
  • Marissa DeCuir
    WOW! I cannot believe how amazing this book is. J.Lee writes such an exciting thriller. I was so drawn into the murder of Peter Hubley that I wanted to become an investigator. I can definitely say readers are in for treat when they pick up THE HUBLEY CASE. I can see J.Lee work going far.
  • Kashif
    I was genuinely surprised by how refreshing I found The Hubley Case to be. It is J.Lee's debut novel, but I simply would not have been able to come to that conclusion had I not been told beforehand. The entire narrative is written with the finesse of that of a veteran writer.Slight Spoiler AlertThe story picks up from the first chapter itself, where Mr. Peter Hubley is gunned down brutally and publicly in Brazil. This sets in motions the exciting...