Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts, #1) by T.S. Joyce

Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts, #1)

The Daughter of Beaston is hurting. Remington Novak is stuck in a city, her whole life altered for a man who didn’t keep her. A life change comes in many forms, but for Remi, it comes as a newspaper clipping, sent by her best friend. A Last Chance Crew up in the mountains is looking for help, and her skillset matches the requirements. Must like animals? She was a grizzly shifter. Must be okay with crass jokes? She was raised a Grey Back in one ...

Details Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts, #1)

TitleNovak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts, #1)
Release DateSep 27th, 2018
PublisherWicked Willow Press

Reviews Novak Grizzly (Daughters of Beasts, #1)

  • Kym
    Lion shiftersSince the man she’d spent 4 years trying to please left her, Remi has been sad, withdrawn, and wallowing in negativity. To get Remi out of her head, her best friend sends her a help-wanted ad and encourages her to at least go check it out. She meets the members of a last-chance crew of timbermen lion shifters. Kamp grew up outside of Shifter culture because his mom was human and his dad wasn’t around. A few years previous his wom...
  • Elizabeth
    Remi and KampYeah!!!! T. S. Joyce is back!!!!!! And she bring us a new fantastic series, Daughters of Beasts!!! This was a fantastic first book to start the series off. Remi is Beaston ( my favourite bear ) daughter and grizzly shifter. She is nursing a broken heart and to her dismay her dad send her to a broken crew in need of fixing. There she meets Kamp and the electric attraction is red hot!!. Kamp is broken a lion shifter, slowly going crazy...
  • Crystal Watson
    The girls are finally here.It's time to go back to Damiens mounts except this time we are going with the girls. This is so exciting!! We are starting off with Remi Novak on my gosh the beasts daughter. We find Remi in the city heart broken and alone. She's just been dumped by her boyfriend. When her bestie tells her of a crew looking for members she's sceptical who wouldn't be, but when she gets a message from her dad telling her to go well she g...
  • Lolita Nettles
    This need more star options! This book was like coming home after being away too long. And needing to catch up on old friends and all their excitements going on in life. Kamp is ready to give in to the beast within and finally lose the last piece of his hope for the future that he holds onto by threads. Until Remington burst into his life. Remi is just starting to piece herself back together when she answers an ad that he dad says she should. Whe...
  • Cassie
    Remington Novak is struggling with a break-up and being stuck in the city. Kamp is struggling to contain his lion and knows that he is on a last chance crew. Fate is working for them. Will Kamp and Remington be able to work together to overcome their struggles? I'm a sucker for a T.S. Joyce book and this book was no different. I loved how despite what had happened to her, Remington saw the good and was able to recognize the potential! I absolutel...
  • Niki
    Love love loveOh Remi and Kamp. Their story wasn’t as tragic as many of this authors, not bloody or brutal, but it had so many feels! I felt myself getting irritated with Kamp about Rhett, scared for Grim, sad about Raider, and lost with Remi. The authors skill with words brings the story to life, makes the story play in my head like a movie. A beautiful story that brings us home to the people we love, who are no longer just characters in a boo...
  • sarah taylor
    The bears are back!I have read everyone of T.S Joyce's books, but I will forever have a spot in my heart for the bears of Damon's mountains and espeCially team. This book brought us back and I was so excited!As with previous books the story doesn't disappoint it has all the feels, if you love a story about foul mouthed, rough around the edges shifters then this is definitely one for you! If not, well you are obviously a boron 😉 download today,...
  • joley
    Wow, definitely one to read again and againI love all of T. S. Joyce's books but this one really pulls you in and makes you have a this is me moment. From the first few pages where you have a I've been there moment, to the I wish I had friend who would send singing firemen to me to make me smile. Then to Remi finding herself again, her strength, loyalty, laughter and her happy place. While drawing you into all of the characters making you route f...
  • Jen
    Rogue Pride!!!!!!!I loved going back to Damon’s Universe. It was like coming home again. I love love love this. It is an emotional rollercoaster I laughed cried and rejoiced with Remi and Kamp. Fav line in this book is “cock flea”. I laughed so hard and cried like a two yr old when Kamp saw his cub. This book will take u on an emotional high. Keep writing mind blowing heart wrenching cheek hurting belly aching stories Alpha.
  • Raveen Vann
    Another really amazing book!!!I had been so excited for this one every since we found out that well be going back to Damon's Mountains and it'll be the daughter's stories. Remi and Kamp are so good for each other. They are both damaged but with help will heal each other. Just absolutely love how caring, protective and fiercely loyal they are. Truly amazing, addictive, could not put down book!!!
  • Yvonne Barbosa
    Kemp & RemiYou know I run out of words on how great T S Joyce's books are ! I never want her stories to end. I absolutely love Kemp and Remi ! Their story will be one of my favorites. This made one happy person. I don't get it but her characters become so real and you want to hang and be best friends with them! Can't wait for the next book😊
  • Fran. Zoch
    Yes!!!This is one author who really listens to her fans and since she does she gave us the daughters of her original crews!!!Remi is lost and her friend sends her to the mountains for a job and that job proves to be what the crew and she needs to make things right but there are trials along the way but what better way for a crew to get better.
  • ellen symonds
    Daughters of Damon's Mountains take centre stage.For her latest novel Ms Joyce takes us back to a firm favourite, but this time the Daughters of Damon's Mountains.I am giving no spoilers away here, other than to say it is a beautiful story that left me with a year in my eye and a smile on my face. Enjoy.
  • Melissa
    I absolutely love this author. Every book I read gets better and better and this is one of my favorites. Remi and Kamp are so perfect for each other, their story is perfect for them. I loved the new characters and glimpses of older characters. The only issue.... I have to wait for the next one.
  • Jennifer Smith
    AwesooommmeeeYes the girls get to show up!! Loved this can't wait for next in series. You did a great job and loved all the references back to Vyr, Graybacks, and Damon's mountain! Awesome job and love the mole rat......waffles n peanut butter fits into C-crew....
  • Renee Liebaert ybarra
    T.S. did it again!!I have no words to describe how happy I am that this book came out. My life has been out of control and this book put me back together. Kamp and Remi are the ultimate couple. I am amazed at how T.S. can keep going and writing these awesome stories!!
  • Amber
    Sooo good!!I was so excited for this book. If this is your first TS Joyce book, you are missing out. What an awesome world we get to live in for a while during reading her books. This is probably my favorite since Willa and her worms. Read read read!!!
  • Melissa Christenson
    Love this book!!!So I may have read this in one sitting...phenomenal book as always TS! I always grab your books and devour them. Your Books make me laugh and cry and get all the feels. Please don't ever stop writing because your books are fantastic!
  • Bonnie
    Love this author!I have read every book of hers more times than I counted. I wish they were longer because I get so involved with the characters and then it's over! I collect books, this is going to be one of my favorite sets.
  • Karen Bhurji
    Awesome Getting back to the roots and doing it in style. Another series to become best sellers can't wait for the next one. More of the good feels don't know how she does it but she just keeps on doing it.
  • Angel
    Surprise I was so excited when this book was announced, loved the previous books. And now we have Remi's story. It is sweet and full of surprises, as Remi finds her place and her mate
  • Amanda Watkins
    Read this book!I loved it!! Five giant stars all the way if I could give more I would! She has wrote another amazing story and I can not wait to read more about the new Crew!
  • Carrie Forrester
    AwesomeRemi the daughter of Beaston!!! So glad to get more stories from Damon mountains!! Kamp is adorable and hot lol great story!! If you like Damon mountains read this book!!!
  • Katherine Duffey
    You’ve outdone yourself!For some reason I truly felt the heart in this one! I loved reading every minute! Cant wait to see what happens next on the mountain🖤
  • Kim Vela
    Amazing I am so happy our Alpha brought us back home. Loved this story so much, and I can’t wait for the rest of the Daughters of Beasts to meet their mates.
  • Cheri Morris
    FunnyIt's a very emotional book about family and who you make that family with and how you can lose everything only to find something better.
  • jullia hammond
    BRILLIANT ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANTJust love T S Joyce's writing. Roll on October for next book. well done T S BRILLIANT good read.😁 thanks
  • Tammy
    It's perfectThis book feels like going home. Two broken people make a great couple. I can't wait to see where TS goes with this series!
  • Noelia
    An MOST readThe Novak Grizzly is my favorite book after Beaston's book! I cried so hard, laughed even harder but love the whole experience!
  • Kristina Thompson
    WowI just can't even right now!!! The feels are great . And the snarky mouth on remi you could tell she grew up around willa !!!!