How to Fight a Hydra by Josh Kaufman

How to Fight a Hydra

A survival manual for ambitious artists entrepreneurs ADVENTURERS You have a Hydra: a grand, ambitious project you’ve always wanted to tackle. It feels overwhelming, unconquerable. Chop off one of a Hydra’s heads, and two more grow in its place. How will you ever defeat such a terrifying monstrosity – and live to tell the tale?   In this illuminating fable, productivity expert Josh Kaufman explores the uncertainty and fear inherent in faci...

Details How to Fight a Hydra

TitleHow to Fight a Hydra
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
PublisherWorldly Wisdom Ventures LLC
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Self Help, Personal Development, Productivity, Psychology

Reviews How to Fight a Hydra

  • Santino Maguire
    A short and sweet book about the adventurer's lifestyle---about facing your fears and accomplishing great things. I read it in about half an hour, and it lands at exactly the right length. Invaluable advice for taking risks and achieving greatness.
  • Paulius
    The real hydras are Josh Kaufman's books. Every time you finish reading one of his books, he tasks you with reading a bunch of other great books. I'm still fighting "Personal MBA" hydra (97 book recommendations), "How to Fight a Hydra" gives another 7.If I read one more book from Josh Kaufman, I'll have to get a bigger apartment just for my books.
  • Tony Guerra
    It was such a well written book with divisions that made it easy to pick up and continue. It only took about an hour to read, but I was bookmarking throughout. I felt the lessons came fast and the story was authentic. While it's allegorical fiction, it's so well done that you lose yourself in the story. I highly recommend it.
  • Venkat
    Interesting ReadWhile reading I felt the philosophy of Bhagavad Gita in some places, in the end author mentioned it.It's a wake up call for those who are afraid of performing their duty, thinking about result even before starting
  • Kyle
    Short and sweet. I have the Kindle copy but listened to the whole thing on Audible (around 1 hour and 30 minutes) during several commutes in one day.What it's aboutThe core part of the story is the main character's pursuit of the hydra. (The audiobook narrated that part in roughly 1 hour. The sound effects and silences added to the atmosphere of the performance.) The story did a great job in turning the amorphous fear of a big undertaking into so...
  • Angela Magic Art
    What an AMAZING book to complete my reading challenge with! This book is Phenomenal!! I have never in my life, felt more understood. This book just hit Sooooooo close to home for me because I am one of the "Adventurers", Entrepreneurs, and dream chasers this book is modeled after. I have read Josh Kaufman's other book; "The Personal MBA" and really really enjoyed that, I found it so helpful and supportive. So when I got an email that he had a new...
  • Christian Jespersen
    Imagine if your science teachers could teach you about gravity, magnetism and sound waves, never mention typical sciance words. I am sure, you would enjoy the classes more and learn more. And that is exactly what Josh Kaufman does with his latest book.He takes something abstract as pursuing a great goal and turn I to some I can see raki g place in my mind.The book is very quick to read, but leaves your mind in a mode of wanting to continue your p...
  • Karen L. Wolfenden
    Great metaphor on many levelsOverall a great metaphor for the adventures of life and business! Also enjoyed the discussions of Lakoff's book...he and the book were the bases for one of my most fascinating Berkeley courses. Language is nicely crafted, lofty without being overdone. Thank you!
  • David Martin
    Original and enjoyableThis was original. A very short and easy read, but one worth perusing again and contemplating. Kaufman is right: metaphor is powerful and helpful in addressing challenges in life and work. Bravo!
  • Tyrone V. Miller
    A quick boost of motivation!!This tiny book packs a big powerful punch that would surely knock the biggest of hydra on its (their?) butt. A must read for anyone struggling to take that big plunge.
  • Cristobal
    A short but a gem of a book. Right up there with other inspirational classics such as "As a Man Thinketh" or "The Richest Man in Babylon." It may seem as a simple book at first glance, but there is a lot to absorb and does warrant many rereads.
  • Ben
    Great ReadDon’t be fooled by this quick read. The book is full of useful advice to overcome doubt, fear, and hesitation.
  • Jacob Bovard
    An interesting tale that shows how to handle an objective in your life especially if there is to be hardship involved from the perspective of an adventurer.
  • Bastian Jerichow
    Great reflections for when change or learning gets hard. Highly recommended motivational story.You can finish the book over a cup of coffee.
  • Eric C Cassidy
    this was a good little story. meaningful to me. dig the cover. metaphorically describes a lot that i endured over the times since my surgery.
  • Eric Barnes
    It’s a short book that I read in about an hour but the premise was fantastic. I love having the setting as a medieval warrior going to battle that teaches you about entrepreneurship.
  • Valentin Cristea
    That was fun :)
  • Misael
    Pretty good book I would recomen this book if you are looking for I spy. Try the audio book, it’s way better. M
  • Priya
    It is a short book but I think it's the exact right length. It kept my interest throughout and gave me some inspiration to finally start a project I have been preparing for *wink wink* for ages.
  • Benjamin Adekunle-Raji
    DOPEA dope, insightful read. The analogy was right on the money and put the fear and struggle of entrepreneurship and the like into perspective.