Pretty Little Player (Blackwell Lyon, #2) by J. Kenner

Pretty Little Player (Blackwell Lyon, #2)

Bedroom games are fine … but I need a woman who won’t play with my heart.After years in the military, I’ve faced down a lot of things, and there’s not much I shy away from. Except relationships. Because when you catch your wife in bed with another man, that tends to sour even the most hardened man against women.When I was hired to keep surveillance on a woman with a checkered past, I went into the job anticipating the worst. But what I fo...

Details Pretty Little Player (Blackwell Lyon, #2)

TitlePretty Little Player (Blackwell Lyon, #2)
Release DateDec 17th, 2018
PublisherMartini & Olive Books
GenreRomance, Novella, Suspense, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Pretty Little Player (Blackwell Lyon, #2)

  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    We're back with the Blackwell-Lyon Security guys in Austin.Pierce already found his happy end in the first book and now it's time for the first of the twin boys. Cayden.He doesn't do relationships. Or love.Five years ago, just home from the war, he walked in on his wife having sex with another guy. Cayden kinda hates women now. At least cheating ones. That's why he likes to take on cases where a husband needs proof that his wife is cheating.Enter...
  • Chris C - A Midlife Wife
    Super sweet novella. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I love stories where a little bit of suspense or police action is involved. I guess I just love the hero complex of it all. And the best part is this is written from the male perspective. LOVE that because it is rare.This story has to do with a stalking incident and the sexy PI who falls for his victim. What was great about the story is it’s not all cut and dry. The author added some great twists that kept the...
  • ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    ARC received for an honest reviewI haven't read the first book in this new series (though it has been sitting on my kindle since release day) however that did not affect my reading of Pretty Little Player at all.Oh how I loved Cayden from the minute we meet him. He is my kind of pirate!Gracie - I like the girl! From the beginning I just knew that he wasn't what they were making her out to be. I like that he loves herself for who she is, and won't...
  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    "—my personal and professional experience suggests that where there is smoke, there's fire. And if you think she's fucking around on you, she probably is. Just one more pretty little player in a world full of cheaters and liars." I can't resist broken characters and this betrayed husband broke my heart. On one hand, he's badass and fearless after being trained in the military. On the other hand, he's been betrayed by the woman he thought was hi...
  • Erin Lewis
    5 Star Review Pretty Little Player (Blackwell-Lyon #2) by J KennerThis was a fast quick novella that had me engaged from the start to the finish; in fact I would have loved the story to be longer. I really loved the characters of Cayden Lyon and Gracie Harmon and the secondary characters are just as entertaining. I cannot wait for the next instalment in this series.Cayden Lyon is an ex-military man who having been cheated on by his ex-wife isn’...
  • Sofia Lazaridou
    4.5 starsThe book was too short! I needed it to have double the pages it has now because I was really loving it. The pace for the first 2/3 of the book was the best and it picked up later because the author had to finish the story quickly. I wanted to spend more time with these characters and see them develop even more their relationship. There was honestly and a lovely connection between Cayden and Gracie. Cayden has some issues caused by his ex...
  • Heaven Scheuring
    Chapter One... J. Kenner you got me. I knew at the very first chapter I wasn’t going to be able to put this book down. Cayden with all of his heartbreak still won my heart. I knew deep down what a lover he actually was under all of his armor. He was a gentleman from start to finish! Gracie was a absolute sweetheart! She was the perfect match for Cayden. I love the way she stuck to her guns no matter what anyone thought. She was strong, independ...
  • Crystal's Book World ~ Crystal Cordova
    Pierce was an absolute favorite and then J. Kenner decided to expand his story and make a series out of it. I cannot be more happier because out of it came Cayden! My own sexy military pirate! Come on ladies, I encourage you all to read Pretty Little Player and meet your next book boyfriend! I loved the story line and more importantly....IT WENT DOWN NOT THE WAY I EXPECTED!!!! OMG how the tables turned on this one. I am in awe with Gracie!!! As a...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Phew, preconceived notions are killer, right? We know what we know based upon experiences and past history . . . and hind sight is never wrong, right? Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes we really have to let things go in order to be happy and love again . . . but letting go isn’t easy. Take Cayden, for example. He’s not a big fan of relationships. Doesn’t trust them, why would he when his own marriage went up in smoke due to his wife’s ...
  • Jackie Wright
    4.5 Stars for Pretty Little Player Book 2 in the Blackwell Lyon Series.This may be book 2 in the series but I do believe it can certainly be read and enjoyed as a stand-aloneI fell in love with these characters from the moment I met them after all what not to love about a swoon worthy pirate and if you one click this book you will see exactly what I mean !!!!!Cayden Lyon is ex military running his own security firm with his twin brother and best ...
  • heareads
    This is the second book in the Blackwell Lyon series. I have read the first book but it can be read as a standalone.This is the story of Cayden. He’s taken a job to find out if Gracie is cheating on her fiancé and has to go undercover and try to prove she is. His wife cheated so he know what this guy must be feeling and wants to prove she is. What he wasn’t expecting is for Gracie to not be a cheating stereotype, even when he put move on her...
  • Babel
    A jaded man, a devious plan to expose a woman's treachery. It all goes wrong for one reason: a passion that consumes them both.The premise is exciting. This man with a pirate air about him lays a trap for yet another woman that confirms once more how duplicitous they all are. The irony is that his job is about deception. The female character's job is also a vital point in the plot.I loved the way it worked out as his attraction and feelings towar...
  • Melissa Schaub
    This is the second book in the Blackwell Lyons series and really enjoyed Gracie and Cayden’s story. There story is not normal but it works for them and I would have loved to read more.Cayden has alit of animosity towards women after his ex wife betrayed him on numerous occasions. Now years later, he is still fighting to realize all women are not the same. So we he gets a job where he has to prove a fiancé is being unfaithful, he takes it.Graci...
  • Elizabeth
    This series, like the Man of the Month series, takes place in good old Austin, TX and is an extension of the Stark universe. This was a hard book to put down because it flowed really well and a great story. However, I did find the plot summary provided to reveal a little too much. If it hadn't revealed what it did, I would have gotten more out of the plot twist and given this review five stars.Cayden is a total bad ass (ex military) and Gracie (p...
  • Sharon
    This book was true J. Kenner writing! You get hotness along with some trouble going on in the background!Meet Cayden, burned by his ex wife, he trusts no women, he always wonders if they will cheat like his ex, so it's best to not let them get close. He's former military, but at Blackwell-Lyon Security, he manages to take on men looking to see if their wife or girlfriend is stepping out on them. This is where he meets Gracie! Hired by her soon to...
  • Abby
    Sweet, sexy, with-a-danger-aspect kind of read! I was lost in Gracie and Cayden’s story. Full review to come ......Whew! I was excited to dive into this read and I couldn't put it down. In this book, Cayden has been hardened due to life. He's seen a lot of things and is not one who believes in happily ever after. I enjoyed the chemistry and immediate pull Cayden and Gracie had with each other. I liked how she made him hope. This was a fast read...
  • Mary
    Cayden the cynic believes all relationships will fail. Well, his was incinerated which gives him cause to feel this way. His latest case has him investigating Gracie since her fiancé believes she is cheating. But as he connects with Gracie to find the proof he needs, he doesn’t encounter a woman that fits this mold. Gracie is a confident model but ends up at Cayden’s business needing protection from a stalker. Suddenly, the case has gotten e...
  • Monica
    4,5 *Ex military running his own security firm takes on an investigation which became a little personal. Hell, after all his ex cheated on him so he understands and doesn’t hesitates to investigate a beautiful plus size model’s flirt. Seems she is exactly what he expected, a cheater or maybe...A broken heart who trust no one makes him excellent at the job, but at the same time not open to a true love. This reading was fast with some twists an...
  • ellieisuhm
    Final Score - 4 Stars!Cayden Lyon and Gracie Harmon are great characters and carry this second installment of the series quite well. The secondary characters are just as entertaining and are the icing on the cake as far as I can see. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series - and I'm literally dying cause I need it right now with who the series is about and subject matter! Cayden & Gracie attraction is almost instantaneous, but these...
  • Pauline
    This is the story of Cayden and Gracie. Cayden is a cynic when it comes to romance and relationships. His wife was unfaithful and he tended to assume the worst of every woman. When a man comes to Cayden's security firm asking him to help prove that his fiancée is unfaithful, Cayden agrees to surveillance with a bit of bait and trap thrown in. What he finds is Gracie, who is nothing like the cheating stereotype in his head and seems to be a beaut...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    PRETTY LITTLE PLAYER by J. Kenner is book Two in the Blackwell Lyon series. This is the story of Cayden Lyon and Gracie Harmon. This can be a standalone book.Cayden is a ex-military man who is working as a PI now. What Cayden isn't working on is relationships since his last relationship he caught her cheating. When Cayden is hired to monitor a women named Gracie to see if she is cheating on her boyfriend, he pretty sure its a easy case. But what ...
  • Marybeth
    Loved Cayden & Gracie's story! And I really love their characters and what they are all about. Great novella but would have loved more time with them. Nice little twist thrown in there too! This may not be a very long read but it is certainly long on chemistry, sweetness and sexiness with some danger to spice things up tossed in the mix. When Cayden is hired to get the dirt on Gracie, it isn't long before he wants to get dirty with her. His ex-wi...
  • Julie
    After his own bad experience, Cayden has placed women in the untrustworthy category. And his job as ferreting out cheating wives, girls friends and fiancé proves his point. That is until he’s asked to check out a Gracie, she seems to have invaded his head and is always on his mind. Will she be the one to break through to his cold dead heart, or is she just another heartbreak in the making?Again we are treated to another addictive book with cha...
  • Lana-White Hot Reads
    Pretty Little Player is one super fast read in the world of Blackwell-Lyon Security. Cayden and Gracie are super cute and Cayden's protective side comes out when he is trying to protect Gracie. At first its a case of mistaken roles but then you find out the truth and its a race against the clock to find out who's after Gracie. I really like Gracie and Cayden is super sweet and sexy with this patch. Gives him a mysterious side.
  • Maria
    Cayden got a new client. A man thinks that his fiance Gracie is having an affair. But when Cayden meets her he is instantly attracted to her. She is a model and has no problem with flirting. Soon they can't keep their hands of each other. He knows it is wrong but something isn't right. Can he trust her or will he end up with a broken heart ? Another fantastic book from a fantastic author. I loved that this book had a catch that I didn't see comin...
  • Terri Tutor
    This was a short and easy read with likable characters, well, Gracie more than Cayden, at least at first. Gracie is just as she appears but since Cayden’s been burned, he’s not so sure. If you want something quick to read with enjoyable characters and story, you can’t go wrong with J Kenner. Can’t wait for Connor and Kerrie’s story.
  • Megan
    Gracie (from Man of the Month series) meets Cayden, partner in security firm Blackwell & Lyon. Cayden is hired to be a PI to scope out Gracie, but what happens when his mark becomes more? Gracie is a friendly sweetheart and model. She also has secrets to why she ran from LA to Austin. Read all the these two as we finally learn Gracie’s secret! Also, special mentions Noah, more Pierce, and the Fix on Sixth gang.
  • Nicki - The Overflowing Bookcase
    Closing his heart to finding his own HEA, Cayden goes through life thinking of women as the enemy. That is until the mark he is following becomes a woman he cannot get out of his head. But will Gracie be the one to break down his walls? Or will she be another woman he cannot trust? Once again, J. Kenner creates a world her readers cannot get enough of. Awesome characters and a storyline that had me hooked from the opening pages, this is another f...
  • Teri
    After walking in on his wife having sex when he returned from a tour of duty he closed off his heart and made it his business to expose cheating women. Being in security it was easy to specialize and catch them whenever possible until he met Gracie. Things aren't what they seem and when all is revealed he may have to revise his attitude. Great fast read packed with action as this author is known for. Great friends, nice and steamy read. It's all ...
  • Deborah
    I loved how the entire book is from Cayden’s point of view. The emotions written into the dialogue are spot on. All the players feel like old friends but this can be read as a complete standalone. The humor, action and romance are all present that what makes this a fantastic read!