Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig

Reasonable Faith

"Evangelicals have been living on the periphery of responsible intellectual existence. The average Christian does not realize that there is an intellectual war going on in the universities and in the professional journals and scholarly societies. Christianity is being attacked from all sides as irrational or outmoded, and millions of students, our future generation of leaders have absorbed this viewpoint. This is a war which we cannot afford to l...

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TitleReasonable Faith
Release DateOct 7th, 1994
PublisherCrossway Books
GenrePhilosophy, Christian, Religion, Christianity, Theology, Nonfiction

Reviews Reasonable Faith

  • Sean
    Considering how many books the 'New Atheists' sell, I think it's an absolute crime how few Christians even know about this guy, let alone his workMy first experience with the author's work was watching a youtube video of his debate with Frank Zindler on 'Does God Exist?' After hearing WLC's opening speech in the debate where he laid out his five main arguments for the existence of God (all covered in this book), my jaw actually dropped. His case ...
  • Winston
    Craig's own quotes demonstrate his dearth of reason. He has claimed, repeatedly, that the internal witness of the holy spirit is enough to quench any evidence that opposes his religious views. How is that reasonable in the slightest?! If that wasn't enough, he insults all non-Christians by accusing them of loving darkness rather than light. And all this IN THE INTRODUCTION!According to Craig, nothing has any meaning unless it lasts forever. Besid...
  • Joel
    It is easy to see why William Lane Craig is heralded as one of the major champions of current apologetics. His handling of the apologetic process is not unique in any way but it is entirely direct. It is a sad fact that most apologists (both current and past) have problems with keeping their focus on the issue at hand. It is important to focus on a step-by-step procedure to take the reader from square one towards the truth of the gospel. While a ...
  • Justin
    I read this book as part of a book study amongst friends at my university. As a student of philosophy and apologetics I was not disappointed. This book was everything I thought it would be and more. In its third edition, this is without a doubt the best popular level survey of natural theology out there. As an undergraduate philosophy student, I've read many scholarly articles on natural theology. And trust me, they can get very very technical at...
  • Alan
    This is likely going to be one of the most in-depth apologetics books you'll ever read. I wouldn't recommend this book to a lay-person who is beginning their quest at becoming a better Christian apologist. If you're a beginner, you may become frustrated because of the "information overload" that this book will undoubtedly bring to the table. While the information is excellent, there are many technical qualities about it that require patience. It ...
  • Christopher
    I've been listening to Dr. Craig's podcasts for a couple of weeks now and I've found his answers to (most) questions of faith and Christianity to be solid. So, when my Bible study group decided to do a short introductory course on apologetics, I decided to delve into the topic a little deeper and found this book. I'm glad I did because this has been one of the most fascinating books I have read in a long time. Dr. Craig build his case for traditi...
  • Luke
    A very fine book, but very detailed. He tirelessly goes through arguments against Christianity and proves that they don’t stand up. He uses physics and logic and mathematics and physiology and many other areas to prove the reality of Christianity. Very detailed and at times, especially when sub points to arguments, I was somewhat lost. He points out how absolutely absurd it would be to have the world created out of nothing, and for somehow life...
  • Bob
    Reasonable Faith is essential reading for most every Christian and is excellent for the honest agnostic. Christians are often accused of being intellectually shallow & totally dependent on blind faith. However, in this book, William Lane Craig presents a very convincing philosophical & rational offensive apologetic for the existence of God & the truth of Christianity. Reasonable Faith is deep & technical but is still very readable & the informati...
  • Ryan
    An excellent defense of basic Christian doctrine. The book was written for survey courses in Apologetics at Christian seminaries and has just been released in its third edition. It introduces you to the current "state of the argument" in each subject it covers, but also walks you through the evolution of the debate and the traditional players. The chapters progress from "How do I know Christianity is True?" to the absurdity of life without God, t...
  • Kevin
    Excellent. This is like a textbook and heavy on scholarship. Not a popular level read exactly. But pure fire for melting away skepticism. I have the strange complaint of wishing I could more thoroughly absorb and recall on command its every insight. It's frustrating in that regard. Rarely is something so dense and rich that I've felt frustrated by my memory's capacity for retaining it. I wish I'd read it the day it was published. If a book like t...
  • Chad Warner
    Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig defends the rationality of Christianity. He walks through the topics of the relation between faith and reason, the absurdity of life without God, the existence of God, how we can have historical knowledge, miracles, Jesus' claims, and Jesus' resurrection. For each section, he explains the historical background (arguments made in the past), his personal view, and how to apply the topic to evangelism. Ther...
  • Ryan Young
    well. all i can say is that the divide between a 'faithful' person and a 'reasonable' person has never been wider for me. i can see that anyone with a bias toward a supernatural worldview would eat this stuff up. but those of us who demand extraordinary proof for extraordinary claims will remain unmoved by the 'evidence presented herein.every single one of lane's arguments for christianity also work just as well for islam, mormonism, and pastafar...
  • Anthony
    William Lane Craig seems like someone who has spent a lot of time looking into philosophical and scientific reasons for the existence of God. Unfortunately, he readily states early on that science can never provide evidence against God, because faith is more important than the knowledge provided from scientific discovery. Craig's habit of twisting any evidence to support his stance shows a bias which he has no desire to overcome. There are some i...
  • Heather Tomlinson
    This is an in-depth investigation into five rational arguments in favour of the existence of God: the cosmological, teleological, moral, ontological and the evidence for the resurrection.Craig really does go into the fine detail for some of these. It satisfies the scientist in me to read this, but it might be a bit much for some! If you don't have higher education in science or philosophy you might struggle, but it's well worth persevering. If yo...
  • Tim
    If you can only afford one apologetics book get this one. Craig is a brilliant man and has a great passion for the Lord. This is not an academic text but is a bit advanced for those that have never read apologetics or philosophy. All the major arguments are presented briefly but fully. Highly recommended! ps - his free podcasts are wonderful as well.
  • Brian
    The best contemporary classical/historical-approach apologetics work I've read to date. Craig is a top-notch philosopher and I like his concise and coherent style. I've read the second ed. twice and the third ed. once (the third edition is quite a bit better)
  • Brock Pattison
    This book kicked my butt. It is a complicated read, but I was still able to pick up some great nuggets. I recommend to anyone wanting to be challenged by Christian apologetics. Just be warned that most of this stuff is way over the typical layman's head...
  • Jonathan Sancho
    junk read it if you hate yourself
  • Jeremy
    There is nothing unreasonable about faith. So says William Lane Craig in his seminal book "Reasonable Faith," which at 352 pages doesn’t slow down in its exegesis of some of the most difficult problems in theoretical physics and the philosophy of religion.Not that there isn't the usual black-and-white dogmatism here. But Craig isn't a laymen or a lazy or dishonest scholar building up straw men.He delves full-bore into modern theoretical physics...
  • Abraham Mathew
    Heavy material (took me over a month to read), but an excellent resource. The conclusion was the best I've read in any apologetics book.
  • Robert Jacoby
    This book is a textbook treatment on the subject of Christian apologetics. Seriously. It is used as a textbook on the subject. And it shows. Dr. Craig notes in his introduction that this has become his signature book, so that's another reason to pick this up if you're looking for a touchstone or standard in the field.Dr. Craig approaches his subject with an extraordinarily far-ranging and far-reaching grasp of his materials. These are primarily C...
  • L.T. Getty
    I'm going start by saying I've been following the author's website and listened to him debate and read a lot of his material for probably close to ten years as of this review - so this is very much a book that preaches to the choir. The principle issue I would imagine with a text like this is that it does reach out to a certain type of individual, and the author is honest about it in the introduction that one does not need to reach the truth of C...
  • Andrew
    I really enjoyed reading this book. Craig makes a solid case for the existence of the Christian God. Craig seems to be very knowledgeable about all the topics he discusses. I found this book to be intellectually satisfying. That said, it is not necessarily easy reading.Apologetics remains an important study for our day. Craig acknowledges that many people do not need apologetic arguments to come to Christ. However, it is important to answer quest...
  • John
    This book is split into four sections. The first addresses the question of whether there is evidence for the existence of God. This section was very well researched, which was good and bad. It was interesting to hear about some of the ways that physics has tried to get around the idea of a beginning or uncaused cause. But,..., it got pretty dense in places and I have to admit I stalled out on this book for several months after this section. I hop...
  • Doutor Branco
    In this book William Lane Craig approaches that of positive apologetics gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including: the relationship of faith and reason, the existence of God, the problems of historical knowledge and miracles, the personal claims of Christ, and the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. He shows that there are good reason to think Christianity is true. As Craig says, "If you have a sound and persuasiv...
  • Doutor Branco
    In this book William Lane Craig approaches that of positive apologetics gives careful attention to crucial questions and concerns, including: the relationship of faith and reason, the existence of God, the problems of historical knowledge and miracles, the personal claims of Christ, and the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. He shows that there are good reason to think Christianity is true. As Craig says, "If you have a sound and persuasiv...
  • Rachael
    This is an overview of multiple arguments, for God's existence, for possibility of miracles, to the historicity of Jesus' resurrection. Craig covers all the basic territory here, the major arguments for God's existence and a sophisticated, updated version of 'lord, lunatic, or liar' sort of argument for Jesus' special status and resurrection. The reason I read this book is not because I expected to be convinced by his analysis, but out of curiosi...
  • Barnaby
    An important book to understand the how reason is used to defend the Bible as true. Of course the Holy Spirit first works in the heart and is the one that draws men. The Bible can defended as a historical text and Jesus can be understood as not as a teacher or a good man, but the Son of God who historically died and rose again. If you want to learn more read the book. And if want to know Jesus read the Bible. Romans and John are a good place to s...
  • Chaim
    Craig is absolutely brilliant, probably the most persuasive Christian apologist alive. But he's not trustworthy. His primary goal is to evangelize, and in the process he engages in what I can only describe as sophism. He attacks the weakest counter-arguments while glossing over the strongest ones. He provides some very slick arguments which seem persuasive to the lay reader but crumble upon careful analysis.