The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong

The Wheel on the School

Why do the storks no longer come to the little Dutch fishing village of Shora to nest? It was Lina, one of the six schoolchildren who first asked the question, and she set the others to wondering. And sometimes when you begin to wonder, you begin to make things happen. So the children set out to bring the storks back to Shora. The force of their vision put the whole village to work until at last the dream began to come true.

Details The Wheel on the School

TitleThe Wheel on the School
Release DateFeb 6th, 2002
GenreFiction, Childrens, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Wheel on the School

  • Lauren Smith
    I adore this book. It’s like coming up for a breath of fresh air after being stuck underwater. I think that each and every one of us could use a break of this kind. In this busy, busy world we live in we never take a second to smell the roses. We’re too busy worrying about our cars, our relatively slow internet, getting into college, broken iPods, going on dates, the latest fashion in clothes, being accepted… And here is a group of school k...
  • Joann
    The beauty of these older Newberry winners is their innocent simplicity. The story was simple- children in a small town trying to entice storks to nest on the roof of their school. It really didn't stray much from that. It was, I felt, a refreshing break from the adolescent drama so common to the more recent Newberry winners. I really enjoyed the characters particularly the elderly poeple that the children came to know and love. This was a beauti...
  • Cheryl
    You might not want to count this children's book, as the 'Strong Woman' to whom I refer is one little girl who shares space in the adventures with mostly boys and men. But Lina is an amazing girl and will surely grow up to be a matriarch of strong women. Not only does she long to participate in the boys' outdoor games, but she is the inspiration for the big school project of luring the storks back to the village, and when something needs to happe...
  • Ariel
    I remember reading and loving this Newbery award-winner from Holland about children in a tiny fishing village on the Dutch coastline and it's still great. Their teacher encourages them to figure out why there are no lucky storks living on the roofs of their village (unlike the surrounding towns) and work together to remedy the situation. They wind up befriending adults, most notably the formerly surly and isolated double amputee Janus, who perfor...
  • Cindy Rollins
    One of the joys of teaching is getting to reread old friends. This one must be read in short sections butit is a wonderful story of life in community.
  • QNPoohBear
    In the small Dutch village of Shora, there are no storks. Little Lina knows this. She wrote a composition on the subject. She would love for storks to return to Shora, but the roofs are too sharp. Perhaps if everyone put a wheel on their roofs the storks would come back. Teacher thinks this is a great plan but they also need trees. There aren't any trees in Shora. First things first, where to find a wheel that is not in use? Time is running out b...
  • Gina Johnson
    The children (and I!) all thoroughly enjoyed this book. The language and imagery where rich and flowed smoothly and with a nice cadence too. "It's so impossibly impossible, I can believe it now."
  • Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all)
    Sadly, Meindert DeJong's books are impossible to find where I live. I have a battered secondhand copy of this one that I read periodically. I love the way DeJong handles language, such as when Lina thinks of coming out with a clever answer at school and the boys in her class "sitting there with their mouths full of teeth." I love the way he gets into the minds of small children and remembers how they think and feel about things. Things that to an...
  • Antof9
    Love, love, loved this book! I'd read his "Journey to Peppermint Street" a million years ago, and the illustrator Maurice Sendak recently passed away, so it seemed fitting to read this one recently, even though I'm ... two? behind the Newbery group.Anyway, I loved it. At some point near the end, I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying a book about storks, of all things! The way this town was described reminds me quite a bit of the town my dad ...
  • Gisoo
    قصه ای شیرین و دوست داشتنی، پر از هیجان های کودکانه..هر چند در سال های اخیر کتاب های کودک و نوجوان زیاد خوندم ولی پس از سال ها با این کتاب دوباره یادم اومد که کتاب خوندن در کودکی چه جوریه...اگر به وقتش خونده بودم حتما یکی از کتاب های محبوب کودکیم می شد.
  • Pejman Norouzi
    از بذت بخشترین ومعصومانه ترین رمانهاییست که خواندهام. داستان چند بچهی روستایی که برای برگرداندن لکلکها به روستایشان تلاش میکنند. ترجمهی روانش کمک بی نظیری به خوانش رمان مرده. کتاب را در نوجوانیام هدیه کرفتم و خواندم. بارها. و اشارتی است بر دوران اوج...
  • Christina
    This is a darling story about a group of children living in a tiny Holland village trying to encourage storks to settle in their town. The story is very simple, but had a few deep moments (like watching Janus's transformation).I probably would have given it just 3 stars except for one thing. Near the beginning, the children divide up and go on a 'quest'. We hear about the same afternoon from each of their points of view. I enjoyed how those 5 sto...
  • Stacey
    I adore this book. I never heard of it until I saw it at the bookshelf at my local library. Something drew me to it and I read the summary. Why do I want to read about six schoolchildren from Holland? How did Lina influenced her whole community about trying to get storks to live in her town? Anyway, I checked it out. After reading this book, I can see the depth of the characters, the actions, and suspense. Each child in the book reminds me of rea...
  • Phil Jensen
    I was delighted to find that not only does this book age very well, but it also joins Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH as one of the very few books in which the antagonist is a problem or situation rather than a human. The plot really is as simple as it sounds: the students want to put a wagon wheel on their school so that they can get storks to roost there. Problem-solving ensues. They encounter all sorts of physical, environmental, meteorologic...
  • Sarah
    A friend was just asking for recommendations for a book for her just-turned-11 daughter, and I thought I'd send her to goodreads to read my recommendation for this book. Imagine my surprise when one of my favorite books was not on my list! The Wheel on the School is a wonderful book about things being made right. When a child asks a question, the teacher pushes her - and the whole class - to find answers. As they begin to imagine answers, they be...
  • Anna
    I love kids books where the dialogue is realistic, and the characters of the grown-ups are also realistic. It's not contrived, it's not "goody goody" adults, it's REAL people. This story of the little schoolchildren in the Dutch town of Shora is so endearing. They put forth so much effort to get a wheel on the school so the storks can come. There are such lessons to be learned here: people aren't always what they seem (Old legless Janus isn't rea...
  • Jen Vanderwey
    This man is my all-time favorite fiction author. Reminiscent of CS Lewis in his child-like spirit. The old Dutchman tells the captivating story of how the children of Shora work to bring storks to nest on the roof of their school. A picture of old world Holland. The moral of the tale: you can become friends with just about any human (no matter their age), if you give it a chance.
  • Gail Levine
    Loved this book! It's charming and original, and the surprises keep coming. DeJong uses everything to keep up the tension: the main characters, the entire village, an itinerant tinsmith, the weather, geography - he's ingenious. And the little brush-and-ink illustrations by Maurice Sendak are marvelous!
  • Reem
    اول نجمة او درجة خسرتها الرواية او القصة انها مكانتش بالدرجة اللي تخليني اخلصها بسرعة ، غير كده القصة مقبولة كتقييم ! قصة اطفال يب بس طويلة ع اطفال ده من ناحية و من ناحية تانية يمكن ملهاش غير هدف او هدفين من ال300 و شويه صفحة ! تقييم عام ع القصة مقبولة ،...
  • Nora
    MCL. I thought I wouldn't like it, but then I did.
  • Ruth Uhlemann
    We loved this book. It was simple and I am pretty sure the storyline takes place in less than a week, but it was captivating none the less. It reminded me of a Backman novel (Ove, or Britt Marie) for kids. A small Dutch town that is filled with disconnected, lonely people comes together when the school children decide they want storks to resume nesting on their roofs. We watch the bitter, legless man and the century old fisherman and too busy fat...
  • Kristen
    Newbery Medal Winner--1955This was an enjoyable little read about Dutch children trying to bring storks back to nest in their hometown. There are some lovable characters (grouchy but misunderstood Janus, Grandmother Sibble) and some great action-filled scenes (trying to get the wheel from under the boat, saving the storks). One of the few older Newbery winners that have kept me somewhat engaged.
  • Steve Shilstone
    Loved the narrative voice. A feel good story of Holland. Terrific teacher working with a class of 6 students gets things moving after Lina reads her little stork report. All the people of Shora, young and old, work to get that wheel and lure those storks.
  • Helena Sorensen
    Adored it! This is a perfect read-aloud for families.
  • R.F. Gammon
    Not bad, just... boring.
  • Emily
    It all starts when Lina brings an essay she has written about storks to school. She carefully reads it aloud, wondering to her fellow students about the lack of storks in their seaside Holland town. Discussion spurred by her essay by students and teacher alike causes Teacher to cancel school for the rest of the day – so his students can wonder about the stork problem. Lina gets to wandering and wondering, thinking like the storks to figure out ...
  • Stacy268
    This is the charming tale of a small town in Holland where a seed planted by a school teacher brings the entire town together.Lina, the only girl in school, writes an essay about storks and gets her class thinking. "Do you know about storks?", Lina asks. The teacher encourages the children to wonder about why the storks do not build their nests in the small fishing town of Shora while one town over in Nes, the storks arrive every year.Little by l...
  • Esther May
    The Wheel on the School is a cute book about 6 classmates who try to do something impossible; bring storks to their town. My niece and her family read this book together. During the same time her doll's hat was lost. (I have to claim some responsibility since it was my daughter that lost the hat). She worried about the hat for this was not just any doll this was her absolute favorite doll. While reading this book, she found her answer. The teache...
  • Bonnie
    Several years ago, my not-so-evil twin Trish recommended this Newbery Medal winner, which honestly, I'd never heard of, much less read. I really liked it a lot and would add my recommendation. It's the story of a small group of Dutch schoolchildren who work together and with the people of their small fishing village to try to entice storks back to the village to bring them good luck. Very charming and I loved seeing how the children interacted wi...
  • Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    This is truly an odd story. A village in Holland is sad because no storks come to nest in their town. The children and their teacher decide to change things by making a project of it; they will find an old wagon wheel and put it on top of the school for storks to nest in.Pretty soon, the whole town is involved in the project. Everyone is out looking for wagon wheels. Everyone is figuring out how to put the wheel on the school. Everyone is helping...