Bermuda Triangle (Atlantis, #2) by Greg Donegan

Bermuda Triangle (Atlantis, #2)

When a nuclear missile is launched from the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, ex-Green Beret Eric Dane must lead a team into the mysterious depths to confront an enemy which has but one objective -- the total annihilation of all life on Earth.

Details Bermuda Triangle (Atlantis, #2)

TitleBermuda Triangle (Atlantis, #2)
Release DateMay 1st, 2000
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Thriller, War, Military Fiction

Reviews Bermuda Triangle (Atlantis, #2)

  • Lizzie
    The story narrative is in the past and the present. The present has too much science. If i wanted to know physics I would get a textbook. The lengthy explanations detract from the story telling. I almost quit my reading but decided to skip those parts and stick to the meat of the story. If only the author had made the same choice.I wrote the above while I was reading it and my opinion did not change as I continued. I liked the past story portion ...
  • Brandon Luffman
    I was a little torn about how to rate this one. I feel like I need to explain it a bit.For me, a four star rating is a good book. Five is something I reserve for the absolute best, something that I know I'll go back to and read again someday. But, four is good. Three stars, well, that's for books that aren't really all that good, but aren't something that I actually DISLIKED. Less than that, and it's a book that I really didn't care for.This shou...
  • Tim Coleman
    A master weaver of tales.Bob Mayer can weave a tale that is fresh and compelling.His knowledge of history and grasp of science fiction and military procedures and tactics all come together to create a wonderful and Fresh retelling of "old and at times, seem like worn out, beat you over the head, I'm tired of hearing about it", different perspective on these legends that we have all heard in some worn out form, with a new way of looking at it.I ha...
  • Tamara
    There is just something about these books, and this one in particular that makes it hard to get into them. I loved the Area 51 series by this author and that's why I started reading the Atlantis series. Unfortunately I can't quite put my finger on it but these just aren't as good as the Area 51 books. The plot is good and there is plenty of action. The characters have potential but they never quite get flushed out. It's almost like the author is ...
  • Frank Peterson
    I couldn't wait to begin this second book in the "Atlantis Gate" series. I was completely entranced by the first installment, and this second volume followed in it's footsteps quite admirably. The first volume set the pitch of urgency well up into the "Red-Zone" of "Dire to Catastrophic." This picked up right where the first left off, never easing up on the critical nature of the crisis. I am led to believe that the entire series will follow suit...
  • Ms. Just One More Book (Kris Miller)
    What if the very thing that destroyed Atlantis years ago came back to threaten our world once again? Mayer takes that very 'what if' and runs with it in a very interesting way. Set in two very different time lines, both modern day, and the days of the Vikings. The mysterious 'Shadow' is coming through their gates to try and destroy our world once and for all. In modern times, Foreman once again sends Eric Dane and a woman named Sin Fen to investi...
  • Lee
    I am a fan of books on Atlantis and bought the first part in this series a few days back. As I read page after page I realized the mastery of the writer. Bob Mayer glues you to the story that is fast action adrenalin pumping and you would not want to stop reading. So much so that I read both Atlantis and this the second part in one go. The writing is of the quality comparable with great science fiction writers in league of Arthur Clarke. The amou...
  • Tyler
    A great part two of an exciting and imaginative series. Mixing the past with the present, science and psudo-science, anthropology, physics, navy submarine warfare, mythology, and mystics; the narrative is enough to keep one interested, and doesn't take much effort. I think its a fun and cool series, and I look forward to reading part three.
  • Ralph
    After reading all six Atlantis books this is another Bob Mayer series that I loved. The Atlantis series is similar in style and approach as the Area 51 series where the author blends history with fiction seamlessly. The story line is great fun with the unknowns being slowly revealed over the course of the series into a conclusion that wraps up the series.
  • Robert Mills
    Great readThe problem is that it needs to be rewritten. The book has several instances of words being inserted where the don't belong. I don't know if this was caused by the transfer of the book to Kindle or if the hard copy also contains the same errors. I did enjoy the premise and adventure though.
  • Babette
    I'm pretty sure that when the author sat down to write this series, he thought "what would trekbette like?" and wrote that story. Part archeological thriller, part apocalyptic thriller... throw in Vikings and time mysteries. I love everything about is this series and cannot recommend it highly enough.
  • Richard Tolleson
    A fairly exciting sequel. Lots of jumping back and forth between ancient times and the present, but it all makes sense.I liked the first book in the series more, but this intrigued me enough to make me read at least one more in the series.
  • Fred
    Great book. I love the way that the writer ties together all of the major mysteries and paranormal events throughout history such as the Bermuda Triangle, Devil's Gate, Crystal Skulls, Ley Lines, etc.
  • Mark Bond
    Just like the first book in the series, the author keeps us engaged with the characters and the action, mixing historical fact with scientific conjecture. A very good read. Now, if only I had the next instalment!,
  • John Walkenford
    I read these when they first came out long ago. I have forgotten them enough that is is just as good reading them again. I restarted these (and eventually the Area 51 books) so I can read the new Nightstalkers books.
  • Michael Martin
    With the completion of Atlantis: Bermuda Triangle I knew I was hooked on the series. It is quite interesting reading Atlantis after Area 51. I'm enjoying the spanning of millennia and seeing what we understand as history and legend play different roles in these excellent series.
  • Eric
    Decent story line. Lots of typos interrupted the flow of the book.
  • Kelly
    I really enjoyed the dual storylines set in two different periods of history and look forward to reading more in the series.
  • Cathy
    Good read. If you like syfy, you will enjoy this book.
  • Ed Tinkertoy
    The review I provided for the previous book in this series applies here. The 6 books should have been combined into one or two at most and all of the repetitive stuff eliminated.
  • Baniza
    curiousity is very high. . . wierd stuff activity.
  • Shane
    I think this series of books could end up being quite epic. Another layer was added to the previous story giving just a little more insight. I hope the next book continues this!
  • Steve Schlutow
    This was an okay book.. I did enjoy the particle physics incorporated into the story and the explanation of the gates..
  • Glen
    An uneasy blend of Lovecraftian sci fi and action adventure.
  • Thomas Roth
    Interested legendary sagas, heroism and modern technology? This has it all and then some.
  • Cathy
    Good book even though it needed a good editor in the worst kind of way. Maybe a Kindle edition problem?