April in Paris by Michael Wallner

April in Paris

Set in 1943, April In Paris, by first time German novelist Wallner, is the dramatic story of an impossible love between a German soldier and a French Resistance fighter in occupied Paris.Set in 1943, April In Paris is the dramatic story of an impossible love between a German soldier and a French Resistance fighter in occupied Paris. Roth, a twenty-one-year-old German soldier, has spent most of his time in occupied Paris working in the army's back...

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TitleApril in Paris
Release DateApr 3rd, 2007
PublisherNan A. Talese
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Cultural, France, Romance, War, World War II

Reviews April in Paris

  • Mark
    Written in a mature style, a quick read but very deep and thought provoking. It portrays mixed identities as true identities and shows sides of people we don't consider very often.
  • Lena♥Ribka
    I read it some years ago, and remember that I enjoyed it. I have it as paperback on my real shelf.
  • Book Concierge
    Audiobook performed by Paul MichaelRoth is a young German army corporal, assigned to Gestapo headquarters in occupied Paris so that he can use his flawless French as an interpreter during interrogations. He’s disturbed by the torture he witnesses, but fulfills his duty as a soldier, accurately translating the words if not the emotions expressed. When not on duty, however, he slips away from his hotel billet, dons civilian clothes and walks the ...
  • Saleh MoonWalker
    Onvan : April in Paris - Nevisande : Michael Wallner - ISBN : 385519141 - ISBN13 : 9780385519144 - Dar 248 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2006
  • Christie
    A short, quick read of historical fiction that takes place in Occupied France during WWII. The main character, Roth, is a German SS soldier who speaks perfect French and is assigned to work for the Gestapo as a translator during interrogations of captured French Resistance fighters. As fate would have it, Roth meets the woman of his dreams but she is the daughter of a French bookshop owner and he keeps his identity as a German soldier a secret fr...
  • Stephen
    It is the middle of WWII in occupied France. Michel Roth is really lucky that his skills as a translator have landed him a job in Gestapo headquarters in Paris instead of at the front. He is the quiet sort who likes to stay just under the 'radar' . Michel has some friends among the staff but he is a bit of a loner ... when he decides he would like to explore this beautiful city. He knows that if he strolls about in his military uniform he will be...
  • Jennifer
    Certainly, there have been a vast number of books on this subject, both fiction and nonfiction. Honestly, because it is a heart breaking subject, I have often avoided novels of this type. My interest was piqued in this case because April In Paris is written from a German point of view sympathetic to the Resistance. It perhaps long overdue for the world to reexamine the events of WWII in light of the fact that every German soldier was not a devout...
  • Darcy
    I suppose the message of this book could be about "being yourself"--but that doesn't work out too well for the Nazi corporal in this novel. (The Nazis tended to frown on that kind of thing...)I suppose it could be that life is short and we should enjoy it. That might tend to explain why said corporal appears to sleep with whoever provides the invitation. He's in a city he doesn't really belong to, working for people he doesn't really respect, doi...
  • Jennifer
    Not very challenging or thought provoking, but entertaining. Entertaining in an improbable made-for-Hollywood love/war story kind of way without the cheesy ending. Think Pearl Harbor with Ben Affleck. The writing was slightly confusing and there was one short chapter (I can't remember which) that seemed disjointed. The protagonist is described vaguely and just didn't seem fleshed out-for lack of a better term. I also had a problem with the idea t...
  • Lesley
    It is the middle of WWII in occupied France,. It's very much a story of survival; how one life may be betrayed by another, Roth is twenty-one, a German soldier in occupied Paris doing translations in the back offices. He is suddenly transferred to the SS office, translating for interrogations. These are perilous times and Roth knows he can be caught in difficult situations. If he is caught by the French Resistance, he will be killed as a spy and ...
  • John Mchugh
    This novella was my Tucson reading when Nancy and I drove to Tucson last weekend to visit my sister. First published in German in 2006, but as you might guess I read the 2007 English translation. An interesting and engaging story of a young German soldier stationed in occupied Paris in the 1940s. Without meaning to, the soldier falls in love with a young French woman and.....well, you may want to find out for yourself. Well paced and deftly writt...
  • Cheryl
    Corporal Roth is a translator for the Gestapo in World War II era France. During the day, he translates confessions obtained from prisoners who are being tortured. To escape this extremely depressing assignment, he dresses in civilian clothes at night and blends in with the French citizens. He meets Chantal and falls in love with her. But she is a member of the French resistance, and their liaison doesn't go unnoticed. In a cat and mouse scenario...
  • Nmdb22
    The story line of an SS soldier and a French Resistance woman love story in occupied France sounded wonderful. I guess I was expecting more romance and less war, but there were far too many graphic passages about torture, and little explanation of the romance other than superficial attraction between two young people in the middle of a war. quite a disappointment.
  • Melania
    In aceasta carte este vorba de destin.Michael Roth este in Paris ca traducator.Este anul 1943,anul in care Franta este plina de germani.Lumea este suspicioasa si ar face orice sa scape,exista si Rezistenta.Michael se deghizeaza,mai ales ca stie la perfectie franceza si neavand uniforma distincta germanilor trece usor ca francez.Michael se indragosteste de Chantal,fata librarului.Se intampla multe intre ei,dar dragostea lor nu este menita sa ii un...
  • Tittirossa
    Intreccio notevole, rovinato da uno svolgimento traballante e un finale pasticciato. Roth, traduttore della Wermacht a Parigi, è precettato dalle SS. Non si sente un invasore e vorrebbe vivere Parigi da uomo comune, per questo si veste in borghese "parigino" e se ne va in giro. Nota una ragazza che legge fuori da una libreria, Chantal, cerca di avere un contatto ma fallisce. Nei panni di soldato è costretto a frequentare un night con il suo sup...
  • Rune
    Read in the course of an afternoon. This book has been on my list for a very long time and it was sweat, like smelling roses. It had this ethereal quality I don’t find in many books. The ending wasn’t very predictable as I was to enraptured with the writing and Roth’s struggle. The translator did a very good job apart from a couple of typos here and there. I guess you can say I’m a sucker for these types of stories even if I won’t ever ...
  • Michael Alan Grapin
    It's 1943 in German occupied Paris. A German corporal and translator attempts to pass for French on a lark. He sees and becomes infatuated with a young woman that works in a hair salon and moonlights as a nude model and dancer in a club. She turns out to be a member of the French resistance and they become embroiled in a war torn romance that is destined to end disastrously. At times I wished that I was better able to understand the French phrase...
  • Carolin
    I loved the story line. It was intense. At times I wanted to yell at the main character, and ask "What the hell do you think you are doing?"
  • Franburdsall
    Unlikely plot - poor character evolution. Too much torture.
  • Kat
    Beautifully written.Perfect translation too. (I read it in Czech)
  • Raquel Recio
    Very deep sad story.
  • Adrianna Kowalska
    Gdyby o zakupie miała decydować okładka „Kwiecień w Paryżu” nigdy nie wzbogaciłby mojej prywatnej biblioteczki. Okładka nic nie mówi o książce. Jest taka nijaka jak dla mnie. Na dodatek to połączenie kolorów: biel i pomarańcz… no nie przekonało mnie. Jednak gdy otworzyłam skrzydełko z opisem książki skradła moje serce. Uwielbiam wszystko co tyczy się historii, a gdy już rzecz dzieje się podczas II wojny światowej to ...
  • Maria Myers
    I came to this book because the audio version was performed by an actor I'd really enjoyed listening to before. The elements I liked, I liked alot. The tone seemed right, the Paris scenes were exciting, and I'm on the road to learn more about the place in this period. But when it was done listening, I had the impression of the first time I tried to walk in high heels: several steps were smooth and graceful, but inevitably I stumbled, which hurt a...
  • E Wilson
    I find it very interesting to read books about WWII written from the German point ofview. Actually I listened to this on an audio recording. Since Cpl Roth is fluent in French, he is assigned as an interpreter in Paris whereFrench suspects are being tortured. He is increasingly sickened by the process. As a meansof relaxation or distraction he secretly dons civilian clothes and goes out into Paris as"Antoine". He falls in love at first sight with...
  • Tina
    I struggle on how to review this novel. I can't say I liked it, but I definitely thought it was a solid novel. I guess it's a good historical novel that had a great premise but fizzled when it came to the writing and execution of said premise. I liked the story - right when I thought deus ex machina was going on it surprised me by going in another direction, and the second half was definitely better than the first. The first part dragged a bit an...
  • Joan Stewart
    Corporal Roth, a German soldier, is given marching orders to work in Paris as a translator in a Gestapo interrogation room. During his free time, he comes up with a verbotener plan to dress as a native Frenchman and wander through the streets of Paris. He names himself Antoine, whereupon he soon falls in love with Chantal, a book dealer's daughter and a member of the French Resistance.At first glance, I grew restless - and often angry - with Corp...
  • Carmen8094
    Come scrive lo stesso autore nella sua Postfazione, il caporalmaggiore Roth, protagonista della storia, è un giovane che cerca di sfuggire ai conflitti dell'epoca, ma non riesce a sottrarsi all'inumanità del regime d'occupazione.Egli si spoglia della sua divisa di soldato tedesco e, con un completo a quadretti, diventa Antoine, un parigino che può finalmente girare libero per la città senza sentire attorno a sè l'odio della popolazione, gode...
  • whichwaydidshego?
    This started out as a really interesting read. I liked the way the author, a German man, is direct and to the point. He writes it in the present tense, so everything is very immediate. It's a good approach for his style. And I really liked the story very much until about 150 pages in... then the story took a turn that was very torpid in its plot. Not to say there wasn't action, it was just all so predictable and obvious, and therefore quite dull....
  • Efranken
    Nazis in WWII Paris. Good plot, weak writing
  • Beth
    This book is a really fast read, partly because many of its plot twists are expected--you can see them coming pages ahead of actually reading them. The book is filled with close, exacting descriptions of torture; at first, these make for horrifying reading. After a while, however, they feel gratuitous and have virtually no impact, except to make this reader feel like the book has turned into one of those superhero films where some Hollywood megas...