Fruits Basket, Vol. 5 by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket, Vol. 5

For a springtime treat, Shigure arranges for Tohru and the gang to spend Golden Week at the Sohmas' vacation home. On a rainy day, as the holiday draws to a close, who should make a surprise visit but Hatsuharu! But what's that he's hiding in the bundle under his arm?

Details Fruits Basket, Vol. 5

TitleFruits Basket, Vol. 5
Release DateOct 12th, 2004
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Graphic Novels, Young Adult

Reviews Fruits Basket, Vol. 5

  • Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥
    Tohru is so sweet and tender-hearted! No wonder so many people love her! The poor Sohma family though. It seems like they all have their personal troubles. The highlights of this volume:”What better way to take advantage of this carefree leisure time than by catching up with your reading?!”I still love the dynamic between Haa-San and Gure-San! And I love Hatori-San even more for the fact that he’s a bookworm too. XD”We can’t go back to ...
  • Sarah Churchill
    This one felt a little like 'filler' story-wise, but it was nice to see Tohru being something other than super-sickly-positive all of the time. I do love that about her, but a little weakness made her feel a bit more realistic. Otherwise I'm not sure anything actually happened in this volume. Good job I have the next one waiting for me ;)
  • Ferdy
    Another fun, light-hearted read. Even though there's not usually much of a storyline in Fruits Basket, I still find the series really enjoyable. The only thing that bugs me is that the dialogue can be quite weird at times.I loved Tohru, Kiyo, Kisa, and Momiji's characters — they were all so cute. Kiyo was as adorably moody as ever. It was sweet how worried he was about Tohru when she got a cold, and I loved that he cooked for her and made sure ...
  • Mary ♥
    5/5 starsI love this manga. It makes me laugh, it makes me sob, it makes me smile, it gives me the feels and overall, it warms my heart up even in the darkest days. Plus, this is probably my favorite of the manga series till now for many reasons. First of all, my favorite character (Hatori) is psychoanalyzed a lot in this.Second, a character that means a lot to me appears. This is Kisa, the girl who is bullied and has stopped talking due to her d...
  • Merb
    🐷 This volume is Kagura! 🐷During volume 5 of Fruits Basket, we meet the young and sweet Kisa Sohma, whose trauma from bullying has resulted in not only closing in on herself, but also resorting to failure of speech. Her fear of opening up is a mirror to Yuki of his childhood and makes him tackle the fact he has not changed head on. The emotional trauma the Sohma's have experienced is something that connects them all, and the light of positi...
  • Cath
    5/5Amazing as always. *sigh*
  • Becky
    I love how the narrator gets increasingly snarky. "I'm sure they're just fine!" ("They're not fine.")"STOP MANIPULATING HER!" ("Now they're being manipulated.")So much sass from you right now.
  • Lucyˎˊ˗
    Me encanta
  • Victoria
    I enjoyed this one. It was much sadder than the rest. I think the reason why Tohru has become so depressed over not doing well in school is not because she's being overdramatic, but because she has set her expectations so high. She promised her mom who has since passed away that she'd graduate and now feels like a failure.
  • Marianna Rainolter
    Un bel volume che mette al centro vari personaggi della famiglia Soma che ritornano insieme per far casino (ovviamente). Conosciamo un nuovo membro della famiglia, la tigre nelle vesti della piccola Kisa; i suoi problemi colpiscono anche Yuki, che ha avuto un passato simile a quello della bambina e solo l’aiuto solare di Tohru la aiuterà. Poi, per tornare in tema “Yuki”, il suo fan club decide di attaccare Tohru (e le capisco pure! Insomma...
  • Kelli Santistevan
    I enjoyed this. I’m looking forward to reading the other books in the series.
  • Rain Misoa
    So... I fangirled over this volume as well. Why? Well, it's Furuba, duh! No, seriously, this was another great one! I enjoyed this story as much as I did the previous four volumes. You see more of HATORI!!!, Ayame, Shigure, HARU!!!, Tohru, Yuki, KYO!!!, and a new character! *Squees* Of course, there's more background story revealed and just a whole bunch of craziness that makes it all the more enjoyable to read. What I love about this volume the ...
  • Sophia F
    ELLOHAAAAAY!!! (Pig Latin, for: HELLOOO!)Fruits Basket: One of the best manga series, but with extremely stalkerish people.Yuki I can expect be kidnapped and trapped in a basement once all of his fangirls from school realize he's not immortal and can get close enough to take him away. (Btw, if everyone thinks Yuki looks so much like a girl, why is everyone 'falling' for him...?)I don't think Yuki looks THAT much like a girl, only if you look real...
  • Lanie
    Lol. The yuki fan club is jealous? Hilarious. :) love this series. So funny and cute. Kyo trying to be nice is beyond precious. :D this series is adorable. Love love love. Kyo cheering Tohru up & the Jason jokes were my favorite parts. Recommended for fans of romance and comedy. & manga lovers
  • Bradley
    It would seem the author and I have the same tastes in video games. Hilarious. Great drama throughout this tale. =)Reread review.. This book is in great condition and still had the magnetic strip inside. Were these books even read by the original owner?
  • Emma
    This reminds of listening to a young kid playing house and the odd, stilted dialogue they make up as they play.
  • JW
    In volume five we meet Kisa, a traumatized young member of the zodiac who has been bullied by her peers so much that she has stopped talking. Unexpectedly, it is Yuki who relates most to her. I found their connection and their “pact” endearing. Again, we are discovering the ramifications of the zodiac curse in small poignant moments. The isolation that one can feel because of their appearance, the way one’s parents handles the curse, and th...
  • Sara
    Just finished rereading this for the second time. Here are my thoughts I had while reading this volume:- I forgot about Kisa!!! How did I forget about Kisa?!? She's such a cute character, from her zodiac form to her human appearance. And the way (view spoiler)[ she follows Tohru around is ADORABLE!!! (hide spoiler)]- The subplot about Yuki's fan club at school kind of bores me. Although when (view spoiler)[ Megumi correctly names each girl and fr...
  • KIMI
    Este tomo no aporta nada nuevo al desarrollo de la historia principal, pero nos muestra la interacción de los personajes y además aparece Kisa. Los momentos que me gustaron del tomo: -La interacción entre Hatori, Shigure y Ayame. -Cuando Tooru comprende los sentimiento de Kisa y dice la palabras correctas para hacerla sentir mejor.-Ver el lado amable de Kyou hacia Tooru. - Ver como los Souma que han aparecido se preocupan por el bienestar de T...
  • Isabella
    The cover of this volume is Kagura, one of my favourite characters (and DEFINITELY my favourite female character). It also introduces us to Kisa, another member of the Cursed Twelve's so boring. It feels more like a bunch of filler than actual important stories. The last chapter was by far the worst, choosing to focus on Yuki's fangirls rather than any of the main characters (even though we got to see Hanajima and her brother)....
  • Denise
    In volume 5 it's golden week! So Shigure takes them and Hatori Sohma to a vacation home! Then they get home, Hastuharu Sohma( the ox), is there, with something being covered up by a coat. It's a cute kitty.. Really, it's Kisa Sohma( the tiger). She's lost being able to speak because of teasing and is fearing that if she speaks, what she says well be laughed at. Kisa and Tohru become really good friends. Kisa is adorable!!!!I Love FRUITS BASKET!!!...
  • Rachel
    I think since I'm not loving the books, but I want to know what happens in the end, I may just have to get the final volume to read (is that in the 20s or 30s?). More apologizing from Tohru, and there is a strong vein of misogyny in the book. Not sure if that is intentional, or simply Japanese culture. Telling girls they don't do well on tests because they are doofuses does not fly with me. Stand up for yourself woman!
  • Mitchell
    Another volume. There were pieces of this that I liked. I liked them going to the lake house. And Kisa appearing as a tiger cub had a potential. The Jason reference missed a bit. And the talk against bullying was too heavy-handed. But there was just not enough here. And I'm still having trouble following who is whom and caring. But readable enough.
  • Sophie
    Again, not much happens. However, I did really enjoy the chapter where Himajima scares the Prince Yuki fan club! I think she's my favourite character - I'd like to see more of her in the next volume. Also, good cliffhanger.
  • Bridget
    The format that I was reading this in annoyed me (not the manga's fault, it was where I was reading it from), but the story was cute.
  • R Z
    Kisa! And the definite parallels of Tohru being mothering to her and Yuki wishing for something of the sort (view spoiler)[which in turn, sets up their future relationship between he and Tohru (hide spoiler)]
  • Charity
    HATORI!! He is my absolute fav and I hope to see more of him in the forth coming volumes!!
  • Nicole Kang
    Junior high, high schoolBasically identical to anime
  • Gabriela Paige
    Pretty good. Not as exciting as some of the others have been though.