Serial Killers by Brian Innes

Serial Killers

Organized chronologically, here are the stories of 50 murderers in American and world history. Each chapter provides a biography of one killer, describing the formative experiences that turned them into monsters, their hidden lives and gruesome crimes. It explains how each was caught, including descriptions of psychological profiles and crime investigation procedures, and their ultimate fate. Timelines and victim panels detail their atrocities an...

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TitleSerial Killers
Release DateJan 5th, 2006
PublisherQuercus Books
GenreCrime, True Crime, Nonfiction, Mystery

Reviews Serial Killers

  • Jim
    I picked this one up for a little light reading to while away the midnight hours sitting at the desk at work. In the course of reading it, I was struck by the realization that one of the killers featured in the book, Earle Nelson, had choked out his last breath at the end of a rope just 75 yards from where I was reading. I'm sure I walk by his former cell every night as I do my rounds. If I were inclined to be superstitious, that could be a troub...
  • Zaide
    This was a really honest and powerful book, and not one that can be easily read in large sittings. It contains all of the most brutal and well-known killers from across the world, and probably many more that you’ve never heard of.Each murderer has their terrible crimes trimmed down to the most honest and brutal detail. It is short, to the point, and only deals in facts. There are little snippets of information that detail the killers behavioura...
  • Cristina
    Not bad, but not good enough. What the book promised and delivered:"However we may deny it, we are fascinated by what serial killers do, how they do it [...]" . Check. The reading obviously affected me. The stories were horribly real and I felt the urge to vomit sometimes, I'm not going to deny it.What the book promised and didn't deliver:"[...] and why they do it."[...].. Nope.I was expecting a more detailed analysis of their minds, to understan...
  • Chris Harrison
    An overview insight into various Serial Killers through the ages. A great reference book.
  • Kathryn
    Remind me not to read books like this just before I go to bed. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night after having nightmares about murderers! Some of the crimes made for very uncomfortable reading as there is quite a lot of grisly details. But I think it was the photos in this book that creeped me out the most, there is a photo of each serial killer, sometimes ordinary looking family snapshots. Just makes you realise how good some c...
  • Buxom
    The book is moderately good, brief, informative, effective pictures but it can also be quite cluttered, the sub-points (in the grey boxes) are put in the worst places so when it can get to the middle of an important sentence that continues on the next page, and I felt annoyed because I could never decide, do I continue where I am on and go to the next sentence or is it important to read the subtext at the bottom of the page and lose momentum?Also...
  • Stephanie Schrenk
    Great profiles of some of the most infamous/most unique serial killers in history. Some of them I had not even heard of, and others had a much more detailed description of their lives than I had previously known. Such a great book to own/read if you are into this kind of thing.
  • Varsha
    Very vague. Good for noobs. For anyone interested in the genre, this book only states facts most of us would already know.
  • Madison Rose
    Too gruesome but what else do you expect...still it was thoroughly detailed...
  • Lainy
    Time taken to read - Over 8 days (but I left it in work and dipped in and out)Pages - 272Publisher - Quercus Editions LtdSource - Can't remember, bought from The Works or Amazon I think Blurb from Goodreads The terrifying story of the most monstrous serial killers through history.Serial Killers are the most notorious and disturbing of all criminals, representing the very darkest side of humanity. Yet they endlessy fascinate and continue to captur...
  • Sarah Baines
    I found this a fascinating read. I like that it's set out in chronological order and that there's also some killers I've never heard of. While it doesn't go into massive detail about each serial killer/s - it would need to be 1000+ pages for that - it's a "good" insight and there's some i'll definitely look out for a full book of. I'm also looking forward to Brian Innes next book Killer Women!
  • Kim
    Not impressed. It felt like a bunch of book reports stuck together in a book but instead of doing real research the author summarized the killers’ Wikipedia pages. There were too many grammatical and continuity errors that I gave up half way through.
  • Nadia
    The book is good as a reference to the serial killers and their murders. However, it doesn't explicitly dive into the details. It minimalizes the actual situations. If you pick this up as light reading, then it's a good book. It could be improved
  • Trianna Maldonado
    This book was a crazy book to read. Some of the killers killed so many people and I really liked it but would I read a crazy book like that ever again? Eh, it's not really my type of book so.
  • Julia
    It's not often that I pick up a nonfiction book. But my interests in psychology and criminal profiling were acting up, leading me to check out this book from the library. I was pleased to see the book was expansive, covering the criminal careers of 50 killers, while remaining pretty light in pages (barely over 200). Innes also covered murderers from across the globe, introducing me to some interesting cases I had never heard of, or had only seen ...
  • D
    this is a poor book, really not worth your time.i tend to approach books, documentaries, and films on aberrant psychologies sort of like some folks approach horror films (which, ironically, i can't handle at all) -- as a kind of controlled, theme-park exposure to the macabre. this book, however, was simply gross while also somehow managing to be boring.while twenty-five years ago this book might have been a partially useful reference, the much mo...
  • Kinzi Songster
    I believe this was a great book. It helped me a great deal with my research paper in my Advanced Composition class. This book describes a few of the top serial killers and describes the acts committed in great detail. It gives chronological order for each crime and killer, what exactly was committed, who was the victim, and it also gives a fairly big background of the victim. It also ends each chapter with how the serial killer is doing today, or...
  • Chris Meigh
    This book is a great collection of information if you are starting an interest in the true crime genre.Set out in short sections this book has information on most major criminals such as Myra Hindley, Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy. It gives a good amount of factual information without offering too much in depth analysis. If you are interested in deep analysis or a psychological perspective then this book probably isn’t for you instead I would reco...
  • Cassie
    The book is very interesting and like someone else said, it is hard to read before you go to bed. I have to get up and make sure every door in my house is locked before I go to sleep. The only thing that bothers me terribly about this book is how poorly edited it was. There are grammatical errors everywhere. I'm not an English teacher, but I know how to spell words like Marshall and Jewelry. Other than that, the book was very interesting if you a...
  • Halliki Aasmäe
    I liked book (**) but I was hoping more to get to know about serial killer past. It was just too much information about the killings. How killer killed that person and that person and what date and so on... I would have like to know more about history and past of killers.Reading this book made me think:"Im reading this at the moment and somewhere in the world someday is killed." There is so many bad people in the world.
  • Karen
    If you like to keep up with crimes in America...this is definitely the book for you...each serial killer profile includes: detail and nature of crimes, the dates, the personal info & their upbringing...if only the justice system could really figure out how/why these criminals do what they do...the world would be so much better off....very insightful book....starting off the book with Jack the Ripper and HH Holmes...two of the earliest serial kill...
  • Krista
    I don't know what attracts me to books like these but they're like real horror stories. It's a very interesting non-fiction that covers serial killers from all over the world. In some ways this is more frightening than a horror novel because you know that these mena and women really did these things. Disturbing and I like it.
  • Courtney
    This was a perfectly OK book. With 50 serial killers in 200 pages, you can't really go in to too much depth. There was a large emphasis on the use of FBI profiling and the childhood/background of the killers. It gave you a little taste of a lot of stories. I'd recommend it if you're looking to figure out which stories you want to learn more about.
  • Sidney
    This book is really interesting and was an enjoyable read. However, there are several types and a few discrepancies. The info on each killer is brief and varies greatly. Some of the killers are allotted several pages, while some are only slightly mentioned and then dropped off in the middle of their story. Interesting book, but has now forced me into researching several of the killers on my own.
  • Ainslee
    VERY basic starter book, but I did enjoy it. Saw it on a Barnes and Noble clearance rack, so I grabbed it. It definitely fueled my interest in True Crime books, and got me looking for more in-depth reading on the subject. The photos/infographics/little side boxes were actually quite helpful in this book.
  • William
    Nice, short, easy reading synopsis of 50 of the most notorious serial killers world wide. While books have been written about most of these people, this work contains a nice summation of each ones particular atrocities. This is a good book to cuddle up with on a stormy dark night!
  • Tarah McCue
    This was a really interesting book. It's amazing what some people are capable of. It's also very terrifying. I've always enjoyed shows and documentaries about serial killers and things of that sort, so I assumed that I would find this book interesting.
  • Suzuki
    Good read if you find these things interesting. It goes through the well known serial killers as well as other less known ones, with some facts I hadn't known before. Although the placement of the grey boxes make it a little difficult but overall, very interesting book.
  • Cornstink
    Good summary of a wide range of history's monsters, but if you're looking for a lot of detail on any of the subjects featured, you'll likely need to look for additional resources.
  • Wendi Ballew
    7/10 Stars. Quick overviews of some of the most prolific serial killers in recent history. A decent read to become acquainted with the history of serial killers.