The Vixen Manual by Karrine Steffans

The Vixen Manual

Since she exploded on the scene with her two juicy and impossible-to-put-down tell-alls, readers have wanted to know even more about what makes Karrine Steffans tick. How was she able to meet all the high profile politicians, movie stars, and other celebrities that are her close acquaintances? What skills does she possess to keep men wanting more? Finally, Karrine lays it all out and explains exactly what a woman must do to win over the man of he...

Details The Vixen Manual

TitleThe Vixen Manual
Release DateJul 13th, 2009
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Relationships, Sexuality

Reviews The Vixen Manual

  • AH
    What an interesting book to win in a Goodreads giveaway. Full disclaimer – I have already found my man and I am very happy with him, but I was curious if there was anything else I should be doing.The Vixen Manual is a How to Guide. It is divided into 5 sections: Being Single, How to Attract Him, How to Engage Him, How to Release Him, and Maybe It’s You. Each chapter is easy to read, with important information highlighted in pink, little boxes...
  • Black Heart Magazine
    Wow. This book would have received 0 stars, if that were possible. It's cliché and occasionally purely cunty "advice" is not worth reading, and I'm not even sure Steffans herself knows what this book is really supposed to be about. The smutty cover implies it's for women looking to bag a man, whereas Steffans has said it's "for married women." Huh? Why would you need dating tips if you're already married? As I mentioned in my "V for Vixen" colum...
  • Farheen
    This is the third book I have read from this author, Karrine Steffans, more popularly known as "Superhead" by the rappers and other celebrities she has slept with. Her first book was pretty disturbing- it told of her horrible childhood and rape, and subsequent abusive marriage and then many, many exploits with famous men. The second book deals with the backlash after the first book was published- both by the public and by the celebrity social sce...
  • Gaby
    Synopsis:The Vixen Manual combines self help, how to advice, sex tips, and humor. The book is divided into fifty short chapters and five main parts: (1) Being Single, (2) How to Attract Him, (3) How to Engage Him, (4) How to Release Him, and (5) Maybe It's You. Don't read Karrine's manual for revolutionary concepts, instead compare her advice to what you've heard and learned over the years. Review:Some statements from The Vixen Manual reminded me...
  • Renee
    The author's writing style is great, but her advice is useless. The cover of the book is of a mostly naked woman, and the advice inside is to ~be classy~. Apparently, to the author, being ~classy~ means playing games with guys to get their attention. She advises that a woman date several guys at once and refer to them by a number rating system that indicates how much she likes them.Definitely not recommended to anyone.
  • Gail
    Okay, got to begin by admitting that as a "Mid-Century" woman, I thought that I knew some tricks and games: Just never had the nerve (or the right words) to write them down. Well, unlike me, Karrine Steffans has no such compunctions. This sister lays it all out in chapter format, verse-by-verse. Definitely not PG-rated, this book is for the "grown folks." Her prose is not elegant and sophisticated, and she makes no effort or pretense of writing a...
  • Rachel
    Written by a sexist, idiotic tart, this "manual" is horribly written and truly encourages women to feel shameful about their bodies. BOO to books like this!
  • Ebony
    So Karinne is surprisingly funny. I didn’t get the impression that she had such a sense of humor from the first two books. This one really is a manual with bullet points, pull quotes, illustrations, and recaps. I got to the end and she’s self-congratulating about writing 50 chapters and I thought wow, she made it to 50. It is actually an enjoyable read. I would recommend the book to women struggling with relationships and self-esteem. It’s ...
  • Melissa
    I got this book through the Goodreads First Reads program. I didn't like this book at all. It was filled with antiquated ideas of the woman's place in a man's world. I really didn't see anything other than what could be seen as common sense that was valuable. Everything else just made me feel like it was nothing but a show. If you get a relationship based on a false front, then what type of relationship are you looking for? Sorry, I would not sug...
  • Ruth Hill
    Well, I never dreamed I would be giving this book a 5 star rating, but it deserves every bit of that and more. Keep reading, and I think you will understand why.I won this book on a giveaway, and when it came, I was rather turned off by the picture. It didn't look like my kind of book. I set it on the shelf and wasn't even sure if I would ever read it.I needed a book to read since I finished my last book so quickly. So I picked this book up, thin...
  • Monique
    Literally speaking the The Vixen Manual comes as a surprise. As someone who had try to read Steffans' first work Confessions of A Video Vixen, the expectations of her writing ability were pretty low. There are varying opinions on whether or not Steffans uses a ghost writer. It is reported that she does but she claims that she writes all her books herself. If she is to be believed there is a remarkable jump in her writing ability from the first bo...
  • Adrienna
    Vixen Manual is very informative and valuable information on singleness, relationships, and self-worth as a woman. The most potent and effective chapter for me was Section 2: How to Attract Him, on topics such as goals, principles, power, position, worth until she got to wooing your man. After this section, the chapter becomes graphic with "how to" sexual positions, which reminds me of the "Joy of Sex" books. Some will ask, how could she write bo...
  • Christine
    I am sorry it took me so long to finish this book, but it was very hard to read with out becoming offend at certain points. I think Ms. Steffans had the right Idea for writing this book, it has alot of helpful points and there are some idea that are very useful. The orginaztion of the book throw me for a loop. It is broken into five sections. Each sections is useful, and has good points but I feel she speaks too much from her expereinces at times...
  • Helen Damnation
    I quote:Let’s be even more blunt about this, just to make sure you get it.Having too much casual sex can result in a woman becoming worn out,and I’m talking literally, in this particular instance. Have you ever seen a woman you can tell has just been physically run through? Everything about her appears to be spent. Her face seems beaten andweathered, and her body has begun to give in to gravity, becausethat’s what happens when it’s subjec...
  • OOSA
    A Woman Without Discretion,I was disappointed as well as offended with this read. The title is misleading. "The Vixen Manual" is more about sexual choices and exploits than a guide or manual. It does not include the impact of learning as in changing directions, benefiting from experiences or sincere investment in emotional maturity. Therefore, instead of being instructive, it becomes a journal of experiences where the choices of the author are le...
  • Latiffany
    I am shocked that I enjoyed this book. Other tahn some new tricks for the bedroom, I didn't expect to learn anything from Karrine Steffans. I was wrong. This woman knows her stuff. I give it three stars because it is grossly overwritten. Karrine fell victim to the intoxication that writers get from the soft clicking of the computer keys. I am doing it now and can feel a warm sensation in my chest-LOL. She should have edited out a few of the chapt...
  • Nicole
    This was an Ok book. It was an entertaining read but nothing to be taken seriously. Karrine wrote a book about all the advice you give your friends but you usually don't follow yourself. It's stuff everybody knows they should do but don't follow in their own relationships. I liked Confessions better because of all the gossip. However, I do think Karrine is an extremly intelligent woman and people overlook that quality in her. Congratulations on a...
  • Lonny Lee
    Very entertaining read. Funny, real, comprehensive advise. A lot of the tips can be easily used, no harm no foul! If you pick up this book thinking its going to change your life its not what it does do is entertain you and at times gives you food for thought. Take the advise you feel you can use and very importantly apply it otherwise its just another book that made you laugh.
  • Alia =^..^=
    I loved this book. Not only did it provide good advice and common sense, it made me laugh so many times. Realistic and not afraid to say what most women would never admit. Going to make my friends with guy problems read. It covered every aspect of a good, and bad, relationship, even women who are in relationships(like myself) should read this book.
  • Jaye
    This is actually deceptive. I have not read the full book. Couldn't bring myself to but all was not lost. Her writing "voice" gave me insight into her personality and ideas for character traits in future novels.
  • Shà
    this book is good. she breaks down how to get the man you want and keep him. I think everybody needs help in this department because I know I do. I find this very interesting and I enjoyed every page of it. from cover to cover. keep it up karrine steffans. I have mad love and respect for her.
  • Kathleen Smyth
    Brilliant and insightful!!!I had read all of Karrine's books except this one and Vindicated, and this one dos not disappoint. Lots of excellent advice and tips, not just about getting and keeping a man but most importantly how to love, heal, and be good to yourself.
  • Andrea
    All I can say is, it was okay. I see her perspective, she is pretty knowledgeable about early years dating. I wouldn't recommend it.
  • Racheal
    This book is a mess made for immature people who want to play games. Silly rabbit, Trix (tricks) are for kids. She can't be serious with this book!
  • NzingaMarie
    There were a couple notes I thought were pretty good, but otherwise not the best relationship book. You take the best and leave the rest.
  • erika
    Some good advice mixed in with a whole lot of appalling, ignorant, and irresponsible advice.
  • Teresa
    My bible.
  • Lydia
    A waste of time!