The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 7 by Bill Finger

The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 7

The graphic novel series collecting every Batman adventure ever published in chronological order continues with this new, seventh volume featuring stories from the early 1940s!In this new volume, Batman and Robin battle foes including The Joker and The Penguin, and face Two-Face for the very first time!

Details The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 7

TitleThe Batman Chronicles, Vol. 7
Release DateMar 24th, 2009
PublisherDC Comics
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Dc Comics, Batman, Graphic Novels, Comic Book, Superheroes, Fiction

Reviews The Batman Chronicles, Vol. 7

  • Adam Graham
    This book collects Batman stories from Detective Comics #66-#70 and Batman #12 and #13.If you're looking for Batman facing foes has to this day, this is really a book for you. We get the first two two face stories in Issues 66 and 68. There's a lot about the character that's the same as today, yet because of the children's audience, these book were written for, some of the psychology is exaggerated or played weirdly. Still, it's a fun look at how...
  • Jennifer
    One of my favorites in the series. Storylines really humming with creativity and vibrant art. Memorable fun.
  • Makayla
    Holy smokes Batman that was awesome!!!