Sense of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #6) by Kay Hooper

Sense of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #6)

Kay Hooper is the brightest new star of suspense fiction. Now the New York Times bestselling author who's built a reputation for keeping her readers' pulse in the red zone delivers a thriller that will stun the senses -- all six of them. This time a psychic special agent and a gritty cop must stop a brutal killer with a chilling M.O. and an unstoppable...Sense of Evil.The victims are always the same: beautiful, successful, and blond. Someone was ...

Details Sense of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #6)

TitleSense of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #6)
Release DateJun 29th, 2004
GenreMystery, Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense, Romance, Fiction, Thriller, Romantic Suspense

Reviews Sense of Evil (Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #6)

  • Stef Rozitis
    In some ways a clever pot twist, however it was ruined by being in a book full of pop-psychology and a surprisingly old-fashioned view of gender for the 21st century. If I was to play a drinking game I would get a drink every time a (female) character was said to have issues with power and control, every time a cop slept with a journalist and every-time relationships were mentioned in a reverential tone as being in the centre of everything. If al...
  • Brian Steele
    I tend to wary of Mystery novels. I usually just don't care, and I'm not into the mundane plots. However, I have a soft spot for any tales concerning FBI Agents... and these are FBI Agents with Psychic Powers? I am SO there!My first book by Kay Hooper, and I'm pretty well hooked. A lot of the normal, cliched Mystery stuff is here, but was able to fly right through it thanks to the interesting angle. This same angle (the supernatural) seems to be ...
  • Micky Cox
    A paranormal FBI group helps locals solve difficult murders and this time one of the members of the group is on the killer's list. A very good twist in this layered plot. Although you see it coming, you don't clearly see it. Great character development and interactions between the characters. I'm actually listening to this series rather than physically reading it and I'm enjoying the various readers quite a lot. They add a bit to the characters p...
  • Eve
    Sense of Evil by Kay HooperSeries: Bishop/Special Crimes Unit #6The "Evil" Trilogy, #3Mystery, Thriller & Suspense / Psychological Thrillers / ParanormalTwo investigators, Isabel Adams and Hollis Templeton, have special abilities but they have not come to master those abilities just yet. Still the FBI's Special Crimes Unit sends them to work the case of serial killer who kills blond women in Hastings (Isabel is also blond, btw). Sorry, but I just...
  • Chloe
    This is the sixth book in the Bishop series and even though I liked it , there was something missing . Usually her books have a good amount of romance which was missing and there was not enough character development of the main character Rafe. I did like the protagonist FBI agent Isabel Adams who is smart , beautiful , sexy and bold . I was also glad to read more about Hollis Templeton and hope she gets her own book soon. Overall an ok read , as ...
  • Kathie Bryant
    I am so glad that I am not a blonde. This book gave me the creeps!
  •  Marla
    My first Kay Hooper story and I love the BCU and Bishop's team.Serial killers, FBI agents, psychic powers and romance...what's not to love about these books!
  • Kerry sullivan
    Well bugger me sideways I didn't see that one coming. That ending was not only a shock but also a bit out of left field but made a good book great.
  • Bonnie
    This book started out strong and I was turning pages, but pretty soon it became difficult to follow, with too many characters introduced. I couldn't remember who was doing what and why. It could be partly me. I love Kay Hooper, but she kinda lost me on this one. My mind kept wandering while reading, wanting something to happen and her inept characters to learn something and move on. The first 2 in books in the Evil Trilogy were amazing and suspen...
  • Jennifer
    This one was...even less. Too much jargon. Too much "textbook" terms, situations, research...blah blah blah. It bogged down the story - a lot. I couldn't get behind Isabel and Rafe. Maybe I could if they were more human than textbook. I just wasn't feeling it.However, I did like that she brought in Hollis Templeton. That was a great wrap up. I liked that...a lot.
  • Tameka
    This was not what I was expecting. still a good book nevertheless. My only draw back is why couldn't Hollis hear whst Jamie was saying. Did it have anything to do with Isabel and Rafe's protection because it sure enough seemed like it.
  • Joan
    It was a good read but a bit heavy in to psychics....
  • Kathy
    Enjoyable book, enjoyed character development and the killer sure was a surprise. On to the next one in the series.
  • Laurie D'ghent
    Exceptionally good, though reader's should be warned that it's a particularly dark subject matter. Stunner of an ending. Moderate swearing, innuendo.
  • Sheila Melo
    Book That Doesn't Know What It IsSENSE OF EVIL is a cross-genre book that doesn't really have an identity. As a result, the book is often muddled and ultimately unsatisfying in many aspects. At the same time, the book has a wonderful premise and fascinating characters with dark pasts. This paranormal suspense thriller has a dash of romance that shows promise but keeps the characters somewhat distant.THE STORY: Isabel Adams is an agent with the Sp...
  • ♥Jamie
    Sense of Evil is book six in the Bishop/SCU series, and book three in the Evil trilogy. Kay Hooper brings us another thrilling romantic suspense novel following the unusually talented member of the Special Crimes Unit.Summary:Hastings, South Carolina is a safe town with very little in the way of major crime. That is, until the first body is found. They are always women, successful, confident, strong, and blonde. Police Chief Rafe Sullivan knows t...
  • JBradford
    After having read two of the novels in Kay Hooper’s Bishop/SCU series, I found myself a little surprised by this one. Even though this book, like the first one that I read, is simply a novel about one of the members of the special crimes unit, it does reveal that Bishop has come a long way from the first book, as he is now a full-fledged clairvoyant who can see the future and who apparently has a mental link with all or most of the SCU psychics...
  • Ana T.
    I was checking authors and series I hadn't picked up in a while and came across the Kay Hooper's Bishop series. I went looking for my reviews of the other books and just couldn't resist picking it up. Hooper's killers are usually vicious creatures and this one was no exception. A serial killer preying on blonde successful women in a small town in the middle of no where. Bishop, who I was sorry to see mostly kept in the background, sends in two fe...
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    3 STARS"The victims are always the same: beautiful, successful, and blond. Someone was able to coax these intelligent and confident women away from safety. Someone was able to gain their trust long enough to do the unthinkable. Their shocking murders have terrified the inhabitants of a small, peaceful town where such heinous crimes are simply not supposed to happen. Police Chief Rafe Sullivan knows he has to find answers fast before another woman...
  • Kristen
    Kay Hooper spins a consistently and thoroughly entertaining supernatural thriller, and this installment of the Bishop Special Crimes Unit was no exception. Once again, the members of the SCU are helping in the attempt to catch a vicious serial killer killing blonde women in a small town.No one can figure out how the killer is getting smart, successful women to go alone to secluded places, when everyone knows there's a killer on the loose.When the...
  • Lauren
    Sense of Evil4 StarsHastings, South Carolina seems like a quiet, safe and friendly place to live until the day undercurrents of evil rise up to destroy the idyllic little town. A vicious serial killer is targeting women with blond hair and Chief of Police, Rafe Sullivan, calls in reinforcements from the FBI. Special Agent Isabel Adams is smart, confident and blonde, something that pushes all of Rafe’s buttons. Can the fearless agent and the det...
  • Heather
    I have been reading the Bishop series in order, this is book #6. I have enjoyed all of them. With the exception of #5 Whisper of Evil. It was a little slower and disconnected and I couldn't get into it and read it as fast. I did finish it but at one point I wasn't sure I would. So I was a weary of reading the 6th one after that. But I am so glad I did. So far this is the best one of the series. It has mystery, suspense, thriller and romance. But ...
  • Jen
    I was looking for something to read at the library and stumbled across Kay Hooper and I'm really glad that I did. This is the 2nd book that I read and I really enjoyed it. I love the idea of psychic powers. In this book a killer is stalking woman and killing them but nobody can understand how the he can get them to come to a secluded spot with him especially after the murders started. After asking the FBI for help police Chief Rafe Sullivan not q...
  • Louise
    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel! Not only a page turner but it kept me guessing and guessing until the end. I'll definitely be purchasing more of this author's novels."The victims are beautiful, successful, and blond. Someone was able to coax these intelligent, confident women away from safety. Someone was able to gain their trust long enough to do the unthinkable.Special Agent Isabel Adams is tough, fearless, and one of the FBI's top profilers. ...
  • Gigi
    I read this book out of order, darn it. So i hesitated to write a review until I'd read the two preceding books. These books are touted as stand alones. And the first trilogy, Shadow, is. But this grouping is different. There are some very powerful elements in Touching Evil (book #4, and the first in this trilogy) that crash head on into this book. Especially around the character Hollis. That said, the author has, once again, created a mystery wi...
  • Mary
    It's a good thriller/mystery. Pretty gruesome murders though. This was the second time I had read it, so I tried to pick out any clues that might lead to the identity of the killer. There just aren't any, because everybody in town is jumpy, thinks they are being watched, and has a psychic headache. You just can't tell until you get to the final twist, which is fine, but then the explanation isn't very satisfying. I like the psychic FBI agents, bu...
  • Kristen
    This is my second book I've read from Kay Hooper, the 5th I believe in the Bishop series. I've read Out of the Shadows from the first trilogy and went to the second trilogy. In this one, set in a small town in North Carolina, a serial killer have target women. It's up to Agent Isabel Adams and Chief Rafe Sullivan to make the connection from two previous serial sprees from the past to this one, and find out who's really out for blood. With the hel...
  • Brent Soderstrum
    Hooper spins the third of her Shadow trilogy. In this one blondes are being murdered in the small town of Hastings. All the victims are blonde women who have been very successful. Isabal, an FBI agent from the Bishop SCU is sent to Hastings along with her sidekick Hollis to help the local sheriff Rafe find the killer. Isabael is a successful blonde too however. Is she being used as bait?I really couldn't figure out the murderer and I love Hooper'...
  • Anna Mcfadden
    when the 3rd beautiful, successful, and blonde hair women was found heinous Lynchburg killed, Police cheif Rafe Sullivan decides he needs the FBI's help. Agent Bishop the leader of a "special" unit sends in Agent Isabel Adams. she is not the typical agent. she's not wearing the black suit we expect plus she's beautiful, tall and blonde and she is psychic. she finds herself on short list of victims. it will take everything in her power and Rafe's ...