The Lost Princess of Oz (Oz, #11) by L. Frank Baum

The Lost Princess of Oz (Oz, #11)

Princess Ozma is missing! When Dorothy awakens one morning to discover that the beloved ruler of the Land of Oz has disappeared, all of the Emerald City's most celebrated citizens join in the search for the lost princess.But Ozma isn't all that's gone missing. The magical treasures of Oz have disappeared, too, including the Magic Picture, the Wizard's black bag, and even Glinda's Great Book of Records. With no clues to guide them, Ozma's friends ...

Details The Lost Princess of Oz (Oz, #11)

TitleThe Lost Princess of Oz (Oz, #11)
Release DateSep 28th, 1998
PublisherBooks of Wonder
GenreFantasy, Classics, Childrens, Fiction

Reviews The Lost Princess of Oz (Oz, #11)

  • Evgeny
    One fine morning in the Land of Oz Dorothy decided to show her friends around. Because nobody can as much as sneeze without asking Ozma's permission - I have this impression - Dorothy went to Ozma and realized that the latter disappeared: mysteriously and without any trace. Not to worry, Ozma had a magic picture which could show any what any person was currently doing. It turned out the picture is missing too, and so are all of Wizard's magic tri...
  • Tabby
    One of my favorite Oz books! review to come (maybe)
  • Joni
    Although this book was 100% Oz, it felt different to me than previous ones. It once again had a sound plot, and there weren't any bizarre character introduced unnecessarily. All of the scenes in the book contributed to the movement of the story. Maybe Baum is just finally growing up into his writing... I'll take it. :)Two notes about this book.First: We finally see Toto talk!! The story goes that he gained the ability to talk as soon as he entere...
  • Scott
    I previously read this book in 5th grade and again, at least in part, in college. This is one of the best books in the Oz series, in spite of Ozma being a damsel in distress for almost the entire book. It takes a lot of people, not just any one person, to rescue her, so at least there is that. In fact, the book is so populated with characters that many go off and Baum doesn't even bother to follow them, so perhaps the book's biggest flaw is that ...
  • Lee Födi
    Ah, this is one of the most tantalizing installments in the Oz series. Not only does it feature perhaps the best title of all of L. Frank Baum's Oz books, it has one of the biggest casts of characters at work. When Ozma disappears, all her friends go and search for her—as a result, we get to read about many of our old favorites from the Land of Oz, including Dorothy, the Patchwork Girl, the Cowardly Lion, the Hungry Tiger, the Scarecrow, et al....
  • hpboy13
    The best thing about this Oz book is that it has all the main characters adventuring together - the entire huge ensemble of them - as they search for Ozma.ETA 2018: The above point still stands - it is nice to see the stable of Oz characters undertake an adventure, instead of being the deus ex machina in someone else's story. While it seems to me we all could have been better off if Ozma had stayed lost, this was an enjoyable read. I didn't care ...
  • Nathan Sizemore
    90/100I actually thinks this is the quintessential Oz book. It features most of the characters you know and love from the series and a sharp narrative angle. We sped through it because my kids were really interested to hear what happened next. I think we finished the final third in one sitting.
  • Garrett Zecker
    Doma Publishing's Wizard of Oz collection has taken me several years to read with my son at bedtime. It was interesting revisiting the texts that I read swiftly through my youth, as I was about his age when I read them and remembered little beyond some of the characters that don't appear in any of the books. I picked up a copy of this version since, for 99c, I could have the complete series along with "All the original artwork by the great illust...
  • Garrett Kilgore
    I’ve said for years that this was my favorite and it still is. From the brilliant opening lines to the exciting conclusion, this is Oz and Baum and it’s best. It’s a great little mystery Tale with a delightful mix of new and old characters. I cannot recommend this one enough.
  • Olsey
    Lost Classic?" dreams, you know, with your eyes wide open and your brain-machinery whizzing -- are likely to lead to the betterment of the word." - L. Frank Baum The awesomely vivid imagination of L. Frank Baum gave life to thirteen (yes, thirteen) sequels of the popular children’s novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). Somewhat bizarrely, I've jumped in at number eleven in the series, The Lost Princess of Oz (1917) and now I must rant...
  • Grace
    This book is classic Baum - fun fairy-land adventures, all manners of creative and amusing oddities, great variety of characters. A great story for kids, or for any fan of Oz.However, from a storytelling and writing craft perspective, I have to rate this with only three stars. Baum follows his standard procedure of the main plot being nothing more than "wandering around Oz encountering oddities." The guise for this wandering is a search for Ozma ...
  • Kathrin
    It’s been a while since I started reading the Oz series. Looking back my main intention was to finally read the story I had heard a couple of times before. Since it’s a children’s book series I never had that much expectations but some of the books really surprised me while others bored me to no end.This certainly was one of the better ones. For once, it was more complex than other books in the series and some very interesting characters we...
  • Jason Pettus
    (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography []. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegally. This review covers all 14 of the Baum Oz books, which is why it's found on all 14 book pages here.)I think it's fairly safe by now to assume that nearly everyone in Western society is familiar with The Wizard of Oz, most of us because of the classic 1...
  • Bob Newman
    Magic Heist Sparks Safari !! This volume of the wonderful Oz stories is classic Baum, but perhaps not at his best. Still, fans will not want to miss the further adventures of Dorothy, the Wizard, and many other old characters, including the Cowardly Lion. The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman take a back seat. Ozma has been kidnapped along with her Magic Picture. The Wizard's wizardly gear has been ripped off, and a midnight break-in has robbed Glinda of...
  • Tori
    Definitely was better than most the Oz books, but I don't think any of them deserve more than 3 stars! just because it was better compared to the previous books in the series does not (1.) Make L. Frank Baum a better writer (2.) Mean this book Succeeded in holding a more complicated plot or (3.) mean he ended yet another book with an awfully convenient item that wraps everything up perfectly. I couldn't help but think throughout this book that as...
  • Matthew Hunter
    I’ll take credit for the genius move to delay continuing the Oz series for a number of months. Baum sticks once again to his journey-with-the-introduction-of-wacky-new-characters formula. The pause helped make his lack of creativity more bearable.The kiddos liked the Frogman. I found Cayke the Cookie Cook’s insistence on finding her baking pan annoying. A challenge for you - try saying “Cayke the Cookie Cook” quickly and repeatedly. I ton...
  • Stephanie Ricker
    Whatever will the Ozites do when their lovely girl ruler is kidnapped? Wander around until they manage to find out who took her, basically, in yet another excuse for Baum to explore new Oz geography. One wonders just how big this country is. I wasn't wild about the frog and the cookie cook subplot, but the tiny pink bear was great.
  • Diane
    This was one of the better stories in the series. When Ozma and all the magic disappears, everyone teams together to find it. We meet 2 new characters who meet up with them, coming from the opposite direction. The part I liked the most, is how each person had a part to play in using their talents to defeat the thief. It didn't all lay on one person.
  • Kristen Coffin
    "To be really lovely one must be beautiful without and within."Princess Ozma is missing: so we go on another Ozian adventure. We get to see a whole new host of magical citizens, travel the breadth of Oz to track down Ozma and the missing magical artifacts.Another cute Wizard of Oz edition.
  • Gloriamarie
    I remember how absolutely delighted I was a child to discover that there were lots and lots of Oz books.I have turned to them for a comfort read and they still delight me. I remember how worried I was. Would Ozma be found safe and unharmed?
  • Juanita
    Not really a review, but I read this book because there were multiple references to it in a staged reading of "Love Letters" that I was a part of earlier this year. I had to find out why my character was referred to as looking like The Lost Princess of Oz.
  • Samantha
    Thankfully this story featured familiar characters. This story was a nice classic adventure story. It introduced a few characters but who ultimately made the adventure more interested and well rounded. I hope the remaining stories are as well thought out as one.
  • Ira Livingston
    Aside from the original book that started the series, this by far is my favorite. The plot is actually original, plausible, and real enough without Baum's typical embellishments to add quirky new characters.Fantastic read.
  • MCK
    I've been enjoying the series, given what they are, however, this particular book was more enjoyable than 2-10. Baum wrote this as more of a mystery, which made it interesting. At the end, I forehead slapped myself for forgetting a key element... doh!
  • Lauren LaTulip
    Cast of thousands, but one of the better Oz stories, a good fantasy adventure, with bits of humour. I love the page size and type layout of my 1917 edition. Of course the illustrations are the highlight with John R Neill particularly dedicating himself to the Frogman.
  • Greg Snow
    An enjoyable children's tale that introduced yet more interesting characters from the land of Oz.
  • Aurora
    So far this is the Oz book that most closely resembles a story with a structured plot.
  • Hannah
  • Roxanne
    Read this aloud with my daughter at bedtime. She enjoyed the mystery of it a lot and laughed pretty much every time I said "Cayke the Cookie Cook".
  • Rick
    Well written and delightful