Shadow Dance (Buchanan, #6) by Julie Garwood

Shadow Dance (Buchanan, #6)

Jordan Buchanan is thrilled that her brother and best friend are tying the knot. The wedding is a lavish affair�for the marriage of Dylan Buchanan and Kate MacKenna is no ordinary occasion. It represents the joining of two family dynasties. The ceremony and reception proceed without a hitch�until a crasher appears claiming to be a MacKenna guest. The disheveled and eccentric professor of medieval history warns that there�s �bad blood� b...

Details Shadow Dance (Buchanan, #6)

TitleShadow Dance (Buchanan, #6)
Release DateDec 26th, 2006
Publisher Ballantine Books
GenreRomance, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance, Suspense

Reviews Shadow Dance (Buchanan, #6)

  • K.
    This book obviously has a cliffhanger at the end of it . . . GRRR! However, I'm not certain which book is the next to read!?! I suppose I'll have to read it now just to satisfy my curiosity. One element I was pleased with on listening to this book is Jordan Buchanan appeared to be a nice match for Noah Clayborne, whom I first met in "Mercy." Unfortunately, Noah's "fall" into love was somewhat uneventful/anticlimatic and, truthfully, a bit boring!...
  • ❤️ Dorsey aka Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️
    Oct 2017 Series Reread and Review 4.5 Bodies Are Dropping Stars! This book picks up after Slow Burn Dylan and Kate are getting married and merging the "Buchanan's & McKenna's" when a nutty history professor crashes the party claiming to be from the "McKenna clan" who's outraged that a McKenna would marry a blasted no good Buchanan!Turns out he is a Kate's youngest sister Isabel's History Professor who she accidentally invited to the wedding....s...
  • Wendy
    Loved it! Noah is so hot! Read this book and fall in love again. The character of Noah Clayborn is included in a couple other Garwood books, and you laugh at him there, but fall for him in this one. Jordan is a strong woman and a great example of todays woman. Give this one a try.
  • Laura V.
    No esperaba nada de este libro y nada me dio. Yo te amo Noah, de en serio lo hago, pero no era lo mejor que podías darme.Tal y como había adivinado con anterioridad, Noah se enamora de la hermana de su mejor amigo. Pero hay cosas que me hacen ruido:1. La atracción que sienten es absoluta y condenadamente repentina. En un momento, ambos está como siempre, y luego es como si se les encendiera un chip que los obligara a sentir atracción por el ...
  • Chitra *CJ*
    "Shadow Dance" is the story of Jordan and Noah.Jordan Buchanan is happily enjoying her brother's marriage to her best friend Kate, when she meets with professor MacKenna who claims to have proof about a long running feud between the Buchanans and Mackennas.Having been called "boring" one too many times, especially by her brother Nick and their family friend, the notorious playboy and FBI agent Noah, she decides to take up the professor's offer to...
  • Mojca
    Jordan Buchanan, the ultimate computer nerd, attends yet another brother's wedding and is charged to keep an eye on her sister-in-law's nineteen-year-old sister who's practically doing back flips to gain the attention of Noah Clayborne, an FBI agent with a score list longer than the Good Book. Not that he's interested, he knows the girl is too young for him, but still, it's better to be safe than sorry.An uninvited guest crashed the party, a nutt...
  • Elia
    Espectacular! Lo tiene todo, sobretodo a Noah! Siempre supera mis expectativas. No me estoy leyendo la serie por orden y me cabrea no poder terminarla. La editoriales podrían pensar un poco más en los lectores y terminar las series que empiezan.
  • Katyana
    I've loved Noah for several books now, and just wanted more from his book. I don't feel like we really got to know him, or see much of his process.Still enjoyed it, but I wanted more.Re-read June 2017I think the problem is ... Noah has been built up so much over the last couple books, it is probably impossible to not be mildly disappointed when we finally get his book. I mean, there wasn't anything wrong with it, exactly - the plot was a good mys...
  • Amanda
    This is book six in the Buchanan Series, and the one I have been waiting to read since I started this series. Noah Clayborne has been a recurring character in every book so far and I have fallen more in love with him as the books progressed. So when it finally came to his HEA I couldn't be happier to see that it was with Jordan, the little sister of his partner Nick Buchanan from Heartbreaker book 1 in the series, as well as all the other Buchana...
  • Xiki71
    Como siempre Julie Garwood en suspense no decepciona. Lo cierto es que la historia está bien construida y engancha desde la segunda parte del libro, que no desde la primera porque se me hizo algo pesada la introducción. Por otra parte, no reencuentro al Noah del libro de Nick, esperaba otra personalidad del personaje por lo que había leído en los libros anteriores, no obstante, no me ha defraudado el personaje.Jordan con su obsesión por la i...
  • Nonieღserenity2bliss
    Not enough Noah Clayborne, so for that I'm a little disappointed. I've been looking forward to his story from the start because he's a bit of thorn on the Buchanan brothers' side. And he appears in every books in the series so I thought he'd be more prominent in Shadow Dance because it is his story after all. But it doesn't feel like it his story mainly because his heroine is Jordan Buchanan. So when finally a Buchanan is the star in the series, ...
  • Cruth
    Author: Julie GarwoodFirst published: 2007Length: 336 pagesSetting: Small town contemporary - Serenity, TexasSex: Explicit towards the end. Not necessary for story... More romance less sex would have been more appropriate for the characters.Hero: FBIHeroine: Recently sold a computer business for millions. Computer geek.That's it. I'm up-to-date on Garwood's Buchanan series. Read out of order but overall enjoyable. A definite change in style as th...
  • Ursula
    Jordan Buchanan is thrilled that her brother and best friend are tying the knot. The wedding is a lavish affair - for the marriage of Dylan Buchanan and Kate MacKenna is no ordinary occasion. It represents the joining of two family dynasties. The ceremony and reception proceed without a hitch - until a crasher appears claiming to be a MacKenna guest. The disheveled and eccentric professor of medieval history warns that there's "bad blood" between...
  • Renee
    Another thoroughly entertaining read from Julie Garwood. I wouldn't say it was deeply emotional but it was certainly interesting, funny and romantic enough to make it worth your while. There was great chemistry between the leads and I felt they genuinely liked each other.My only criticism would be that I would like to have seen Jordan's family's reaction to her falling in love with Noah (one of her older brother's good mates and FBI partner - but...
  • Julie Morrisson
    Over all I though it was ok. I was a bit disappointed, It definitely felt incomplete.If you have a man-whore trigger this is not the book for you. That's not even my problem with it though.I think it either moved too slowly or too quickly. She spent pages and pages and small details, but when something big happened she would skip ahead to the next scene. I kind of want more of these characters though; I just wish the book had been longer.It's har...
  • Melanie
    Love all of Garwood's books, be they CR or historical...But I got to admit, I was expecting a little something more from Noah Clayborne:-) He had so much promise in all the other Buchanan books! I loved him in Shadow Dance, don't get me wrong, but it could have been a little better:-) 4 1/2 stars, just for that teeny missing element:-) Otherwise, a great read:-)
  • Mancho283
    3.5 เรืองความสัมพันธระหวางพระนางชอบมากๆนะกรีดเลย แลวจริงๆชอบคาแรคเตอรของโนอาหมาตังแตแรกแลวดวย แตเสียอยางเดียวเรืองนี พลอตเรืองการสืบสวนสำหรับเรามันออนไป คื...
  • Yona
    I loved it, I don't want this series to be over.
  • Katherine 黄爱芬
    Novel ini benar² "kesalahan" buat saya. Pertama, saya salah beli krn tertipu covernya yg saya pikir ini historical romance, eh tau²nya malah suspense romance. Tau sendiri susrom author bener² spt kerupuk masuk angin. Udah gak enak dikunyah. Kedua, chemistry tokoh utama, Jordan dan Noah cuma sekedar tempelan. Gak jelas chemistry nya datang drmn tau² udah bobo aja. Ketiga, korban pembunuhan pertama si professor sejarah ini menggelikan, buat apa...
  • Rita Carvalho
    I've read this book three times now and this is definitely my favorite book in the whole world!! I love it so much.This book starts with Kate and Dylan's wedding. We already knew they were getting married (thanks to the previous book from this collection, Slow Burn). I think that's cute because Kate is Jordan's best friend and we can see a bit more of their relationship here. The wedding starts later than what it was supposed to thanks to Noah! H...
  • Laura Grable
    I have nothing nice to say about this book. I don't ask for much from books, I just want to be entertained, and I usually understand why popular books are popular. This book was written by a best selling author and got okay reviews on this website. However, I can unequivocally say that this is the worst book I have read in years. In fact, this review already has a wider range of vocabulary than this book. Oh, except for her love of the word "vora...
  • anh
    2.5 starsI've waited for Noah's story for a long time now, and honestly- I'm disappointed. Noah Clayborne is, through several books, portrayed as the badass playboy whom can have any woman he wants, and who never has any strings attached. So of course, I was excited for his story and how he would fall in love, what kind of woman it'd be and how their relationship would work out (with him being very flirtatious and never having a serious relations...
  • Bookmom
    When this book first came out, it was the story we'd all been waiting for. We were first introduced to him in Heartbreaker as Nick Buchanan's partner, and saw him again in Mercy and Killjoy. The super sexy womanizer, FBI Special Agent Noah Clayborne, a descendant of Cole Clayborne from an earlier historical series, finally gets his own story.Jordan Buchanan is in Serenity, TX doing some research when she finds the body of the professor she's met ...
  • Jessi
    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this book before, I am definitely missing some of these in my attempt to keep up with every book I've ever read. Anyway, this is one of my favorites in the Buchanan series, Jordan's story. The book opens with Jordan attending the wedding of her best friend to her brother. A slightly crazed looking man, Professor McKenna, breaks in and tells Jordan that her friend is making a mistake because their two families (h...
  • Danielle
    This is my all time favourite of Julie Garwood's books. Here's why:Noah is already an established character and after seeing him in nearly everyone of the previous novels in the series, those who have read those novels know him pretty well. He's a blase kind of guy, he's sexy as hell and he's a ladies man. Noah has said, on many occasions, he'd never fall in love and marry and actually calls Nick, John Paul, Alec and Theo for it and we finally se...
  • Julie H.
    This is the best of the three Julie Garwoods I've read to date, but it too suffers from that same gaggy style of romance writing when it comes to love scenes. The story here, however, isn't bad. The concept is that computer software giant Jordan Buchanan crosses paths with an eccentric professor whose research implicates her Scottish ancestors in improbably negative ways. After meeting him at a family wedding, Jordan travels to a nowhereseville t...
  • Lynn
    The Buchanan family in modern times. I have read all the Buchanan series from 1 to 6 so far. It is fun to see how Julie Garwood keeps everything in historical order. Her book series all tie together in one way or another.Jordan meets an unusual man at her brother and friend's wedding. She and Noah, a friend, discuss her life as a "comfort zone". So she decides to go to Texas and meet with the unusual man who is a Professor. He gives her his resea...
  • Canan ^^
    kitap şu saniyelerde bitmiştir..Buchanan erkelerini zaten severdim ama Noah'da fena değilmiş...yani bende bir "NGC" olmaya adayım:)kitaabı bitirmem biraz uzun sürdü..malum ödevler:)ama bu hikayeyi beğendim...oldukça akıcı ve hızlı ilerleyen..okuyucuyuyormayan bir kitaptı.aynı zamanda da eğlenceli...Noah ve Jordan'ının çekişmeleri yer yer güldürse de yer yer saç-baş yoldurtacak cinstendi...cinayetlerle..bazı iskoç klanl...
  • jenjn79
    Good book. Not outstanding or something with a great "wow" factor, but a good solid book. It starts off a bit slow, as have several other Garwood books I've read, but the storyline picks up. For a romantic suspense that involves murder and mayhem, the book has a rather low-intensity, laid-back feel to it. It didn't keep me on my toes like other romantic suspenses I've read.The romance was decent...I liked both Jordan and Noah; they had some passi...