Tegami Bachi by Hiroyuki Asada

Tegami Bachi

In Amberground, a dangerous terrain where a man-made star casts a permanent twilight, young Lag Seeing aspires to become a Letter Bee: a postman entrusted to deliver the hearts of people separated from the ones they love.

Details Tegami Bachi

TitleTegami Bachi
Release DateSep 1st, 2009
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels

Reviews Tegami Bachi

  • Wart Hill
    I liked this more this time than the first time i read it.
  • Kogiopsis
    It was pretty much a sure bet that this series would be excellent, considering it was recommended to me (very strongly) by the same person who recommended Full Metal Alchemist. And actually, I'd heard about Tegami Bachi before - it has an excellent reputation.This is the kind of story that is so original and cool and fun that it leaves the reader with an urge to write something themselves, and the ideas are so engaging and filled with possibility...
  • Courtney
    What a charming and unique series! I love the concept: a world where there is only darkness and an artificial sun to combat it, where society is split by a rigorously enforced caste system, where sending a simple letter from one town to another is a death-defying mission that requires a strong heart to survive. Volume one opens with Letter Bee extraordinaire, Gauche Suede and his "dingo" (a necessary companion for each Letter Bee), picking up a l...
  • dani! ❀
    I only made a spur of the moment decision to try this because I realised there was a shota but I'm glad I did. This was really good. I'm holding back from giving it five stars because I want to see how the rest of the series fares first, but this could easily become one of my favourites.The other reason I picked this up was the art--it's absolutely gorgeous. Everything is really beautiful, the character designs are stunning, the world is so detai...
  • Ashley Chen
    First off, THE COVER! It is GORGEOUSSS!! I love the details, the saturation, the colour! I knew I had to pick this up from all the other manga I borrowed from my friend. :3 Yes, I judge the manga by its cover.Okay, now to the story. In the world of Tegami Bachi, it is kind of like a dystopian-ish. I mean we get the land divided into 3 sections from the rich to the poor. That trend doesn't change and it is predictable. But to me the plot is nice. ...
  • Doug Beatty
    I have read five volumes of this series, and really like the story. The art is fantastic and reading it for the art alone would be a good reason. This is the story of the letter bees. There is a society that is caught in a caste system, and people are scattered around the world. The main city of the wealthy has an artificial sun, and it houses the beehive, where the letter bees congregate to deliver mail (they are the postmen of the world). One o...
  • haf
    Usually in any manga I read, I look for a gripping storyline and art. Tegami Bachi has both of these. The first time I read it was because I saw the cover and read the summary and they both were perfection.Tegami Bachi is somewhat dystopia fiction, with a whole new world. From the very first page to the very last page Hiroyuki Asada managed to keep us flipping pages and that is exactly what I look for in any book/manga I read.When you go further ...
  • Sesana
    I'm going to be generous with this review, because it is the first volume. No, it didn't quite click with me. But I did get the feeling that this is the exposition volume, and the story will really start in earnest in the next volume. The art is quite good, which helps, and there are some interesting aspects to the world of Amberground. But even though I have no real complaints, nothing about this volume impressed me. I do think it'll get better ...
  • Guguk
    12 Oct 2015 :Sampai volume yang sudah terbit dan dibaca (lupa berapa tepatnya...)Rating masih bisa berubah sesuai sikon & ending (^,^)/Gambar : 6.5 bintangCerita : 3.5 bintangHumor : 4 bintangSistem dunianya yang membingungkan : -8 bintangMungkin musti dibaca ulang secara marathon ^ ^) *bacasambillari*Niche lucu & kuat (^,^)9_____________Edited : 26 April 2017 - sampai vol.20 (tamat)*turunkan rating jadi 2☆**tariknapasdalamdalamsiapngerant*(vie...
  • Venesa
    I literally saw this on goodreads and thought the cover was really pretty (yes im the fool who judges books by their covers) so i bought 2 volumes lol. Its actually alot better than i was expecting, its such an interesting and unique premise and im so glad i bought them. The world of Tegami Bachi has no sun and instead a man-made sun gives artificial light to the capital city. The main characters reside in the outer reaches of the country where t...
  • Ashley
    I'm always shocked at how fast my sister finishes graphic novels. I've been to the library 3 times in the past week to borrow new graphic novels for her, Letter Bee one of those graphic novels. I originally decided to try and read them with her but I realized I would never be able to catch up with her with the rate she goes. So. Tonight I picked up Letter Bee and was able to finish it in roughly 30 minutes? Which certainly made it easier for me t...
  • Rose Heartfilia
    To add all the manga's! I mostly read mangas when I think that the anime was great but I want answers or expect the story line to go differently. I watched Tegami Bachi during the airing season, that's a long time ago and it has always been on my to-read-list. So here I am trying to read this at some point and to see if I finally get the answers that I wanted years ago. To be continued :)
  • Okuta Otherside
    Great artwork, great characters, great story! Manga that you should have in your bookshelves!
  • Littlebearries
    In Amberground, it is the job of the Letter Bee to deliver the letters of the people... whatever those letters may be.The story opens with us meeting a diligent Letter Bee by the name of Guache Suede. He and his dingo (the name given to the Letter Bee's helper companion... which can be anything from a dog to a man... in Guache's case, it's a dog named Roda)are on their way to pick up a letter, which turns out to be Lag Seeing, a small boy who has...
  • duniamimpigie Anggi
    (Nah kan, jadi keterusan nambahin manga di rak GR :p)Jadi, Tegami Bachi ini juga manga FAVORIT si Gie ♥♥♥Udah baca sampai chapter terbaru! Dan berharap diterbitkan di Indonesia~Selain Natsume, Tegami Bachi-lah manga yang mampu membuat saya banjir air mata ;A;Ceritanya sangat fantasiyah, namun tetap heart-warming. Konsep awal mengenai dunianya kreatif, tidak biasa. Plot tidak terlalu lambat dan konfliknya sejak awal jelas (well, saya sedang ...
  • usagi ☆ミ
    Another spectacular translation from Viz. (Wow, they've been on a role lately!)I was very pleasantly surprised and overjoyed to see how this series has been translated so far, especially with the "untranslateable" worlds like shindanjuu (heart+bullet+gun) and the monster names. Not only did they leave those words untranslated but in the margins actually provided the kanji and the reading of the kanji, explained the meanings to American readers. T...
  • Melissa
    Melissa WickelhausGenre: AdventureThe first volume of Tegami Bachi, Letter Bee follows the young Lag Seeing as he is delivered to his aunt by Gauche Suede, a Letter Bee who travel the countryside delivering letters. After their adventure through the Gaichuu, huge insects protected by metal exoskeletons, infested wilderness, Lag Seeing declares that he wants to become a Letter Bee like Gauche, and once he is old enough he begins his own adventure ...
  • Selena
    Too. Much. Info dump.Soooo much info dump.Sooooo bored.It's an interesting concept, but the amount of info dumping was frustrating. Truth be told, not much stuck in my head because of it.
  • Charmaine (CharmySketches)
    The artwork in this manga was really inspiring but it did seem that the characters were more interesting to me than the portions of the manga in which we are told the lore of the Amberground rather than shown. I'm definitely interested in continuing this series in hopes that the art continues to be great and the story gets better fleshed out.
  • FutureSimp
    I gave this book a low score as nothing really happened. I'll give the second book a try hoping this book was just laying the "groundwork" for the story . I suggest checking this out at a library first.
  • ᴋᴜsᴇʏᴏ
    I am in love with their covers are soo... (I was about 2 say kawaii but thats not the word im looking for)anyway, this sounds like an awesoe story i think it should be an anime. :P //shotah
  • Clair
    Letter Bee (Tegami Bachi) Volume 1 Once upon a time, I pulled out a manga from its hidey-hole on the shelf at a book shop. The artwork was absolutely gorgeous, and the use of colour was really quite striking – blue, purple, and shades of grey and white. I had heard a little bit about Letter Bee before I blindly bought the first volume (the lengths I will go to if a book has a pretty cover…), but nothing much. A friend of mine who watched t...
  • Col
    Volumes 1-9 reviewI'd be hard pressed to say anything about this was particularly bad. The art was expressive and dynamic, the characters are varied, and the premise of delivering letters in a world with only an artificial sun was interesting. However, I found that none of these ended up appealing to me. I disliked the clothing design of the series, the large insect monsters were visually uninteresting to me, and the environments were dull. The o...
  • K.S.
    A sweet, heart felt (although at times crude) adventure of a boy who's found and delivered to a new home by one of the Tegami Bachi, Letter Bees. Meeting Gauche Suede changed Lag Seeing's life. Lag decided he wanted to be a Bee himself, to deliver fragments of 'heart' to all of those desperate to send them. Every Bee needs a Dingo, though, and Lag finds his in the most unexpected place.
  • Charles
    Stuff I Read – Letter Bee Vol 1So I’ve been looking into some steampunk stories for a while, and more and more I have been convinced that there’s just not a lot of it out there, at least not that much that is meant for a mature or adult audience. Not that there has to be extreme violence or anything like that, but I rather want my stories to have some depth, some innovation, and so when I read about Letter Bee I was intrigued. This is not l...
  • King
    This review is for the entire Tegami Bachi saga.Great characters, interesting plot developments, great sub-stories mixed in. And absolutely stunning art, consistent throughout the entire run.Gets a bit creepy at times but hardly horror. More sci-fi if anything. But really, this is just a pure adventure story with a lot of heart.
  • Tom Ewing
    There's nothing original in the bones of Tegami Bachi - a young boy wants to become the very best so he can find his lost mother - but the standard shonen manga narrative is done with such imagination, panache and charm that you almost don't notice. Some of that is to do with the setting - a caste-system world whose class divisions are physicalised: the further you go from the world's artificial sun, the darker and poorer the landscape becomes. B...
  • Rebecca
    I love how much thought has gone into the world building, and I appreciate the attempt at visual story telling, but tbh I was lost during most of the action scenes, bc they were so busy I couldn’t tell what was long on. And I thought there were too many so that it bogged down the story.