The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

#1 New York Times BestsellerPaula Deen meets Erma Bombeck in The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Ree Drummond’s spirited, homespun cookbook. Drummond colorfully traces her transition from city life to ranch wife through recipes, photos, and pithy commentary based on her popular, award-winning blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, and whips up delicious, satisfying meals for cowboys and cowgirls alike made from simple, widely available ingredients. The Pi...

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TitleThe Pioneer Woman Cooks
Release DateOct 27th, 2009
PublisherWilliam Morrow Cookbooks
Number of pages256 pages
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews The Pioneer Woman Cooks

  • Nikki
    (WARNING: incoming rant)I wanted to give this book three stars but since I found out the TRUTH about what a fake and phony Ree Drummond is, I cannot.Through several websites I read the truth about Ree, her life of privilege in an upper-middle-class family and then marrying into one of the top land-owner ranching families in the US. The "pioneer" appellation that Ree gave herself must be an inside joke because she and her husband are so rich (with...
  • Christy Stewart
    This book is 1 part of the most basic recipies you'll ever need and 15 parts pictures of her family and horses. It's more of a love letter to her kids than an actual cook book, but if you need to know that to make eggs in a basket you put egg on toast, go ahead and buy this.And with all the photos of horses throughout the book, there was not ONE horse recipe. What a jip.
  • False Millennium
    First of all, why would you even buy this book since all of the recipes are on her website for free--unless you just had to have the complete Pioneer Woman Experience--and there are legions. She is highly marketed. What you aren't told is that her husband is something like the eighth largest land owner in the U.S. She has staff on many levels. In other words, she's a 1%'er who can choose to create and live her life style. Not a simple ranch wife....
  • Trudi
    I don't cook, not really. I can make an okay omelet, an edible lasagna, pretty yummy mashed potatoes and gravy ... and that's about it. And it isn't that I'm SO INEPT, I just don't really have the desire to cook. I don't like it. It's not fun for me. But here's the thing -- I LOVE to eat and I LOVE to watch food being prepared. Yes, I'm a food porn addict. I watch the Food Network, I drool over online recipes imagining what things would taste lik...
  • Kerri
    This book was my first exposure to Pioneer Woman, other than stumbling on her blog a few times. I will say this: don't pick her book up expecting to go on a diet. She makes good, hearty meals for hard working ranchers and a family full of growing kids, so if you're looking for salad recipes this is not the place to start.The grouping of this book was great -- I found it very easy to find a recipe for whatever my purposes were, and I enjoyed that ...
  • Margaret McCullough
    I've been following Ree Drummond since she first began blogging a few years ago. Her quick wit makes it a pleasure to read even the most mundane of daily tasks. When I found out there was to be a cookbook, I knew I *had* to have it. Ree is obviously a visual person (something I appreciate) because her recipes are shown with tons of step-by-step pictures. I think the whole reason I buy cookbooks to begin with are the pictures... :-) It's the only ...
  • Nancy
    I didn't know that I could have such a great time READING a cookbook. The usual cookbook is just page after page of boring black and white text. Not so with the Pioneer Woman Cooks. Ree Drummond combines her love of family, food and ranching in a beautiful homage to the people, places and things that she loves. Her photography is stunning. The visual step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, and the ingredients are items that you can find in ...
  • Christine
    If you've followed her blog as I have, you'll be pleased to find that author Ree Drummond sticks to her characteristic mix of wry humor and butter by the pound. I'm glad. It's been working for her. In The Pioneer Woman Cooks, her cookbook slash photographic memoir, Ree brings to life the story of her city upbringing with her farm woman reality, currently wrangling four kids and a husband on a working cattle ranch in Oklahoma. Mesmerizing photogra...
  • Steven Peterson
    This cookbook is a boatload of fun. The story of how a big city woman became a country girl, serving hearty food to ranchers, is interesting in its own right. The variety of pictures that portray life on a ranch--having little to do with the recipes--adds a very nice context against which to look at the recipes. Just so, photos of the Pioneer woman, the ranchers, the kids, the dogs, and the horses. One minor thing that reminds me of growing up in...
  • Katherine A.
    The only exposure I had to Ree Drummond before e-borrowing this from the library was when I accidentally stumbled across a post on her blog about making Eggs Benedict. I clicked out of there quick after reading her recommendation that you make an "F5 tornado" out of boiling water to hold the eggs together. Eeesh, no thanks. So later I e-borrowed this book since the fish-out-of-water-cookbook idea sounded interesting...and was immediately confused...
  • Kathy (Bermudaonion)
    If you’re not familiar with The Pioneer Woman, you need to be! This woman is amazing! She’s a ranch wife and manages to maintain an amazing blog, homeschool four kids, take gorgeous pictures and create a beautiful cookbook.I was mesmerized by The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond when I got it. In this wonderful cookbook Ree explains how she became The Pioneer Woman, shows a little of ranch life and shares some of her great recipes. The bea...
  • Michaiah
    I've been a huge fan and avid reader of for nearly two years, and have been anxiously awaiting this cookbook. It is without a doubt the most colorful, beautiful cookbook I own, and I'm sure one of the most colorful and beautiful cookbooks ever published. And it's more than just a cookbook. Ree combines plenty of recipes, including the stories behind them, with her own gorgeous photography and interesting details of her ranch l...
  • Laurie
    I first stumbled across The Pioneer Woman blog through her photography section and immediately was fascinated with her writing and her life. Completely down to earth, she started the blog only about 3 years ago and it has morphed into something huge. Her husband is a cattle rancher in Oklahoma, where they also house wild mustangs for the government. Everything she does is with class and high quality and attention to detail. This book showcases he...
  • Rebecca
    This cookbook is like no other in my cupboard... which is both a good thing and a bad thing. I've only recently started reading her blog recently, and knowing that she has a blog, I'm a little disappointed at how few recipes are in the book. She had soo many recipes w/ pictures taken at her disposal, so I expected more recipes (especially considering how big the book is). So that's the bad, but there is good! I love having step-by-step instructio...
  • Renee
    This is a strange little cookbook. I happened to watch an episode of The Pioneer Woman and thought that my family might like her simple, easy recipes. So I downloaded one of her cookbooks on my Kindle and starting leisurely bookmarking recipes while watching my children play on the beach. At first I was annoyed. There were pictures everywhere! Pictures of her kids, husband, friends, horses, cows... oh yeah, and lots of step by step pictures of fo...
  • April
    I love Ree's blog. I've been reading it for over two years now and go there almost daily. I really had high hopes for this cookbook and pre-ordered it months ago. Yesterday the package came and I was so excited. I read through the whole book in one sitting. The book is colorful and the pictures are beautiful, BUT - most of it is already on her blog. I was hoping for all new recipes and pictures, but time and time again I would turn the page and s...
  • Melinda
    I got this for Christmas, and sat down and read it. Yes, read a cookbook! Everything that I love about is also in her cookbook. She loves her husband, she loves her children, and she loves her life even thought is has hardship and difficulty. The photography is wonderful, the recipes are top notch REAL food with interesting twists, and her humor is an added spice!Get this, read it, and cook from it!!!
  • Lisa
    I actually sat down and read this cookbook cover to cover, then I tried a few of the recipes and they got raves from my hungry crew so I figured I should review it. The recipes in this book had ingredients that I had in my pantry, which seems to never happen with other cookbooks. No nonsense food with lots of beef and potatoes, but that is just like my family likes it. Love the pictures that showed the step-by-step instructions, very helpful.
  • Anne OK
    Got my copy and love the layout of the cookbook. It's classic Pioneer Woman and after scanning the book quickly, it looks like there are lots of wonderful recipes. Beautifully photographed. A wonderful Christmas gift idea for anyone who loves to cook. Ree Drummond has hit a homerun with her recipes and life stories in my opinion.
  • Colleen D
    I had to buy it. Wish me luck on actually cooking! The writing and photos are amazing though, I may attempt to mimic her culinary skills.
  • Camisha Maze
    This book has lots of great comfort food recipes! I also love the story she tells along the book
  • Sara Habein
    Anyone who picked up this cookbook and expected a straightforward, recipes-only affair must not be all that familiar with the internet presence that is Pioneer Woman.Each of her recipes have step-by-step photos documenting the process, which can be tremendously helpful for beginning cooks. Drummond takes all the photos herself, and it has been fun to watch the evolution of her photography reading her site over the years. She’s the first one to ...
  • Anastasia
    The diet that my husband and I follow for our diabetes management gives us one day of cheating. The point is to eat so much of the bad stuff that you are happy to stay away from it for a whole week. And I almost always turn to the Pioneer Woman. She started out as a website and her forte is step by step pictures, and being pretty damn funny too. You can get a lot of recipes off her website. But there's really something special about having her bo...
  • Heather
    I became a fan of Pioneer Woman some time ago when I happened upon her blog one day. I've enjoyed her humor, the glimpses into her life, her children and the handsome Marlboro Man that she married. And now I am enjoying her first book The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. More than just a cookbook, this book gives you a look into daily life on a working cattle ranch. Full of photographs that she has taken of her family...
  • Jackie
    This book is a lot of fun. Part cookbook, part scrapbook (complete with the author's own photography and honest to goodness clip art), and all love affair with food, family and ranch life. There are homey tidbits (like what NOT to scratch after seeding a jalapeno), old fashioned recipe instructions ("throw on a big pile of pico de gallo" or "if your husband walks in as you're completing this step, shield the bowl with your body and stir quickly. ...
  • Gina
    Every recipe I've made by The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, has been delicious. I regularly make recipes off her website, Food Network, or her companion site Tasty Kitchen. Each is simple, comes with detailed instructions, and usually provides alternative ingredient suggestions. All the recipes I made from this book were great. Highlights include the pineapple upside down cake and sangria. The enchiladas were good but I like the recipe I usually m...
  • Corey
    I ordered this book the other day, having it been in my wish list for quite a while when I saw it on sale I hit buy. I have been following Ree's blog for quite some time. The combo of photography, recipes and giveaways is pretty enticing and it's not too hard to fall into the pattern of reading her entries obsessively on my Google Reader. Her recipes are good, regular down-home cooking. One of the must frustrating things about other famous chefs ...
  • Pam Fullem
    Since I had enjoyed Ree's book on how she became a "pioneer woman", I thought I would look at this book. I am normally NOT one who reads or enjoys cookbooks. I even have a plaque on my kitchen wall that states "The only reason I have a kitchen is that it came with the house"! This was a lovely book! I learned some things ( my family will appreciate it!), and there were many lovely color photos that explained every step. She also provided some nar...
  • Melodie
    I had never heard of Ree Drummond or her Pioneer Woman blog until a couple of weeks ago when I saw a short article about her in a magazine. There was a recipe for meatballs that was part of the article and they sounded like something my husband would like. I made them the following weekend and I was correct. My husband loved them and the very simple sauce for them. I still haven't read her blog, but decided to get this book when I got a thing in ...