Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina

Kimi ni Todoke

Rumors start flying about Sadako's new friends claiming that Yano's been around the block and Yoshida's a former gang member. And the source of all this tattle? Sadako herself! Will Sadako retreat to her former life as a loner because of a simple misunderstanding?!

Details Kimi ni Todoke

TitleKimi ni Todoke
Release DateOct 6th, 2009
PublisherVIZ Media
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo, Young Adult

Reviews Kimi ni Todoke

  • Juhina
    Super cute as usual! I couldn't help myself and read this in a day.
  • Jillian (bookishandnerdy)
    book #1 for booktubeathon 2018 completethis was precious and i loved the friendship so much in this one!!
  • Jessica-Robyn
    The level of cuteness is astronomical. I'm so used to shojo manga focusing on the male-female relationship that it's refreshing to instead see friendship take center stage. This volume has a nice arc to the story and the way that there's drama without it being overkill is excellent! I'm also really loving the how expressive the art is. And guys, friendship really is magic!
  • Lottie Eve
    4.5 starsI don’t know how many times my eyes watered, but I do know that they watered a lot–from both sadness and happiness. I have learned that the Kimi ni Todoke series has a heartwarming story about first love and friendships and knowing about what you want. This is a series that will make you smile…and sometimes it will have your heart shattering into a million pieces from emotion.So much happens in this volume but all of it focuses on ...
  • Mayu
    5/10Me ha gustado lo poquito que llevo de esta serie y aun habiendo visto la película y sabiendo que la serie no es novedosa ni espectacular, tengo intriga, por ver como evoluciona todo. Lo poquito que he leído yo ha sido muy, muy enternecedor. Eso es en lo que esta serie más destaca. No es que sea una joya inolvidable, no es de esas que te marcan, te estremecen la piel y se quedan con tu corazón, pero si es bonita y la he disfrutado (eso sí...
  • Reina
    ¡Me encanta!Estos capítulos, que están centrados en las chicas me fascinan sobremanera. Es interesante ver cómo se va desarrollando su amistad poco a poco y lo mucho que se estiman. Sawako tiene problemas para darse a entender y es tan pura e inocente que su afán de no complicar las cosas las complica todavía más. ¿Mi eterna fascinación? Las reacciones de Kazehaya cuando ve la sonrisa de Sawako.
  • Reddish
    Este volumen me ha tenido un tanto en tensión... ¡Y eso que ya he visto el anime! Me está gustando mucho este manga. “I don't even know how to be alone anymore.”
  • Lou (BooksAreAWayOfLife)
    I LOVE THIS MANGA SERIES SO MUCH OMG! IT'S SO CUTE! After I read Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 1, I bought the next 9 volumes of the series, and the anime, and the Japanese live action movie adaption. I can't wait for them to come and I can me surrounded in all things Kimi Ni Todoke! The Plot: This manga is about a girl called Sawako Kuronuma and she has the looks that would be perfect for a ghost in a horror movie. Long black hair, pale s...
  • Ericka Hall
    THIS IS WHY I LOVE SHOJO. Volume two deals with how Sawako will overcome a rumor that she is spreading rumors about Yano-san and Yoshida-san. The relationship between these three grows, and it's so heartwarming as you find out their feelings towards one another. Sawako is precious
  • delaney
    Much more emotional than the first volume!
  • Estefany
    Seguimos y ya Kurumi aparecio y como la odio... Yano y Yoshida las mejores.
  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    Super cute and I really like how anti social the main character is.She reminds me of how I was in high school and I have a huge amount of respect for her even though I'm only two volumes in.
  • Farhin
    Please do not read this review if you have not read the previous volume. There may be gifs that correspond to the scenes in the manga. This volume focuses on the relationship between Sawako, Yano and Yoshida.Due to rumours of the latter two being spread, Sawako is convinced that it is her company that has caused this gossip. She's also convinced that Kazehaya will lose his popularity when she overhears a few girls saying so in the girls' toilets...
  • Jacki
    ***This is my review for volumes 1&2.***Summary: Sawako has the lowest self-esteem in the world, and with good reason. She's so spooky-looking with her pale skin and Ringu hair that the kids at school think she's a witch and call her Sadako. They aren't just teasing, either. By this point, the gag has gone on so long that they've started to believe it and are actually scared of her. But her fortune starts to change when the most popular and frien...
  • Joss
    September 2013: 4.5 stars (shown as 4)This volume was a little difficult for me. As usual, it had its hilarious moments, but the drama made the volume very heavy. Even in the anime, I wasn't particularly fond of this arc because it could have been so easily resolved. That, and it breaks my heart to see these lovely characters go through such emotional hardship. 3 But, I understand that it's essential to Chizu, Ayane and Sawako's relationship and ...
  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    3 stars. I really enjoyed the ending of this volume a lot more than the beginning. The beginning felt so contrived and I was a little bit confused but it did resolve and wrap up nicely. I love the focus on the friendship that Sawako has made more than the 'relationship(?)' with Kaze. I also liked that we got to see how the rumors and all of the drama that was going on was effecting not only Sawako but the other girls as well. So far, I am still r...
  • Ana Luisa
    Tierno y alegre. Existen problemas para la protagonista (muy despistada), tiene unas amigas que realmente la quieren (súper bonito) y a través de la problemática todos logran cambiar un poco su perspectiva. ¡Verdaderamente te quedan ganas de leer más!
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    While Sawako begins talking more with her classmates and slowly starting to smile more, there's rumors going around about two of her classmates. And someone says Sawako's responsible. And Sawako begins avoiding them and Kazehaya. Will she clear the misunderstanding? Another good read in the series.
  • The Banana
    A super cute manga that I finished the day I started it! Its got a great plot and an amazing character development! :P
  • Ange L. Mariño
    lo ame.
  • Morel Dei
    I want this kind of friendship more often.
  • Amber
    The series is good; this collected volume is not. This series could've continued without this book even existing at all, which made it entirely frustrating to get through.
  • Winna
    The best volume of all, in my opinion.Still got the shivers reading it :)The girls' friendship is so real and sweet.
  • Holly Letson
    Making new friends is a wonderful experience.
  • Meepelous
    Only two volumes in, but this series continues to be a new found favourite for me. The low stakes conflict and totally not rapey or slut shaming crush vibe emanating makes for perfectly enjoyable escapism. I really appreciate the fact that female friendship and crushes on a dude person are really equated in importance as far as the plot goes. I also think that these volumes, and hopefully the entire series, could be used as lessons in how to depi...
  • Angela
    So here’s where I’m at with this series so far: each volume could be resolved in around half the pages if the main character didn’t keep saying the same phrases over and over. I know I reviewed book one in a similar way but the issue persists in book two. The plot is interesting enough but the character may need more depth instead of stagnancy or the story may need to start focusing on side character development and plot lines. The entire p...
  • A. L.
    Ahh. This volume was a bit more cliche than the last. I didn't hate it, but, while it's probably realistic to high school, I really am tired of rumors that start friendship drama. On the positive side, the teacher (I don't remember his name) is pretty funny, albeit rather (completely) unrealistic. (Let's see how many times I can get the word "friend" in here.) And thankfully the friendship drama was sorted out, and the friends are still friends, ...
  • Kathleen Stebbins
    I am giving it a star more than I think I should, I'm feeling more honest than embellishing I suppose. The story is progressing, it's got a cute heroin reminiscent of Sunako Nakahara (minus the strong inner female warrior) from WallFlower. This "episode" was all about FRIENDSHIP and HONESTY. I think this would have been a favorite had I come across it upon its initial debut, but I can still enjoy the story. Parts were a little over kill on inner ...
  • Jess
    La relación entre Sawako y Kazehaya se vuelve más fuerte, lo que ayuda mucho a la chica para poder comprender aquello que sucede a su alrededor.Es extraño que sus compañeras no se acerquen a hablarle, pero poco a poco irá descubierto que es lo que pasa con ellas.Muy buena continuación de la historia, más porque ahora vemos que Sawako en verdad desea encajar entre la gente y ayudarles, lo que a su vez valora mucho Kazehaya porque es gracias...
  • B. Jean
    One of the best parts of this manga is the incredible friendship Sawako shares with Yoshino and Yano. Even though I didn't remember too much of this story, I remember the events that transpired in this book. So sweet.