Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina

Kimi ni Todoke

Will the curse of Sadako leave her friendless for life?R to L (Japanese Style). Will the curse of Sadako leave her friendless for life? Kurumi's got it all--looks, popularity and friends. But underneath Kurumi's friendly exterior is a manipulative girl who'll do anything to get what she wants! And Sawako has the one thing Kurumi wants--Kazehaya's friendship. Could all of Kurumi's plotting really drive the two apart, or will it instead draw them e...

Details Kimi ni Todoke

TitleKimi ni Todoke
Release DateMay 4th, 2010
PublisherVIZ Media
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Shojo, Romance

Reviews Kimi ni Todoke

  • Farhin
    Please do not read this review if you have not the previous volumes of Kimi Ni Todoke edit: I guess I should mention that this volume lost a star because it was little slower than the first 3 (personal preference really).So volume 4 gives readers a more blatant insight into Ume Kurumizawa aka Kurumi's true colours. Kurumi schemes and creates convoluted plans to keep girls out of Kazehaya's way and her latest victim is our much loved protagonist, ...
  • Mayu
    5/10Me ha gustado lo poquito que llevo de esta serie y aun habiendo visto la película y sabiendo que la serie no es novedosa ni espectacular, tengo intriga, por ver como evoluciona todo. Lo poquito que he leído yo ha sido muy, muy enternecedor. Eso es en lo que esta serie más destaca. No es que sea una joya inolvidable, no es de esas que te marcan, te estremecen la piel y se quedan con tu corazón, pero si es bonita y la he disfrutado (eso sí...
  • Reddish
    No soporto a Kurumi. De verdad. Me gusta menos que subir 100 escaleras. Y Chizu y Ayane me parecen tan geniales. Una super ingenua y la otra tan inteligente... ¡Son lo mejor!
  • Ana Luisa
    Se cierra el arco del volumen pasado. Sawako sigue mostrando su inocencia y dulzura a una nueva rival. La historia de amor va avanzando lento pero de una manera tan tierna que claro que quieres averiguar cómo es que nuestros protagonistas sabrán de sus sentimientos. Un volumen con buen cierre e interesante.P.D. Las amigas de Sawako son la onda :3
  • Veronica
    Questo manga è proprio tutto ciò che uno shojo dovrebbe essere.
  • Yue
    I think this one was the weakest, so the rating should really be 3 stars and a half.The story is still cute, and I still adore Sawako. On the other hand, she makes me nervous. She really is the cutest girl, a girl without negatives feelings, who cannot think badly of anyone. Kurumi is the typical bitch. She deceives Sawako making her believer that both of them are friends, when in reality, Kurumi is acting behind her back, trying to keep Hazehaya...
  • Jessica-Robyn
    Out of everything so far I think this volume has best shown Sawako's capacity for kindness. When I first started the series I thought that the majority of her actions seemed to stem simply from how clueless she is when it comes to other people and what they expect of her. However, this volume really shows what she's like as a person. An adorable former social outcast to be sure, Sawako is also an incredibly compassionate character no matter the c...
  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    2 stars. Least favorite volume so far. It went all out with the cliche of ‘seemingly nice girl is actually not so nice because she is also in love with main character’s love interest’. It’s a terrible trope and I wish it wasn’t so frequently used in shojo manga stories. It especially didn’t work here because Sawako is such a sweet and caring person that she just didn’t react the way you would expect her to and that was actually real...
  • Miss Ryoko
    UGH!! I want to throttle Kurumi but at the same time I feel sorry for her...because she's a teenager and that's how they are. Plus, it is also hard to see the person you like so much be interested in someone else...but I hate her for being a b*tch to my Sawako!! (Haha, I feel exactly like Chizu and Ayane! Speaking of them, OH MY GOD, I ♥ ADORE ♥ THEM! They are so fabulous!!)Once again...praise praise praise for this series!! Love the characte...
  • Hannah
    Sigh. The entrance of the standard shoujo cliche - the pretty girl who likes our male lead and would use any kind of dirty, underhanded method to drive Sawako and Kazehaya apart.The only upside is that it doesn't work, but it's annoying that Shiina Karuho had to use this at all.
  • Chisom A
  • Douglas Cootey
    Chapter 15 was my favorite. The misunderstanding between Kurumi and Pin was hilarious. What excellent writing and pacing.
  • Morel Dei
    One word: Pin.
  • Rocio
    Un tomo muy bueno. Me encantan todos los personajes. Esta historia tiene algo que hace que te identifiques con cada uno de ellos. Incluyo, Kurumi. Me encantan Ayane y Chizu. Tan diferentes una de la otra. La historia de amor sigue avanzando poquito a poco y nos ha mostrado una de las escenas más bonitas hasta ahora (muero de amor con ellos dos juntos)... Adoro a Ryuu!!
  • Abbie
    Ugh I hate this school. But the tiny grandpas are funny. UGGGHI hate the students in Sadako's class. I wonder who's the head of the gossip club spreading rumors about the poor girl.
  • Frances
    The jelly is real! XD But I have to say, what is the logic in telling a girl, who pretty much hates you, that you like the same guy? Still, I love Kazehaya, his reactions are so authentic.
  • B. Jean
    There's something so sweet and honest about shoujo manga. I love it.
  • R
    Awesome volume! The characters are so great and you can feel how they are feeling.
  • Estefany
    Sawako no te dejes de Kurumi... Kazehaya es demasiado bello.
  • Jenni
  • Em Mirra
  • Hana Bilqisthi
    gue mulai simpati sama karakter kurumisebenarnya benci banget sama karakter cewek manipulatif macam kurumitapi di komik ini cara sawako menghadapi kurumi lucu banget XDgue mulai melihat sisi kurumi yang berbedamembaca komik ini inget salah satu ucapan salim a fillah kalau orang yang menyakiti orang lain itu sebenarnya memiliki luka yang belum sembuh, dan bukannya menyembuhkan lukamereka berpikir membuat orang lain terluka akan membuat mereka terb...
  • Chikita Kodikal
    This review is applicable for Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You Vol. 3 and Vol. 4*SPOILERS*Sawako is starting to starting to interact with her classmates more. Her classmates are beginning to befriend her. Even the most popular girl in school, Kurumi, wants to be her friend. Sawako’s friendship with Kurumi blossoms rapidly, but there is a lot more to this friendship than just fun and games. Much of Volume 3 is just a set up for the events that tak...
  • Sarah
    Another 3 star rating for Kimi ni todoke (vol. 4 this time)Thought and Plot Here comes Kurumi's true colours! What a b*tch! Called it! Kurumi was the one (view spoiler)[who started the rumors and is (hide spoiler)]trying to keep Sawako and Kazehaya apart. Sawako, who remains true to form, believes the best of Kurumi until she literally tells her how much she hates her.... despite that, Sawako is kind to her and thanks Kurumi for telling her and h...
  • Annie
    En lo poco que llevamos de esta historia somos testigos del crecimiento de la protagonista, de ser una chica sumamente tímida ha conocido poco a poco experiencias y sentimientos como el compañerismo, la amistad, etc. En este tomo en especifico Sawako comienza a conocer el amor, ¿Qué significa que alguien sea especial para ti? Además de que se comienza a vislumbrar lo que sin duda será una rivalidad muy fuerte entre Sawako y otro personaje (...
  • Guadalupe Perez
    Kurumi es un personaje simplemente hermoso, es una chica a la que no le da pena hacer todo lo necesario para alcanzar sus objetivos, también es una niña incomprendida y menospreciada por sus compañeros es por ello que ella ha optado por esconder su verdadera personalidad. El contraste que tiene kurimi con Sawako es hermoso ya que muestra lo inocente y sencilla que sawako puede ser y lo libre de rencores que ella esta, algo que amo del personaj...
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    I wasn't a fan of this volume as it's all about Kurumi who feels very threatened by Sawako and tries to manipulate her. Fortunately Sawako isn't really manipulatable as you never know how she's going to take your words. So I really loved that Sawako stayed in character. Even with the way she handled Yano and Yoshida. Love that Kazehaya stepped up and is taking some action. Love the twist with Sanada. I'm over Kurumi though and just want her to go...
  • Brenda
    Kurumi le confiesa a Sawako sus sentimientos por Kazehaya... Sin embargo, lo que la chica realmente tenía planeado, se esfumó en cuento a sus acciones le abrieron paso a la confusión de emociones que en ese momento Sawako no entendía. Kazehaya es un chico al que ella estima como una "persona especial", cosa que la tiene un tanto perpleja al descubrir lo que le cuesta poder ayudar a Kurumi para conquistar a un chico que ella ve de manera difer...
  • VampAmber
    This series keeps getting cuter and cuter. Sawako reminds me so much of Sunako from The Wallflower (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge), except for the major difference that Sunako wants to be scary and alone, and Sawako wants to have plenty of friends but can't seem to. They just look so similar. And back to this volume of the manga... I really hope that Kurimi stops being so horrible. She needs a serious attitude adjustment. Messing with Sawako like...
  • Lupita Rodriguez
    Un tomo súper lindo que nos demuestra que en ocasiones juzgamos a las personas sin conocerlas, que el amor no correspondido te hace actuar de formas extremistas y que tal vez la empatía podría cambiar totalmente lo que percibimos de los demás