Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Delivering Happiness

You want to learn about the path that we took at Zappos to get to over $1 billion in gross merchandise sales in less than ten years. You want to learn about the path I took that eventually led me to Zappos, and the lessons I learned along the way. You want to learn from all the mistakes we made at Zappos over the years so that your business can avoid making some of the same ones. You want to figure out the right balance of profits, passion, and p...

Details Delivering Happiness

TitleDelivering Happiness
Release DateJun 7th, 2010
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Biography, Management

Reviews Delivering Happiness

  • Otis Chandler
    Tony Hsieh has some nerve suggesting that he built a billion dollar company in pursuit of happiness. But the surprising thing is I actually think he's onto something. Something that cuts through a lot of corporate BS and really makes sense. Tony's thesis is basically that, whatever our intermediate goals in life are (get your dream job, make a lot of money, find the right girl, etc), our ultimate goal is simply to be happy. And what's more, (this...
  • Patti
    I haven’t read many business books, but when the “Delivering Happiness’ bus came to my workplace, I received a free copy, so I thought I’d give it a try.I understand that this isn’t a ‘tell all’ or an autobiography, but what you get is a scrubbed clean Channel One telling of how to succeed in business without really trying. In a time when many people are anything but happy in their workplaces, I found the book to be more of a guide ...
  • Yodamom
    AudiobookNarration- excellent, various speakersI loved this story the unique way they developed this wonderful company. Their moto, respect for each other and love of their customers is something I wish more businesses would aim for. They risked it all, they believed and they won the golden ring but they aren't relying on that ring to carry them, they are always striving for being better. There are amazing firsts, and fumbling fails but never a g...
  • Korrina (OwlCrate)
    One of the best books about business, and personal happiness, I've ever read. I found it so inspiring and I can't wait to use what I've learned with OwlCrate. To anyone out there who owns a business, big or small, I highly recommend you read this.
  • Ryan Kent
    Nice and honest account of Tony Hsieh's history. I'm not sure how much of his success I account for his 'genius', or simply his being in the right place at the right time. I wonder if his devotion to Zappos was really based on his gut instinct that the company would succeed, or if that is a story he has told himself to cover the fact that he was simply desperate to have it work since all of the other efforts he had funded had failed and he had wa...
  • Cori Reed
    Korrina gave Sally, Crystal and I copies of this book after Christmas, urging us to read it as a little homework to become inspired for 2018.I have never read a business book before because, well, I've never really had the cause. Delivering Happiness was definitely an interesting look at customer service and working for and creating a company you believe in, which, YAY! I certainly feel that way about OwlCrate.As much as Tony Shieh's life was uni...
  • Nguyen Linh Chi
    WOW. This is the most candid and informal business book I have ever read. It is stupendous from Tony left his $41000-per-year job at Oracle to he started his first company, LinkExchange, from LinkExchange was acquired by Microsoft to Tony left it because of feeling unmotivated, from Zappos' combination of drop-shipping and selling inventory products to a well-establishment of warehousing system, from Zappos' hardship in finance and warehouses to ...
  • John Cass
    I'm not sure that Mr. Hsieh really knew what he was doing most of the time. He was obviously quite young when he enjoyed his initial success with LinkExchange, and it's hard to tell wether or not there was ever any sound basis for the decisions he made.I liked his ideas on 'Ask Anything', and how a business should be obsessed with its customers in order to remain successful over the long term. The book also provides some interesting insights as t...
  • Laura
    Recommended by Kate Burgess at FulfillNet.Easy read. Some takeaways:- Pg. 65 "Don't play games that you don't understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them."- Pg. 136 "Ask Anything" idea. Employees are encouraged to send an email and ask any question they want. The anonymous questions and answers are compiled each month and emailed to the entire company.- Pg. 149 Re: the Culture Book..."if someone asked you to recite you...
  • Reid
    I was already pretty familiar with many of the more unique aspects of Zappos' customer service-oriented culture, which may be why I wasn't blown away by this abbreviated history of the company. Hsieh front-loads the reader right off the bat by warning you that the book is a vague autobiography and company history and business manifesto, but it still feels like it glosses over all three. The most interesting revelations about Zappos' founding and ...
  • Jacob Mclaws
    I like that Tony Hsieh is so straight forward about what he writes. It makes it easy to follow the story of his founding Link Exchange and then running Zappos. This isn't a groundbreaking book and the existential stuff at the end is a bit overkill for a book like this, but I appreciate the intent and I think all in all this is a great story of a entrepreneurial hustler that had some good team building habits.Thought experiments I want to do occas...
  • Srikanth Krishnamurthy
    Delivering Happiness begins like an autobiography of the author ( one of the successful entrepreneurs ) Mr.Tony Hsieh. I felt the first section from the way he described his childhood trying to explore different business opportunities he undertook wasn’t much pulsating. It was a great comeback in the second and third sections of the book which delivered not only happiness but also many other ingredients such as motivation, passion , inspiration...
  • Davy
    I've been on a kick with reading these leadership books I was supposed to read anywhere from 2-5 years ago. I knew going into this that Zappos, as an Amazon property, has been able to maintain their own culture and operate fairly independently from Amazon. This was a good story of how Tony started this entrepreneurial ways, as early as in his early childhood trying to sell punk buttons to people, to starting a shoe business from scratch. From int...
  • Sách Chuyền Tay
    Mình đọc bản tiếng Việt của cuốn sách này ở Miki, tuy nhiên phải khẳng định “Tỉ Phú Bán Giày” không truyền tải đủ lí do tại sao tác giả Tony Hsieh (CEO chọn tiêu đề “Delivering Happiness” cho quyển sách. Giai thich thê nao nhi? Thực ra, tiêu đề của sách là 1 cách chơi chữ của công ty cua Tony. Zappos không chỉ “giao hàng” cho bạn, mà họ có m...
  • Lena
    Zappos' CEO Tony Hsieh has some interesting things to say about business. In Delivering Happiness, a book that is part memoir and part business development story, Tony shares the lessons he's learned from a lifetime of trying to figure out how to make money and the unexpected places that journey ultimately led him.The first part of the book covers Tony's personal history, including his first childhood attempts at turning a profit, his college res...
  • Benjamin
    I enjoyed reading about the story of Tony Hsieh and Zappos here more than anywhere else because of the way he tells the story. He openly admits he's not the perfect writer, but I definitely agree with some other reviewers here that it makes the story seem much more personable and believable. Although there were some positions he maintains I disagree with, the fact-of-the-matter way he talks about his background and his eventual work with Zappos m...
  • Shannon *Eboni Scarlett* Holliday
    I am absolutely blown away by this book! Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay) the CEO of Zappos spoke to my passion to encourage businesses to forefront and drive customer service within their organizational culture which essentially is the brand. This book makes clear the importance of running a business from the bottom to top as opposed to the traditional iron clad top to bottom structure. By sharing with the world the cohesion that existed between Ton...
  • Rosie Nguyễn
    You know how a book can keep you anchored in the world full of frustration and distraction. You know when everything around you is whirling and when you open the book it's another world and you find joy and peace. Yeah that's my personal feeling with this book.I brought the book with me through continuous travels, and it's my real comfort. Not just because of the book's content, but just when I feel tired with all the social media and people and ...
  • Santhosh
    It takes immense courage to write an autobiography. This is a must read book which I will suggest anyone who has the habit of reading. The book is all about business. When I mean business, I mean Customer service. Starting companies with big ideas won’t go good unless we provide dedicated customer service. An innovative idea called Link Exchange, transformed his life into a millionaire. One thing I understood from he not selling the Link exchan...
  • Andrew Balyk
    Ви можете витратити багато часу на читання важких, теоретичних книг, які дадуть вам різні "tools & tips". Але якщо вам потрібна перерва, але не хочете витрачати час на читання сміття, це буде ідеальна книга.Не часто можна насолоджуватися чудовою історіє...
  • Ned
    This book is part autobiography of Tony Hsieh, part expository of Zappos's company culture, and part philosophy of happiness. With the author's straightforward and reveal-all (less Amazon M&A; benefit of the doubt: legal reasons?) writing style, this combination somehow works and makes for an enjoyable read/reflection.
  • Loy Machedo
    I remember when the book ‘Twilight’ was out. You know – Twilight, that werewolf, vampire and girly romantic book?Now please, before you insult my pea-sized intelligence by assuming that I purchased this book to read it – Let me remind you, I am NOT a lover of fictional material. In fact – I HATE fiction!That too, nonsensical, childish, immature love stories. So, as I was saying, When the book ‘Twilight’ was out, my ex-girl friend - ...
  • Samantha
    It's not often that I sit down and devour an entire book in one day, but today I read Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos') new book 'Delivering Happiness' cover to cover.Some of my favorite classes in college were the Entrepreneurship classes I took through the Wellesley/Olin/Babson consortium. Not only were we given hands on assignments that had us creating our own businesses, but we were also introduced to a large reading list of inspirational books, an...
  • Nguyên ngộ ngộ
    Quyển này giúp mình hiểu thêm nhiều điều chứ chưa thấm, vì mình chưa có trải nghiệm nào hay ho để thấm thía những cái này.image: Viết vài điều hay ho mình nhớ được:1 Mục lục có 3 phần chính, đó chính là 3 tầng hạnh phúc theo thứ tự, mà tác giả nhận ra được. Lợi nhuận mang niềm vui (ngắn ngủi), Đam mê mang lại gì đó cũng vui, nhưng dài hơn. Còn M...
  • Jennifer
    Wow, I loved this book! I've probably had it since it first came out in 2010, but finally decided to try the first chapter since I've been reading a lot of fiction lately and thought it was time for some non-fiction. I was surprised that it immediately became hard to put down. The first part is mostly autobiographical, and Tony Hsieh shares several enjoyable and humorous stories about various entrepreneurial enterprises he got involved in in his ...
  • Jay Baron
    My first dabble into the world of feel-good hippie business books. I've heard a lot of good things about Zappos, and since I've recently been trying to drive a higher purpose into my own customer service career I figured it may be a good time to start checking into some of these motivational / inspirational reads.That said, I've got a good sense for BS and this book passes the test as being direct and honest, much better than I was expecting. The...
  • Manoj M J
    What a great start to 2017This book is an uncensored, unadulterated account of how Tony Hsieh built LinkExchange, sold it to Microsoft and went on to head Zappos as CEO and then sold it to Amazon.I completely loved this book. There are a lot of takeaways - especially on how to build an open and transparent culture at a company, how to manage finances when the economy is down and a lot of other nitty gritty and fun parts of running a startup.But I...
  • metralindol
    ще одна книжка з низки радше практичних, аніж "літературних". і, тим не менше, у ній таки сидить муза. вона уникає повчань чи "тикань" з кожної сторінки. вона - як серіал "друзі" з усіма недоліками і класнощами емоційного плану, гг. адже створити міцнез...
  • Arunbalaji Mohanraj
    Delivering Happiness ! One of the best book written by the CEO of world famous customer eccentric company - Tony Sheih. From the beginning Tony narrated his interest towards business from childhood and what are the obstacles that he had faced to take his business into further levels. To be a successful organisation with the great customers, he had learned several things through out his life and he explained it in this book as three sections (Prof...
  • Abenet
    In the words of Oprah, "What a GREAT read!"Overall the book provided great insight into the struggles many entrepreneurs experience, and sometimes don't share. I doubt Tony wrote this book as a way to toot his own horn, but after reading about his (and Zappos) journey, I wouldn't judge him if he did :) Tony seems like the type of person who was destined for greatness. If it wasn't Zappos, he would have "made it" with another company. I especially...