Relativism by Francis J. Beckwith


Although the growth of relativism has become one of the dominant issues of our age, this book is one of the few practical works available that deals with these concerns. The authors begin with a survey of the rising tide of relativism in recent decades, which, after starting in university and academic circles, has filtered down to many aspects of everyday life.

Details Relativism

Release DateOct 1st, 1998
PublisherBaker Books
GenrePhilosophy, Christian, Religion, Theology, Nonfiction, Christianity

Reviews Relativism

  • Scott Whiting
    A book to chew on! I borrowed this book from a friend and quickly asked if I could have it so I could underline and write in the margins. The current mantra that truth and morality is an individual thing (not absolute) and that we must be tolerant of others beliefs about truth is effectively addressed by the following quote: "The principle of tolerance makes sense only in a world in which moral absolutes exist, and only if one of those absolutes ...
  • Matthew
    “Moral relativism teaches that when it comes to morals, that which is ethically right or wrong, people do their own thing. Ethical truths depend on the individuals and groups who hold them.” Relativism is the pervasive moral viewpoint of our time. To engage in any conversation or controversy about morality today means you will almost certainly come across it. The language of relativism means that it sounds like a tolerant morally neutral posi...
  • Reader
    Interesting. I would recommend this book to people who are interested in the effects relativism has on society. It gives you a lot to think about. I highlighted so much!
  • Maria McCann
    Beckwith and Koukl do a great + thorough job of dismantling so much of modern stupidity. This was also a very accessible read, so if you're not a philosophy reader, have no fear!
  • Mike
    A very well conceived book. The authors present very sound arguments, but the language is sometimes choppy or clumsy. Overall, a great primer on moral ontology.
  • Logan Judy
    Cons: The authors are a tad too eager to tie critiques of Relativism to the virtues of hsrd-line Republican politics in general, and are at times paint with an offensively broad brush, such as referring to libertarians as "followers" of Ayn Rand. This eagerness causes them to make some unfortunate leaps in logic on occasion (usually regarding a specific contemporary public policy issue) and makes the whole enterprise more political and partisan t...
  • Jeremiah
    This book is quite possibly the most readable, insightful & accurate book on the issue of relativism written for a lay Christian audience in print; heck, it's also funny! Many times when I talk to my non-Christian friends (and for that matter, Christian too) some area of their thinking has either an explicit or implicit form of relativism to it. Sometimes I bring it to their attention and sometimes I just shelve it in the back of my mind to use t...
  • Dakota Stead
    The authors simply do not leave any standing or grounding for largely held relativistic worldviews. The authors dissect the relativistic worldviews and give it an inspection to see if it holds water. They will point out large held beliefs in today's culture and most of the time dismantling the relativist's worldview by mere laws of logic. So the facts and the philosophical organs of the book are coherent and amazing but the book is also written v...
  • Jason Boyd
    This is an amazing overview of the main issues around relativism in modern society and their problems. The only downside is the majority (if not all) of its example are American, and so when he discusses laws, while they may have some bearing on us folks over on this side of the pond, they may not always apply.when looking at the issue of relativistic morality in society today, this is your best starting point.
  • Christaaay - Christy Luis Reviews
    This book is written by two Christian Intellectuals who fairly critique relativism in the following manner: they represent each point by citing the perspective of top authoritative relativistic thinkers on each subject; they then critique the point using their own perspective, or that of top Christian thinkers on each subject. Very well done, and easy to read.
  • Mike
    This book hits the proverbial nail on the head. Sadly, it tends to creep outside it's intended points on occassion; but still is a good read for anyone thinking everything, especially morals, are relative to "the situation". The growing number of people espousing relativism is alarming at best.
  • Chris
    Overall I thought the book a worthy read. It lays out a well reasoned basic argument against moral relativism. The latter chapters that show the lunacy of a relativistic worldview were my favorite and clearly contain the seeds that would later become Greg's book entitled "Tactics."
  • Alan
    Koukl and Beckwith do an extraordinary job at dismantling relativism. While I was acutely familiar with relativism and its basic message, I've never read a book dedicated solely to refuting it. It's extremely substantive and sharply articulated. Excellent book!
  • Erin
    This is a subject matter all Christians should be aware of. Living based on truth & knowing how to hold oneself in a conversation when relativism comes up is important! This was a good basic read to cover the subject.
  • George
    Good book, very in-depth. Glad I finally finished it after starting it several times over the past few years.
  • John
    I am investigating and researching the Emergent Church movement, which has embraced the post-modern mindset and all of the relativism that comes along with the movement.
  • Travis
    A fairly basic and irrefutable answer to moral relativism.
  • Vincent
    Good primer on what relativism is and how it is in your life every day even if you're not aware of it.
  • Reader2007
    This is an excellent book. It's very well written, and everything is crystal clear.
  • Matt
    Helps foster clear thinking, by really get us to ask the basic questions and think logically.
  • Doutor Branco
    This is one of the best books I ever read on relativism Really great!
  • J.J. Richardson
    While this book is over a decade old, it is a classic takedown of moral relativism. This is very good for people new to tackling the subject.
  • Noah Dell
    Everyone should read this book.
  • Charlotte B
    eye-openingprobably the most philosophical book i'll enjoy
  • Joe
    Koukl & Beckwith interact with this subject better than any other in the genre!
  • Luke Nix
    Excellent book! So appropriate to our current culture it almost seems as through it was written in the last month. Look for my full review coming soon to the Faithful Thinkers blog.
  • Atchisson
    The lynch-pin of the secular humanist wagon. A great study on that which all liberal arguments hinge. Understandning this makes it even harder to listen to them with a straight face.
  • Sean McGowan