Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories by Bram Stoker

Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories

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Details Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories

TitleDracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories
Release DateMar 1st, 2007
PublisherPenguin Books
GenreHorror, Classics, Short Stories, Fiction, Gothic, Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy

Reviews Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories

  • Pramod Nair
    This collection of nine outlandish and macabre short stories from Bram Stocker was originally published in 1914 with the title Dracula's Guest & Other Supernatural Tales. It was published as an anthology after Stocker's death by his widow and contained some of his previously published short stories along with an unpublished tale named Dracula's Guest - which was discovered in manuscript form from Bram Stocker's papers in 1912.In the preface to th...
  • Sean Gibson
    Not really a review, but a brief discussion about a cool experience reading this book in a spooky old library can be found here: https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog...
  • Annie
    As I ventured to end my sojourn into literature that bore tales of the supernatural and with a presage of dread, in an effort to diversify my reading habits, I tread not farther than the writers who had earlier bought me great joy with their superior penmanship. And with the end of Halloween for the year was drawing to a close, I chose this collection of stories written by the writer who had romanced me with the gothic allure of Dracula. Publishe...
  • Oscar
    La presente antología recoge los nueve relatos publicados originalmente en Dracula’s Guest And Other Weird Stories (1914), además de cuatro cuentos reunidos por primera vez por Peter Haining.EL INVITADO DE DRÁCULA Y OTROS RELATOS EXTRAÑOS:El invitado de Drácula (****) Un viajero inglés decide salir de paseo la Noche de Walpurgis, desoyendo los consejos de los empleados del hotel donde se hospeda. Este relato fue suprimido por Bram Stoker ...
  • Isa Lot
    Me ha gustado más de lo que pensaba que me gustaría. Podemos encontrar el típico relato de terror gótico, con lobos, tormentas, pueblos malditos, leyendas del folclore rumano, etc. Se acerca más a la típica leyenda del vampiro clásico y por ello me gustó.
  • Ευθυμία Δεσποτάκη
    Πολύ καλύτερο απ' ότι περίμενα, πολύ πιο ενδιαφέρον, με ανθιρωπινες ιστορίες και πρωταγωνιστές που δεν τους λες και άμεμπτους. Ομολογώ ότι ο Στόουκερ δε με κέρδισε με τον Δράκουλά του αλλά με τούτο εδώ μου δείχνει τι άρεσε στον υπόλοιπο κόσμο.
  • Ignacio Senao f
    Para nada Bram es tan solo Drácula. Sino que Drácula es uno de los mejores libros de la historia. Sus relatos son otras genialidades, fácil de seguir la trama y adentrarte en sus personajes. Siempre con un buen desarrollo y final.
  • George K.
    "Ο προσκεκλημένος του Δράκουλα και άλλες παράξενες ιστορίες", εκδόσεις Αίολος.Η συγκεκριμένη συλλογή διηγημάτων είναι η δεύτερη επαφή μου με το έργο του Μπραμ Στόουκερ, μετά το κλασικό και πολύ καλό "Ντράκουλα" που διάβασα τον Οκτώβριο του 2014. Έτυ...
  • Lara (Bookishsolace)
    Creepy short stories by the man who brought us Dracula. Paintings come to life, rats run amok, twisted tales of revenge. If you loved Dracula, you will enjoy these short stories. Read it at night, alone in a poorly lighted room with the wind blowing outside and old branches scratching at the window. Perfectly creepy.The nine stories in this collection are:Dracula’s GuestThe Judge’s HouseThe SquawThe Secret of the Growing GoldA Gipsy ProphecyT...
  • Tobin Elliott
    Gotta say, I had a fun time with this one. The title story is literally an outtake from Dracula, and, to be honest, likely the weakest of the lot. Stoker breaks out all the classic horror tropes here: rats, unsavoury characters, drafty old houses, all of it. None of the stories are truly terrifying. The intervening 120 years between its publish date and now have seen to that, but the stories are absolutely well-written and enjoyable. Stoker shows...
  • Jim Leckband
    I did not read the novel "The Lair of the White Worm" - only the short stories. And of the short stories "Dracula's Guest" was the dud. The rest of the stories were enjoyable horror/uncanny tales not unlike Poe, but much better written than Lovecraft (a EULA is better written than Lovecraft, though depending on the software, can be just as full of horror.)
  • Alexander
    These (more or less) short stories, some of which are not bad, vary in quality. All of them, however, stay well below the example set by Stokers widely known "Dracula" novel. By far the longest of them, "The Lair of the White Worm" suffers from quite a number of plot holes, poorly conveyed parts of the story and unnecessary repititions. It felt like the first version you'd hand to your editor, and he'd say: 'Well, dear Bram, this could be a splen...
  • Trina
    Wow. While everyone was busy reading Poe and Lovecraft these short stories have been gathering dust. Who knew Stoker had a wealth of twisted little short stories in addition to his genre-spawning novel? I certainly didn't but I am glad I discovered them. I already plan to revisit these stories from time to time. Read these!
  • Violeta
    Las historias son muy dispares: hay historias clásicas de fantasmas vengativos, de casas embrujadas, de doppelgangers. Algunas son graciosas, otras de terror, otras bastante religiosas... Hay un par medio flojas, pero a The Judge's House, por ejemplo, le pondría cinco estrellitas. Además, hay un par de cuentos en los que las mujeres se desmayan mucho.
  • Cat Tobin
    Some great stories in this; the one about the kitten ("The Squaw") is eye-squeezingly and shoulder-tensingly horrific, "The Judge's House" left me nervous about being alone in the house, and "A Gipsy Prophecy" and "A Crystal cup" were no less horrific for highly tragic. Others, like "The Red Stockade", left me more confused than scared, but overall this is a good read.
  • PennsyLady (Bev)
    3.5 ★My favorite was Dracula's GuestYou just can't compete with the aristocratic vampire.I found some short stories more interesting than others.They had elements of the supernatural , physical terror and always an unsettlingaura.Since Bram Stoker wrote a number of novels and many short stories, I'll search for more.5 AUDIO DISCS
  • Kristy
    I enjoyed this book; the only reason I didn't give it a higher rating was because one or two of the stores were just kinda blah. But the majority were very interesting and freaky: personal favorite is The Judge's House.
  • Lisa
    Oooooh! Some eerie stories in here.My favourites were "A Dream of Red Hands" and "The Chain of Destiny"."The Crystal Cup" was a very different type of story from the rest of the collection; haunting, tragic, and so well described I could picture each scene.
  • Rachel
    Hate to rate Stoker so low since I LOVED Dracula however, some of these stories were just gruesome. I don't really enjoy that sort of dark stuff. I didn't care to finish the book.
  • Anne
    Loved this short story by Bram Stoker. A very tense, scary story that is well-written with a twist I should have seen coming.
  • Simona
    Dlho som neotáľala a po tejto knižke poviedok z pera autora, ktorý napísal skvostného Draculu, som siahla krátko po tom, ako som prečítala spomínané dielo, ktoré ma nesmierne nadchlo. Čo sa týka poviedok a môjho pohľadu na ne, zo začiatku sa mi poviedky veľmi páčili, každá jedna mala niečo do seba a na konci prekvapila alebo pohoršila čitateľa. Avšak, to k hororovému žánru patrí. Taktiež štýl písania autora mi n...
  • Richard Cubitt
    Some very good tales here. Dracula's Guest: highly atmospheric, The Judge's House: eerie, The Burial of the Rats: leftovers of the French Revolution get nasty, Crooken Sands: doppelgangers, or not as the case maybe. And The Lair of the White Worm - hastily written by a dying Stoker. Too easily dismissed as deathbed ravings. There's a lot to enjoy: Caswall's obsession with his Kite, the confrontation between Oolanger, Adam, and Lady Arabella, and ...
  • Juergen John Roscher
    Good collection of Bram Stoker's short stories.Nine short stories:Dracula’s Guest - 3 starsThe Judge’s House - 4 starsThe Squaw - 5 stars (favorite story in the collection)The Secret of the Growing Gold - 4 starsA Gipsy Prophecy - 3 starsThe Coming of Abel Behenna - 3 starsThe Burial of the Rats - 3 starsA Dream of Red Hands - 5 starsCrooken Sands - 4 stars
  • Víctor Carrión
    Cuando lo empecé pensaba que prometía muchísimo y que sin duda le iba a poner cinco estrellas pero al final he de reconocer que se me ha hecho un poco largo en algunos tramos aunque creo que merece la pena leerlo porque he disfrutado mucho en algunos tramos del libro.
  • Elisa
    pada dasarnya aku suka cerita ttg Dracula, dan ternyata sudah pernah baca cerita Dracula's Guest ini, dulu baca di ebook.... Cerita pendek lainnya lumayan lah, tapi nggak semua kubaca..... soalnya pgn baca yg lain
  • Chris
    Great stories, and some especially chilling or thought-provoking, although his dialog for roughnecks and sailors always seems a bit silly.
  • Felicity
    Dracula's Guest and The Judge's House are both delightfully creepy tales. All the other short stories in the book unfortunately range from not very good to forgettable.
  • Trine Nielsen
    Some of the stories was a little bit boring, otherwise really good, with a good story line.
  • Rebecca Adams
    Dracula is one of my favorite horror books of all time, so I thought I'd give Bram Stoker's short stories a try. This collection was fantastic... the audiobook was very well done.
  • Jeannette
    Some short stories are better than the others but all in all, these are quintessential gothic horror tales.