Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina

Kimi ni Todoke

Sawako finally realizes that her feelings for Kazehaya are more than just admiration. But this novice in love has a lot to learn about romance. Not that Chizu can help her out any--she's got enough worries of her own to deal with! Can either of these shy girls take the next step toward a real relationship?

Details Kimi ni Todoke

TitleKimi ni Todoke
Release DateAug 3rd, 2010
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo

Reviews Kimi ni Todoke

  • Reddish
    Que interesante está el asunto. Me encanta Ryuu! *insertar muchos corazones*
  • Devin (Mostly Manga)
    I really like all of the characters, so I'm glad that this manga focuses on their relationships as well.
  • Cecelia
    I'm really enjoying the development and subplots surrounding the side characters! I'm not sure how much longer the Sawako/Kazehaya tension can be drawn out for because honestly I'm already getting tired of their sidestepping each other.
  • Maya
    Review for volumes 5 - 6Sawako's rival got taken care of and Sawako realized her feelings for Kazehaya - so how can you avoid having her confess and instead drag out the story some more? Right, switch focus on one of Sawako's best friends tragic love story. And to be save, make her just as oblivious as Sawako.To be fair, at least Chizuru knows about her feelings, they're just for the wrong person. She's however completely oblivious to Ryu's feeli...
  • Farhin
    If you like being spoiled, read this review. no reallyread itget spoiled.1. Kurumi becomes Sawako's "official" rival:*smirk*2. ikr3. Chizu & Ryu ... but not like you expected it:This was a good volume, particularly the chapters about Chizu. I love learning about secondary characters when they've been fleshed out properly from the beginning.Looking forward to the next one.
  • Nicole
    I'm sure I've said it before...I can't get enough of this series! So sweet; young love at its best. This volume is great because it shifts focus a bit to the relationship between Chizuru and Ryu. As we learned recently in the story, Ryu has feelings for Chizuru that go beyond "childhood friend." In this volume, we finally set what's holding him back - the crush that Chizuru has on Ryu's older brother, Tohru!Am I alone in hoping that Chizuru and R...
  • Holly Letson
    This series is always fun to read. I don't really like Kurumi much, but I do like how she came across more realistically in this volume than the others. It's cool how her and Sawako both keep feeling like they could have been friends, had they met under different circumstances. Yeah, love triangles probably don't make for the best friendships. Also, I kinda wanted to see Sawako and Kazahaya kiss. They came so close to it.
  • Joy
    Such a consistently enjoyable comfort read. While the two leads are very appealing, it's the supporting characters who help create the humorous and dramatic moments that make make this story stand out from the shojo crowd. The insight we get into Yoshida and Ryu in this volume is especially lovely.
  • Douglas Cootey
    This was a good volume. it just wasn't as great as the others for me, perhaps because it involved side characters as the main focal points. I did, however, feel that the introduction of Ryu's brother was artfully done.
  • Lupita Rodriguez
    Conocemos otra historia de amor ...¿como concluirá? En definitiva un tomo lleno de sorpresas (algo obvias, pero hermosas) con respecto a algunos personajes
  • Elspeth
    I love when Sawako and meets Pin in the movie rental store. Adult movies.*snickers*
  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    Still cute. Still don't like Ume. Will read more.
  • Mariana
    Pensé que Sawako era la única que hacía sufrir a un chico, ahora veo que no, pobre Ryu.
  • Lou (BooksAreAWayOfLife)
    This manga series follows a girl called Sawako Kuronuma and she has the looks that would be perfect for a ghost in a horror movie, but everyone has her misunderstood. Through her friendship with the popular boy in class, Kazehaya, her classmates start to realise that she's not this feared figure that she is thought to be. Kuronuma has just realised her feelings for Kazehaya and is learning to adjust to them.This volume primarily focuses on the si...
  • Ericka Hall
    In this volume, the story shifts from Sawako and Kazehaya's love story to Ryu and Chizu's. Recently, Sawako finds out that Ryu is in love with Chizu, but she's interested in his brother. Ryu tries to prevent Chizu from seeing his brother by telling her not to come by to his house the weekend his brother is visiting, but then right before Ryu is about to confess his feelings to Chizu, his brother walks in. Too intense *screams*
  • DonutKnow
    Cuteness level up to 11 (out of 10) XDSo cute! Couples cuteness everywhere! And even the annoying Pin made me laugh. I loved this one, and I think it's just going to keep getting better.Also, finally! Sawako came to the realisation that there are some people that you just can't befriend and it's not anyone's fault.
  • Miriam
    These kids have such interesting, non-stereotyped personalities! Even Ume isn't just a manipulative, selfish pretty girl and I hope she makes some real friends. I'm feeling sorry for Ryu right now.
  • Jess
    ¡Pobre Sawako! Y no solo ella. Sus amigas si que se las ven medio mal en este tomo, pero por fortuna ella esta para ayudarlas.
  • R
    I love the innocence of the man character. The suspense of teenage love, the mangaka really makes you feel it!
  • Sandra Wolf
  • B. Jean
    I'm so sad for Ryu. Honestly, he's such a good character. All around good dude.
  • Estefany
    Mis bebes deben estar juntos, onegai shimasu!!!
  • Em Mirra
  • Chris
    Getting better and worse.
  • Amairany Hoffner
    Me encaaaaanta!!
  • Brittnie Broflovski
    Haha still love the main characters and Pin is amazing
  • Sarah
    Actual rating is 2.5 starsThoughts and PlotAfter being rejected by Kazehaya, Kurumi has decided that Sawako is a worthy rival. Sawako looks up the meaning (a girl after my own heart who has a thing for dictionaries) in her dictionary "A worthy opponent." Chizu and Ayane visit Sawako's home. And once again we get to see Sawako's parents!!! I love her parents. they're quite funny and they have a role reversal going on where the dad is all emotional...
  • Chikita Kodikal
    *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*Sawako Kurnoma had been constantly questioning her “relationship” with Shota Kazehaya and now she is convinced that her feelings for Kazehaya are more than just friendship-bound. Yoshida, Sawako’s best friend, confesses to Sawako that she has a crush on Ryu’s brother, Toru. On the other hand, Ryu confides in Sawako regarding his feelings for Yoshida. It is quite evident that over the last few series Sawako’s friendsh...
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Art is excellent, several really stellar frames.I can read about Kazehaya and Sawako gradually falling in love forever! They are so cute and lovely and no one gets in the way of their love. I really like that. So many times, especially in modern storytelling we show people getting with someone they don't love simply because that person is persistent. Such isn't the case when the feelings are really there and the couple isn't selfish as the day is...
  • Miss Ryoko
    How did I miss writing a review for this book... I finished it almost a week ago and it's still here in my "currently-reading" list. Haha...just a reflection on how ridiculously busy my week has been.Now that it's been a week I can't really remember what happened except for (view spoiler)[Sawako was trying to figure out if Chizu liked Ryu but she found out that Chizu likes Ryu's older brother Toru and lo and behold, at the end of the volume, Toru...