My Teacher Flunked the Planet (My Teacher is an Alien, #4) by Bruce Coville

My Teacher Flunked the Planet (My Teacher is an Alien, #4)

Alien Invasion of Earth! Peter Thompson, a typical seventh-grader, finds himself touring the planet with his friends Susan Simmons and Duncan Dougal, and three aliens in disguise! Their mission? To file the final report that will determine Earth's future in the universe. As the clock ticks away the hours before their meeting in space, the tour becomes weirder and weirder. The three friends come face-to-face with a plague of poots and "Big Juli...

Details My Teacher Flunked the Planet (My Teacher is an Alien, #4)

TitleMy Teacher Flunked the Planet (My Teacher is an Alien, #4)
Release DateJul 1st, 2005
Number of pages176 pages
GenreScience Fiction, Childrens, Fiction, Young Adult, Aliens

Reviews My Teacher Flunked the Planet (My Teacher is an Alien, #4)

  • Myles
    Who does Bruce Coville think he is? I remembered there being some heavy stuff in this book but I completely forgot about that ending. The other My Teacher books go into some deep waters with troubled homes, abuse begetting abuse, and the value of strong music programs in our schools, but Coville goes all out here.Remember those old Sci-Fi movies and episodes of the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits where the Earth was held hostage by aliens? Some...
  • 2015-04-04
    First, this front cover, while cool, is misleading. While the story appeared to be a kid's version of SF pulp magazines of yesteryear, the series had grown more philosophical and sophisticated by the third and fourth books. Anyhow, this is just the cover, the story is pure magic. Coville manages to tie up all, or most, of his loose threads into pretty bows. We readers have grown to love the aliens as friends and there is a bigger picture to conte...
  • Joshua Graff
    This is an awesome conclusion to the "My Teacher is An Alien." It take the series from a teen tone, and theme to serious adult/human issues. This book explores the dark side of humanity exposing us to the horrors we are capable of while offering us a symbolic solution to the human condition.
  • Melissa Anderson Garcia
    This is actually a review of both My Teacher is an Alien series as a whole and the last book in the series. The series is somewhat repetitive since the first three books cover some of the same events, just told from different perspectives. The fourth book, My Teacher Flunked the Planet, then picks up the story and finishes it, mostly from the perspective of Peter, the main character of the 3rd book. The final installment is darker than the others...
  • Vernon Ray
    I first read this while I was having a bout with insomnia, it didn't help. I watched the sun rise with this book.Coville's best so far. This book is one of the reasons I say the best writing is done for children. This book has real heart. The other "My Teacher" books are fun and I recommend you read them, but this is the one to read. You don't really have to read the other books to read this one, even though it does help you to understand what's ...
  • Pandora
    Finally a gem. After three books that were so-so the ending turns out to be worth it somewhat. I still wish he had been a bit more realistic with his aliens. Still, this one is really a three and half stars. For kids probably a four to five stars as the main idea of the book is expressed very well and I find the ideas of the book still, buzzing in my head.Peter narrators this book. Peter is the stongest narrator and has the last two books. I like...
  • Books Kids Like
    Peter Thompson, Susan Simmons, and Duncan Dougal are enlisted by the interplanetary council to help determine Earth's future. They come back to earth with Broxholm, Kreeblim, and Big Julie using Kreeblim's house as home-base. The aliens show Peter, Susan, and Duncan the reasons Earth's existence is in danger. They see war, rain forest devastation, starvation, and human greed. Back home, gangs of teenagers take to the streets beating up anyone the...
  • Ty
    One major problem with this book:The entire point is to determine why humans are a worthwhile species. And...(view spoiler)[The answer is that humans turn out to be psychic/share a groupmind and therefore we're worth at least putting off eradicating.Most of the book had me agreeing that we do horrible things to each other, and I was waiting to find out what our redeeming factor is. Apparently there isn't one and Coville had to make one up.It's st...
  • Katelynn
    I admit that I haven't read the entire series this book comes from. I read the first one, which was absolutely amazing, and now this one. One day I'll actually go back and find the two in the middle. For being a book aimed at preteens/ young teenagers I found myself really enjoying this book and the perspective it brought to thoughts regarding the human race. I won't spoil anything for those people that haven't read it but young and old alike I e...
  • Shelli
    Amazing series!! From start to finish these books are well written and thought provoking. A must read for all ages. Teachers in grades 4th and up should incorporate this into their reading groups. In this book in particular, My Teacher Flunked the Planet, students could choose which of the many sides in the great Earth debate they would argue for if they were an Alien watching Earth's destructive inhabitants. Also the side of us humans who would ...
  • Matty Smith
    This review covers the entire "My Teacher" Series.I have a bunch of young adult and whatever age range directly below that books that I read back in the day and have been carting around with me ever since. This was the case with the "My Teacher" series. And about a month ago, I grabbed the first one off the bookshelf out of curiosity and was back on the roller coaster ride.After reading more classic literature for a while it was nice to get back ...
  • Susan
    Instead of just being a fun book like the first three in the series, this books contains some very serious issues. Peter, Susan, and Duncan, along with some aliens, have just a few days to find a reason why the earth shouldn't be destroyed. But after witnessing wars, starvation, and cruelty of all kinds, it's pretty hard to come up with a reason why the people of the earth should be allowed to live. It was a cute book, but also one that taught so...
  • Mike Kalmbach
    I loved the premise of this book: taking a hard look at the mistakes humans make (famine, war, etc.) and trying to find redeeming values that make human life worth keeping around. While the story leaves some haunting images in my mind, it's really a message of hope that we'll eventually learn from our mistakes.This eye-opening book helps me appreciate what I have, and had the same impact when I was in middle school. I'd definitely recommend it to...
  • Keith Ham
    The My Teacher series was a huge part of my life growing up, while I was going from elementary school to high school. I remember actually reading the second book, then the 4th and neglecting that they were connected - I finally got them all and the series since then is still very fresh inside my mind.For what its about, My Teacher Flunked the Planet is surprisingly well done. Aliens have already been a very hard subject to tackle without messing ...
  • Kathy
    I really enjoyed this series as a whole. This last book was an attempt to understand human wars, suffering, life, & joy. It was very interesting. As the other books began for young readers, this one, like is true with most series', ended with concepts more appropriate for slightly older - more 4th/5th grade I'd say. It had an interesting twist at the end that made you think. That's right - this book made me think - very weird & unexpected result.
  • Rd
    This book and the previous one really set the stage for my love of sci-fi, both as a way to imagine wonderful things and technology and as a way of examining Earth and human problems through the lens of outsiders. I have fond memories of the excitement I felt over Duncan's introduction to the alien world (I still occasionally remember some of those moments), and my sadness when presented with mankind's failures. It was a book and series that ente...
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    The series comes to an end.After reuniting with Duncan and Susan, Peter along with Broxholm and Kreeblim are assigned to do a final report of Earth and in the end are to report back to the Council. From there the fate of Earth will be decided. Old characters are brought back and new ones are introduced, having all the loose ends tied together. This was an intense, sad and thought provoking book. Recommend the series. Good reads.
  • Edmund
    Brilliant and intelligent, definitely a refreshing read coming from a children's author. The themes explored in this book are important, and the book doesn't delve too deeply into them. However, it is an appropriate place for children to begin exploring the evil side of society, and to come to grips with them. This book helped me do that, and consequently was a profound influence during my earlier years in developing and shaping my values.
  • Kressel Housman
    The conclusion of the series takes a serious turn, but WOW! The message about television is delectably funny, and even though the author describes some horrible things about this planet - war, starvation - as he has his characters say, it's happening to kids, so other kids ought to know about them. Brilliant series! I like it so much, I'm going to write a letter to the President so that his girls can read, enjoy, and promote it in a "Get America ...
  • honestly mem
    One of the most important books of my youth and, as strange as it might sound, my life. For all the humor and wacky hijinks, the My Teacher is an Alien quartet - and in particular, My Teacher Flunked the Planet - made a profound and lasting impact on the development of my personal and political beliefs and ideals.But, uh, it's also totally hysterical, and I am forever grateful to Bruce Coville for introducing the word "poot" into my vocabulary.
  • Mckinley
    Engaging. Difficult images but put in good context for ya readers. Last in series but the reader doesn't have to have read the earlier ones to get this one since the others are summarized at the start and when references are made to earlier books, they are clear and stand alone. (At first I thought the title meant the teacher flunked out of "planet." Then I thought it meant the teacher gave the planet a failing grade. Funny how we think something...
  • Brianna M.
    I gave this book 2 stars because it seems devoid of action. It seems more about aliens, of course, and everything they do. They try to save the planet and all but saving the planet stuff seems to used in movies and books.The best part is when the one kid who abanded his dad returns to him. If you read this book it's okay but I think the idea is way over used.
  • Blake
    Thus concludes my reread of my favorite childhood books series. This is the only book in the series that I remembered almost nothing about. It's a lot more serious than the first three books in the series. The others were lighthearted and fun. This one dealt with serious issues about the human condition.
  • Tash
    This was a little emotionally heavy reading with the descriptions of some of the horrors that happen on Earth. They were painful to read. In the end, the reason why humans shouldn't be blown up was an interesting and different idea that I have ever heard before. It made sense. I am happy to finally have read the rest of this series after years of rereading the first one.
  • Jessica
    The My Teacher Is An Alien series has enough juvenile humor to provoke laughs at words like "poot," and enough serious content to make this book stay with you, even as you grow up. There are moments in the text I still recall vividly. It's a really wonderful quartet from Bruce Coville.
  • Naomi
    While a lot has changed since I was in middle school, I still found this to be a thought-provoking, edge-of-my-seat sort of read. And I couldn't remember what happened in the end, so I was still completely surprised by what they ended up theorizing. Anyways, great throwback read =)
  • Elizabeth
    This book has been a favorite of mine since I read it when I was in middle school or so, and I just reread it, hoping it would stand the test of time and an older mind- and it did! Love, love, love this book.
  • Alyisse Chappell
    The big, explosive end. Lol
  • Rachel
    This book was weirdly influential for me. It made me think quite a lot about redemption and judgement. My 8th grade mind was blown!
  • Michelle
    I'm pretty sure I read the whole series... it's been so long ago! I can hardly remember a detail from these great books.