Humility by Andrew Murray


When Jesus "made himself nothing...taking the nature of a servant," He modeled for all believers true humility. Andrew Murray calls this "our true nobility" and "thedistinguishing feature of discipleship." With insightful, penetrating clarity, Murray calls all Christians to turn from pride, empty themselves, and study the character of Christ to be filled with His grace. Often called the best work on humility ever written, this edition has been ed...

Details Humility

Release DateSep 1st, 2001
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreChristian, Christian Living, Nonfiction, Religion, Christianity, Faith, Theology

Reviews Humility

  • Kristi
    This is a powerful book for me, and I've read it several times. Murray (a late 19th c. pastor, very Christ-centered) writes, "When I look back at my own religious experience, or on the Church of Christ in the world, I stand amazed at the thought of how little humility is sought after as the distinguishing feature of the discipleship of Jesus." This book is both convicting as to my own lack of humility and encouraging, making humility seem very en...
  • Jason McIntire
    The fact that I'm "finished" with this book should not by any means be interpreted to mean that I'm "finished" with respect to humility. In fact, this book quickly convinced me that I'm not even "started." That's worth knowing if nothing else, but Murray also provides a hopeful path forward for those who are starting to perceive their own need.I think highly enough of Murray's Humility that I've started working on my own simplified-language editi...
  • Jennifer Tse
    This is a really amazing book about why being prideful is so terrible when we are Christians. It talks about the relationships between humility and holiness, sin, faith, death to self, happiness & exaltation. It also gives some wonderful examples about how Jesus displayed humility, as well as the examples of humility & lack of humility of his 12 disciples. There are so many important lessons here about being humble before God, but most importantl...
  • Brian Eshleman
    WOW! A fairly accurate indicator of how I enjoy and digest a book is how many quotes I keep. I picked up more of Murray's phrasing than I probably have from the last five books I have read. And this was a very short book.He looks at humility as primarily a vertical issue, the major indicator of one's relationship with God. The likes of How to Win Friends and Influence People can teach the outward habits of seeming humility, but Murray is not so e...
  • Zachary McIntire
    This book was recommended to me by a close friend, who told me that if he could only get people to read one book other than the Bible, it would probably be this one. Naturally, I was impressed, and having now finished it, I can see why he felt that way.To me, the greatest teaching books are the simplest ones, and this book is both simple, and extremely powerful. The author does not waste words (the book is quite short) but clearly and beautifully...
  • Patrice Tyler
    No one wants to think of him/herself as an arrogant, prideful, conceited person, but after reading this book, one will have no other choice, but to admit that the "number one virtue" eludes our understanding. The one thing the body of Christ needs to imitate is the one thing we refuse to practice...humility. The bragging, overlooking each other and boasting is idolatry. I have shared this book with several friends. Their responses were staggering...
  • Sally Ewan
    Small, powerful book on humility—what it is, why we should have it. Murray says it is the fundamental virtue for all Christians. This makes sense to me, because I see how its antithesis, pride, is the root of so much sin. Reading this book has helped me be more alert to opportunities to die to myself and put others first. I have a long way to go, but this was a good help!
  • Allison Anderson Armstrong
    This is such a convicting book, and the message it carries is soooo not popular in this society. I think the "self-esteem" "self-congratulations", and "self-love" philosophies that are so popular today have silently crept into my thinking, even though I'm quick to make fun of any program or show that promotes those ideals. The whole idea that of "blessed nothingness" is hard to grasp, but it was a major message of Christ when He was on earth. He ...
  • Julia
    "Humility: the Beauty of Holiness" is a powerful little book; less than 100 pages long, but full to overflowing with awesome insights into one of the Christian's most over-looked character qualities. One of the most convicting quotes for me is "...the only humility that is really ours is not that which we try to show before God in prayer, but that which we carry with us, and carry out, in our ordinary conduct; the insignificances of daily life ar...
  • Nate
    Andrew Murray has repetitively been an author I'll read during a spiritual retreat. He keeps me on the rails, and corrects blind spots that I've ignored.I think the key message I got out of this book was to look at opposition as an opportunities to not take myself so seriously, to prefer others over myself, and allow space for Jesus to vindicate me. As the song goes: Humbly thyself in the sight of the Lord, and he will lift you up.
  • James Daniels
    The best book on Humility I have ever read. It is only 53 pages, but it's not a short read. Take your time reading it for the best understanding and results. Very nice read and much wisdom gained from Humility.
  • Juli Slattery
    I read this book every six months. It's like a spiritual detox from all the self-help messages of the world.
  • Hope
    Beside the Bible this has been one of the most influential books I've ever read. Simple yet life-changing truths.
  • Johnny
    There is, it seems to me, that there is a tension in the Bible between loving and accepting oneself and humbling/denying oneself. We are told on the one hand to love our neighbors as ourselves (implying that we DO love ourselves) and we are told on the other hand to deny ourselves and follow Christ (who denied Himself as co-equivalent with Father and Son in order to experience the indignity of human existence and death in disgrace). In Humility, ...
  • Kent
    This book was formative in my thinking and life several years ago. It was good to read through it again and be reminded of the centrality of, the path to, and the blessings of humility.Some meaningful quotes from the book:As God is the ever-living, ever-present, ever-acting One--who upholds all things by the Word of His power, and in whom all things exist--the relationship of man to God could only be one of unceasing, absolute, universal dependen...
  • Jeremy
    Don't get me wrong. Murray is dead on when he talks about humility being the key aspect of holiness, with pride being the terrible hindrance to holiness. About halfway through I thought Murray started repeating himself and it got a little harder to focus as he talked about 'humility and ____' for several chapters. I wish everyone would read Murray's treatise though, because humility is not only lacking in the church but in the world as a whole. A...
  • Michael
    Humility by Andrew Murray is an excellent devotional on the subject of humility and a must read for every Christian. It is in the public domain. So the price is perfect. Below is the Table of Contents.Preface: Why Focus on Humility?1. Humility: The Glory of God’s Creation2. Humility: The Secret of Redemption3. Humility in the Life of Jesus4. Humility in the Teaching of Jesus5. Humility in the Disciples of Jesus6. Humility in Daily Life7. Humili...
  • Amanda
    "The call to humility has been too little regarded in the church because it's true nature and importance has been too little apprehended. It is not a something which we bring to God, or He bestows. It is simply the sense of entire nothingness, which comes when we truly see how God is all and which we make way for God to be all.""In the life of earnest Christians, of those who pursue and profess holiness, humility ought to be the chief mark of the...
  • Jeremy
    At the beginning of my edition (Bethany House 2001, also pictured in the thumbnail), Susan Nikaido says: "This is a book to be underlined, mediated on, quoted, prayed over, and read again and again."Don't read this book too fast--if you do, go back and think about what you've read. It's short but packed with precious nuggets of truth that deserve meditation and reflection.My second time reading it, the words are just as challenging and piercing a...
  • Anita
    Eye-opening, challenging, something to keep coming back to over and over and over...My identity is a function of where I stand in relation to my Creator, Redeemer, Father, Lover...He is God, I am not! What a liberating, joyful truth!
  • Donna
    I took this book on vacation and lost it! I was so disappointed. It was such a good book. One to read over and over and be reminded how ugly and destructive pride is and how necessary humility is to the Christian life. Found a copy for my kindle! A book to cherish and read often.
  • Matthew Young
    This book needs to be reread. it's short, but quite powerful. There's far too much depth here to get everything in a single reading. Prayer and contemplation should have regular places as you make your way through it.
  • Bambi Moore
    Now to turn back to page 1 and start again...
  • T Martin Bennett
    One of the most useful and powerful books I've ever read and reread. Simple yet profound. I would consider this must read material for any serious seeker of the kingdom of God.
  • Claire
    I am impressed by what our brother saw, that humility is not mere brokenness ("In their spiritual history men may have had times of great humbling and brokenness, but what a different thing this is from being clothed with humility") nor an outward attribute (“Look not at pride only as an unbecoming temper, nor as humility only as a decent virtue: for the one is death, and the other is life... So much as you have of pride within you, you have th...
  • Julianne
    That God may be all.I listened to this as an audiobook instead of reading it. I think that was a mistake, because if I'd been reading a physical copy I would have gone over every paragraph about three times- the way it deserves to be read- and probably gleaned waaaaaay more. (Then again, that would have taken forever, so maybe the audiobook wasn't a mistake?) ;) But that phrase- "That God may be all," kept repeating, over and over, each time as w...
  • Andrew Wolgemuth
    A classic work on a critical (but often ignored) aspect of the Christian life.
  • John Brackbill
    Very edifying. I found myself making some theological compensating corrections in my mind in relation to his "Higher Life" theology of sanctification, but there is penetrating insight of pride and humility here.
  • David Schroeder
    A must read for any Christian or someone wanting to understand what truly makes Jesus stand out. Hands down. It was a blessing to read a chapter a day starting out 2018.