Black Butler, Vol. 7 (Black Butler, #7) by Yana Toboso

Black Butler, Vol. 7 (Black Butler, #7)

Hanya apa yang diperintahkan majikan sajalah yang akan saya jalankan dengan setia...Ciel dan butlernya masuk ke dalam sirkus dengan menyamar. Demi mencari tahu identitas asli patron misterius, Sebastian menggoyahkan serta mencuri hati seorang wanita anggota kelompok sirkus. Dia melepaskan taringnya. Di atas kulit putih sang penjinak hewan buas, jari jemarinya menari-nari.Inilah komik butler yang memiliki harga diri paling tinggi sedunia dipersemb...

Details Black Butler, Vol. 7 (Black Butler, #7)

TitleBlack Butler, Vol. 7 (Black Butler, #7)
Release DateMar 1st, 2010
PublisherPT Elex Media Komputindo
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Historical, Historical Fiction, Comics

Reviews Black Butler, Vol. 7 (Black Butler, #7)

  • Miss Ryoko
    I know I say it in every review for a Black Butler volume, but it can't be helped... DAMN Sebastian is a sexy bitch! XD!!! I seriously almost passed out during this part: OH. MY. GOD. So hot!But seriously ( XD ) this was an exciting volume and the end was AMAZING!!! I was like *GAAAAAAAASP* and now I'm dying to know what's going to happen. The only problem is that I'm getting these from the library so I have to 1) wait for the volume to come out ...
  • Noran Miss Pumkin
    The depth of story develop just gets better with each volume of this series. the detailed drawing is still there as well. We discover the evil behind the circus, and also finally start to get some history on Ceil and the Phamtomhive family. It is a dark and intriguing family tree alright! We also get to see Ceil as a small child, with two eyes, and meet his father. How they died though, the whole family?!?!? The Butler does some dark things, very...
  • Patrícia
    foreshadowing 👀
  • Hope
    This volume didn't really do anything for me. The circus is confusing - the characters all look alike and it is hard to tell what is going on with them. Baron Kelvin is bizarre and also confusing - WTF is going on with him? He is so in love with the Phantomhives that he gets tons of surgeries to make himself prettier to them? He is trying to recreate some event in Ciel's history, but what exactly isn't clear - maybe the ceremony where he meets Se...
  • Gabriela Paige
    EEK!!! What just happened?! I don't know, but it seems that there is something more to all of these characters.Reread: This is where you begin to truly see Ciel’s dark nature. Wow. He is just so complicated. And Vincent! He is so intriguing!
  • Annie
    Reseña completa--->¿De qué trata esta historia? Ciel Phantomhive, mejor conocido como el Conde Phantomhive o El Perro Guardián de la Reina, es un niño de 11 años que quedó huérfano y que ha tenido que hacerse cargo de su papel de Conde, además de actuar como protector y guardaespaldas de Su Majestad y buscar venganza por las personas que acabarón con su familia y lanzarón vergüenza sobre el nombre de los Phantomh...
  • Sakuranko
    Este volumen del manga y este arco ha sido de mis favoritos. Sinceramente la cantidad de gore y acción e intriga es increíble.
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    The Noah's Arc Circus arc is so good! I live for the Phantomhive servants.
  • Marguerite
    3 Stars.Wow! The Noah's Ark Circus arc is really going to dramatic and intense! Very excited to read the conclusion in the next volume :)
  • Loremar96
    ¡Puto loco psicópata ! ¿Como se atreve a hacerle eso a los niños? ¡Espero que acabes muerto por la mano del sexy demonio Sebastian!
  • K.
    And here we see the core of Ciel's belief about humanity, the thing that allows him to be a dang good Problem Solver at such a young age. He shares this philosophy with other notable fictional detectives Sherlock Holmes and Dr. House (who is certainly more vehement about it). Ciel, due to his past experiences, tends to lean towards the cynical House side rather than the more clinical Holmes. He never takes someone at face value.Still, it hasn't i...
  • Lanie
    Holy fucking shit. That was some dark stuff right there. It's so deliciously evil! >:D seriously, not for kids. It's dark and creepy and frankly disturbing. (Also has a sex scene. Nothing to graphic, but damn is Sebastian sexy!) You thought madam red was fucked up!? Try this guy! Those deaths... That's the stuff of nightmares, people. & the ending? Perfection! The first couple volumes or so, I was on the fence a bit about the phantomhive servants...
  • MissAnnThrope
    17 January 2013Woah. There is some seriously effed up stuff happening in Black Butler, Vol. 7. The series gets a whole lot darker as the Noah's Ark Troupe's true intentions are revealed. It's disturbingly twisted and might make you feel a little ill. Ciel's reaction to the horror behind the circus quite surprised me. He has this unexpected tenacity and possesses some truly big cajones. I have an entirely new respect for him.And what exactly is ...
  • Yvensong
    This volume has some really twisted arcs and characters making it a bit disturbing. Our two heroes get closer to the dark truth about the missing children. We meet up with the person behind the mystery and he is truly twisted beyond belief. Has Ciel Phantomhive taken on more than he can handle when he followed the Queen's orders to resolve the case of the missing children?Sebastian has a lot to handle in this volume: a grim reaper determined to h...
  • Reeva
    CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!I can not believe how this one ended!!! Totally unexpected and awesome. Baron Kelvin is a crazy manic man who is obsessed with Ciel's family. He is the one that is taking kids for his sick enjoyment of killing them and worse. Then of course we learn all about the Phantomhive servants. I always wondered why Ciel kept them around if they couldn't do anything right... And now I know. They are hand picked for there amazing ski...
  • Nerdish Mum
    I am loving this series so much! I am reading it quite slowly as I am reading them as my friend buys them and lends them to me. But this means that I can savour it and not just rush through. I have enjoyed this circus arc and I enjoyed meeting all the characters and learning about what was actually happening. I was slightly shocked by how Sebastian got some information this is why it's not for children! I also thought it was brave to...
  • Ladiibbug
    #7 Black Butler series - MangaLord Ciel and Sebastian continue to investigate the disappearance of a disturbing number of children by joining the circus that seems to be part of the mystery.This book was much darker than the others. It was difficult material to read, but did convey the terrible truths that Ciel and Sebastian were determined to unmask and resolve.For more comprehensive reviews of this series w/o spoilers, see Good Reads member Yve...
  • Kelsey Hanson
    Well THAT got dark very quickly. I admit to being a bit freaked out by this volume. It deals with what I can only describe as some bizarre form of pedophilia and lots of bad things happen to children. The media is making me really frightened of circuses lately. I'm not entirely sure what happened to Finnian either but I'm mildly concerned and need to find the next book.
  • Fatemeh
    حالا که داستان کاملا از انیمه فاصله گرفته و تکراری نیست، دنبال کردنش راحت تر شده. خیلی خوب بود فلش بکی به گذشته ی شیل زده شد. با این اخلاقی که شیل داره شک دارم بتونه پا جای پای بابای جنتلمنش بذاره XD
  • Maria Kaye
  • Christina
    I eat, breath, and sleep manga so this is my jam.
  • Alois
    one of my favorite arcs
  • Austin Hanmore
    I love reading these books.
  • Octavianny Mata
    Creo el arco ya llego a su punto esto se pone cada vez mejor
  • Aurora
    Wow, Ciel was just so...ruthless.
  • Kari Trenten
    The climax approaches for the Noah’s Circus arc, revealing sinister truths about the colorful performers and the kidnapped children. Investigating and uncovering them take their toll on Ciel Phantomhive, whom finds himself bedridden and sick. Hampered by William T. Spears’s censorious attentions, Sebastian employs some truly devilish methods to uncover the information his master seeks. Once they have their answers, Sebastian and Ciel can with...
  • Emma
    While I wouldn't say that Black Butler has been all sunshine and rainbows up to this point, it definitely took a much darker, more mature (and arguably disturbing) turn in this volume. There's still some humour mixed in with this madness - Prince Soma and Agni provide a welcome break and Will is unintentionally hilarious as usual - but the main plot is really the focus. It was interesting to see the "unlikable" aspects of Ciel's personality highl...
  • TheGracefulReader
    THE GOOD Ciel: Ooh, a little more backstory into what happened before and a little after Ciel's parents were killed and he was kidnapped and apparently, had his body sold. Yikes. This took a turn that was slightly expected, yet still make you feel horribly bad for him.Sebastian; Manipulative bastard, aren't you? Oh well, he is a devil, after all.Finny: That face at the end though. How do you got from adorable little shit to creepy as hell in ten ...
  • Stephanie :}
    Volume 7 is definitely the best installment story-wise so far. It doesn't have much action, but it doesn't even need it because it does have an ample supply of other goodies: suspense, humor (Sebastian trying to nurse Ciel back to health was beyond hilarious), eccentric characters (love the snake guy), and as I said, it has a really interesting plot. Sebastian and Ciel aren't together for a good part of this one, and that was super cool. I love i...
  • Leigh Louise
    The anime stuck true to the Manga again in this book. Word for word (almost) the story was the same. Even the part where Sebastian seduced Beast into giving him the information!I really do love this storyline, although a little confusing at times. It was well thought out by both the original artist and the anime team. When I read the story, I can hear in my mind the voices they used in the anime for all the characters of the circus show. I didn't...