Moominpappa at Sea (The Moomins, #8) by Tove Jansson

Moominpappa at Sea (The Moomins, #8)

When the Moomin family members need a change of scenery, they decide to take up residence in a lighthouse. As they discover their new home, the family also discover surprising, and wonderfully funny, new things about themselves.

Details Moominpappa at Sea (The Moomins, #8)

TitleMoominpappa at Sea (The Moomins, #8)
Release DateOct 1st, 1993
PublisherFarrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
GenreFavorites, Fantasy, Childrens, Fiction, Classics, European Literature, Finnish Literature

Reviews Moominpappa at Sea (The Moomins, #8)

  • Kim
    The Moomin series has always been remarkable not only for its charm and whimsy, but also for its sense of melancholy, unusual in children's literature. Moominpappa at Sea is a particularly introspective installment; here you will find no heroic battles or overwhelming drama, just one family's quiet journey of self-discovery when they move to a mysterious island. And an island is the perfect setting for this story, for the characters become more a...
  • Julian Meynell
    In my opinion, Tove Jannson is the best children's author who ever lived and one of the ten greatest authors of the twentieth century. I have only read her Moomintroll work and not the work for adults, but I have read almost all of the Moomintroll books, picture books and comic strips. In this review I will focus on Moominpappa at Sea, but I will also try to give a sense of why I think that she deserves to be placed with the likes of Orwell, Naba...
  • Crippled_ships
    This book has everything a children's book should have: Pipe smoking, whisky, and existential crisis. This book taught me a lot about life when I was younger, and I still find it as comforting and mysterious as ever.Tove Jansson, you are the best, I give you a kiss on the nose!
  • Loreley
    არანორმალურად სევდიანი წიგნია, ყოველ შემთხვევაში ზრდასრულის გადმოსახედიდან. ბავშვობაში რომ წამეკითხა შეიძლება უფრო მსუბუქდ აღმექვა. და კიდევ მგონი ნაითვიშის Islander-ის ი...
  • Nate D
    A peculiar only-sort-of-for-children late Moomin novel where the family attempts of combat leisure-ennui by moving to a ragged lighthouse island far out in the ocean. Concerns itself to a large degree with the need for strife, or at least a challenge, to give daily purpose -- without which lies only depression and torpor. Yikes. Still some strange moments of magic and wonder, of course, but tempered by cynicism and a warm-but-realistic sense of t...
  • Laura
    Niin ihana tunnelma ♥
  • Linnea
    Muumipappa ja meri ei ole helppo muumikirja, mutta se on hieno sellainen. Luulen, että tarina aukeaisi paremmin luettuna kuin pätkissä kuunneltuna. Majakkasaarella on aikaa miettiä itse kullakin yksinäisyyttä, parisuhdetta, milloin mitäkin. Ahti Jokinen lukee pääosin todella hyvin, vain hänen Pikku Myynsä hihitys ärsytti välillä suunnattomasti. Muumi-ääninä hän on mitä mainioin.
  • Laura
    Kaunis, rauhallinen, syvällinen ja ehkä melkein enemmän aikuisille kuin lapsille kirjoitettu muumikirja. Sydän.
  • Beka Sukhitashvili
    ახლა სრულიად გასაგებია, რატომ არიან დაინტერესებულები ფსიქოლოგები, ანალიტიკოსები, თერაპევტები და ფილოსოფოსები იანსონის მუმინებით.მთელი წიგნი ერთი დიდი არაცნობიერი ზღ...
  • Niina
    This was my third Moomin-book, one I was left in awe after reading. Moominpappa at Sea was deliberately darker than other books on the series I've read this far, something I was not expecting. The story began dark, and it only got darker and more suffocating the longer it continued, a feeling of inevitable doom lingered around the lonely island and the huge lighthouse the Moomin family moved into. The story circled around Moominpappa, who felt un...
  • Stephen Curran
    When Moomintroll reports that he has extinguished a small fire in the moss, his father becomes unexpectedly cross and obsessive: "Don't imagine that a spot like this isn't dangerous. Far from it. It can go on burning under the moss, you see. In the ground. Hours and perhaps even days may go by, and then suddenly, whoof! The fire breaks out somewhere quite different." He is, of course, actually speaking about his own lingering dissatisfactions.Thi...
  • ❄ Pixelflocke ❄
    Muminpapa steckt mitten in einer Midlife-Crisis und beschließt, dass er und seine Familie das behagliche Mumintal verlassen und auf eine einsame, raue Insel mitten im Meer umsiedeln. Zusammen mit Klein Mü beziehen Mumin, Muminmama und Muminpapa den verlassenen Leuchtturm auf der Insel.Das Buch hat eine durchgängig ungemütliche, bedrückende Stimmung. Es beginnt bereits mit einem rastlosen, unzufriedenen Muminpapa, der auf der Suche nach einer...
  • Helen McClory
    It's To The Lighthouse but with moomins.
  • Karl Orbell
    The end is nigh! I've been on this Moomin saga a long time now, some years, occupying my small book, fourth slot on my rota. This is the penultimate book in the series. I'm not really sure they were at all what I was expecting when I started and often find myself not overly impressed about one thing or another. But they do usually turn out to be an acceptable read in the end. This one is no different.Not for the first time in the series, this boo...
  • Vít Kotačka
    Muminky miluju už od dětství. Tehdy, bohužel, vyšly pouze dvě knížky - Čarodějův klobouk a Tatínek píše paměti. Teď, s vlastními dětmi, už si můžu užít i všechny ostatní příběhy. A jsem rád, že děti milují muminky taky.Tatínek a moře není jednoduché čtení - je to předposlední kniha, která vyšla dvacet let po té první. A ten posun je znát. Celá kniha je velmi melancholická, dýchne na vás vše, co ...
  • Ellen
    This Moomin book surprised me! This year I am aiming to read all the Moomin books I haven’t read yet, and this was first up on my list. I expected it to be lighthearted, like Moominsummer Madness, but it definitely had a deeper, darker tone, which reflected on themes of isolation – both physical and emotional. Tove really likes writing about lonely islands! It was interesting reading about how the different characters’ neuroses affect them ...
  • Aino
    Taattua laatua. Niin paljon täynnä pieniä kultahippuja, että sai nauramaan ja todella pohtimaan.
  • Elen
    Fick tre Mumin-böcker i julklapp och då blev det genast dags att läsa om Pappan och havet. Det var mysigare än väntat att följa med mumintrollen till en ö mitt i havet och Tove Jansson är ju för härlig när hon beskriver natur och folk. Jag växte upp med den japanska tecknade tv- serien och har alltid tyckt om den och det lugna myset som finns där. Inte trodde jag väl att originalböckerna skulle vara ännu mysigare, men det var mins...
  • Essi
  • Eva Ptašková
    I am never going to get tired of Moominpappa at Sea. I knew it when I was 10, I knew it when I was 18 and I'm still as sure now, at 24, after eagerly devouring the book in almost one go, yet again. I've read all Moomin books multiple times but Moominpappa at Sea remains my personal favourite and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to finally get my own copy which I was desperately trying to get hold of for years. And then the whole ser...
  • Katri
    I enjoyed taking my time with this book. It has a wonderful, strong atmosphere that I loved just sinking into one or two chapters at a time. The element of sea and living by the seaside is very strong here. I've never lived by the sea, but I still felt I could hear the winds, see the rocks and smell the sea air as I read this. I also love the subtle descriptions of the Moomintroll growing up, and the way the Groke becomes a much deeper character ...
  • Kristīne
    Piezīme nākamībai - KAD pašai būs bēbji, jādodas izbraukumā pie jūras, un šis jālasa kopā.
  • Sepp
    As a kid, it felt a lighthearted adventure story. Boy, how gloomy it can be occasionally, when you are... not finding a better word... an adult.
  • Hofi Jonsdottir
    "Mumifar slog en streg over alle sine spekulationer, han levede bare helt og fuldt, lige fra halespidsen og til ørerne"
  • Tove Selenius
    Jag kan läsa om den här boken hur många gånger som helst. Jag for efter ett citat, det slutade med att jag läste hela boken. Igen. Den är konstant. Den tärs inte, förminskas eller böjs av tiden. Den som tror att böcker för barn "bara" är för barn tar så gruvligt, fatalt miste.
  • Essi Huuhka
    Minulla tuskin on kirjasta mitään sellaista sanottavaa, jota ei olisi jo kirjoitettu. Hieno, melankolinen teos, joka loistaa erityisesti luonto- ja ihmiskuvauksellaan, lämmöllään ja huumorillaan. Klassikko, eikä suotta.
  • Kiki
    Olis ihana lähteä jonnekkin saaristoon. Ja majakalle.
  • Andrew Marshall
    A recent trip to Finland (and Sweden) re-introduced me to the Moomins which I'd read as a child. My memories were of a lovable family of strange creatures. The stories were complex and I always had a sense that I was missing something - although I always enjoyed Tove Jansson's wonderful illustrations. Talking to my Scandinavian friends, I discovered that Jansson was writing as much for adults as children and decided to re-read her. Momminpappa at...
  • Jonatan Iversen-Ejve
    Jag tyckte inte om den här boken när jag var yngre. Den var enligt mig, likt Sent i November, en seg och tråkig "vuxenbok" som helt saknade det liv och den mystik som fanns i de andra Muminböckerna. Jag vet inte om jag ens läste klart den när det begav sig, för nu när jag återvänder många år senare hittar jag så mycket mer än jag tidigare hade trott. Kanske är det just för att jag har blivit en tråkig vuxen. Boken är fylld av my...
  • Pia
    Marraskuussa luettu teos, joten meni nopsaan tämän lukeminenkin. En ehkä keskittynyt niin tarkasti kuin viime kerralla, kun lukukerrasta on lyhyt aika. Mutta viime marraskuun arvio pitää paikkaansa:Tässä on huomattavasti synkempi Muumit-tarina. Tarinan kieli on jo erilainen (ei ole puhe Muumipapasta ja -mammasta vaan isästä ja äidistä), Muumipappa on lähes masentuneen oloinen tai vähintään alakuloinen. Se, että Mörkö on isossa o...