Black Butler, Vol. 4 (Black Butler, #4) by Yana Toboso

Black Butler, Vol. 4 (Black Butler, #4)

London - the capital of the Great Empire - is once again under siege, as a string of bizarre attacks on British citizens returned from India sends rumours flying and casts a pall upon Queen Victoria's rule. Sent in by Her Majesty, young Earl Phantomhive and his most capable butler, Sebastian, follow a trail that collides head-on with an Indian youth who claims to be a prince. And this prince possesses an extraordinary butler of his own! As an int...

Details Black Butler, Vol. 4 (Black Butler, #4)

TitleBlack Butler, Vol. 4 (Black Butler, #4)
Release DateJan 25th, 2011
PublisherYen Press
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Black Butler, Vol. 4 (Black Butler, #4)

  • Kalilah
    WARNING: This is more of a rant/observation than a review directly linked to this volume.I've read a lot of Black Butler reviews and they seem to be split in two: a) the Fangirls, who squeal and coo at Ciel and Sebastian (and every male character really, but particularly the aforementioned). They are the ones that usually "ship" the devil and the child and seem to think it's super adorable or something.b) is the group that, like the Fangirls; lo...
  • Miss Ryoko
    Okay... so seriously, is it a requirement that all the men in this series be ultra sexy? Because I'm failing to find one that isn't. Haha!I really love the many different faces this series has. One minute its super hilarious, the next super serious, the next super mysterious. I love it! I love the story, the art, the characters and the silliness.Here is a hilarious part that I laughed for about ten years at: And no review would be complete withou...
  • Sara
    I love Black Butler! But I found the supporting characters in this issue annoying. A prince from India and his servant - please, leave! I am interested in the curry competition, though.
  • Laura
    Though I've really been loving Black Butler. The art is amazing, the characters are consistent and aren't only what they appear. There are definitely going to be more intense volumes with a thrilling and engaging plot. This volume, however, wasn't one of them. I'm ot a big fan of Prince Soma or his butler. They feel like filler. I've noticed this trend with manga. There always seem to be a few volumes here and there that function as filler. It's ...
  • Maria Kaye
    I hate this portion of the story, the prince is such a boring character, ugh.
  • Sakuranko
    Pues me gustó mucho pero necesitaba un poco más de gore y trama. En general ha estado bastante gracioso por eso se gana 3 estrellas.
  • Loremar96
    8,75 . Reconozco que comparado con los anteriores no ha estado tan interesante pero los capítulos finales ha hecho que le de 4 estrellas en vez de 3. Me ha gustado como nos muestra un poco de Ciel antes de hacer el contrato con Sebastian. Agni me encanta y el principito le daba un par de hostias , a vez si madura el niñato y es como Ciel en nivel de madurez.
  • Mohamed
    3.5, Bad ending to what could've been a great volume
  • Heather
    Five stars for story, um. Maybe like 2.5 for Yen Press's translation. The scans are translated much better, which I think is kind of rare in the wide world of manga. But I still buy the volumes to support Yana Toboso, so here we are. I know it seems to be a popular thing not to like the curry arc, but it's actually one of my favorites. ... of course I don't have an arc I don't like, but I think the brilliant bits of this arc are the subtle things...
  • Ashley Chen
    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!How do I put this? This volume was PERFECTION! It kept me entertained with only one fighting scenes! First I would like to praise Yana for staying in character and writing to the atmosphere. It really feels like the air around this series has this "British feel" to it. She crafts this by creating posh dialogues but without the feeling of forcing or faking. And I neglected to mention this random thing: I ADORE THE FASHION! *dr...
  • K.
    Soma is a fabulous character if only because he irritates Ciel so much. That boy needs to loosen up. I do enjoy the contrast between the realistic linework and their exaggerated chibi reaction figures. This mangaka has excellent style, no doubt about it.In the last chapter we discover a bit more of how Ciel came to meet Sebastian and strike his disturbing Faustian contract, done with both intense artistic flair and horrifying background context. ...
  • Negar
    تا آخر جلد سه، وقایع انیمه و مانگا تقریبا می شه گفت مطابقت داشتن. از این جا، انیمه کلا از مانگا فاصله گرفت و راه خودش رو رفت. من از داستان انیمه بیشتر خوشم اومد، و فکر می کنم داستان مانگا یه کم تکراری بود ( مخصوصا بعد از اومدن و رفتن گریل) و نیازی به این ...
  • Yue
    It's official, I love Sebastian. He is the coolest character I have read so far, the most elegant, the most handsome, the most mysterious (the anime does not do justice to his beauty). Sadly, in this volume there is not enough action, except when he has a duel with Agni.As for the prince and Agni, I do not like them very much. The Prince is funny, but I liked it more when he wasn't in the house.And poor Ciel, such a cute little boy and with such ...
  • Fatemeh
    3.5تقریبا مطابق انیمه، با این فرق که یه چیزایی بیشتر داشت.تو این جلد متوجه شدم همه ی پسرای خوشگل مانگا اگه رنگ موها و چشماشون با هم فرق نکنه یه شکلن :|نسخه انگلیسی با کیفیت بالا گیرم نیومد اما ترجمه ی فارسی که گرفتم کیفیتش عالی بود و در نتیجه واقعا ورق ز...
  • Kelsey Hanson
    I found this one to be more confusing than anything. Maybe it's the fact that I couldn't tell what was happening in some of the panels, but I got kind of lost trying to understand the relationship between the prince and his butler. Still, I do find it interesting how they combine historical British history in with the story including topics like colonialism or the Jack the Ripper case.
  • Ladiibbug
    #4 Black ButlerCiel Phantomhive is called to duty by Queen Victoria when British citizens returning from India are attacked. Uber butler Sebastian and Ciel's investigation leads to an Indian claiming to be a prince. The "prince" has his OWN extraordinary butler! Sebastian and the other butler become strong rivals -- will the kitchen be the battleground?!Love it!
  • Gabriela
    I love these new characters!!! Agni and Prince Soma are amazing! I must know more.Reread: And this is where we first meet Prince Soma and Agni!!! ACK!!! Their characters are so lively and unique!
  • Shyames
    Dobrze wybrany moment na zakończenie tomiku, świetnie dobrany cliffhanger - propsy dla autorki. Kreska, jak zwykle, dobra, historia mogłaby nabrać tempa, ale overall - good job.
  • osoi
    (low-key spoilers)IV. (#15-19) | tagline: ffs IT’S A DEER | Кое-как перемахнув через пару глав, я готова была проштамповать этот том как самый нудный и малоинтересный (всякие индийские прынцы со своими версиями Себастьяна, карикатурные мобы, карикатурная Индия, карикату...
  • Annie
    Reseña completa--- Butler se situá en la época victoriana, presentándonos al joven Ciel Phantomhive, Conde de Phantomhive, un chico que a pesar de su corta edad (12 años) es la cabeza de la familia Phantomhive, el propietario de una de las Jugueteras más exitosas de la ciudad y el guardaespaldas de la Reina, está última actividad le ha ganado el título de el perro guardián de la Reina y básicamente su trabajo ...
  • Lori Cornett
    Another volume that does a fascinating job of mincing demons into a realistically detailed Victorian London, thick with drama, and yet not forgetting it’s sense of humor.
  • Moriah Venable
    Around Britian, there have been attacks against Britains by Indians. They are stripped and hung with a note on them. It is up to Earl Phantomhive and Sebastian to figure out who is doing them and stop them before it happens again.While walking around London, Ciel and Sebastian get threatened by a group of Indians, who have been forced to live in the slums. Two suspect that this group are the ones responsible. Before they are able to do any harm, ...
  • Karissa
    This is the fourth volume in the Black Butler series. While I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the previous three books, this was still a very entertaining book. It is beautifully drawn and very intriguing as well as humorous and entertaining.In this book we meet a young Indian prince and his bodyguard; they are looking for a young woman named Mina and would like Ciel’s help. Ciel is called to act in his role as protector of the crown when An...
  • Yvensong
    It is winter in London, and the Earl Ciel Phantomhive has returned, with his Butler, Sebastian, at the Queen's request to investigate a rash of humiliating crimes against Anglo-Indians. Someone has been assaulting aristocrats and military personnel who have returned from India, stripping them and leaving them hanging upside down around London. Can Ciel and his demon Butler solve these crimes to the Queen's satisfaction?In the midst of the intrigu...
  • Brandi
    The beginning of the curry arc wherein you meet the Indian Prince Soma and his loyal manservant, Agni. It's khansama Agni with his mighty 'right hand of God' versus Ciel's supernatural butler, Sebastian! Who will triumph in this fencing duel?
  • Julia Sapphire
    *3.75* I enjoyed this. I really adore all the characters and love the tone of these. (view spoiler)[... That young Prince stays in the Phantomhive Home. Ciel wants a royal warrant. (hide spoiler)]
  • hejhej
    Amazing graphics.
  • Maverynthia
    Horribly racist with a plot that will end with the Indians being put in their place by a British person making the perfect curry, because who makes curry better than a bunch of conquering murderers.
  • Leigh Louise
    **Contains Spoilers**This Manga featured the Indian storyline with the Indian Prince and his Khansama (think I wrote that right), searching for Mina, the Princes ex-maid.I can see that once again the anime stuck pretty close to the Manga however, there was a major difference between the two with this particular storyline. In the Manga, Ciel and Sebastian visited Lau in his underground opium den as soon as they had been summoned to see the bodies ...