Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina

Kimi ni Todoke

Chizu is surprised by the sudden homecoming of Tôru, Ryu's older brother and her childhood crush. But old habits die hard when Chizu can't seem to get enough courage to declare her love. But this is the one time Chizu won't be able to count on Ryu to be supportive of her--not when he wants her for himself!

Details Kimi ni Todoke

TitleKimi ni Todoke
Release DateNov 2nd, 2010
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo, Graphic Novels

Reviews Kimi ni Todoke

  • Reddish
    Chizu y Ryuu... ¡LOS SHIPPEO DEMASIADO! “Should I comfort you?
  • Elspeth
    All I can think of is this...“When I become Fuhrer—All female personnel in the military will wear—TINY MINI-SKIRTS!!”Roy Mustang, FullMetal Alchemist...and this...Shigure Sôma: [singing to himself as he prepares for Tohru's friends to come over] High school girls! 1, 2, 3! High School Girls! All for me! Fruits Basket
  • Annie
    Reseña completa--- ni Todoke es la historia de una chica de Preparatoria llamada Sawako, debido a su piel pálida, su largo y lacio cabello negro y su aura sombría todos le tienen miedo y la apodan Sadako (como el personaje de la historia de terror El Aro), de ella se dicen muchas cosas, que puede ver fantasmas, que se comunica con los espíritus y que el solo hecho de verla fijamente trae desgracias y maldiciones, tod...
  • Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    Awww. I really like Sanada. Will continue reading.
  • Amanda Setasha Hall
    I really liked that the majority of this volume focused on a couple that wasn't actually the main couple.It was a lot of feels and really gave you a feel for the other characters personalities.
  • Miriam
    Aww, poor Chizu! Poor Ryu!More Sawada being too kind a daughter to tell her parents she really want to go to the party rather than stay home with them.
  • Kristine Hansen
    Complicated love triangle and a certain amount of heartbreak. Love how the focus moves to Sawako's friends sometimes.
  • Mariana
    3.5 estrellasRyu
  • Lou (BooksAreAWayOfLife)
    This manga series follows a girl called Kuronuma and she has the looks that would be perfect for a ghost in a horror movie, but everyone has her misunderstood. Through her friendship with the popular boy in class, Kazehaya, her classmates start to realise that she's not this feared figure that she is thought to be. Kuronuma has just realised her feelings for Kazehaya and is learning to adjust to them.This volume concludes Chizu's side story and s...
  • Jess
    Ay, solo de recordar lo que pasó con la pobre de Chizu en éste tomo, me da algo. Pobre, tanto por ella como por Ryu.Pero no me adelanto.En el tomo conocemos más del amigable hermano de Ryu. Un muchacho muy atento y que le tiene especial estima a Chizu por su convivencia con ella desde que era una niña. Por otro lado, Sawako quiere ir con sus amigos a la fiesta de navidad del grupo.¿Tendrá el valor de pedirle permiso a sus padres?
  • Estefany
    Chizu y Ryuu deben estar juntos, Karuho-san acabara conmigo en serio.
  • B. Jean
    This is less than 200 pages, so I would like to talk to whoever sets the prices on these. Still, love this series. Another adorable installment.
  • Em Mirra
  • Jennifer
    I'm in 'aw' mode. Too cute.
  • Lee
    😭😭 my heart!
  • DonutKnow
    So cute. I was crying when Chizu was comforted by Ryu and even in those moments before that when she was with Toru. *sigh unrequited love is a pang to the heart.
  • Chris
    : )
  • R
    Love love love!! Teen heartbreak and love, close friendships, so fun to read! Emotions are high, I'm in love with these characters.
  • Sarah
    4 stars for Kimi ni todoke vol. 6 Thoughts and PlotI was hoping this volume would have a little more going on and it totally did. Misunderstandings are always fun to read. Well, when they're done right and this time it was decent.Ryu's brother shows up early and brings his fiancé ...Chizu is secretly crushed but puts on a brave and happy face for him. Ryu's is obviously worried about her, but doesn't want her to know he's worried because she'd g...
  • Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru
    Synopsis:Chizu is surprised by the sudden homecoming of Tôru, Ryu's older brother and her childhood crush. But old habits die hard when Chizu can't seem to get enough courage to declare her love. But this is the one time Chizu won't be able to count on Ryu to be supportive of her--not when he wants her for himself!My Thoughts:I really like this volume. We get a bit more of a focus on Chizuru and her romance. Up until now, she's never mentioned t...
  • Hana Bilqisthi
    Jadi pas ngeliat ada kimi ni todoke 6, gue kaget, kapan yang kelimanya keluarKok udah ke6 aja? :OCeritanya seru karena gue lupa bagian ini (meski udah baca komik ini online)Komik ini cerita tentang yoshida (chizu) yang patah hatiquote yang gue suka :“kupikir dia akan bereaksi lebih dari ini. kupikir dia akan berteriak keras seperti selama ini atau malah menangis. Awalnya aku kira ini adalah hal yang membuat dia menderita tapi sama sekali ngga. ...
  • MC
    As Volume 6 of Kimi ni Todoke begins, we have the awkward situation of Chizu (whom Ryu cares about) arriving to visit Ryu and coming across his older brother Toru (whom Chizu has a crush on) and Toru's new fiance. Needless to say, the situation is quite awkward.Chizu is upset about this turn of events and this, in turn, upsets Sawako and Yano, who want to comfort her but don't know how to do so. Of course the quiet romance between Kazehaya and Sa...
  • Nicole
    Next to the series' main pairing (Sawako and Kazehaya), hands down my favorite romantic pairing is Ryu and Chizuru. In fact, the storyline captured in vol. 6 is one of the best in the series to date, in my opinion. It poignantly captures a moment experienced by many - that moment when reality hits and you need to finally give up on the dream of realizing your "first love." But in true bittersweet fashion, maturity brings fresh perspective and pro...
  • Sariah
    A lot happens in this volume! Chizu has her heart broken, Ryu kind of tells her how he feels (by telling her he's glad that his brother's getting married and she has to give up on him), Sawako and Ayane don't know how to cheer her up, and it falls to Ryu to be the only one who can. After all of that happens, it's time for the Christmas party! Sawako wants to go, even made presents for everyone close to her. But when she sees how excited her paren...
  • Ren
    I am starting to realise that I find the pacing of this manga a little bothersome. While I appreciate that plenty of things happened with Chizu and Ryu and such in this volume, and I liked that because I love those characters, we haven't actually seen much of Kazehaya at all recently. Also I sympathised with Chizu up to a point but I did find some of her reactions a little irritating and unrealistic - it really should have been fairly obvious tha...
  • K. B (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━━━━━☆
    Oh God!! Seriously!? I kinda predicted it that Chizu had someone else in her heart but obviously she is confused over her own feelings... Damn! Why do we girls get confused over our own feelings? UGH!!Anyway, Ryu loves Chizu and Chizu love someone that Ryu can't be supportive of... if I were Ryu I would never be supportive EVER!! Hehe! But finally, the end was satisfying, somehow. And Ahhhhhhhh! Sawako got a new Phone. Guess who is her first cont...
  • Estara
    Just a beautiful follow-up in the series that this time focusses less on Sawako then on Chizuru and her love life. I love the fact that no one can really help with the developments to change them - the most they can do is be there for Chizuru when she accepts the truth. And the one who helps her most is the one who says least and knows her best.The Christmas scenario at the end is a lovely bonus in the main storyline. When I think about it, this ...
  • Brenda
    La amistad se fortalece, algunos corazones de rompen e incluso algunas relaciones también lo hacen...sin embargo, bajo otras circunstancias otras se van fortaleciendo.En este tomo vemos como los personajes están madurando conforme las experiencias de la vidas les van poniendo algunas pruebas que tendrán que ir superando. Extrañe el Kazehaya/Sawako, pero también se que en algunos casos de representarán de esta manera para ir conociendo el de...
  • Courtney (Storybook Slayers)
    Kimi ni Todoke is such an innocent love story between Sawako and Kazehaya that will make you "aww" during every scene that they share together. Watching the lives of Sawako and her friends, you just can't help but fall in love with all the characters that band together with her. I definitely recommend this books to all shojo fans or anyone who wants to watch such innocence and adorableness bloom
  • Jessica-Robyn
    Something that's really stood out so far in this series is how Shinna handles her secondary characters. Chizu is all sorts of interesting and Ryu is by far becoming one of my favourite characters. I can't wait to see what she does with Yano when she gets her own time to shine, but so far I'm really loving what I'm seeing!