Love On The Lifts by Rachel Hawthorne

Love On The Lifts

Winter Break super-secret perfect cocoa recipe: 8 oz steamed whole milk(no skim! doesn't work!) 2 tbsp. dark cocoa powder (big scoops) 1 tbsp. sugar (can't be too sweet) 4 dried, crushed mint leaves(or 1 tbsp. mint syrup) Stir thoroughly. Add mint swizzle stick. Combine with cute ski instructor, or brother's cute best friend, or cute guy you never noticed was so cute...Enjoy.

Details Love On The Lifts

TitleLove On The Lifts
GenreYoung Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Holiday, Christmas

Reviews Love On The Lifts

  • Natshane
    One word, Fabulous! It's a typical story about a girl (Kate) crushing over a boy (Brad) whom she first laid eyes on, but didn't realize that the better (Joe) is just right behind her. I like the reason why Joe had liked Kate, the legendary love at first sight, gosh, I don't think I'll ever get bored of any story with this concept (lecturing here?), but it's just so sweet. He had been there when she needed comforting (after Brad ditched her for Si...
  • Himanshi Agrawal
    I had a crappy day, so I decided to relax with a book.Unfortunately, cutesy books do not do anything to help if the MC happens to be a moron.Reasons why KATE is a moronic dimwitted bimbo.1)A boy's picture as your desktop background = creepy. (especially if you have only met him once)2)The said object of obsession does not know your name even after 3 weeks, not a total catch.3)He hooks up with someone else. 5 minutes after meeting them. Give up in...
  • Julianna
    Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" Love on the Lifts is a sweet, young-adult romance that celebrates the wonder of first loves. High school senior, Kate, the main protagonist and first-person narrator of the story, takes her two best friends to a ski resort to stay in a condo owned by her aunt, where they are unexpectedly joined by her college freshman brother and his two friends. Needless to say everyone finds someone to romance during a fun-fi...
  • Olivia (The Candid Cover)
    Filled with drama and humour, Love on the Lifts is the perfect book for the winter. The setting is dreamlike and the hot chocolate/book store is something that I would love to visit in real life. I found the main character to be pretty clueless, but it wasn’t so bad that I had to put the book down.Love on the Lifts is the story of a winter vacation where things don’t go quite as planned. Kate is ready for some time with her friends, but when ...
  • ~Tina~
    The best thing about these kind of books is that it's light and quick and cute and very very sweet. It put me in the right festive mood- no matter how much I despise the cold:pJoe, I was rooting for you the whole time;)
  • Kala
    This book was sweet and cute and clean - basically a generic romance for teens. It just didn't have that WOW factor. The plot line is one that's overused and Hawthorne does nothing new with it here. Girl likes Douchebag guy. Sweet guy likes girl. Girl takes awhile, but eventually realizes Douchebag guy is a douchebag and falls for the sweet guy. Happily ever after.Kate was one of the most oblivious and idiotic romantic heroines I've ever read. Sh...
  • Lindsey
    I read this a number of years ago and then gave it to my mom. I asked for it back to reread this winter and loved it just as much as the first time! It's just a cute, light love story. Definitely what I adore reading this time of year!
  • Elusive
    ‘Love on the Lifts’ tells the story of Kate who instantly has a crush at first sight on Brad. It quickly turns into an obsession of being with him even before they’ve had any conversation. As you can guess, Kate isn’t exactly likeable. She’s boring at best, annoying at worst.At the ski resort, Kate, her brother Sam and her two friends Allie and Leah (both are completely forgettable and I suspect they were only created to make up the num...
  • Shxrxn
    There are explanations for it, but not excuses. - KateIt doesn’t hurt to kiss a few frogs before finally kissing your prince.- LeahHot chocolate should be sinful, and I don't believe in sinning in half measures.- Aunt SueI've got better things to do than discuss my life with you.- SamI believe we should always listen to our own hearts, and not other people's brains.- Aunt sueHow did a girl know she could trust a guy not to break her heart?- Kat...
  • Geli
    Ever since I read Carribbean Curising I have been a fan of Rachel Hawthrone's work. Island Boys and Girls was great as well but her recent novels havent really been up to her standards, in my opinion. I was a bit let down when I read Snowed In and was hoping Love on the Lifts would redeem her work for me. But sadly no. The story itself was great, I enjoyed reading it for the most part. It was just a little problem with the main character, Kate. S...
  • Abigail the Fangirl
    I do not think I have ever rated a book one star but I'm sorry...This book was just completely disappointing. I mean, it wasn't a cozy, cute, read. It was all about girls and boys wanting to be all over each other. I almost rated it two stars because the aunt owned a bookstore, but I couldn't get myself to, I just really disliked this book.
  • Luna
    Hace un montón de tiempo leí un par de los libros de esta autora, y me encantaron. Son fáciles y rápidos de leer, porque la trama es simple y entretenida. Son ideales para cuando querés leer algo, pero que no sea muy complejo o profundo.
  • Heather
    Not very impressed with any of rachel hawthornes books.her werewolf series was good but the other books ive read from her i haven't really liked a whole lot.her characters come off as childish when they're in high school and yet come off as old at the same time.what with the yoga/vegetarian stuff. i mean,how many teens are like that?i think she forgot what teens are actually like.examples-hottie and my buds.babes.guns-as in muscles.s...
  • Taylor Armstrong
    Straight up best book ever
  • Mehsi
    Another cute Rachel Hawthorne book!And now we are back to snowy lands. For some reason I seem to have picked the books in order of hot (Island Girls), cold (Snowed In), warm (Boyfriend Project), hot (Caribbean Cruising) and back to this book, cold again. I only noticed when I finished the books. :D Funny coincidence.Back to the book. This one was quite good, but I just didn't like the main character or her brother that much. The main character wa...
  • Holly (Novel Bliss)
    WOW. What's a better way to start of 2013 then a good book? This book exceeded my expectations. This is definitely going on my favorite books list!Though the synopsis is cute, it doesn't give you much of a description of the book. Basically Kate and her two friends, Allie and Leah, are going to Kate's Aunt's ski resort in Snow Angle Valley, Colorado. Little to Kate's knowledge, her annoying brother would be staying in the same house as her and he...
  • Michelle
    Originally posted at: Lipstick & LiteratureIf you’re looking for a cute, simple read to enjoy while cuddled up on a snowy afternoon in front of the fireplace this winter, this book is for you! I started and finished Love on the Lifts in one day and enjoyed it from start to finish. It’s a fast and fluffy read that centers around three best friends: Kate, Allie and Leah who head up to Snow Angel Valley over their winter break to spend time on t...
  • Mary Jef Rose
    WHAT'S WITH THE NAME JOE?? That's two consecutive books with the swoon worthy boy being Joe. I don't mind at all. I'll take either one.Okay so I was actually thinking of giving this book 4 stars because it's predictable, no doubt, but..1) No matter how you you put it, I am a sucker for stories like these. First loves and happy endings. 2) The setting is so romantic with the snow and all that. 3) It being predictable was not the point. I was along...
  • Melannie :)
    This is a cute, quick read.It's about three girls that are spending a school breakin the town of Snow Angel in Colorado. Where all there is, is snow, skiingand cuddling near the fireplace.Kate, the heroine, has had a crush on her brother's roomate in collage ever since she saw him, and now her crush, her brother andanother of her brother's friend are coming over to spend the seasonin the condo with her and her friends.Kate is too busy droolong ov...
  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    This was a fun read, I enjoyed Kate’s character. She’s had a major crush on her brothers friend Brad, and is disappointed when he shows interest in someone else. Kate soon gets to know Joe, another friend of her brothers, and finds that she has a lot in common with him. I thought Joe and Kate had good chemistry, and I really enjoyed Joe’s character. Everyone kind of paired off early on and I kind of missed getting to know the other characte...
  • Abby Cookson
    i loved it couldnt put it down literally i started it at 8:30 pm got done with it at 12:30 pm. its a story bout a girl and her friends go to spend 3 weeks at a winter resort that her aunt owns. Little did she know that her aunt also gaver the invitation to her brother and his coledge buddies. One of the college buddies is a super hottie with a killer smile that she has been crushing on since she met him, and the other well at first is to her a no...
  • Vivian
    Although this book wasn't as predictable as some of the others i've read, i still didnt really enjoy this book as much as i was hoping for. The character, Kate is pretty in denial though. Unless she's playing hard to get, then its understandable. Overall i thought it wasnt such a bad book but it wasn't as great as i expected it would be. What i learned about this book is that sometimes people aren't always what they seem to be. For example, Kate ...
  • Michele
    Kate and her friends Allie and Leah head to Colorado for winter break to ski, take in the sites, and find a cute ski instructor or two. Kate's Aunt has loaned them her condo for the three week break. To Kate's surprise Sam, her broher, and his two college friends show up to use the condo as well. Kate has been crushing on Brad, Sam's roommate, for months but he doesn't know she likes him. "Love on the the Lifts" is a light romance that captures t...
  • Via Love
    While the story line was interesting (although not very original), I found the characters lacking in depth and the dialogue was a little unrealistic/cheesy. I can't really find the right word to describe it, but the banter was just...bad. I'm not trying to be negative, but some of the conversations made me cringe. However, I do recommend this to any (mature) preteen looking for a light 2 hour (tops) read.
  • Paula Bee
    Love on the Lifts is a cute, romantic, funny and quick read. I guess all the cliches made the story adorable in a way and you really don’t have to think as much. It’s just a fun book to get lost in without really thinking about it. It’s not a book I’d recommend for serious readers who enjoy uniqueness and originality unless you’re looking for something to distract you. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a cliche romance.
  • Susan
    Interesting enough to pass a few hours away. However, I found the heroine a bit on the dim side and she didn't realize/see anything the hero was throwing her way till 3/4 way through the book. On the other hand, I was wondering if the hero was a bit masochistic in that he kept getting beat down by the heroine yet always went back for more. Enjoyable enough, but I've read better by this author.
  • Mina
    I couldn't really get into this book. The whole time Kate's character just really annoyed me; she was so blind to what was around her and always felt bad for herself. Because of that I couldn't enjoy the book as much as I'd wanted to.
  • Jae
    It was a teenage flick really, and not my cup of tea. but I did enjoy it. Very funny and love the outcome of the story.
  • Jennifer
    5th grade reading level, and I'm not sure the author has ever skied, but charming nonetheless.