Kimi ni Todoke by Karuho Shiina

Kimi ni Todoke

A new school year begins happily when Sawako and her friends Chizu and Ayane - as well as her crush, Kazehaya - are all in the same homeroom. But when anothe popular guy in the class shows an interest in Sawako, will it push Kazehaya and Sawako apart?

Details Kimi ni Todoke

TitleKimi ni Todoke
Release DateMay 3rd, 2011
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
Number of pages176 pages
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Romance, Shojo

Reviews Kimi ni Todoke

  • Reddish
    Uf, no me acordaba de lo estresante que se volvía esta historia a partir de este punto... #LlegaElSufrimiento
  • Estara
    The emphasis on volume 8 and 9 are squarely on Sawako and Kazehara (I find it fascinating that Sawako is known by her first name to everyone, unless they use the nickname, but Shouta Kazehara only seems to be called this by Pin and Ryu..., even though he is the ultimate popular fun guy of the class). The whole manga is very much centered on the girls, with or without their love troubles, so I enjoyed getting to see Kazehara get SEVERELY frustrate...
  • Alexis
    I'm LOVING this series! It started with the anime (finished season 1) so I just devoured whatever volumes of this manga I could find. It's nothing new--a meet-cute set in highschool--but you end up caring for the characters, especially the two leads Sawako and Kazehaya. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The supporting characters with their own quirks are loads of fun too :)
  • Mariana
    7w7r Celos
  • Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru
    Synopsis:A new school year begins happily when Sawako and her friends Chizu and Ayane - as well as her crush, Kazehaya - are all in the same homeroom. But when anothe popular guy in the class shows an interest in Sawako, will it push Kazehaya and Sawako apart?My Thoughts:In this volume, Sawako and Kazehaya seem to be on really different wavelengths, even more than usual. The problem gets worse because a new boy in their class seems determined to ...
  • Sarah
    3 stars for Kimi ni todoke vol. 8 Thought and PlotGuh!!!! Why why why????? Okay, there's a new guy in town and for some reason he has taken and interest in Sawako. He's constantly touching her and talking to her and making Kazehaya jealous. And Kazehaya goes and confesses (more or less) to Sawako that he wants to be the closest of all the boys to Sawako and then practically runs out of the room on her before she can think of a suitable answer.And...
  • Chikita Kodikal
    I'm really liking this series so far. Its a contemporary, classic teenage romance set in Japan. What more could you want?I realize that not every book in the series is going to be action packed. A filler novel is required every once in a while to keep the reader up to date on how the plot and the characters are developing; thats why I really appreciated this book. In this book, the reader begins to really understand the internal challenges Kuronu...
  • Lupita Rodriguez
    Un tomo increíble aunque estresante Jiji Nuevo año escolar, y continúan los problemas Uiii Kazehaya y Sawako enamorados uno del otro pero sin lograr confesarlo...y aparece un nuevo compañero que podría convertirse en el rival de nuestro protagonista ...
  • Rachel
    A new school year begins, so classes are changed up. All the important characters are kept together, of course, but there are some new classmates and seats are switched around. Sawako's new neighbor is the blond boy on the cover, who exists purely to complicate her relationship with Kazehaya. He's not a romantic rival, he just seems to think it's funny to confuse Sawako with extra attention. That sums up the entire book and it's annoying. I guess...
  • Sariah
    So much happens! There's a huge misunderstanding between Sawako and Kazehaya that is causing them to drift apart. Meanwhile, their new classmate Kento, is moving in on her. His motives aren't clear yet but he seems to be helping Sawako in her quest to making friends. He tells Kazehaya to give up on her, while Ryu, Chizu, and Ayane are all trying to still get them together. Kazehaya decides to tell her his feelings once and for all, only to find h...
  • Courtney (Storybook Slayers)
    More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World: YA Book Reviews Kimi ni Todoke is such an innocent love story between Sawako and Kazehaya that will make you "aww" during every scene that they share together. Watching the lives of Sawako and her friends, you just can't help but fall in love with all the characters that band together with her. I definitely recommend this books to all shojo fans or anyone who wants to watch such innocence and adorablene...
  • Hana Bilqisthi
    Kazehaya cemburuSawako tidak lagi hanya dekat dengan dirinyaDi kelas 2, Sawako berhasil membaur dengan teman-teman sekelasnya (berkat bantuan Kento)Di Komik ini jadi tahu Kalau Kazehaya tuh ternyata mudah marah dan ngga suka sama ce yang menyatakan perasaanya melalui pihak ketiga:OBahkan cowok populer pun ada sisi lemahnya ya Dan kazehaya beserta Sawako sering salah pahamhal ini bermula karena valentine kemarin sawako tidak memberikan cokelat ke ...
  • Brenda
    El anterior tomo me encanta y este...¡Ahh! La distancia entre sawako y Shota parece incalcanzable. Es odioso cuando tu pareja favorita no tiene momentos juntos, es más real pero no deja de ser molesta su incomodidad entre ambos.Kento es un personaje nuevo que se introduce en esta parte de la historia,me gusta, sin embargo, es entrometido y eso hace que los chicos se confundan y al mismo tiempo logren aclarar sus ideas y armase de valor con sus ...
  • Miss Ryoko
    Aww, poor Kazehaya! This volume reminded me a lot of the D&D campaign I once played with my love muffin- (view spoiler)[ Two people who like each other so much but can't get it together because they're so worried about what the other person is thinking of them. Yup... we had characters like that and that's Kazehaya and Sawako. (hide spoiler)] It's a little sad (but as I mentioned before, we all know, in the end, it'll work out for them.)This was ...
  • Yue
    In this volume, everyone is wondering about Kazehaya's and Sawako's relationship, and by 'everyone' I mean Chizu, Ayane, Ryu, Pin and the new guy, Kento. Sawako, being so shy and sensitive, does not know how to talk to Kazehaya and how to give him the chocolates, after what Kurumi said to her.Regardless of 'talk to him/her already!' moments I have about this cute couple, the manga is as sweet as ever ;)
  • K. B
    Gaahhh! So the new guy is interested in Sawako and Kazehaya is getting jealous and upset that he is somehow distant from Sawako. So Sawako like Kazehaya and he like her too... but they don't know theat they like eachother.. well... ugh!! The new guy is surely spicing things up. I hope in the next volume, they become a couple and understand each other better.
  • Jocelyne
    October 2013: 4 StarsGrrrr do something! Kazehaya and Sawako are at a stand-still, and it's pissing me off!! This volume was at a 3.5 star rating until the very last page (excluding the bonus features), when Kazehaya went to find Sawako based on Pin's tip.Gaaah I need volume 9 naaaaooooo!!!
  • Destiny
    Oh dear. Sawake and Kazehaya just keep sending mixed signals to each other. They want to be together, but they can't tell each other. It's so loving frustrating. I can't wait to read volume 9. I am totally hooked on this series!
  • Morel Dei
    I know the confession will still be around Volume 17, so having to see the struggles with their real feelings is rather exhausting. Ugh. Why do I like shipping OTPs with predicaments like this all the time? T___T My fangirl heart is too fragile to handle the FEELS~~~
  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    The 8th volume is really good where its the start of a new school year. It seems Kazehaya wants to say something to Sawako. But he waits for the right moment. That is when a classmate seems to be in the way. Or is he? What does Kazehaya want to say to Sawako?
  • Astoria
    Shouta and Sawako are just so adorable. Readin or watching Kimi ni todoke is just so amazing. Sawako's and Shouta's innocence is quite new. Especially in a world where kids start dating at 8.
  • VampAmber
    Ooh, things are starting to get complicated. Good complicated, hopefully. You can do it, Kazehaya! Oh, I do hope they finally tell each other their feelings soon. They deserve to be happy together. ^_^
  • Chelsea
    This was a great volume filled with interesting twists and great character developments. I am looking forward to reading the next volume.Contains Chapters: 29 - 33Chapter 29.) Junior YearChapter 30.) Forget About ThatChapter 31.) ApartChapter 32.) You Don't Understand HerChapter 33.) Run
  • Zoe Tribley
    Idk how I feel about kento
  • Eddie Copperpot♥
    Basta decir, que es mi manga favorito... y que Karuho se ha lucido
  • Jasmiina F
    I love this manga series. I feel bad for the characters because there seems to be new problems all the time. Not sure how I feel towards the new character yet.
  • Carly Metcalfe
    She's too cuteLiterally I'm dying laughing.
  • Jenny Thurlow
    I irate that whenever this series gets new charactors end up hating them. Why are they so unlikable!
  • Beatriz Pleités
    I just loved it