Influencer by Kerry Patterson


Whether you're a CEO, a parent, or merely a person who wants to make a difference, you probably wish you had more influence with the people in your life. "Influencer" a thought-provoking book that combines the remarkable insights of behavioral scientists and business leaders with the astonishing stories of high-powered influencers from all walks of life. You'll be taught each and every step of the influence process.

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Release DateSep 13th, 2007
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Leadership, Psychology, Self Help, Personal Development

Reviews Influencer

  • Doc
    The authors of Crucial Conversations and Crucial Confrontations do it again in their third book. Focused on the question "How do I influence people to change their behavior?" this book breaks it down into six categories of action.Consistent with their earlier works, it is clear and articulate, provides many real-life examples, and draws upon the work and research of others, as well as their own work. The examples are particularly poignant, addres...
  • Robert
    If you enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point but found yourself wishing it were more applicable to your work, I bet you'll enjoy Influencer as much as I did. Now Patterson, et al., don't tell a story the way Gladwell does, so this book isn't as much fun as one of Gladwell's. But it more than makes up for it in applicability and usefulness ... and the book is filled with enough good anecdotes and humor to make it an enjoyable listen. I hate...
  • Susan
    Influencer by Kerry Patterson was mentioned by upper management this year as a reference for an upcoming change to corporate culture. I was curious to read about it, and understand what to expect in the coming year. I could not get much out of it, beyond one point: making a real and lasting change requires identifying and changing vital behavior. I carried it with me and forced myself to read it whenever waiting for appointments, for example, but...
  • Toni Daugherty
    Every CEO, CFO, COO, parent, teacher, administrator and leader of any kind, should read this book. It has valueable practical information and it is very clearly stated, so you won't be saying, "Wait, what did he say about discipline and rewards beforehand?" Nearly every study in this book has been brought to my attention in another book which makes me think that I read too much in this area, or these studies are old and many authors are drawing c...
  • Daniel Taylor
    The five-author team who wrote Influencer believe that any problems – any at all – caused by human behaviour can be changed.The first part of the book puts forth the idea that leadership is influence, and that those who influence are those who create rapid, profound and sustainable behaviour change.To make changes in behaviour you need to have a clear target you’re working toward and you need to identify the vital behaviours that will creat...
  • Jenn
    I struggled with the first 30 pages of this book as the authors laid some foundational ideas but weren't ready to jump in to the theory of how to become an Influencer. I honestly worried if I was smart enough to read this book, but I had no trouble understanding and relating to the principles once the authors started to break things down.I took pages of notes and had several ideas for personal applications, but ultimately I felt like I always do ...
  • Sunny
    Has got to be one of the if not the best change book I have read in a lot time. Some of the examples of people and groups of individuals in the book (delancey street foundation especially) are incredible and very very inspiring. I’m working on a change project at the moment on Artificial Intelligence and have incorporated some of the thinking around opinion leaders into the book. Other interesting parts of the book talked about: vital behaviour...
  • Manik Sukoco
    Influencer is a book not to be taken lightly. I wasn't sure what to expect when I opened this book, and I was surprised to find an in depth study of what causes people to truly change their behaviors. Inside the unassuming cover is a through, step by step process for changing behaviors. The text is peppered with real life examples of ordinary individuals who made differences on a large scale, from villages in Africa to banks in India.The book beg...
  • Peter Krol
    This was a fascinating book on how to change behaviors in a group of people. There were plenty of great ideas here, such as 1) make sure you identify the right behaviors to change, 2) identify current barriers to the desired behaviors, and 3) figure out how to make it both easy and worth it for people to do the right thing.Although the book focused on "behaviors," it was very clear that the authors had much more in mind. They're not simply seekin...