The Broken Road (Alpine, #3) by Shannon Guymon

The Broken Road (Alpine, #3)

When Allison moves her two younger siblings back to Alpine, Utah, she's hoping they can overcome their father's dark legacy. Reuniting all your favorite characters from Makeover and Taking Chances, this inspirational tale of love and forgiveness will remind you that a family consists of the people who love you most and that nothing in the past can dim the brightness of your future.

Details The Broken Road (Alpine, #3)

TitleThe Broken Road (Alpine, #3)
Release DateNov 8th, 2010
GenreLds, Lds Fiction, Romance, Christianity, Adult

Reviews The Broken Road (Alpine, #3)

  • Miriam Reeves
    I am having fun reading the Alpine series!
  • Heidi
    Another fun, clean, read from Shannon..though these Alpine books carry some pretty serious topics. I enjoyed hearing Allison's story and loved getting the update on some of my favorite characters from the previous books in the series. Though this probably wasn't my favorite of the four books...the hero might be. :) Loved him.
  • Cici
    Loved it. The writing and the characters have a lot of depth.
  • Emily F
    ADORE! I LOVE this book! Even though it dreams with some really tough issues, the author tackles them in very respectful and inspiring ways. The characters are so vivid and relateable and have me wanting to go to Alpine and interact with them! The romance was fantastic, sweet and clean. I'd rate it PG. This is at least the fourth time I've read this book and so worth the read. I LOVE this series and this author!!!
  • Melissa
    Certain aspects of this book bothered me. The relationships move forward unrealistically and the men are really bossy! So much cheek kissing going around. I wanted to like this book. On the plus side, it was a fast, easy read and the cover art is cute.
  • Ranee
    Almost a 4 Star until the last part when she gets scared and dumps him and immediately takes up with the girl who still acts like the mean girl in High School? He didn’t even like her then.
  • Darla
    (Genre:LDS fiction/romance) A cute, quick read, this is the story of 3 siblings: Twins Talon and Aspen (age 16-17) and older sister Allison (early to mid 20's). Allison has custody of her siblings because their mother recently died and their father is currently serving time in a Texas prison for fraud. Allison has moved them all back to Alpine, Utah, in order to discourage their dad from following them as he is due to be released soon on parole. ...
  • Kemi
    It was hard for me to rate this book. With the exception of some jarring "Oh my heck!"s (hello, Utah County!), I would have given the first 1/2 of the book a solid 4 stars. The premise was interesting, the characters were fun and likable, and I had a hard time putting it down. There were a few mild annoyances in the beginning, like when people Allison had mistreated in high school forgave her for her behavior within minutes of her return. (If the...
  • Kathryn
    An awesome book that stresses how money can't bring happiness and what a blessing "...parents kind and dear..." are. Allison Vaugh is the guardian of her 17 year old twin sister and brother. Her father is in prison for being a con man. Her mother died in an car accident when leaving her children for a vacation with her boyfriend. Her and her siblings have never been show the unconditional love or unconditional acceptance of a parent. She moves he...
  • McKenzie
    The themes in this book are love, forgiveness, friendship, and dealing with the past. An example of love is when Allison and Will get together and talk about how much they loved each other in high school, and how sweet Allison was to his little sister Bella, who had downs-syndrome. Another example of love is when Allison drops everything to take care of her little brother and sister, and protect them from their dad (who is a scam artist). An exam...
  • Danica Page (One Page at a Time)
    There are few books that can be both heartwrenching and comical. But the Broken Road acheives that with seemingly ease. The Broken Road doesn't gloss over the sometimes harsh relaties of life, but instead poignantly touches upon them as she explores the themes of overcoming heartache, finding forgiveness, and raising above the expectations others place on you.The protagonist Allison Vaughn moves her family back to her old hometown, Alpine, in ord...
  • Jennifer
    I read Taking Chances, also by Shannon Guymon, and this book has characters that started out in Taking Chances. I enjoyed reading this book, which I managed to finish in two weeks (impressive since I had other books that I also read and a heavy workload). It was a wonderful balanace of excitement, faith, and comedy, something many books in the LDS genre can lack. It tells the story of a young woman who, despite coming from a fairytale background,...
  • Andrea
    Allison Vaughn's father is a con man, and is nearing the end of his prison sentence in Texas. When her mother dies in a car accident Allison gets custody of her younger siblings. They move back to Alpine, Utah, hoping that their father won't follow them since many people are still feeling the repercussions of his cons from years before.Unfortunately, the Vaughn's have a hard time fitting in as many people judge them for what their father did. Ove...
  • Brenda
    Ahh,...a trip back to Alpine:) Cute story about the bratty high school girl everyone loved to hate getting her comeuppance- and then you feel bad about it! Alison has come back to Alpine to keep her brother and sister safe from their rotten father. A difficult move for her, as her father swindled half the town out of their life savings. She is brave and consistently puts the needs of her siblings above her own. Even though she is still quite draw...
  • Kathy
    I've decide I just really like the way Shannon writes. This is another book that drew me in and kept my attention which is something that doesn't happen very often anymore.The Broken Road is typical LDS fiction, those who enjoy LDS fiction will likely enjoy this one. If LDS fiction isn't for you then you probably won't enjoy this one. Shannon writes characters that come to life for me. The Broken Road is little over the top at times but I still r...
  • Shellie
    Allison comes from a very broken home. Her dad is in jail for fraud and identity theft. Her mom is dead...compliments of a car accident while she was driving with her boyfriend. So, in an effort to pick up the pieces of her life, and to protect her younger siblings, she moves the family to Alpine (on mom's life insurance money). Barely scraping by, she thinks they will finally be safe from Dad. Until dad gets out of jail and comes for more money....
  • Megan Swanson
    I love Will's mom! I'm thinking that I possibly should have let my Mom buy this book for herself instead of waiting since she would likely be more inclined to read it. Then I wouldn't be having such a hard time holding it in. Allison is funny, Luke and Maggie are crazy as always(although they don't seem to eat nearly as much in this book as they did in the last), and Sophie and Jacie are even crazier. I'm certainly glad you see a lot more of the ...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    I loved reading this book. I polished it off in one day. Well, it was 12:06am when I finished. Technically the next day, I guess. :) Shannon Guymon does a great job of telling a story and make you feel for the characters. I was reminded in this book how painful it is to judge someone without really knowing their hearts. We may think we know about a situation or someone, but in reality, few of us really understand the hearts of most people before ...
  • Katie W
    I didn't realize that this book had secondary characters who were main characters from previous books. I enjoyed the storyline, although for me, things moved a little slowly in the first half of the book. As unbelievable as it seems, those types of identity theft are possible--sadly. Allison is a young twenty-something girl who moves back to her hometown to raise her younger twin brother and sister after her dad ends up in jail for ripping people...
  • Lacey
    Finally, a book that has kept me interested. I have been in such a reading rut lately, and disappointed with the last two books I read. Even though some things in this story, tend to be a little cheesy, or almost unbelievable at times, I still really enjoyed this story. Shannon Guymon is probably one of my favorite LDS authors. You can't help but fall in love with the characters in this book. Great, light hearted, read.
  • Susan
    How many quirky people can move in as neighbors? Another Alpine story, light, fun. Allison decides to take her younger brother and sister back to Alpine thinking it is the last place her swindling father will dare show up. When she lived there before she was the wealthy head cheerleader but left when her family moved to get away from the townspeople they scammed. I found it really unbelievable but, hey, I like fantasy.
  • Cheri
    Another great book by Shannon Guymon!! This is part of a series to Makeover and Taking Chances. I want to reread the whole series again!! Allison is determined to sheild her brother and sister from experiencing any more pain and is hoping that their move to Alpine, Utah will give them a chance to start over. Allison isn't so sure when she is given the cold shoulder, by those who remember her when she lived there five years ago and who are not afr...
  • Catherine
    This book was a really cute, fun read. I have read two others of Shannon Guymon's books and she had some of the same characters in this book, so that was neat. The only thing that bugged me was that the main character and her love interest both got so stubborn and prideful at certain points. It was like they were determined to be unhappy for a little while. It was kind of annoying. But other than that, it was a neat story with love and intrigue.
  • Danyelle Ferguson
    I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book as I read the first few chapters. But after about twenty pages, I started to get into the plot and flow. I liked the characters, although I thought the romance was quirky. Will was much too eager to just fall right into love and a serious relationship with Allison. Overall, I enjoyed the book though.
  • Susan
    Allison Vaughn goes into the lion's den when she moves back to Alpine with her teenage brother and sister. Apparently, her Dad was quite the swindler, cheating almost every family in Alpine. But, like Daniel, Allison's true character is recognized. I actually loved the way she stands up to former friends who treat her with discust. The ending is obvious, but it was a fun story none-the-less.
  • Natalie Malm
    I love Shanon Guymon books! This one was a great, quick read for me. I love the thought she puts into her books with the relationships, romances and our religious beliefs. I really loved that this brought together my favorite people from Alpine and let me peek into their lives after they got married! Sweet!
  • Michelle
    I found this author when I was looking for books by another author, Rachael Renee Anderson. My library had several by Shannon Guymon. Her writing isn't as good as Anderson's or Melanie Jacobson's. Her books did seem to get better as the series went along. It was a good read if you want a clean story and are out of books to read.
  • Jane
    I hated that she kept calling her siblings "sweetie" and "honey." They're teenagers, like 7 years younger than her. It drove me CRAZY. I didn't love Will either. He was pushy and I didn't like that the author had Allison begging him to love her. She had legit reasons for having a short freak out and I'm sorry, in real life he would have not given up that easy.
  • Holly
    Not my favorite in the Alpine series, but ok. The "danger" element seemed like an afterthought, and not really necessary in some ways. It also seemed to take forever to get "going" and then was suddenly over. However, once again the main characters are well done and believable. Shannon remains one of my "go to" authors where I know odds are I'll enjoy the book!
  • Sharon
    I really loved this series. The heroine in this book is fighting some pretty bad demons. I loved the fact that her neighbor Maggie would not give up on her. Also the love interest in this book was not perfect and needed a little tweaking. Fun fast read.