The Diary of Frida Kahlo by Frida Kahlo

The Diary of Frida Kahlo

Published here in its entirety, Frida Kahlo's amazing illustrated journal documents the last ten years of her turbulent life. This passionate, often surprising, intimate record, kept under lock and key for some forty years in Mexico, reveals many new dimensions in the complex persona of this remarkable Mexican artist.Covering the years 1944-45, the 170-page journal contains Frida's thoughts, poems, and dreams, and reflects her stormy relationship...

Details The Diary of Frida Kahlo

TitleThe Diary of Frida Kahlo
Release DateAug 9th, 2005
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreArt, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews The Diary of Frida Kahlo

  • Jaime
    i took my time with frida's diary:one. because the emotion she reached inside of mefelt raw and sometimes heavybuttwo. because i didn't want to come to its finish.i'm slightly obsessed (proudly) with this womanand find myself moved in ways that enrich my soulevery time i spend time with frida.her love for lifeher passion for love and connectionher desires for both the men and womenin her lifestrike me in such a familiar waythat guide me in embrac...
  • Sara
    Who would say that stainslive and help one to live?Ink, blood, odor. Oh, Frida, Frida, Frida. What else is there to say? This is beautiful.There is nothing more precious than laughterand scorn - It is strength to laughand lose oneself. to be cruel andlight.Tragedy is the mostridiculous thing "man" hasbut I'm sure that animals suffer,and yet they do not exhibit their "pain"in "theatres" neither open nor"closed" (their "homes").and their pain is m...
  • Suvi
    If you're about to read this expecting a traditional 'what I did today' -diary, you're in for a big surprise. Then again, if you already know Frida Kahlo you wouldn't really expect that, would you? Originally not intended to be published, through Kahlo's diary you get inside her head in the form of letters, notes, automatic writing and sketches. So much so, that you feel a bit rude for invading her thoughts. I don't claim to understand automatic ...
  • Kate
    I really didn't enjoy this book. I thought it was going to be a basic translated version of Frida Kahlo's diary with a brief introduction of some kind about her and her life, It isn't. This book begins with a long larbourious introduction which, I felt, at times strays completely from Kahlo and can be very hard to follow. And then there is a full essay on the contents and format of Kahlo's diary. So before you get to view any of her work or her t...
  • Nicole
    This is a facsimile of Frida Kahlo's diary, so of course it is awesome. 4 instead of 5 stars for bad layout decisions. I can kind of understand why, for example, all of the translation is at the end of the book, so as not to interrupt the flow of the diary itself, but it could have been done more elegantly so that it's not so hard to find the translation of the page you're looking at. A better option might have been to have all the commentary and...
  • Uriel Soto
    "PAREJA EXTRAÑA DEL PAÍS DEL PUNTO Y LA RAYA"Halagos sobran para este magnifico libro, es toda una obra de arte hecha por la increíble Frida.Empezando por la bellísima edición: esa imagen en la sobrecubierta, ésa que tanto significo para su autora, igualmente hermosa la portada, forrada en tela roja, una edición digna de un libro tan magnífico.La entrañable introducción hecha por Carlos Fuentes te transporta al mundo de la pintora, te m...
  • Fabienne
    "ALAS ROTAS" (p.156)
  • Alana Klinka
    Frida Kahlo's diary is worth the read. It contains sketches that thematically connect to her paintings that are far more well know, however the texture and raw quality is quite different. You see her process and even for an artist who was so revealing in her work, there is more to see here! Reading this diary in the context of todays art world, where a sketch can be considered fine art, shows how timeless and relevant her work is.
  • Rebecca
    This book is amazing. The haunting images alone are worth it (It's Kahlo, for god's sake!) and there's an English language translation of the text included.
  • Hind89
    - أجمل إيجاز وصف هذه المرأة "كقنبلة" كما يصفها بريتون ، وسورياليتها في رائعة مقدمة هذه اليوميات التي كتبها الروائي المكسيكي "كارلوس فوينتيس" ..وفي وصفه ل فريدا كالو ،قال فوينتيس :فريديتا " الفراشة الهشة، الحساسة، التي كررت بدون توقف دورتها من اليرقة ...
  • Tristy
    There are no words to describe how important this book is to me. I regularly visit the pages of Frida Kahlo's diary for inspiration and deeper insight into my own life and perspective of the world. Some pages are heartbreaking and some are joyous, but it is all TRUE and that's the biggest teaching, here. I also learned to embrace the bleeding through of pages, when working in journals. "Messy" is inspiring and beautiful!
  • Ivan Svoboda
    Surely many of you watched the American movie about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, played by Penelope Cruz and Alfred Molina. Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulic recently also wrote one documentary novel about famous Mexican painter called: "Frida Kahlo or about pain". As you can see, the pain and suffering of that great artist after traffic accident and high artistic fruits of her struggle for life, through so many hospital operations, serves as in...
  • Taylor (Leather-Bound)
    **4.5 stars**I'm not going to write a full review on this, as it is a non-fiction text and I want to respect the artist and her feelings. However, I *freaking* loved this book and am so proud to have it in my collection. I knocked it down half a star because I personally felt there was too much outside commentary and not enough was left to speak for itself. Still, SUCH a good book and would highly recommend to anyone!
  • MiiriAm
    Q difícil es calificar algo tan intimo como un diario que demuestra de manera cruda los sentimientos q enfrentaba Frida Kahlo durante esta etapa de su vida por medio de sus pinturas, trazos y palabras. La introducción de Carlos Fuentes es preciosa, pero los ensayos son mas de lo mismo, fueron pocas hojas pero para mi fueron sufrimiento.Y como punto extra la edición es maravillosa. Hay q recordar q este libro no es una biografía pero si un com...
  • Alicia
    Although she begins this diary at the age of 37-ish, (the first date of entry is not clear) ~ it seems that because of everything that has suddenly happened physically & emotionally to her, that now ~~she will document things.And, of course, Frida will journal in her own artistic way.Some may find it difficult to read, because of the language barrier, because of her honesty in her pain & rage & beeeecause the love that did not die & because we se...
  • Kelly
    Content was absolutely worthy of five stars but the formatting of this collection was difficult to follow. I wish they had done side by side translations throughout the journal rather than miniature translations at the back of the book.
  • Melissa Hernandez
    It only shows the later years of her death, and you can see in her writing that her health is beginning to fail. You get some of her art that isn't out for public viewing (museums, etc.), which is pretty cool. It was a lot at times, and I had to put it away for a bit. I enjoyed the analysis at the end. Helped when I couldn't make out a few things.
  • Ráid
    تقول فريدا كالو عن لوحاتها: "أنا لم أرسم أحلامي البتّة. فقط كنت أرسم حياتي".كيف سيكون شكل تلك اللوحات إذاً لحياة امرأة أصابها شلل الأطفال وهي في الثامنة من عمرها، وفي سن الثامنة عشر تصاب في حادثة اصطدام حافلة بكسر في العامود الفقري، الرقبة، أضلاعها،...
  • M. Jane Colette
    I devoured this book and will continue to devour it for years to come. The introduction by Carlos Fuentes is challenging but worth putting in the effort to read twice-thrice to really understand it. The faithful reproductions of the pages from Kahlo's diary--an art journal before there was such a trend!--through to bled-through inks and coffee stains are PHENOMENAL. The back end of the book contains translations of the pages--which is a great aid...
  • Vicki
    Oh, MAN, what is not to love about Frida Kahlo's crazy life and art? Her diaries are gorgeous, startling, maddening, lyrical, lusty, full of pain and deep joy. Whenever I feel confined, I open these diaries and feell....freer to keep going as an artist.
  • Hadrian
    Haunting and brilliant - much like the artist herself. I feel as though I've seen almost too much. An intimate portrait indeed.
  • Suzanne Mot
    Such a nice insight into the life of Frida...not only did I get to see some of her drawing/doodle style, but I got to actually feel what she was feeling when she wrote her journal. The use of simple words, sometimes with no actual sentences, were powerful enough on their own. The subjects vary from very personal points of her life to very abstract ideas. She shows a lot of her affection for communism and, of course, for Diego Rivera, but I also h...
  • Eglė Mameniškytė
    Puikiai išleista knyga, su esė apie Fridos gyvenimą, kontekstą( šaly, revoliucijas); kokybiškomis dienoračio iliustracijomis ir vertimu/susiejimu su gyvenimo etapais, sveikata, Diegu.."Is pain something you cannot share?""Her biography consists of twenty-nine years of pain.""I paint myself because I am alone. I am the subject I know best.""Why did others support me with their labour?""I'd build my world which while I lived, would be in agr...
  • Montse
    Uno de los libros más hermosos visualmente.
  • Zeljana
    Auxochrone - Chromophore. Diego.She who wears the color.He who sees the color.Since the year 1922. Until always and forever. No in 1944. After all the hours lived through. The vectors continue in their original direction. Nothing stops them. With no more knowledge than live emotion. With no other wish than to go on until they meet. Slowly. With great unease, but with the certainty that all is guided by the “golden section.” There is cellular ...
  • Andrea
    At times I felt guilty of voyeurism by gaining such an intimate look into Frida's life. I don't know that she would support its publication were she alive.Parts of the commentary I didn't read because they were dry and provided more insight into her art than her life, which is why I mainly chose to read Frida's own text. The evolution of her drawings and paintings throughout the book were fascinating to take in. Not only was her illness deeply re...
  • Karla
    Siempre he sentido cierta fascinación con la historia de Frida Kahlo, sin embargo es hasta hoy cuando me sumerjo más en sus pinturas y parte de su vida. Me gustó la descripción de algunas de sus obras, la detallada historia detrás de su arte. Lo cual hace que crezca mi admiración hacia esta gran artista.
  • Erika Ordonez
    An artists diary is a sketchbook... loved to see Frida Kahlo's life through one of the most intimate objects of an artist.. their sketchbook... they are not really meant to be viewed at, I am really glad to have had this opportunity through this book :D
  • Rebeca
    Frida pinta su vida, amor, decepcion, frustacion y su dolor, mucho y profundo dolor que la acompano por muchos anos desde que cumpliera 18 anos hasta morir, su intenso y loco amor por Diego se ve en cada pagina en sus palabras y pinturas,,,Frida es Frida y no hay comparacion.