Shopaholic and Sister (Shopaholic, #4) by Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic and Sister (Shopaholic, #4)

Irresistible, one-woman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood is back in this hilarious, heartwarming, New York Times bestselling tale of married life, best friends, and long-lost sisters (and the perils of simply having to own an Angel handbag!).

Details Shopaholic and Sister (Shopaholic, #4)

TitleShopaholic and Sister (Shopaholic, #4)
Release DateNov 28th, 2006
PublisherDell Publishing Company
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Shopaholic and Sister (Shopaholic, #4)

  • Erin
    I don't know why but for some reason I liked this book better the second time around. I read this book 5 or 6 years ago and I didn't love it. Shopaholic & Sister has always been my least favorite. I almost skipped rereading it but I decided to give it another shot. I'm glad I did because I found this book to be so charming and now I can't remember why didn't like it the first time. Shopaholic & Sister is book 4 of the Shopaholic series starring B...
  • Zoë
    Book 23/100 for 20154.5/5Like I've said before, I absolutely love Sophie Kinsella's writing style. She creates such strong characters with very different personalities and has them get into the weirdest and funniest situations. I honestly thought I would get bored with this series as I kept reading on, but the opposite is actually true! I can't wait to read the fifth book, Shopaholic & Baby and laugh even more!
  • Bark
    These books annoy the heck out of me but for some odd reason I keep reading them. This time around Becky, the spoiled, materialistic bumble-head is unemployed and married to her sure to be long-suffering lover Luke. They spend the early part of the novel honeymooning around the globe for a year while Becky secretly spends all sorts of dough on silly trinkets and other assorted things (such as two dining room tables!) that Luke doesn't want or nee...
  • Cara
    I feel like I SHOULD hate these books by now...they all follow the same pattern of "Becky shops, Becky gets in trouble from shopping, Becky reforms and swears she'll do better." ALL the same. And yet, these books are all so funny and entertaining that I can't put them down. They're excellent for when I want to read something light, because they're well-written and they have such likable characters. I will have a hard time not reading the next one...
  • Reader
    By this book, Becky Bloomwood is too annoying to read about. It's the same crap over and over again, and after three books of reading the same jokes, she's no longer funny, she's infuriating. I think that's the problem with this series. Since the main character suffers from an addiction, she's obviously supposed to exhibit the same behavior time after time. But this series is supposed to be funny, and if you hear a joke too many times, it loses i...
  • Jennifer
    Shopaholic and Sister is the fourth installment in Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic series and is my favorite to date. Becky Bloomwood just tries so, so hard and it all just bites her in the end. This installment focuses on more than just her spending addiction so I think it was the perfect reprieve in that regard. I enjoyed it so much!
  • Myrna
    Can’t help but love and root for Becky.
  • Norabee
    Another great addition to the Shopaholic series - Sophie Kinsella once again brings Becky, a quirky but lovable character back into the fray with a wonderful mix of weary world traveling, sisterhood and of course, more shopping!!We pick Becky up at the end of a 10-month honeymoon with her new hubbie Luke – they’ve been all over the world and Becky’s got a lot of shopping to show for it – but it’s easy – she just buys and has it all sh...
  • Eva
    Very enjoyable. Becky is truly one of the most annoying characters I have read about, but it's still so funny; the situations she get's herself into, the conversations she has and the way she justifies certain actions. That woman lives in a completely different world. That makes this series definitely entertaining!
  • Wagatwe Wanjuki
    What the fuck? WHEN IS BECKY GOING TO LEARN HOW TO BE A HALF WAY REASONABLE HUMAN BEING???Oh my god, I just get increasingly ANGRY at her inability to be ration for more than two seconds. I don't understand how this woman is supposedly an adult. How long does it take to figure out that LYING and HIDING STUFF never is a good idea? Especially when she does it?This girl just doesn't learn. Maybe I just hate when people unnecessarily lie to their par...
  • Abby
    Becky just makes me laugh. Girl's definitely got an impulse problem. After her 10-month honeymoon with Luke, she comes home with way more gifts than she thought she bought to find that Suze has a new best friend and that she has a long lost sister named Jess. Every time you think Becky has gotten her act together, she hides something else from everyone and it all blows up. And it's hilarious how different Jess and Becky are, to the point where th...
  • Noella
    It's really hard to rate this book because on one hand it was completely addictive but on the other, I was majorly disappointed with the way Becky was acting. At the expense of comedy, she took her stupidity to a whole new level. Becky and Luke's honeymoon around the world has come to an end and they're ready to get back into the lives they left behind in England. Wanting to surprise her parents and her best friend Suze, Becky returns home withou...
  • Mona
    The typical Becky Bloomwood one chapter she broke my heart and made me laughing so much in the next one. Jess the new addition to the story I like her. Luke I love him but sometimes He annoy me because he seems so clueless . I really loved this book and reading it made my day.
  • Katherine 黄爱芬
    Saya membaca buku #4 seri Shopaholic ini, melompati #2 dan #3 (karena tidak punya terjemahannya hihihi).Diawali dgn Becky dan Luke di penghujung bulan madu mereka di Sri Lanka, Becky memutuskan utk ikut Luke pd kunjungan bisnis di Milan, Italy. Siapa nyana Becky malah ketemu konglomerat baik hati yg menolongnya mendapatkan tas Angel yg sangat dia idam-idamkan, yg selalu dia tunjuk2 dr majalah ke depan hidung Luke.Becky sengaja mau memberi kejutan...
  • Colleen
    I was nervous when I started reading this one due to many of the negative reviews, but I have to say, I was happily surprised! I just became a fan of the Shopaholic series and I just love Becky & Luke! I really didn't think their relationship was given enough attention in this first book, but it picked up from there and I will have to say the reader really gets to get in deep with their relationship in this book. I have to agree with a previous r...
  • Alaina Meserole
    Wow the second time around of reading this book and my rating has definitely improved (and by 2 freaking stars!). Although I liked this book it did have some slow parts or I guess really boring parts in the book. Other than it, Rebecca is still highly entertaining and I just love how she is so freaking obsessed with shopping. I liked the new twist of her having a half-sister and how Jess was the complete opposite of Rebecca. Their friendship was ...
  • Love Fool
    Irresistible, one-woman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood is back in this hilarious, heartwarming, New York Times bestselling tale of married life, best friends, and long-lost sisters (and the perils of simply having to own an Angel handbag!). Honestly, this was my least favorite of the series butttttt I still enjoyed it. How could you not? We are reading about Becky's amazing life. Add a long-lost sister who is not into clothes, shoes, and han...
  • Sharon Mariampillai
    This was an amazing read. This is my ninth Sophie Kinsella story, and fourth book of the Shopaholic series. I loved every minute of it. The humor in her stories makes the book more enjoyable. I loved Becky. She is a silly, yet lovable main female character. Luke is an amazing male character. He may be an entrepreneur, but I love how he is able to love Becky even though she has her flaws and quirks. I really loved this book. We get to see more int...
  • nimrodiel
    I almost passed this along unread.I started the book, and set it aside shortly afterwards as I remembered my unhappiness with Becky's charecter from Shopaholic takes Manhatten, and Shopaholic Ties the Knot. Then I picked it up and got past my first inital stopping point and wow was I surprised.Yeah the format was the sam as the other books, Becky gets in over her head with a situatuation, lies to cover it up, then it blows out up to come crashing...
  • Brooke ♥booklife4life♥
    At A GlanceGenre: Chick lit.Love Triangle/Insta Love?: Nope.Cliff Hanger: kinda!Rating: 4 Stars.Score SheetAll out of tenCover: 8Plot: 9Characters: 9World Building: 8Flow: 9Series Congruity: 9Writing: 8Ending: 8Total: 8In DeptBest Part: Good character development. Worst Part: I hated Jess, at first. Thoughts Had: Ugh Jess; Oh nooo; really?!?ConclusionContinuing the Series: yesRecommending: yesShort Review: I love this series. I am a bit irked ...
  • Tracey
    A fun read. Becky gets herself in all kind of mess again , but you cannot help but be swept along with her.
  • Uniquely Tahira Namreen
    Becky and Luke have been married for ten months and are on honeymoon in Asia when the book opens. Though they have been enjoying themselves, they decide it is time to return to England. Luke immediately goes back into businessman-mode, cutting his hair and donning suits once more. Before returning home, they stop for a brief trip in Milan, where Luke is meeting a potential client. After totaling up the large number of purchases they have accrued ...
  • Cara and Ashley
    After the ‘not so good’ review I gave Shopaholic ties the Knot, I was rather hesitant to read the next Shopaholic book, which is Shopaholic and Sister. By the third book, all readers following these series know that Becky Bloomwood is an only child, so the title of the fourth book does stir up some curiosity.Well, to sum up my reaction to this book…..I must declare that KINSELLA IS BACK! The author is just as witty and humorous as the first...
  • Kin
    Whew. This book is wonderful. But Becky’s really a bitch in Chapter 10-13. I am so annoyed with her I forgot that she’s the heroine and Jess is just a supporting character or something. Hahaha. I side with her because Jess is fucking right. Damn Becky in this book. I’m so annoyed I wanted to sleep already. But luckily, I decided not to and I slept at around 5 AM today! The fuck. I started reading it at 9 PM and finished reading it at 4 AM. ...
  • Giselle
    I really enjoyed this one. My favourite since the first and definitely an improvement over the last instalment. In this 4th novel in the Shopaholic series, Becky meets her half sister that she didn't know she had, and to her disappointment, she's her polar opposite. So, obviously, we meet a new character. I didn't care much for Jess at first. She was a bit... actually no, a Lot extreme. I get she's thrifty and everything, but excited about gettin...
  • Antof9
    I don't know if I can say how much I am glad that I am finished with these 4 books! I think I said it in the book reviews for each of the other 3, and I'll say it again: THIS GIRL MAKES ME CRAZY!Sure, there are some entertaining things in these books, and the whole sister thing is like a Lucille Ball show, but her lying and shopping make my stomach hurt. Literally. As I read each of these books, I actually felt concern for the predicaments she wa...
  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    Rebecca Brandon, formerly Bloomwood, was in for a big surprise after her around-the-world honeymoon with Luke. No, not the two truckload of items she had gregariously bought during her shopping spree. She's already married to one of the richest men in London so money wasn't an issue with her anymore. But there's one thing she discovered when she got back and met with her parents. She's got a sister! Well, A half-sister, that is!Just when I though...
  • Logan Hughes
    Stop the presses! I actually--liked this--as a book! I thought it was funny and sweet. After hating Shopaholic Ties the Knot so much, this was a shock, but it's by far my favorite Shopaholic book, even more so than the first. I'm glad I got this one out of the library at the same time at "Knot" or I would have probably stopped after that clunker. Adding a super-frugal character to the mix was a brilliant move on Sophie Kinsella's part. Jess provi...
  • Melanie
    Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors, and the Shopaholic series my favorite books. . I find them witty, humorous, exciting, and so much fun to read! I personally find Becky to be the perfect blend of silly and intelligent. I find all the characters relatable and I think their flaws make them all the more endearing. Although I am definitely not a shopaholic, I could completely relate to the character and I LOVE Luke and their relationship...
  • Christina
    Another book in the shopaholic series. Vol. 4. From the get-go I thought the idea of the book was a bit out there. After three okay books this fourth one stinks! Becky and Luke returns home from their honeymoon and immediately, Becky starts trouble - she has once again overspend and the appartment is stuffed with all kinds of things she's picked up during their ten months of travelling. On top of it all, she finds out she has a half sister who's ...