Black Butler, Vol. 9 (Black Butler, #9) by Yana Toboso

Black Butler, Vol. 9 (Black Butler, #9)

Tolong jaga tuan muda. Setelah kasus kelompok sirkus selesai, butler ratu datang ke kediaman Phantomhive. Kemudian, di sebuah pesta malam yang diadakan di tengah malam berbadai, terjadilah suatu tragedi.Nasib menjadi jelas, pada bayangan sang butler yang matanya telah tertutup, kupu-kupu berwarna abu-abu jatuh ke bawah. Inilah komik tentang butler paling maju dipersembahkan untuk anda

Details Black Butler, Vol. 9 (Black Butler, #9)

TitleBlack Butler, Vol. 9 (Black Butler, #9)
Release DateApr 24th, 2012
PublisherPT Elex Media Komputindo
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Historical, Historical Fiction, Mystery

Reviews Black Butler, Vol. 9 (Black Butler, #9)

  • Julia
    The book of murder was one of my favorite arcs in the anime *-*
  • Rose
    Hi again, Black Butler. I'm not sure what kind of relationship this is. I mean, I'm committed to you. I do plan to read you until your writers decide to end it between us but you're just so meh at the moment. You had a few volumes that were fun and that made me want to read the next one immediately. The last few volumes... let's just not talk about them. I don't want to fight, you know, also, if I think about your last few volumes too much I will...
  • Clair
    Black Butler is a jack of all trades when it comes to manga. It's only been around for going on six years, but in that time it has factored in several tropey-as-all-hell plots: a food tournament, a circus, a locked room murder mystery, a sinking ship infested with zombies, and now a mysterious boarding school. Volume 9 is set squarely in the murder mystery arc, and it's not too bad, to be honest.The manga starts off with Ciel being paid a visit b...
  • Marguerite
    3 Stars.This Murder arc is really interesting and I'm excited to find out how it all works out! *picks up volume 10 immediately*
  • Gabriela
    WHAT?! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! SEBASTIAN!!!Reread: WOW. I don’t even know what to think. This is just so fascinating!
  • Itzel
    Juro que pude sentir que Arthur Conan Doyle me contaba este tomo.
  • Sakuranko
    Me encantó el suspenso de este volumen. Me encanta ver como Ciel muestra ciertas vulnerabilidades y lo increíble que resulta ser Sebastian. Y ese final de película.5 ESTRELLAS!
  • Elias Alexander
    It was good but not as good as the others. There is a lot of mysterious things going on in this volume
  • Laura
    I’m sorry but Sherlock Holmes arc is not my fave 🙃🙃
  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    Definitely wordier than other volumes but I liked this because this featured a direct anime translation. And it was featured in one of the seiyuu events:
  • Chivitouille
    Esta historia es un completo punto y aparte de lo sucedido anteriormente, esta claro que después de lo acontecido los secretarios personales y mayordomos de la reina estarán más pendientes de lo que haga Ciel.Y son estos quienes tienen una entrada que rompe con la tranquilidad de la mansión, ocasión ideal para ver que uno de ellos, Charles Grey, tiene unas habilidades asombrosas comparables con las de Sebastián o Agni, el cual tanto por su ...
  • Cornerofmadness
    Volume nine begins a new arc. Ciel is throwing a party for several dignitaries, not entirely of his own volition. Two sword-wielding men break in, challenge the staff then announce themselves as the “Double Charles,” secretaries and butlers to the queen, who, like me, was not pleased that Ciel had the kidnapped children killed last book. Georg von Siems is a German banker that her majesty wants entertained.Under Noblesse Oblige, Ciel has to t...
  • Yue
    This volume was amazing! Especially after the one with the Circus, the Baron and the creepiness... Or is it because I stopped reading the manga for so long? Anyway, this volume reminded me of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie: a group of person locked in a mansion, and then mysterious murders began to happen. And that they have to remain together, to avoid the murders and at the same time, to prevent the murderer to act.There are new ch...
  • Yvensong
    A dark and stormy night, a locked-room mystery, an opera singer named Irene and and writer named Arthur are just some of the teasers in this new story arc.This felt slow to me compared to the last few volumes, and I probably should have taken a brief break between the last one and this one. It was also not as creepy and disturbing as the last story arc. As in previous story arcs, characters that were only briefly seen or met at the end of the las...
  • Kelsey Hanson
    Now this is more like it! This book combined the black butler storyline with the classic mystery Agatha Christie style mystery. This is probably my favorite Black Butler book so far. I'm a sucker for the traditional stuck-in-a-mansion murder party theme. This has some pretty good twists too and I really need to get the next book.
  • Ladiibbug
    #9 Black Butler series - MangaThis locked room mystery wasn't as interesting and fun as the other books. I wouldn't want to miss one page, though.
  • Fatemeh
    با اینکه قالب کلی داستان چیز جدیدی نداشت، با در نظر گرفتن هویت سباستین داستان جالبیه :دیوسط هیجانش تموم شد این جلد :/
  • Sara
    4.5 stars
  • Andrew Wilkerson
    This series... my god. I have never come across a series so unfocused, so unsure what kind of book it wants to be. It looks, at a distance, like a shonen action series (Dragonball z, Naruto) but when you start it, it’s a comedy about an incompetent staff and the butler who has to clean up all of there messes. Then it becomes a cheap action mystery series (Sherlock homes, Hellsing) and then suddenly became a cooking competition. Then it just bec...
  • Annie
    Opinión completa----> Hasta el final, ninguna lágrima traicionera resbaló por sus mejillas ¿Acaso era su orgullo como cabeza de su familia lo que le impedía llorar? O quizá...¿No le quedaban más lágrimas para derramar? ¿De qué trata está historia? Ciel Phantomhive, mejor conocido como el Conde Phantomhive o El Perro Guardián de la Reina, es un niño de 11 años que quedó huérfano y que ha tenido que hacerse c...
  • Kari Trenten
    A party held on a dark and stormy night brings murder to the Phantomhive estate. Death and intrigue are a part of Ciel Phantomhive’s world, yet there’s more to this party and who done it than meets the eye, especially when Queen Victoria and her agents are involved. Not to mention one of the victims is that impeccable devil of a butler, Sebastian. Readers follow the mystery through the eyes of Arthur, a young doctor and sometime writer, who f...
  • Leigh Louise
    This story features the first half of the "Book of Murder" OVA's at the end of the circus ark.Again, the storyline between manga and anime have managed to be kept relatively the same. Aside from a few small changes in dialogue or events. But, they are so minor, you hardly notice them.I loved this storyline when I first saw it and I think I watched the OVA's at least six or seven times because I loved it so much. It's now really awesome to read it...
  • Jappreet
    when lau asked that someone had to stay with ciel all the time, i would have said yes even if people that he was a killer.i know that ciel is not a killer, he would never something as such.i believe that tanaka is the killer even though he is a phantomhive rezident for so long but i suspect him because when the accidents happened he never was with someone and no one is suspicious about him and it is always like that, the killer is the most non~su...
  • K.S.
    Ciel Phantomhive faces the consequences of his actions in Volumes 8 and 9, when Queen Victoria and her agents decide to test him, to see if the Queen's guard dog still has what it takes. This test involves a dinner party with various guests, including one many mystery readers will recognize, a murder, and extricating himself from a clever trap with eyes watching and waiting for him to make a mistake. Not quite the emotionally charged dark journey...
  • Thara Mitha
    If you want a good manga to keep you up all night, this is defiantly for you. It's filled with supernatural creatures and events to keep you up all night long. It has a great plot, characters, back stories, and arcs to keep you on the edge of your seat. The story takes place in Britain in the Victorian era and includes supernatural creatures such as demons and grim reapers. If your into the more dark and demented stories, this is defiantly your c...
  • Emma
    This volume marks the start of the Book of Murder arc, and boy is it a pleasant break from the darkness of the previous one. It may seem a little odd that a murder mystery is a 'pleasant break', but for me it comes across as a somewhat lighthearted homage to the works of Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. The basics of the genre are all there, along with a few twists that are only possible with someone such as Sebastian (though I think that will be...
  • Henrietta
    i dropped a star because honestly, this arc doesn't have much of a point. i watched the adaptation and it was fine, i was engaged and all, but??? apart from showing that ciel's actions have consequences and giving us a clearer picture of earl grey's role in everything, it doesn't do much for the overall story. although, getting to see tanaka as an actual butler is great. and the art is incredibly detailed and amazing as usual. so. it's still pret...
  • TheGracefulReader
    Ciel and Sebastian: Ooh I do so love murder mysteries. I'm exciting to see what these two have planned. Cause you know that Sebastian isn't dead. He's a devil for crying out loud.Finny: How over protective Finny is of the young master is adorable as hell.Charles Grey: he's kind of amusing. THE BAD Grimesby ans Irene: Not the biggest fan of these two.
  • Monrucha▪♡▪
    Just like the circus arc,the art style improved significantly.The story is brilliant.I love reading from the perspective of this writer character.The way he decribe things is so poetic.The reason that this wasn't a five star read is because I'd already watched the OVA.Just lime the whole serie, the book of murder arc would be incredible if you went in completly blind.
  • Stephanie :}
    It's a pretty run-of-the-mill plot device: a group of strangers are stranded somewhere and one of them ends up murdered. It is also, however, a pretty run-of-the-mill plot device that I'm quite fond of, clichéd as it is. And I'm pretty interested to find out what happened to Sebastian........