The Runaway Princess (Princess #1) by Christina Dodd

The Runaway Princess (Princess #1)

MasqueradeEnglish orphan Miss Evangeline Scoffield has spent her life contenting herself with dreams. But with an unforseen inheritance, she can afford one perfect summer--a summer she will spend the rest of her life remembering. She buys herself expensive clothes, travels abroad, and presents herself as a lady of mystery.MarriageBut she quickly discovers her mistake, for a darkly handsome man appears at her bedroom door, claiming to be a Crown P...

Details The Runaway Princess (Princess #1)

TitleThe Runaway Princess (Princess #1)
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Fiction

Reviews The Runaway Princess (Princess #1)

  • Katherine
    Yikes. Thus far this is way too bodice ripper-y and not nearly enough good story-y for me...I actually considered not reading it at all, I was so turned off by the sample on the first page (especially now that there are Christmas present books to be read!) But I started it, and it's not awful (yet), so I'll probably finish it because that's what I do. Definitely glad I didn't pay for it though!Update: forgot I was actually going to sorta kinda wr...
  • Juliana Philippa
    (4.5 stars) I've read this book four times and though it dropped half a star this time from the last read, that brings it to a still-very-strong 4.5 star-read. Apparently doesn't have great ratings, but I don't know why — I enjoyed it!I really loved the heroine; I thought Evangeline was refreshing, loved that she was so independent and intelligent and that that was shown off again and again. I also appreciated that she kept on insisting she wa...
  • Danika
    I'm a little ashamed that I even picked this book up in the first place. But it was there, it was free, and I needed something to read.Given that this kind of book, a romance, isn't generally my style, it was difficult to get into with my pausing every few minutes to stifle my giggling. I will say that I would have had to put the book down if there were the words "heaving bosom" in there anywhere.Also taking into consideration the time period thi...
  • Rea K
    So far (and I'm about halfway through, much to my shame) this book is soldly built on sexual tension (well... almost entirely built on sex and some minor tension). The story sucks. Seriously, why not have some fantastic discussion as to why the hell you are kidnapping someone before you kidnap them (at least before you make an attempt to rape them)? When I picked it up, I was craving historical romance with an actual story (read some decent build...
  • Vashti
    I know this book is Fictional, but the so called "Heroine" is so completley STUPID that I had to put the book down 3 times and force myself to finish it!!!! Come on C.D., I know there has to be some conflict and drama, but really!!!! There is lot of lack of realism throughout the story and Im not referreing to the milennia old nun!! The female character Evangeline is simply an idiot who by the way,did amazing feats things - like descending a cli...
  • Shasha
    3 but it ended at 1I didn't understand that this was a fantasy romance when I started reading. So I was disappointed with the prophecy, the saint that was a 1,000 year old nun, and the magical box.The sexual tension was good but the rapey vibe was strong (view spoiler)[ the H says he will rape her to compromise her and I don't think he was joking. The villain attempts to rape her. He allows his minions to harass her but stops them before her geni...
  • jenjn79
    Wow, this book was boring. Okay, maybe not that boring, but I didn't enjoy it at all. I think a lot of that was the lack of realism throughout the story....imaginary countries, prophecies, thousand year old nun/saints, magic crystal boxes, strange happenings. And a female character who did difficult things - like descending a sheer cliff face - simply from reading about how to do it. I kept shaking my head at what Evangeline did. It really took a...
  • Kitty Unpretty
    This book was about as silly as you expect from a romance novel, and no sillier; the names of the countries the main couple are meant to rule are pretty ridiculous, but she hangs a lampshade on that, so at least it isn't just played straight. The author does a good job of keeping you guessing as to whether or not the female protagonist is a princess, and the whole thing is a lot less cliche than it really ought to be. Some of the twists you see c...
  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    This is the first of Christina Dodds books that I have read, and I really enjoyed it and will definately be ferreting some more out more.It is about Evangeline Scoffield of East Little Teignmouth Cornwall, who whilst seeking adventure gets mistaken for a princess of a remote European country and dragged back there by the prince of the neighbouring country so they can marry. I know the story sounds quite far fetched and a little silly, however; it...
  • Loralee
    This was a really cute story, I enjoyed it. Evangeline Scoffield was the heroine, and Prince Danior of Baminia the hero. Danior is convinced that Evangeline is the princess he's to marry, but she insists she isn't, and you're left wondering, trying to figure it out yourself, is she or isn't she? It's was enjoyable watching the two together, and their bantering and interaction as they made their way through to the country of Baminia.
  • Krista
    This is a fairly shallow romance about a woman mistaken for the runaway princess of a made-up country. Naturally, the person mistaking her is a prince of a neighboring made-up country. And did I mention the countries are made up? If you know geography, this will bother you.
  • Tricia
    This is not a page Turner, it took 5 months to finish it. The only reason why I pushed through is that I paid for it and I didn't want to remove it from my library without finishing it. Now I have to figure out a way to remove it from my brain.
  • Angela Delgado
    Any book where the 'hero' doesn't stop when the heroine says STOP doesn't count as a romance, in my opinion. I found his lack of respect for her, his constant refusal to believe her, and his running rough-shod over her wishes throughout the entire book (not just relating to sex) disgusting.
  • Jamie
    Every once in a while I read a romance novel just to remind myself how utterly stupid they are.
  • Elven Johnson
    Great until the ending. It just fell apart.
  • Preacox
    This was not my book. Even though I tried hard to struggle through, I couldn't finish it. 98 pages before the end I lost the battle and resorted to skimming. It was the millionth "I'm not the princess!" that was the final straw. Just by reading the first few pages, I got a feeling that it would be one of those trashy bodice rippers that are so bad you don't even find it funny anymore. A shame, really, because the plot was interesting and had pote...
  • Nancy Brooks
    I'd rate this one at three and a half if I could. It was well written with an elaborate plot. Evangeline is a briliant heroine but the "too stupid to live" moments she has a couple of times keep me from giving this a higher rating. Danior is the honorable prince of a fictional kingdom who is trying to find his fianced princess in order to unite their warring kingdoms and restore prosperity according to legend. Here's where the plot gets dicey. Ev...
  • Jesi
    Like the previous times I've read this book, it went by fast and easy. The older I get however, the less I find it romantic. This time I found I was angry at Leona and Marie Theresa for playing with Evangeline's live. She could have died, she could have been raped, Danior might have abandoned her if he ever believed her- instead they played around with an old prophecy because Marie Theresa was meant for God????? It was her duty, not Evangeline's ...
  • Staci Morrison
    I'd stopped reading historical romance for a decade. On a whim, I picked up this book and was swept up in a frolic of adventure and a real love story. This story holds a special place in my heart for being so special among so many trite and poorly written books published during this era. A true gem.
  • Anne
    Older titleI had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading these earlier works. So many of the writers that I follow started in the historical genre before they moved on to more contemporary lines.
  • Naomi Shack
    I have mixed feelings about this book. I picked this up for 50c at a thrift store in florida. The "love story" wasnt my thing.I did like the twist in the end, though. I thought it was a smart idea. I have mixed feelings about this book. I picked this up for 50c at a thrift store in florida. The "love story" wasn´t my thing.I did like the twist in the end, though. I thought it was a smart idea.
  • Househippo
    Not her best.
  • Beno
    Read the whole thing through without stopping. It was that good!!
  • Valerie
    Good enough read.
  • CED
    Such a sweet and simple romance! Danior is the epitome of the best morals in a man. Nominating Evangeline for Disney princesshood, her campaign slogan, "Beauty is Found Within"
  • Christa绮思
    The story of a young abandoned girl, twice orphaned – once by her parents and another by her foster mother. Evangeline has always dreamed of living a life in luxury, so when her foster mother disappears without a trace ( and is assumed dead), she takes the money that has been left with her and runs away to fulfill her dream, at least temporarily.At the start of her adventure, she becomes the mysterious lady who has made many names for herself. ...
  • Paranormal Romance
    Growing up in an orphanage, poor and without family, the heroine was saved by her patroness who took her in and taught her the wonders to be found in books. She knows several languages, she knows how to fight (at least in theory) and she knows the overall working of sex. But reading these things in book is far different from experiencing them for yourself so with that in mind and with the inheritance she received, the heroine has begun traveling ...
  • Erin Kyle
    I love this book. It's marvelous. It's a little girl's "I'm really a princess in hiding?!" fantasy with a real-world edge. The prince doesn't whisk the willing princess away on horseback, waving to fawning crowds. Oh, no. This prince hefts the reluctant princess over his shoulder (ingloriously) and stomps away with her, taking secret backroads and dodging rebels and traitors on his way to the palace. Evangeline spends 3/4 of the story shouting "I...
  • Christie P.
    After being left some money from the woman who was her employer, Evangeline Scoffield decides to travel as a woman of mystery and experience a life style she has never known.All is going well until a dark and dangerous looking man discovers her and kidnaps her from the hotel.Danior, Crown Prince of Serephinia, has spent his entire life looking for the runaway princess he is set to marry to unite two neighboring countries. He knows he has found he...