The Unholy Consult (Aspect-Emperor, #4) by R. Scott Bakker

The Unholy Consult (Aspect-Emperor, #4)

A score of years after he first walked into the histories of men, Anasûrimbor Kellhus rules all the three seas, the first true Aspect-Emperor in a thousand years.The Unholy Consult is the hugely anticipated final novel in R. Scott Bakker's acclaimed Aspect-Emperor series, set in a vivid world of myth, war and sorcery. It is a series that stands alongside the finest in the genre, for its grand scope, rich detail and thrilling story.

Details The Unholy Consult (Aspect-Emperor, #4)

TitleThe Unholy Consult (Aspect-Emperor, #4)
Release DateJul 6th, 2017
GenreFantasy, Epic Fantasy, Fiction, Dark Fantasy

Reviews The Unholy Consult (Aspect-Emperor, #4)

  • Peterb
    [EDIT: Now that the book has been released, until I read the book, I have revised this review from 1 to 3 stars. I leave the review in place as an historical Goodreads artifact.]I was very disappointed in The Unholy Consult. This is a book with some major, major problems.Initially, I was super excited because of all the 5-star reviews of it on Goodreads. That's a really good sign! Plenty of the reviews on Goodreads are deep and insightful, and wh...
  • Malice Amarantine
    I wanted to like this so much. SO much. I love his other books. But it's awful in my opinion, just wretchedly awful. It's about 30% super gross and repetitive gay snuff porn, maybe more...expect the first 40% of the length of the book to be little else. Bakker repeats the same lines over and over and over with a lot of arbitrary italics to try and lend weight to certain phrases (the Meat! vile angel! argh). Always verbose, he takes it to the next...
  • Mike
    The Darkness That Comes Before reviewThe Warrior Prophet reviewThe Thousandfold Thought reviewThe Judging Eye reviewThe White Luck Warrior reviewThe Great Ordeal reviewIf there is one thing this series has demonstrated again and again is that it does not stick to conventional fantasy narratives. Characters can and will die in terrible ways. Good and evil are but labels applied to achieve some other end by those in power. The greatest power is not...
  • Corey James Soper
    A review came swirling down...I have now read six gargantuan tomes of the Second Apocalypse - my slog of slogs, my Great Ordeal, and in this final outing we will have our questions answered - let's grab Golgotterath by the horns and get on with it. I read the first one as it was pitched as a gritty, philosophical Game of Thrones to scratch the Winds of Winter itch. When I was immersed in the fanaticism and butchery of the Holy War, I was hooked....
  • Redeagl
  • Mike Hillcoat
    The Second Apocalypse forum is the place to discuss Bakker's fiction, especially the Second Apocalypse narrative: www.second-apocalype.comThis is the second rendition of the Second Apocalypse forum.Past links to the Ch. 1 Excerpt are now down - new links:Ch. 1 ExcerptCh. 3 Excerpt SummaryCheers.THIS BOOK CANNOT BE RELEASED SOON ENOUGH! SUPPORT R. SCOTT BAKKER!
  • Joshua Raheim
    I have never waited so intently for ANYTHING!!! No book nor movie has ever had me checking online once a week to see if a release date has been posted. I don't think I was even this excited to lose my virginity. I know it will still be a while, I just really need to know when. I'll save all my paid time off because I will not be leaving the house until Kellhus is dead! Long live the Padiraj!
  • Dezideriu Szabo
    WTF!!!!!! No, really, WTF!!!!!! Really???????? This is it???? Probably the most devastating series finale I ever red.
  • Shaun
    From the first time I saw a map of R. Scott Bakker's Earwa, I've wondered about Golgotterath. The name (metal as hell), the location (the middle of crater) -- it has "Dark Lord of Evil" written all over yet. But despite its importance, it's stayed in the background, a threat, yes, but something distant and abstract. That all changes in "The Unholy Consult". After 6 books of teases, R. Scott Bakker finally pulls back the curtain and reveals the ni...
  • Bakkerfans
    The Unholy Consult by R. Scott Bakker crashes into the inevitable contest between the Dûnyain-Prophet, Anasûrimbor Kellhus, and the vile Consult hierarchy. This novel, the fourth and concluding volume of The Aspect-Emperor series, chronicles a convergent conflict, millennia in the making, between Men, Nonmen, and Inchoroi abomination. Tekne and Logos will vie for the fate of the world, the fate of souls. The Great Ordeal will traverse the unnat...
  • Malice Amarantine
    As a fan of this series, the last two books were awful. But especially this one.About the first third of this book is incredibly disgusting gay porn, necrophilia, and cannibalism, not necessarily in that order. It's incredibly over wordy; Bakker pontificates about philosophy as always, but now it feels like he's talking just to hear himself talk. If a few hundred pages of shock-gore schlock overlaid with endless, super repetitive, needlessly draw...
  • Patrick St-Denis
    As I mentioned in my review of The Great Ordeal, it's been a long time coming. Honestly, it's been a very long time coming. More than six long years, to be exact. Like many fans, I wasn't happy to learn that the book which was meant to become The Unholy Consult would have to be split into two installments. My biggest fear was that The Great Ordeal would simply be part 1 of 2, and not a work of fiction that would stand well on its own. It's no sec...
  • Michael Sliter
    Despite the wordy source material, I am not going to mince words. The final book of the Aspect-Emperor series was utterly disappointing. Rarely have I been so disappointed in an ending to a series. Note that this is the ending to a SERIES, not an individual book, but more on that in a second. First, the good. Bakker is an flowery writer, and continues to have a vocabulary the size of the titanic. Some of the character arcs were interesting, and K...
  • Adam Whitehead
    The Great Ordeal has crossed a thousand leagues in its quest to reach Golgotterath, stronghold of the vile Consult, and to destroy it and the abominations it harbours within. It has braved a horde of a million Sranc, betrayal and, in the shadow of the ancient fortress of Dagliash, a weapon unlike any seen before in the world. Before it lies the Agongorea, an utterly dead land, beyond which lies the fabled Golden Horns of their foe. But the Ordeal...
  • Ian Vance
    Powerful and perplexing, Bakker's final novel of TAE is a difficult one to fully parse--it certainly displays the author's self-indulgent tendencies like never before-- but there's enough quality in the 2nd half for me to rate it five stars, particularly as I've been waiting like 12 years to find out certain answers. Longer review to come upon a re-read.EDIT:The more I contemplate TAE, the more dissatisfied I become, and I've adjusted my rating t...
  • Search
    4.5 stars. minus 0.5 stars for the end. The next installment should have been waiting on the shelves before such a cliffhanger or rather dreadful climax. Horrid, dreadful and wondrous as always!
  • Jesse
    So this series is over 10 years old now, and its finally come to a close. Along the way it shifted from some sort of fantasy take on the crusades, to a very strange discussion on the corruption of man. I cant think of another fantasy book that I've been so confused and irritated by. The Aspect-Emperor gathers a bunch of people together who believe he's God and has them commit atrocities so that they can trade their souls to save the world from so...
  • James allen Razor
    "humanity horrid and beatific, frail and astounding come to collect from wicked debtors"I'm just going to say this is one of the best fiction books ever can tell really tell that this is the second half of the great ordeal so the pacing might seem weird but iy is 450 pages of pure carnage.the road to golgorath ends here and oh boy this one is a doozy. bakkers word smith skills are on point,and the end oh baby that ending.
  • Gwern
    The conclusion to the Second Apocalypse’s “The Aspect-Emperor” tetralogy, an extended double-book of The Great Ordeal/The Unholy Consult. After thousands of pages exhausting the reader in a ‘slog of slogs’, the two threads of the plot, the wizard and the crusade, finally converge at Golgotterath for the epic battle at the ultimate stronghold of the Consult, which consumes the majority of the book and harks back to Lord of the Rings & Wo...
  • Terence
    I've elaborated on my initial reaction, in case anyone's interested.(view spoiler)[I’ve had a weekend to think and an afternoon to set things down in my journal, so I’m going to try to give a slightly more detailed (and, hopefully, more coherent) account of my reactions to The Unholy Consult.But first, I found the citation I mentioned below about the unreliability of revelation: “All heaven cannot shine through a single crack” – Protath...
  • Thomas Edmund
    The Unholy Consult, the book Bakker fans have been waiting for. More than 10 years have passed since the saga began with The Prince of Nothing and six books later here we are.So how did the finale stack up? Well first of all its bloody hard to review without repeating much of what I said about The Great Ordeal (the previous piece) In the last two books it feels like Bakker has fully given into writing what he wants to write, abandoning typical st...
  • Kaela Mary-Katherine
    I finished reading this series for the sake of finishing it. Anything intriguing about it was played out entirely by the time this book came out.The depravity lost all shock value, and the endless questions gave way to indifference. Am I too dumb for it? I doubt it. I think Bakker just went really far out of his way to turn Tolkien-esque fantasy on its head, transforming the archetypal quest/walk into an "ordeal" that can only be achieved by geno...
  • Bjorn
    I was disappointed when the last book of this trilogy was split in two, but really excited to see how it all would end. Unfortunately, this book is a drag. There is a lot of agony and soul-twisting, but nothing really happens. The ending is a fake cliff-hanger that's just a set-up to create demand for the next books.Oh, and half the book is appendices. These two volumes could easily have been edited down to fit in one, and everyone except for the...
  • Chris Karr
    So much great stuff. So much promise.And that was how the last page ruined it all.
  • Ton
    Whoa... Still letting this one sink in...
  • David Charlton
    I just won a Giveaway for this book! Very excited to read it. Bakker's work is difficult, challenging, and always rewarding; head and shoulders above most stuff on the shelf next to it. The Second Apocalypse shows the kind of sophistication genre fiction is capable of delivering, while working just as easily on the level of Grimdark adventure, as well. Doing a re-read of the other Aspect-Emperor books in anticipation, and it is so worth it. There...
  • Jeroen
    So it has come to this. The final book in the Aspect-Emperor series and the concluding volume of a story that started seven books earlier with The Darkness that Comes Before, back in 2004. All storylines converge in the far north. The Ordeal marches on across Agongorea, while they succumb ever more to the madness of the Sranc that they are eating. Akka and Mimara go north, in search of Kellhus to confront him with Mimara’s Judging Eye. Kellhus ...
  • João Eira
    Would have been 5 stars but... that ending wtf?
  • Ross
    An amazing conclusion (sort of) for my favorite fantasy series. A lot of fans will be divided in the ending, but all should agree that this was a series unlike anything else within the genre. Truly a special journey, and R. Scott Bakker should be applauded for the risks he's taken.
  • Iarwainbenadar
    Again another Bakker book I'd never dreamt of rating 3 stars but the god damn ending ruins the whole thing. It even ruins the other trilogies really, all for nothing. To sum it up imagine if Jar Jar Binks kills Obi Wan at the end of the Phantom Menace or something :). Edit: WAIT That's not the right analogy, Imagine if in "the force awakens" right after luke V2 gives Luke v1 the lightsaber, jar jar binks jumps up from behind a rock and distracts ...